MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Saying ‘enough is enough’ several community activists are gathering forces for a rally Friday evening in front of Miami Beach City Hall to urge city leaders to end Urban Beach Weekend.

Herb Sosa, who publishes the online magazine Ambiente, is a leading figure to end the unofficial Memorial Day weekend event which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to South Beach.

In an open letter to Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower, Sosa writes that the Urban Beach weekend “shows our city as nothing short of a warzone – Filthy streets, a drive by shooting, multiple cars crashed in the process, and total chaos on the streets. This is unacceptable and must be controlled before we totally lose our city, tourism & residents. It is not limited to Ocean Drive or Collins – there isn’t a residential street in South Beach not affected by tons of garbage, crime to our vehicles, excessive noise 24 hours a day, and simply a lack of respect for our community, citizens & property.”

Peter Joseph Tapia has set up a Facebook page is support of the rally and ending the Urban Beach weekend. The page has more than 3,200 ‘Likes’.

On the page, Antero Blanco posted:

“Tomorrow we all gather to demand MIAMI BEACH remains well-preserved and a safe haven for all our residents and tourists! Unruly and unlawful visitors are NOT welcome in our city!”

Tapia said the rally, which will begin at 6 p.m., will hopefully send the message to city leaders that their neighborhoods should remain safe and respected, and not overrun by ‘Fear, Mobs & Filth’.

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  1. observerfromupnorth says:

    It is not just in south beach it is miami beach as a whole that needs to start policing all areas to clean up the trash and force people to comply with the laws all of them for gods sake this is only a 7 x7 square mile of property let’s get it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. J Deontae Young says:

      Now I am Black and I agree… and what i see is funny is no one Black claimed racism.. The word racism came from the Whites and the right… But then again it would only be “reverse racist” sans Bill O’Reilly…
      I don;t know if you noticed but to enter into “mainstream America is to lose your cultural identity. The only people to have successfully done so are Whites. Why be cause White cultural is the base platform for America Culture. You don’t to China Town and tell them they need to go Mainstream now do you? Korea Town? Little Japan.
      The issue with Black Americans is we simply need to do better And if we believe for one second that assimilating into White culture will do so. The we might as well return back to slavery, uncle tom’s, Steppin Fetchit, and Paper bag tests, Wite Washing(but then again is mentioning that racist?)

  2. 1776 says:

    How dare these folks want to keep their community free of criminal elements & mob/riot conditions. 😉

  3. Frank says:


    1. Charles says:

      Sure thing type-o, this is what political correctness and liberalism has spawned: a generation of hedonistic zombies that are programmed to scream racism when attached —

      1. Capone w/skin cancer says:

        Actually we call you people stupid or evil…Frankie and Chuckie-boy.

        You all seem to want to deny being racists all the time.

        Who are you trying to convince? That’s what makes you stupid.

        We all no the truth.

      2. FAAAAAAAAART says:

        Lulz Capone

        No one is trying to convince anyone of anything, they are just bringing up a valid argument. And you kinda prove it, your calling him racist in your whole comment without actually saying the word.

        Everyone is Racist all the time no matter how much everyone says “Hey why can’t we get along?” I mean what is the world cup other than a bunch of countries getting together to declare their superiority over other countries. Chants such as “Germany #1” or “USA #1” are totally racially driven.

        Hell, what do you think Black pride, Hispanic pride or white pride is? (Also notice that when I said “white pride” the first thing that came to mind is racist) It’s a high sense of one’s personal status based on nationality which is pretty much what racism is.

        So as you sit back and drown in your own sense of smugness. Just think on all the racist thoughts that float through your own head throughout the day. And also think on how hypocritical you are.

      3. carl says:

        POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end! LOL.

    2. Heather says:

      How is this racist? I’M BLACK and I wouldn’t want this in MY community!!! So again I ask…. How is this racist?? It has NOTHING to do with race, origin or religion. It is about the TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT that these marauding crowds of (dare I say it) black people bring to that community EVERY year they participate. Hey Frank….. How about this crowd pass through YOUR neighborhood for the 4th of July?!?! Hoh??!! And then when your car insurance and your homeowner’s insurance skyrocket because your car and home have been vandalized or one of YOUR children is in the hospital fighting for his life because he caught a stray bullet from a passing shootout will you shout racism then or be appalled and disgusted by the sheer lack of respect these people brought ot you doorstep. THIS time it’s actually not about race…..

    3. IJS says:

      You mean a black woman that probably doesn’t date black men ; )

    4. Ali says:

      The problem isn’t white/black the problem is the city needs to be more prepared i.e. extra sanitation/police to deal with the crowds that Urban beach week brings.

  4. CallonBS says:

    …and none of them behave like the animals YOUR “people” are.

  5. bigbiz2 says:

    Yeah but what about the cost to all the businesses that would miss out on having civil people coming..Remembert old timers like Lester Maddox knew long ago that you can’t serve some people equally. .

    1. just a comment says:

      Yo, we have enough problems down there in Haiti. Please do not come up with these suggestions. Peace Buddy.

  6. zombiescreepingflesh says:

    Another code word: Urban inner-city at-risk youth.

    1. evanmeacham says:

      Also: “Urban Athletes”

  7. John Daniel says:

    We dangled him out there, you fell for it, and voted for him, didn’t you. He’s half black, remember, the half you voted for. Now that he’s turned on you, who are you going to blame? Whitey? That presidential election has set a record as being the easiest vote to control, why, because you’re racists and will vote for ANY man as long as he is BLACK. And through his/your predictable genetic encoded arrogance (black pride) he is now the easiest President to control in the history of the nation. Black pride is like a hook in your/his nose, you can be led to your own destruction with ease, all the while thinking you’ve got it all under control cause you talk trash to each other… like animals in a zoo thinking they control the feeding schedule. Your man has now brought about the worst national financial disaster of any president in office. Yes, we control his puppet strings, but you are too ignorant of the political realm to understand the process, so we’ve got you. But, we doubt you can comprehend that, it’s not mentioned on BET is it? You’ve always been a loser, but now you lose. When Martial law comes, you will go first. It’s in the plan.

    1. America Blk or White says:

      Are you stating that no BLACKS have voted for any Presidential Candidate to date? b/c the only Black president ever is Obama… I am not even sure its worth the bk and forth but it just seems to me that you are still angry about the election results so i will leave you to that… BUT it didn’t seem the slightest bit strange that George Bush lost and then you woke up and he won b/c the Florida votes (where his brother was Governor) were off??? Blk ppl just started voting b/c Obama ran for President… i guess if we have got hooks in our nose you must have COKE in yours… Yes some of us act like animals but Jeffrey Dahmer was white and i think he took the case on that one… And I just saw on the news that another white old guy tried to rape the hotel help… TWICE… Also Mr. Edwards knocks up the help says its another man’s child while his wife is sick with cancer… Come on people thats just not MAINSTREAM NEWS why b/c WHITE PPL CONTROL WHAT IS NEWS AND WHAT IS NOT… SO thats why we are animals b/c we make the news? or maybe its the hooks that you all continue to try and put on us that makes us ANIMALS… hook your pet by the nose and see what happens to his NATURAL INSTINCTS… you train an animal and make it a house animal a hunting animal a protect my house and family animal… Problem is black communities are not offered any training or the resources to get that training b/c we are merely puppets to ppl like you who would love to sit back and laugh and make coward comments on a blog.. I wish they scanned images of your face in order to make a comment there would be a lot less comments…

      1. America Blk or White says:

        that was for John Daniel

  8. Cornbiker says:

    Just look at what they did during Black Bike week in Myrtle Beach.. Oh I know.. I can hear the racist comments.. but I’m just being brutally honest.. Which is something many American are to scared to do..

    1. Socio-economic Status says:

      You right ..look what they did to it. It reminds me of the garbage, trash, chaos and fights I see at the Nascar races, football games, etc.

      1. Hubris says:

        Ummmm, since when did the cops at a NASCAR event ever become inundated? Or a football game? Keep playing the willful ignorance bit, it takes you really far in life.

        Anyways, white people need to wake the hell up. We don’t need a white pride month(plenty to be proud of), but we do need to stand up for each other when we are being seen as the devil for not stopping a hurricane from hitting New Orleans. Anybody had enough of being blamed for other peoples actions?

      2. Ken Bowser says:

        Hey jagoff, I’ve been to 20 or so nascar races and never saw 1 fight. You have NO status and no facts. I guess only whites go to football games and nascar races. This is the result of the Great Society Program and the liberal ideology, which is an absolute FAILURE.

    2. OneLove says:

      Don’t own a bike, Never been to Miami, what else do you want to lay on me?

      Yes, I am black!

  9. Steve says:

    I used to work in South Beach from 1992 to 1997 installing fire alarms. That was when it was being re-discovered and new construction was underway. Lots of model shoots during that time as well. I lived in Ft. Lauderdale so if we worked too late or it was Friday we knew enough hotel folks that would give us great rates ($50 a night a room) and we would just stay overnight. It got crowded on the weekends but I never saw any big problems and there were not gangster thug’s all over the place. I went back in 2002 on a Friday night to see how it was doing and it looked like the godam source awards. Place was ruined as far as I was concerned. I’ll never go there again.

    1. david says:

      What these people need to know also is that there are millions of dollars being spent that weekend to help boost the economy in the city so a little clean up shouldnt hurt not on bit, besides if you break the law you going to jail so there is nothing wrong were people are gathered up for some fun its only a problem when we are gathered up and truth stops there.

  10. motorman says:

    if you think this is bad wait till obama looses the 2012 election

  11. jerry jones says:

    Daytona Beach use to host B.C.R for several years and it was the same. No more!!!!

  12. Brice says:

    This has been a long time coming – the money that these weekends are supposed to bring can no longer cover for the crime.

    1. PowerPC says:

      Thats right…..The money coming in from the “tourists” during this time does not come close to covering the looting and vandalism that takes place.

  13. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    We can all agree , the problem was caused by demos we have been supporting..

  14. pat says:

    can it actually be racism when the complaints are from hispanics?

    1. JamesG says:

      OF COURSE!
      Using your logic, if I am white and I go to Africa, I can’t be accused of racism because I am a minority.
      Now are you racist for wanting an end to this nonsense? Of course not, you just are showing some common sense, a rare commodity in the world we live in.

    2. Pete Gaughenba says:

      The word “Racism” can only be used to describe white people. Geez. Get a clue. Only white people can be racists.

    3. trinigyal86 says:

      yes anybody can be racist.. there are Hispanics who are racist towards black…

  15. Pammie says:

    Miami is a horrible city. There was garbage everywhere. Fat slobs of men sitting on their rump begging money. Loud mouth women with money acting like the garbage they truly are. A sick place for sick people. You couldnt pay me to go back.

  16. Meg says:

    the only people who call it “Hip hop weekend” or “Urban beach week” are the people who don’t want to say that south beach is where black people go to party FOR A HOLIDAY! not 1 person who actually attends this event calls it either of those names, they simply have the time off for THE HOLIDAY and come to Miami. You cannot and will not stop people from coming to Miami and any extreme measures that you take will only make the lives of South Beach residents a bigger hassle. just get the hell out of south beach for 4 days, JESUS! this herb sosa is an a**hole. his only idea is to have a jazz fest instead, meaning he thinks rap music is the problem? when you promote your jazz fest mr. sosa are you going to send out a world wide email to let every1 know they won’t get to hear rap, but instead be blessed with jazz?! haha what a joke.

    and there were no drive-bys! a guy was driving crazy and A COP shot at him, knowing that there was street FULL of people. the same thing happened a few hours later. NO GUNS WERE SHOT FROM BYSTANDERS, JUST COPS. and for the record, don’t let these south beach businesses fool you like they don’t enjoy the millions of dollars of revenue they receive. Not one business was ID’ing, tables at LIV were close to $25,000, the Clevelander is blasting rap music all day long and serving chicken and waffles and they will be more than happy to do the same thing next year to make the same profit. oh, the city made 500 arrests? don’t act like that fazes them either. that’s more money for the city. have you ever watched first 48? shoot outs, drive bys, breakins .. thats EVERYDAY here in the city. but when the problem comes across the bridge for 4 days, now you wanna take action? worry about miami as a whole and not your 2 mile stretch of land. MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND (not urban beach week) sells out every hotel from here to Ft. Lauderdale at astronomical rates. Do your magic and try to cancel next years event and tell me how many hotels absolutely LOVE you for it.

    1. John Mapes says:

      We had this problem in Virginia Beach in the early 90s It was billed as Greek Fest. DO some research. Local and state laws were violated. It turned into a huge riot requiring thousands of police officers to brin g under control. So go ahead and think it is normal. When it gets out of hand and it will I I will tell you I told you so.

      1. sunnyday says:

        Yep… I was attending ODU when that happened…. totally destroyed VA Beach!

    2. pdiddy says:

      Every time there is a Black , Urban, African American event the crowd causes huge problems. Yes the hotels and clubs do well but the impressions left on the others that came that weekend that did not know it was a hood event will cause them to not return again. Some places closed because of the ghetto atmoshere that the event brought. Just like BCR, Greek week, Freaknik and Florida Classic.the host city will either shut it down or the businesses will not support it. Like in Daytona where business owners just closed the doors for the weekend. I live in Orlando and during Florida Classic. the crime is crazy. Dennys, the malls the hotels have to hire cops. The city and county disallow the cops from taking off. The number of stolen cars goes way up. They actually had a riot at Universal and the staff was offered counseling and had the kept safe in the tunnels under the park. 500 arrests thats something to be proud of. I am sure next year the cops will be in full force and the arrests will go up to 1500. they will pressure the clubs and eventually the event will go somewhere else. Just god please not Orlando. So Meg by your thinking residents should just leave because blacks cant act right. Hip hop isnt the problem Ghetto blacks are

    3. Peachy says:

      Im sorry to burst your bubble but there was a drive-by shooting. Me and my friends were sitting outside the Clifton Hotel ,when the driver began shooting in front of the hotel. I was there when the whole shooting happened. It was NOT cool at all and I will never go back to Miami during this so caled “Urban Week” ..and this is coming from a “Minority,.”

  17. Paul says:

    Rally will probably end in violence

  18. BitterClinger says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

  19. Big Ed says:

    PeoPle are starting to say it…. Even the liberals are saying it… When have we given enough, paid enough, looked the other way enough?
    These people as a community will never assimilate… We are reaping what ” The Great Society” sewed…. Our chickens are coming home to roost…… The great Uniter wasn’t….. He is truly the great divider.

  20. Theresa says:

    Folks are you unaware that these types of group activities are being encouraged by “urban” leaders? It is a true story that some ex members of the Obama admin are out telling fellow urbanites that they must take this country by violence. So better get ready for it to get worse before it gets better!!!

    1. Tatiana S. says:

      What??? Now Theresa, you know there is no “ex member” of the Obama administration telling anyone to take this country by violence. Stick to the subject at hand and if you can’t than all you have to do is go on FOX NEWS website and post this comment and they will probably give you a job! This event was a problem way before Obama came in office and it still is a problem apparently.

  21. solo_poke says:

    Its not the urban people that keep me from visitng Florida and spending my money there. Its the racism by a few whites (I am “white”), who feel superior to others. So much ignorance and selfishness by a minority of elitists who think the color of their skin or wealth makes them better then others, sorry it doesn’t.

    I enjoy Cuba 2-3 times a year, lovely people great place to spend my money, seems its much more free then Amerika.

    1. Sean in Orlando says:

      What an idiot. haha If Cuba’s so great how come nobody’s allowed to leave? Apparently you haven’t tried to disagree with the government or demand free elections while you were sipping your Mojito on your 2-3 times/yr trips. “So much ignorance and selfishness” LOL this guy had to have gotten beaten up a lot as a kid.

    2. Jimbo says:

      Take your koombaya, lilly white butt down to black bike week. See if you are ‘accepted.”

    3. cooldude9366 says:

      Spending money in Cuba, eh Mr. Hemingway? Federal agents might want to speak with you. If your inevitable blather about lifting the embargo is as interesting as your self-hating whiteness, I’m sure the feds will be amused.

  22. michael says:

    MLK did not spend his life working to get blacks their own day at south beach. By creating these special days for different races we are defeating the concept of equality. Blacks will never move forward until they stop looking backwards….and that’s a shame.

  23. MB Citizen says:

    Its been this way in Myrtle Beach, SC for at least 12 years. Good luck getting rid of the problem. We have yet to find a truely effective means of dealing with the problem (except to send them your way).

  24. Mark says:

    I love how if you speak up against crime, violence and property damage that your are a racist. Look at it this way: if all of the facts of the situation were the same, except all the participants were White, would any honest or sane White person still approve of it? I think we all know the answer is no. Race pimps and people who cry race “wolf” are morons and idiots.

    1. Huffenston says:

      This would never happen in the white community in mass. The real problem is the black community on the whole DOES approve, at least they don’t disapprove enough to fight back in their communities. This is what happens when “daddy” ain’t around.

  25. FrauSchmitd says:

    Believe it or not these thugs are planning to move the party to Cancun or the Caribbean. Leave the Haitians alone!

    1. bob says:

      That will be a good laugh. The Mexican police won’t put up with too much monkeyshines.

    2. sunnyday says:

      They already have… it was Memorial Day weekend in Cancun… is called “Jump”… Google it.

  26. Big Al says:

    I came down from Toronto to South Beach on Friday morning. I had no idea it was the hip hop festival. I walked around for 10 minutes. 6 COPS asked me me what I was doing in South Beach that weekend, (4 were black). I flew to the Bahamas at 6 Friday evening. Call me a racist but I have seen enough videos of, “black youth cultural events” to know that sadly, it is always trouble. I love Miami but will double check the calendar of events before I book next time.

    1. Marfa says:

      Hey, I can’t blame you. I’m a Miami girl and I avoid hip hop weekend like the plague, and so does everybody else that I know.

  27. lukuj says:

    The people who behave like this end up ruining things for everyone, not only themselves. It is difficult for me to imagine what kind of mindset leads to this kind of conduct. What kind of person considers it fun to be loud, destructive, and violent? Yet having seen how many events ended like this one over the Memorial Day week end, there are more and more people who are comfortable with this kind of behavior, and if we call them on it, WE are the ones who are criticized and condemned for OUR behavior.

  28. James Crow says:

    If you have not been called a racist by now, you might not be speaking your mind like man does.

  29. moco max says:

    Excellent idea. Close all SOBE businesses and let the Knee grows Kill each pther.

  30. William says:

    The Obama administration anounced the other day that they will be filing civil rights charges against several large police departments based on statistics.
    It appears that white people are not committing their fair share of crimes.

  31. dougx says:

    We had a very similar situation in Virginia Beach in the late 1980s. It was called Greekfest and ostensibly was for black college students. Each year, the blacks got wilder and wilder, culminating in all out riots Labor Day weekend 1989. Hundreds of stores were robbed and vandalized. The National Guard was brought in and they crushed the rioters. Virginia Beach ended Greekfest permanently and we have had no problems since then, although the police are always on guard when too many of them congregate at the strip.

  32. Socio-economic status says:

    Actually I have. Trying traveling outside your trailer park to another country. It has nothing to do with race. There are ghettos, crime and violence in every country.

  33. Right White says:

    You are so right ..once again. They are soo different from thee Serbians, Arabs, Whites, Asians who rape, kill, steal,

  34. Scott says:

    And they can’t spell. I bet you never travel and you are not educated. Actually I am willing to bet the majority of folks on this site make the racist statements are not educated, have never traveled outside their trailer parks and make these comments to feel better about themselves.

    1. David Michael Carrera says:

      You stated “Actually I am willing to bet the majority of folks on this site make the racist statements are not educated”. Please re-read your owns words and tell me how that makes any sense? Did you mean to say “Actually I am willing to bet the majority of folks on this site “WHO” or “THAT” make racists statements are not educated? You made a total of seven Grammatical errors in three sentences and yet you somehow feel empowered to dissect the Grammar of others. Well you just got served little buddy. You ruse Daniel Son, thanks for the laugh teacher.

      1. Lilyrose says:

        Your ignorance just trumped his ignorance..what he said was correct! He only left out one word and one comma idiot so go read a book before speaking! You’re just trying to downplay what he said and it isn’t going to work! Now laugh at that!

      2. Lilyrose says:

        This was for David

  35. Grab it says:

    I think you should tell that to your black coworkers in their face.

    1. cooldude9366 says:

      …and what? Expect a violent reaction??? Sounds racist to me!

  36. lynnbo says:

    The thugs shut down Atlanta with Freaknick for years until this black town said no more. Current Mayor just put young thugs on curfew. Of course its all someone elses fault that they where born black it has nothing to do with how they conduct their lives.

  37. ben says:

    u got jokes man, and i’m a black man.

  38. John says:

    Shouldn’t you be at work?

  39. ben says:

    Why don’t you try to help blacks more by honestly bringing up these concerns with your leaders instead of all the hate and broad characterizations.All blacks do not support Obama and all whites are not law abiddding.

    1. DMM says:

      True. Only 96% of blacks support obama. His poll numbers before, during, after (and even currently) the election among blacks never waver much, no matter what he does. THAT is blindly racist support. And I don’t recall anyone say all whites are law-abiding

  40. Lilly says:

    We had to stop the annual attack of Black Spring Break in our small city because of all the crime and loss profits. The businesses lost money because of theft and property damage and they lost customers because of the violence. The city taxpayers lost money because of the special events, extra fire and police detail.

    We appealed to the politically correct Mayor and City Council and they would not stop advertising and hosting events for the annual horro shows. So the following year when the sick ritual as booking, they discoverd all the businesses were closed down for a few days that week.

    The student leaders race baited and stomped their feet and pushished the city with a racial boycott forevermore. And that was that. We be boycotted but not victimized anymore.

  41. Redskin Joe says:

    Everyone’s a little bit racist.
    Doesn’t mean we go
    Around committing hate crimes.
    Look around and you will find
    No one’s really color blind.
    Maybe it’s a fact
    We all should face
    Everyone makes judgments
    Based on race.

  42. David says:

    Boycott Florida and go to Mexico instead. They aren’t racist there. They treat everyone equal. They don’t care what color you are when they kill you

    1. Nikki says:

      Isnt that the truth, I would love to see it all go to Mexico and see how many headless bodies turn up then, bet Urband Fest wont exist anymore

  43. keepfighting says:

    nobody is calling it a racial thing…. they have labeled themselves…. it’s not the city’s website, it;s not the communities website…… it is the promoters website…. the leader of the pack is calling his own a “color”!!!! and calling to all to take over a city!!! LOLOLOL!!!

  44. ralphrainwater says:

    Atlanta used to have this annual problem, called “Freaknik.” Crime, boorish behavior, residents trapped in their homes. Eventually Atlanta simply outlawed Freaknik and backed that up with a strong police presence enforcing traffic rules, not giving permits to the kind of events Freaknik wanted. The crowds of rioting youth got the message and stopped coming. And remember, this is a black run city, so only the most extreme “civil rights” leaders could claim Atlanta’s actions were racist.

    1. CamelFace says:

      yeah thats After the FreakNic Money help Build the Economy for those years then it wasnt needed any longer!

  45. steveh3 says:

    Virginia Beach dropped these groups like a bad habit back in the 80’s and it has been great since.

  46. Atlas Shrugged says:

    When the Blacks were brought to Corpus Christi Texas after Katrina, our civic center was destroyed in three days. Trash, over flowing toilets, rape, robbery, theft, total disregard for the City and people trying to comfort and give aid. Do you know what one of the biggest complaints from the New Orleans citizens was, they wanted McDonalds instead of the food being provided for free.

    Well thankfully the hurricane RITA was headed our way so we said, WOW, these people are in danger, we have to move them away from danger so we sent them to San Antonio, Austin and Houston. Luckily we were not hit by RITA, but, we took the trash out at the same time. (PS: after the Katrina people left Corpus Christi, our civic center called the Memorial coliseum was closed for good due to the condition it was now in and was eventually torn down.

    Sorry Austin, San Antonio and Houston, you got our garbage, and they still have lots of trash “Laying Around” six years later, not even trying to help themselves, and why would they, the government had turned them into slaves depending on the taxpayer for every need and want. .

    When told to find work or a new place to stay, the good will of the cities was running out, Houston was threatened with RIOTS if the good citizens were made to go to work or leave the NOW project neighborhoods they were occupying.

    Houston still has a huge welfare occupation by the Katrina people six years later. It has been 145 years since the BLACK SLAVES have been free, and it has all been FREE since then for them.

    What a pity, a group of people with no hope or pride in themselves.

    1. Anonymous says:

      How can you condemn a whole group of people? All blacks are not depending on the govenment, committing crimes, single mothers, etc. I find it interesting how crimes and overall bad behavior by a number of people is applied to everyone who falls within that demographic. You just assume that everyone agrees with and is accepting of the behavior. How ridiculous is that? Should I assume that every white person was supportive of the Columbine murders or the recent shooting of Sen. Giffords and those at her rally. The very thought is ridiculous. Yet you assume that every black person agrees with and lives the thug life. Many of us are just as horrified and disgusted by the behavior as you are. Think about that. How would you like to be blamed, ridiculed, and stereotyped every time someone who has the same color skin as you does something wrong? So easy to generalize because it doesn’t require much thought.

  47. renee says:

    I’m black and Urban Beach Week just does not appeal to me. Every year I am bombarded with invitations to go and I deny every one of them because I’ rather not do with the chaos, confusion, extra inflated prices, and violence. I don’t like Miami during spring break season either though, it’s not just UBW. Colleagues and friends seem to love it though so maybe I’m missing out.

    I honestly don’t think that anybody is racist. What’s wrong with wanting to keep your neighborhood and property safe? Absolutely nothing. It is the ultimate disrespect to trash somebody’s neighborhood and damage their property.

    Bottom line, if I lived there I’d want UBW to end. If it was any other event with the same outcome it would be banned already.

    It’s a lose-lose situation, either way there will be some unhappy people.

    I’ve never been to the event but I know South Beach business owners make a killing, I’m sure that there is a great deal of police coverage but will having more in the local neighborhoods help? Then again, with that there’s a chance that there’s more harassment being given then protection. Back to the lose-lose thing.

  48. frenchy says:

    it is the tourists that caused the problen in south beach it is the local miami people from across the bay that comes to southbeach during memorial wkend to vandalized and start shooting. we as tourists don’t and cannot travel with guns. i enjoy memorial wkend for the past 4years in miami and it will be a big lost for businesses and tourism to end the festival. miami beach police need to control the locals during memorial wkend, they’re the ones doing the shooting etc.

  49. Ashley says:

    What’s ironic about this whole situation is that everybody on this comment area are proving exactly what the others are trying disprove. The comment RACISM isn’t out there anymore. . . [Obviously there is – I didn’t know all African Americans were animals/ different species] . The comment some people weren’t going to scream RACISM about the article. [Obviously some people are just by their comments.]

    Point of the matter is that as a society we need to DO BETTER. Ok 58% of crime is committed by African Americans but the other 42% obviously aren’t african american. So EVERYBODY needs to DO BETTER. You can’t lump everyone in a race together [scratch that by the color of their skin together] USA portrays itself as this large melting pot of all races, and that is what WE AS A NATION are known for. So stop looking at other races in disgust and actually let’s all contribute to making this nation better as a whole.

    What’s funny about this whole situation is that I’m only 18. I’m an African American/ another species according to some of you, but in I have spoken more truth through this comment than some of you simple minded people ever will in your whole life.

  50. Vdub2011 says:

    This article is pretty funny. Because no one looks to end award shows, car events or anything else that attracts thousands of people to Miami. But for some reason they want to target the “Urban” Beach Week. How hysterical that residents are appalled to see this many black people congregating in Miami. You can’t choose the money you want to let in. If you want to stop Beach Week then I suggest not hosting ANYTHING anymore. Who wants to protest with me to no longer invest your money into Miami? Every “event” has crime of some sort when any race or class of people are congregated together. Get over yourself Miami.

  51. Gracie says:

    Well, first off I’ve never heard it called ‘urban beach week.’ It’s Memorial weekend, people take vacation(white&black); to beaches. South Beach being a more popular one. I’ve been to spring break in Miami as well as Memorial weekend and witnessed the same type of goings-on. Foolery. But, because this is a mostly black attended weekend it’s the cause of uproar? You can deny it all day, claim that we love to play race cards or whatever. I never like to think of things being black and white because I am a progressive person without a 1960’s mentality…. But what’s plain as day cannot be ignored. Racism. Spring Break:a mixture, memorial weekend:Black people. Oh no! We must protest. Stop it all then. This is a city built with drug money. You don’t live in the South of France. You live in a fairly inexpensive vacation destination for many & if you can’t deal; MOVE.

    1. Vdub2011 says:

      I concur Gracie! People need to no longer invest in Miami period! If you get to choose which form of debauchery is allowed into your city. Like you said it was built on drug money (cocaine to be exact). I am a black female and it did offend me reading an article that said “Urban Beach Week’.

  52. Whitney Spears says:

    Wowzerz. Giving tourists a bad name.

  53. Missdelta says:

    In general, there are a lot of prejudicial comments posted here. I just wonder how a Police shooting gets to be a drive-by. Also, why no one (including newscasts) mentions the innocent bystanders who were shot by the Police. It’s as if they don’t matter. What about all the trash that has to be cleaned up after New Years Eve in Times Square? It’s funny that they call it a trash clean up in NYC, but the trash on South Beach is continually being referred to as filth. I live in Pembroke Pines and my son went to South Beach, but he left soon after because he didn’t like the vibe from the Police. He was with a friend who is Cuban and they had previously been on W. 49 Street in Hialeah celebrating the Miami Heat win. He said the Police just gave up trying to control the crowd and stood by. In South Beach, he said he felt any minute he was going to be arrested. I would say to young Black (African American) people that they should not attend such events because they are a target of the Police, the media, and the citizens of Miami Beach. And, believe or not, having said this, I think the citizens of Miami Beach have a right to band the event if they want to do so. It would prevent a re-occurrence of innocent people being shot by over-zealous Police from multiple Police forces.

    1. vdub2011 says:

      Exactly! No one ever wants to discuss police brutality that goes along with this. I lived in California (LA and San Francisco) where peaceful protests got out of hand BECAUSE police showed up. They start antagonizing crowds and making them feel like they are doing something wrong. I’m not saying everyone at these events are innocent but stop making it seem like when Black people get together we are there to cause problems. I was privy to drive by what they considered a “ghetto” birthday party out in Central LA. Do you know the police showed up in 10 cop cars and 2 helicopters to “shut down” the party on a saturday afternoon.

  54. S Crawford says:

    This article is bragging about how many likes there are on that facebook page…however…they need to make a note that likes dont mean people agree…u have to LIKE the page in order to leave a comment,and there are a lot of people who liked the page and commented negatively about the issue on the page….so please dont think that means ANYTHING!!!

  55. Victoria says:

    Wow… I thought this kind of mentality only went on in Mississippi (my home state). It is really sad the level of prejudice and ignorance that many people are displaying in these comments. How did this get to be about Obama? Or the lack of fathers in the home (as one poster stated). I’ve watched enough Girls Gone Wild specials to know that some pretty outrageous things go on in other cultures, as well. Do I think that criminal behavior should be ignored? No. But don’t generalize and don’t allow your hatred to rule every comment you make. Side Note: I attended FreakNic in Atlanta in the 90’s, which was a similar event. I was twenty, and it was fun. I’m not a criminal, on welfare, or come from an impoverished background. I have two advanced degrees and make, by myself, a salary that is considered upper middle class for an entire family. So I guess I’m still a coon, thug, and Knee Gro as some of the posters have stated. So sad…hope some of you pray for forgiveness for the hates in your hearts.

  56. JC says:

    My father is one if the richest man in miami and he doesnt support urban beach week and yes we are black… but that doesnt justify that all blacks are commiting crimes during the urban beach week because three white kids broke into our house yesterday…Just dont blame it on blacks for everything becvause some whites are out there doing the same exact thing..

  57. diva from nyc says:

    This whole post is littered with racist statements that criminalize an entire race of people.

    So instead of focusing on race, everyone needs to focus on a code of universal etiquette that teaches people the proper way to move about in public spaces; the very same etiquette that teaches us the proper way to be a “guest” in someone else’s home.

    I am a black woman that has traveled to all types of “youth cultural events” in my day, as well as attended different cultural pride celebrations here in NYC and I can honestly say I’ve seen the same “urban” behaviors at many of these events.

    To name a few:
    1. Spring Breaks in Orlando, Vegas, Daytona Beach, Cancun
    2. Here in NYC for the Puerto Rican Day Parade many businesses along 5th Avenue close that day, some even board up their doors/windows.
    3. Likewise for NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade there is always a ginormous police presence that rains down on drunken and unruly white people.

    At these events many businesses lose money because of theft, property damage and violence. The streets are filled with trash because the trash cans are overrun with garbage. Hotel rooms are destroyed from all night parties. Taggers stamp anything from bathroom doors to sides of buildings.

    During your stay, you always see hypersexual young people running around. You see women dressed way too provocative for any event and drunken “beach brawls” between dudes pumped up on testerone (or in some cases from roid rage IMO). Riots break out when people are denied service or entry into an establishment. There are guidos, white trash, ghetto trash, and every other ethnic group of trash. Young kids that die due to excessive binge drinking or DWIs. Then there is the danger of having sex with strangers, which often results in rape…. I could go on for days.

    The point being I have witnessed time and time again the NOMALIZATION of youth culture behavior when the group in question is NOT black.

    It’s cool when white kids descend on these destination spots and somehow their trash, their crime, their rowdy behavior is NOT AS BAD when compared to the black kids.

    So what gives with all the racism?

    And why not take a more proactive stance? The same stance that has been used to make Spring Break a safe place for white kids to have fun. White people have poured millions into policing the behavior of rowdy white kids as to protect them from themselves and the community-at-large during Spring Break and other youth events. Why not reach out to and work with those that organize these Urban Beach Weekneds to make them just as safe and enjoyable?

  58. AJC from Galveston says:

    What i dont understand is why people are quick to down urban events, instead of trying to find ways to control it better? Being from a city that is use to holding big events like this, i have seen how business run operation during these type of events (and how they treat a mostly urban event compared to a mostly “mainstream”event). During our annual mardi gras event, business in the effect areas normaly close there doors but set up booths just out side to sell there wares, be it food, beer, clothes, etc. When it came to the kappa beach party, business in the effected areas close there doors and let the employees have the weekend off. During mardi gras the police were on stoping people if they got to out of hand(as long as you were not being to problematic you got a pass). During kappa they were pulling you over for every little thing( like out date tags, being lewd in public, so on and so forth) (during mardi gras i out of date tags and was driving with out my light on at night, and the cop just told me to turn my light on and keep moving. The media coverage during these two events are far different to. During kappa there was a shooting on the north side of the island, a good distants away from the event but the media made sure that it was include in the bad press of this event. But what they did not say was there were more arrest, more fights, stabbing, and tickets written during mardi gras (even though police were more relax on the law during this event than during kappa weekend). And the island look the same as far as trash go after both events. Now here is the kicker there was two to three times more people for kappa weekend than there were for both weekends of mardi gras. Now they shut kappa down, but the city goes for broke every year for mardi gras. Oh and the people who talk about the Va Beach riot, before you bring it up, you might want to remember who started it. (It was the police who started ganging up on people and beating them that started it). And for the people who saying this only happen to events for urban people, look at N.O. Mardi gras and Suger Bowl celerbration. Or look to boston when the red socks won the championship, or when a school when the bcs, i can go on and on but i think i made my point.

  59. S. says:

    This is NOT racist and yes I am black. Call me whatever, but if “urban” week WASN’T so ghetto and filled with crime half naked ghetto-nakedness the trashing of South Beach even more then what it is citizens would not care DUE TO CIVILIZED CONDUCT. If the citizens COMPLAIN and blacks are acting civilized and not causing problems and not trashing the streets that is when you can cry racism. Now get angry about that!

  60. william says:

    you do know that is was the police doing all the shooting this time .. not the attendees

  61. YoungblkFemale says:

    I am a black 24 year old female and I don’t think those wanting a stop to the event are racist. The ones telling us to go back to Africa or Haiti: definitely racist. Noone in America is American except for Native Americans so why don’t you go back to Italy, Ireland or Germany. Uneducated idiots. Anyway, I’ve been to South Beach during this weekend and it had to be one of the biggest mistakes. It was like a bad rap video. The only thing is that at my age I’ve been to num$erous events that attract young people and it wasn’t any diffrent. I’ve been to Cancun during spring break and those rich white kids get excessive alcohol poisoning, have sex in bathrooms and hallways and flash their underage tits at ppl with video cameras and then cry on Oprah when they’re seen in ‘Girls Gone Wild’. They have no consideration for the law. Only difference is that theyre white so ppl just figure “they’re young and dumb” We can be honest and say that when a black crowd gets together, it gets people nervous. Plain and simple. Oh and The vandalism and stealing is actually done by Miamis own residents who live across the bridge in Overtown and Liberty City. Before we make judgements let’s get our facts straight. I agree in having this event banned only because as a young black person its simply embarrasing.

  62. Kristina says:

    The only thing I don’t understand is how you are going to bring an end to Urban Beach Weekend. Okay, we all know that it is ‘Black Beach Weekend’ but nobody wants to say that. But what I have a problem with is, HOW exactly are you going to keep black people from coming to Miami Beach?? Bringing an end to Urban Beach Weekend means not allowing black people in Miami Beach during Memorial Day Weekend. So will there be a police brigade checking for black skin and if so turning them out of the city? Or will there only be a certain number of black people allowed in Miami Beach at a time? Will arrests be made if there are more than a certain number of black people gathered in the same place? What about the never ending nightlife that already exists in Miami Beach? Does that mean that during Memorial Day Weekend nightlife will be restricted to all races other than blacks? I think another approach needs to taken to restore safety and anything else that is lost by the residents of Miami Beach during Memorial Day Weekend other than saying ‘Black Beach Weekend’ will be eliminated without sending us back to the 1960s.

  63. brandie jenkins says:

    I feel as though a lot of people are missing the over all picture thats is being stated here. It’s not about racism, it’s not about URBAN, HIP HOP OR BLACK MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, it’s about safety and concerns. If you listened clearly to what Luther was stating, he said, “Years ago professional people came out to enjoy the weekend, now the only thing people do is walk the streets, get drunk and get arrested.” Why would you want to encourage this craziness in your town, especially if you pay taxes. Also, he wasn’t really stating get rid of it, he saying that it should be more positive activities going on throughout that weekend. Such as concerts, food tasting or what ever else to keep people out of trouble.

    For people saying its racism, it’s not. Think about when they had The FREAKNICK in Atlanta, years ago and they decided to get rid of it. It wasn’t due to racism, it was because of safety concerns for the residents and their tourist. You have to think from a politicians point of few, that you don’t want to loose your tourism because that’s what bring in revenue for your city. Especially for South Beach, you guys have a lot of wealthy families there and you don’t want to loose the revenue. That’s how big cities begins to go down once the wealth move out and the poor move in.

    The problem that we have now in days, isn’t just in South Beach, it’s across the US period. Instead of continuing this foolishness they just cancel these events. In Chicago, we’ve had so many shoot out at the Taste of Chicago around the 4th of July, they just chosen to cancel the fireworks show all together. As bad as the economy is these big names cities can’t afford to keep losing revenue!

  64. getthefout says:

    If you can remember the eighties, crime became a problem with the hispanics too. This American experiment was created by white men, and the decline of major cities came with the injection of outside groups. Someone needs to tell “Tapia” he’s the problem also. I guess the spanish indians are getting a taste of white man’s burden.

  65. RedLady says:

    This weekend in Miami was a mess. Its very sad when people of color can’t get together without major drama occurring. I understand a few incidents are inevitable, but this was just ridiculous. Its like a bunch of broke people came together to hang out on the streets. There were no issues at any of the events I attended (best of the best hip/hop concert, Club LIV, etc) They couldn’t afford to attend many of the actual events, so they stood around and caused problems. A lot of the people attending the concerts were Florida natives. This should give you an idea of what people were there for. I will not be attending Memorial Weekend ever again. Though I had a fun, I didn’t feel safe at all.

  66. B says:

    Seems to me these residence need to worry about the thugs if all shades that prawl their neighborhood. Serial killer (which are mainly white by they way) seem to live to prey on the residents if south Florida. Miami beach should be proud they hAve the most airtime on the first 48. Yet you are scared of the visitors that come and spend millions of dollars in three days that contribute to Miami beach’s economy. Money has one color green and I’m sure Florida’s governor cashes those checks he gets from the state some of that money comes from urban week in Miami beach. The mayor cashes those same checks by they way . Taxes from such an event helps greatly your social services

  67. Ed says:

    Hey why is this turning into a cyber race riot. The hip hop culture is about the same as was the hippies in the 60 ‘s . At one point it will phase out as the society progresses. Obama has nothing to do with it. I just don’t understand why some people can never leave race out of anything in America and start treating the problem as a human problem. I am a black man. I use to go to south beach for memorial day weekend now it is like a war zone. So I don’t go anymore. News flash: old white people you should know you can never and will never be able to return to old way because it would be a civil war at that point America will never be the same. Now black stop encouraging these thugs they are not representing us. And we need to get our people educated because these people were not engineer, Dr or lawyer. They were mostly thugs and drug dealer mixed with a couple employed black men and women who wanted some fun. Until we learn to start living together and think America is not a tribal society . It’s a beautifull country with a diverse population. We are bound to live in this country together and kids will until the end of time. And also black people hip hop is cool but some of them are plain garbage promoting ignorance, drug dealing, materialistic, misoginism and illiteracy.

  68. South Floridian says:

    I’ve lived in South Florida for approximately 10 years and prior to that lived in Atlanta. I’ve been to Freaknik in the late 90’s and enjoyed every minute of it until it started getting out of control. However, South Beach is not Atlanta. You can enjoy South Beach on any other weekend and have the time of your life. But on this weekend you may be shot, assaulted or killed. I took my wife to the Urban Beach weekend and ended up almost getting trampled by a crowd of people running down Washington Ave. trying to avoid gunshots. As a minority it is disgusting to see people (all races) acting the way they do during this event. South Beach is not the place for this. If the event needs to be held in South Florida then move it to West Palm Beach. South Beach is a melting pot for all races and people from various economic backgrounds. It is a place you can take your wife on Friday night and then turn around and take your kids to the beach during the day on Saturday. This should not be a place where people fear for their lives during a 3-day span. Shootings and assaults taking place in front of Versace’s house is ridiculous. It is like the same things happening on Rodeo Drive. There is a level of prestige and class that comes with South Beach and this particular event keeps South Floridians in their homes until it’s done. End it now before more people get hurt.

  69. tamaria says:

    Stop whinning, the city don’t belong to nobody. Anybody is welcome to come and go as they please. If you don’t like you leave, nobody is asking you to stay. I can only imagine the kind of people that has a problem with URBAN week.

  70. angie says:

    u guys sound like u don’t like black people…. white people and latin people also attend the event too.

  71. angie says:

    u guys come from us so if we are animals then what r u

  72. Lola says:

    I’m black and you would never catch me at Myrtle Beach or Urban Beach Weekend because of the types of people that it attracts. This is not racist what this man is asking for. Any time someone who isn’t black calls black people out on their BS then we wanna call them a racist.

    “Filthy streets, a drive by shooting, multiple cars crashed in the process, and total chaos on the streets. This is unacceptable and must be controlled before we totally lose our city, tourism & residents. It is not limited to Ocean Drive or Collins – there isn’t a residential street in South Beach not affected by tons of garbage, crime to our vehicles, excessive noise 24 hours a day, and simply a lack of respect for our community, citizens & property.”

    This sounds like the place where I grew up. All the stuff he says is going on during Urban Beach Weekend goes on everyday in the hood. These people who come and tear South Beach up don’t respect themselves, so why should they be expected to respect someone else’s home? I agree with Mr. Sosa. No one should have to put up with that kind of madness. Let’s face it. There are some black people who when they get out in public, they like to show out and act a damn fool.

  73. Marfa says:

    Quite frankly, I hate that stupid “Urban Weekend” bs. I also don’t care about political correctness. So I hope that they get rid of that so called Urban Weekend. I have no problem with tourists. But I expect them to treat our city with respect and not take it as a free for all to behave however they feel like behind and have no regard tor the law and for the locals.

  74. Traci R. says:

    This is why when I want to party and feel safe and free to do so, I go to a little wee island of the coast of Venezuela every year to this little thing they call Carnival where partying is just that — wild, exuberant, yet safe and the local police force walks around the streets with AKs just to make sure everyone stays in line!