MIAMI (CBS4) – A 49-year-old Miami man who is accused of stabbing his 31-year-old girlfriend with the couple’s child inside the home appeared before a bond court judge Wednesday morning.

Wearing a black protective vest reserved for those on suicide watch, Lazaro Bernabeu softly answered the judge’s questions. Speaking through a Spanish interepreter, Bernabeu told a judge he did not own property, but that he did own a 2002 Jaguar.

The judge then appointed a public defender and ordered him held no bond.

Bernabeu faces first-degree murder and kidnapping charges following an hour long standoff at a home in Little Havana Tuesday morning.

Police say Bernabeu stabbed his girlfriend Eileen Lozano at 135 NW 26th Avenue before he barricaded himself inside their home with the couple’s child.

Miami Fire Lt. Angel Sotolongo was monitoring the police radio scanners when the call went out. He realized it was happening at his address and it was his cousin, Lozano, who had been stabbed and his Godchild taken hostage. Bernabeau and Lozana lived in an efficiency behind Sotolongo’s home.

The SWAT team was called to the scene and surrounded the efficiency as the local roads were blocked off.

After an hour, video from Chopper 4 shows the SWAT team entering the home around 11:35 a.m. The child was whisked out the front door to the safety of awaiting police officers.

A few moments later, a handcuffed Bernabeu was seen coming out of the house accompanied by members of the SWAT team. He was taken into police custody.

Lozano was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where she died.

Comments (2)
  1. MRod says:

    I’m sorry to read that the victim didn’t make it. My condolences to the victims family. The murderer will spent his life in prison.

  2. yokolee says:

    Poor little girl

    Condolences to the family

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