MIAMI (CBS4) – Taking a man wanted for robbery into custody took a violent turn in western Miami-Dade after the man was shot to death by police after a short chase.

Late Wednesday, Miami-Dade Police identified the deceased at Edilberto Santana, 53. Police say he has an extensive criminal record.

This was a violent individual who was obviously being looked at by our robbery detective. They surveyed him, located him, identified him and of course once they tried to apprehend him this was the result,” said Miami-Dade police spokesman Detective Alvaro Zabaleta.

According to investigators it began just before 1 p.m. on SW 124th Avenue when an officer located the man who was wanted on a robbery warrant. The officer tried to pull the man over, but police say he sped off with officers in pursuit. During the short chase, about three and half miles, the man drove onto a dirt road and then quickly ran out of room.

“Once he ran out of roadway he attempted to flee on foot. There was a confrontation with the officers at which point the officers started to fire their firearms striking the subject and he is deceased one the scene,” said Zabaleta.

Zabaleta said it is unclear if the man had a weapon. The execution of a search warrant was delayed after the man’s car caught on fire.

“It was very hot under the carriage and of course the dry grass started to catch the grass on fire and therefore we had to call the fire department to extinguish that,” said Zabaleta.

Investigators are hoping the fire didn’t destroy any crucial evidence and are questioning a woman who was riding in the passenger seat.

Comments (8)
  1. aclu and proud says:

    AAnother execution by Miami Dade PD. .Where’s the proof? Used to be police would apprehend the know innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and all? These punks are too trigger happy..

    1. jose says:

      Its really easy NOT to get shot by the police. Don’t become a “career violent criminal” and if you are one don’t run from the police. Pretty simple actually. Good riddance.

      1. eric cire says:

        Tell that to all the unarmed victims whom had NO criminal past/record….

      2. Franz says:

        I am with you, I am tired of so many criminals running free, if they resist with violence send them to meet their maker!

  2. phantom says:

    OK Who does th editing for this.. They should get fired.

  3. Phil Landers says:

    “Its rainin lead, hallelujah! Its rainin lead, amen!” (As the Weather Girls play me over to the desk)

  4. fivo says:

    They all have criminal records jaka$$


    A fitting end to a career criminals life. He made too many victims in his life.

    Good riddance.

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