DORAL (CBS4) — A broad area of low pressure is located over the Caribbean to the Southwest of Jamaica.

It is producing heavy rain and flooding in parts of the Caribbean especially in Jamaica. The system has not become better organized since Sunday.

The low level circulation remains broad and although there are many thunderstorms, so far the storms are disorganized and spread out over a large distance.

According to CBS4 Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli, if this is to become a tropical depression the broad area of low pressure will need to consolidate near a low level center and so will the thunderstorms. Right now, there is no evidence it is happening. However the National Hurricane Center says there is a 40-percent or medium chance of development in the next couple of days.

Regardless there is a good chance that by the end of the week some of this deeper moisture may spread north. If so we will see an increase in much needed rainfall here in South Florida.

A U.S. Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter aircraft mission was rescheduled until Tuesday if necessary, according to forecasters.