MIAMI ( – Going to work Monday morning proved to be quite difficult in Miami after the Heat’s crushing loss to end their pursuit of an NBA championship.

From Macy’s and the Miami Herald putting out a full-page ad celebrating the Miami Heat’s NBA Championship, to Miami fans purchasing tickets for Game 7 before Game 6 was played, there was plenty of fail to go around.

“I was extremely disappointed, I already got tickets to Game 7,” said Heat fan Manny Salavarria.

And after the Heat’s loss to end the NBA Finals, there will be no game 7, there will be no parade; and the blame game has already started for the Heat’s fans.

“They didn’t want to shoot the ball, passing the ball; LeBron didn’t want to go to the hole” said Jay Shapiro.

But as almost every NBA writer, fan, and even Vegas odds makers will tell you the Heat will be back competing for a championship again in 2012. The Heat are early 5/2 favorites to win the championship next season.

Comments (3)
  1. grobb says:

    staaaaaaaand up…and make some excuses..for your miami heeeeeat

  2. Phil Landers says:

    I feel perfectly fine and am wholly un-affected due to the fact that I stand on my own laurels and not those of others.

  3. Elliot says:

    Cheer up everybody, the Miami Heat made a good run. We hadn’t gotten THIS far in 5 years. We will be back bigger and better next year. The Heat is a definite THREAT to all the other franchises. So we didn’t win this one but WE ARE BACK!

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