NEW YORK ( – When Gus Johnson left for Fox, CBS’ NFL coverage needed an iconic voice to fill the void. So, CBS has now turned to legendary basketball broadcaster Marv Albert to fill the void.

That means the next time you see the Dolphins score a touchdown on CBS4, it may be followed with a massive “YES!”

Albert was at one time the play-by-lay man for NFL games on NBC, according to He’s also served as the voice of Monday Night Football on Westwood One Radio in recent years.

Albert’s career was nearly derailed for good after he pled guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery charges in 1997. However, he has since rebounded to be a voice for the NBA on TNT and college basketball for CBS.

  1. carmen says:

    Misdemeanor assult and battery. Sodomy was the original charge. Very interesting how the media doesn’t refer to his crime, every time they mention his name, like the refer to dog-fighting with Vick and rape with Tyson.

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