MIAMI (CBS4) — It’s estimated 3 out of 4 Americans over the age of 35 has some form of gum disease.  It used to be the damaged tissue was cut away in a very painful process but now a simple laser removes the tissue with virtually no pain.

Rhondalier Sims of Miami Gardens almost lost two teeth to gum disease.

She asked North Miami Beach periodontist Peter Rubelman to do what he could to save the teeth.

“The teeth were so loose when she came in I could have removed them with my fingers,” recalled Rubelman.

Loose teeth are a common sign of gum disease and so are red, swollen or bleeding gums, receding gums and persistent bad breath.

To treat Sim’s gum disease, Rubelman suggested the Periolase.

It’s the first and only FDA approved laser treatment to reverse gum disease.

The light actually kills the bacteria.

In fact, according to Rubelman, the Periolase not only kills bacteria, it removes the diseased tissue without damaging the healthy tissue and even helps grow bone.

“The last phase of the laser actually forms a clot and seals the gum to the tooth allowing the patient to heal itself,” Rubelman explained.

There’s no cutting, no pain to the patient and treatment is much shorter than traditional surgery.

Most patients need only two 2-hour sessions to complete treatment.

“I had no pain you hear a little beep that’s it but it was no pain,” Sims said.

She was able to keep her teeth something she says is nothing short of a miracle.

Rubelman said in order to prevent gum disease in the first place brush and floss at least twice a day and invest in a water irrigation system.

To do a good job at brushing your teeth Dr. Rubelman said you have to brush at least 2 minutes.

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