FT. LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami.com) – She may be only 5’1” and weigh 100 pounds, but Ft. Lauderdale Police say Sebrina Rosenbaum, 23, took the wrong car and had it crushed.

According to Ft. Lauderdale Police, Rosenbaum was driving a tow truck on April 19 in the 1800 block of NW 15th Street in Ft. Lauderdale. Police said Rosenbaum took possession of a 1992 Ford Escort from the home of 78-year-old Robert Lyons.

Rosenbaum took the car from a person named Linval Ayton, who claimed ownership of the car, but never showed proof of ownership. Police said Rosenbaum failed to get the right thumb print of Ayton on the Derelict Motor Vehicle Certificate as required by law.

Police said that Rosenbaum took the car off Lyons property against his will and then took the car to Broward Discount Towing, where it was summarily crushed.

As a result, police charged Rosenbaum with grand theft auto, a derelict motor vehicle application violation. She was also charged with violating probation, which she was on for fraudulently obtaining property.

Rosenbaum is in jail with no bond.

Comments (5)
  1. clay renoit says:

    Don’t worry tow truck drivers will get off. Even if you do harm to someones car.. Next she will be writing a book about how to get off if you pick-up the wrong car. It’s an accessory. No charges or no fines…Just makes you look stupid for a day and then your back doing the same thing…Whats bad. if you would have gotten the right car…try for a Police car or a fire truck…Your that stupid try a jet at the airport or a train…Hook your tow truck to a ship thats leaving and see what happens… and act your going to tow it down the street…

  2. clay renoit says:

    The bad thing is this person drives a tow truck on our roads whats wrong with this story….i can see if shes driving a train WITH TRACKS THATS GOING TO TAKE HER SOMEWHERE. NOT ON THE OPEN ROAD. CAN YOU IMAGINE MORE LIKE HER DRIVING UP & DOWN THE HIGHWAY WHILE GIVING YOU THE FINGER. ON HER cell phone.

  3. Papa Crack says:

    Another fine example of our professionals doing all they can here in sunny Florida. Drugs, crime and high people rule the county. Wonderful.

  4. Phil Landers says:

    I know a woman that used to drive a flatbed tow truck that is now a fitness model. Grand theft for a 1992 Escort? What is that car worth $300 at best?
    The previous 3 comments make no sense whatsoever and the posters need to be evaluated for cerebral malfunctions.