OAKLAND PARK (CBS4) – The death of a suspect in police custody is under investigation by the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

BSO spokesperson Dani Moschella has confirmed the death which took place in the 200 block of Lake Pointe Drive in Oakland Park.

CBS4’s Kara Kostanich spoke to a woman who identified herself as the suspect’s girlfriend.

The woman, Aisha Eubanks, told Kostanich she watched her boyfriend, 31-year-old James Doe, die right before her eyes after a BSO deputy used a Taser on him while he was inside a police cruiser.

“They would not let me spend the last few moments with him,” said Eubanks. “He came out of the house, he didn’t resist, he was yelling and upset but he followed their orders,” according to Eubanks.

Eubanks says Doe showed up at her apartment Sunday night so they could breed their pit bulls. However, during the visit, Eubanks said the couple had an argument and Doe called 911 on himself.

When deputies arrived, they asked Doe to leave Eubanks’ apartment. He complied but within an hour, he returned and security at the Lake Pointe Condominium community called 911.

Doe was arrested and placed into a BSO cruiser. When he started kicking in the backseat, he was tazed, according to Eubanks and she doesn’t understand why.

“He was kicking inside of the police car but the door was closed,” said Eubanks. “He was detained. I don’t know why they had to do it.”

When asked why a taser was used, BSO officials said proper protocol was used.

“He could definitely injure himself and he could definitely get out through an open window,” said Moschella. “So the deputy uses that taser so he doesn’t have to go hands on.”

Eubanks says this isn’t the first time deputies have been called regarding a domestic dispute between her and Doe, but she says she never thought it would end like this.

Moschella says the Medical Examiner will determine the official cause of death.

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  1. DJEANK says:

    above comment posted by a sheriff???? that kind of attitude is what gives BSO a bad name and causes me to stumble and have bad thoughts when I see them. My caucasion 22 yr old son also died in their custody of a heart attack because he was ignored after advising he had chest pains and shortness of breath. I wonder what the sheriffs attitude was then. the man obviously was out of control but does that mean he deserved to be killed? does that mean you mock his death so as so salt the wound of his grieving family members? IDIOT! AM I SUPPOSE TO TRUST YOU IF I NEED HELP? NO WAY.

    1. Nicholai Bush says:

      To bad it looks like they censored the comment you referred to.
      The only thing cops due better than excessive use of force are cover-ups…

      Do these sherrifs’ count as state employees? If so, I want them right in line for the mandatory drug testing right after Scott and the State Legislature…
      Actually the list should be by order of tax dollars spent on salary, from highest to lowest

  2. Nicholai Bush says:

    There are a few things BSO does better than use excessive force, such as abuse their sirens, punish the victims, and cover-ups…

  3. Alababammiebound says:

    If you were in trouble, you’d be better off calling a criminal than BSO

  4. B McLaughlin says:

    Isn’t it strange how all of these people that didn’t do anything wrong end up in custody? It’s also strange that once in custody, these fine upstanding citizens begin trying to kick their way out of a police car. And then they’re amazed to find that the police use a “tazer” on them for their perfectly normal behavior. I can certainly understand why the other “model citizens” quoted here are outraged that a little angel like this man was so horribly mistreated. Shame on those mean BSO people.

  5. B McLaughlin says:

    What a coincidence ! The rest of us are tired of criminals.

  6. Robert says:

    Hey, unruly and not complying. What does Eubanks not understand? When a cop has to deal with this BS, I’d rather have the cop go home rather than a punk.

    1. Angry says:

      Be glad these replies don’t give full names and addresses, or you’d be joining him!

  7. B McLaughlin says:

    They DANCE ?! Tazers make them DANCE !? I want one !

  8. M says:

    Just how would those faulting BSO suggest you stop someone violently kicking out the windows of a police car? Ask nicely? Maybe a friendly hug to calm them down after the domestic situation and numerous calls to the police?

  9. Al Sharpton says:

    Congratulations to BSO! Thanks for exterminating another worthless piece of garbage from our community. Hopefully they exterminated this garbage before the bit bulls and he could breed and populate the community with more animals, both canine and sub-human. I love BSO!

  10. Buz Bowen says:

    Hey guy’s, you have to understand, he didn’t want to waste $.60 on a 9mm round

  11. Sunny says:

    Ok the girlfriend admits that BSO has been called out numerous times regarding domestic violence, but is outraged when they came out and did their job? If i have to constantly called 911 because my boyfriend is violent..then i’m an idiot for staying..A suspect who is in custody..and is trying to kick out a window is obviously trying to escape! Maybe im missing the point here. It’s just amazing that people want to blame BSO for everything…If only we started taking responsibility for our own actions and also the actions of our own kids…I’m so fed up!

    1. Sister says:

      You’re right, but remember there’s always two sides to a story. Besides I don’t think killing him was a part of their job.

  12. bb says:

    He deserved to be tazed just for breeding pit bulls

  13. NInja Indian says:

    @B McLaughlin: Are you referring to the ones with or without badges?

  14. Carol says:

    Those tasers are so dangerous because that could cause the heart to stop and if that person has a bad heart and doesn’t know it it could cause a death very easily.

    But if there is a choice between a gun and taser it is far better to use taser and the fact of the matter is if this person is dangerous he or she has to be stopped some how.

  15. irish kevin says:

    He called 911 on himself!