MIAMI – (CBS4) – Two South Florida women seeking Botox treatments trusted a 28-year-old woman, who police say had no medical license, to inject their faces with what they believed to be the temporary wrinkle remover.

Police say their trust was misplaced. Now, the two women will need cosmetic surgery to repair “cyst like masses” that erupted on their faces after the treatment in late September, according to the police report.

Eight months after the initial treatment, Miami-Dade Police arrested Diana Cardenas-Gonzalez and charged her with  two counts of practicing medicine without a license and practicing healthcare without a license and causing injuries. Cardenas-Gonzalez said nothing as she faced a bond court judge Thursday who ordered her held on $25,000 bond.

Police say it all began at 2 p.m. on September 26th, 2010, when two women – ages 68 and 66 – came to Cardenas-Gonzalez on 12000 block of Northwest 7th Lane “for the purpose of having a ‘Botox’ treatment performed on their faces,” according to the police report.

The following month both women complained to Cardenas-Gonzalez about having “cyst like masses” on their faces. Cardenas-Gonzalez allegedly told them to meet her at another address on the 18000 block of Northwest 68th Avenue. She inspected their faces and told them that she had used “an infrared massager” to soften up the cysts, according to the report.

Now, police say both women will require additional care from a licensed dermatologist. Meanwhile, Cardenas-Gonzalez, of Colombia, may not be leaving jail anytime soon. Even if she is able to post the $25,000 bond, she will be held on an immigration hold.

Comments (5)
  1. Carlos says:

    These criminals are costing us a fortune.

    We need to start charging these millions of $$$ of court costs to the country of origin.

  2. eObserver says:

    I thought illegals were law-abiding citizens? /sarcasm

  3. ellie light says:

    one word — Illegal


    I thought illegals were law-abiding citizens? /sarcasm


    1. dumb peeps(sigh) says:

      yea cuz only LEGAL Americans abide by the law… (people should think about comments before posting)

  4. Made1024 says:

    You think she is illegal because she has a latin name? Seriously, people need to think before they write things like this on the web. Racism in this country is out of control.

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