MIAMI – (CBS4) – A surgeon and post-graduate fellow at the University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital faces two grand theft charges after police say he stole medical equipment.

Miami Police arrested 38-year-old Nir Hus on Wednesday after a security guard confronted the surgeon when he saw him through a surveillance camera leaving with medical equipment.

Police said the security personnel confronted Hus as he left with medical equipment in hand. Hus told the guard that he needed the equipment to perform an upcoming surgery. However, a supervisor said Hus’ story was not true.

Hus bonded out of jail Thursday and is expected to return to court in mid-July for his arraignment.

Comments (5)
  1. Carol says:

    This is beyond sad!!!

  2. Mrs. Hus says:

    Naughty boy Dr. Hus. You are considered a criminal now. Nice job dirt bag.

  3. Kendra says:

    I’d like to know the rest of the story before passing judgement. For instance, maybe the intent was to borrow the equipment to help an indigent person who couldn’t seek care.
    What’s the rest of the story??

  4. ace says:

    He is innocent until proven guilty

  5. Hus_colleague says:

    Dr. Hus is such a nice man… I worked with him as a nurse in the ICU. He is a talented surgeon and a compassionate doctor. If this is true I am in shock that he would do such a stupid thing. Even if he stole 300K-500K worth of equipment… that is what his attorney is going to cost! He will loose his license and his career and have to live with being a felon. When he gets out of the clink and off probation he will probably catch the first flight back to Israel since he will be too ashamed to show his face here in the U.S. any longer. I really hope this is all some misunderstanding although it appears as though he was up to no good. I hope he has a good attorney.

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