TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – If you get paid the minimum wage in Florida, you’re about to get a raise.

The state’s minimum wage will increase by 6 cents to $7.31 an hour on June 1 after a judge in Leon County found the state miscalculated the rate.

A lawsuit was filed because workers claimed the state violated the state constitution by keeping minimum wage at the $7.25 federal rate, which is the same as it was last year.

Voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2004 that set a state minimum wage that would increase with inflation, which the judge found the state didn’t do when setting the rate.

The wage increase affects about 188,000 workers and those that work 40-hour work weeks will earn an additional $128 annually.

The minimum wage for workers like waitresses and bartenders who earn tips will increase from $4.23 to $4.29 per hour.

Comments (9)
  1. Maryah says:

    I am speechless

  2. daisy says:

    6 cents!!woohooo shame on this country!!1

  3. clay renoit says:

    Then the irs gets a HUGE CUT from that. So your back to what you was making.This is not right. Hardworking people thats trying to pay there bills and then the IRS scams people out of there money. The IRS DOES NOTHING TO GET THIS MONEY FROM YOU. tHEY NEVER GET DIRTY. NEVER DO WORK THAT CAN HARM THEM. LIKE HIGHWAY WORKERS. COOKS.THERE IS WORKERS THAT WORK HARD EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK TO SEE OVER HALF THERE PAY GOES TO THE IRS…THE IRS DOES NOT REINVEST IT AND GIVE IT BACK FOR YOU TO RETIRE. My car motor stoped running and I had to pay in to the IRS 1000’s of dollars and I just went down to the IRS office and paid them what i owed them. The same week my cars motor had stoped and it needed repaires. So I called the IRS for help because I just paid them 1000’s of dollars can they help me. Because I just left there office. And the lady was mean she asked me did I no who i call this is the IRS we do not help people in need and stop calling. This lady was just mean over the phone. After I just paid 1000’s in to them and then they wanted to be jerks….So I have it out for the IRS you work hard and get hot and dirty and the IRS does nothing ,nothing,nothing..Other people alot older than me said they paid there money in and there ready to retire. But the IRS said that all the money that you paid us can’t be found. So you will have to retire when your older…THIS IS TRASH….OBAMA NEEDS TO CLOSE THE DOORS OF THE IRS. kids need to invest for school but how is this going to happen when the IRS takes all they make. Obama you have kids you will see.. Please stop this while you can..

  4. PKS says:

    Expenses have increased so much more than paychecks for years that we are now going to be behind forever. I thought my generation would be as well off as my parent’s. Only if you’re a company owner. Wage earners are slipping quickly into slavery. If we don’t tie the minimum wage to the cost of living in an area, and stop allowing companies to export and import foreign labor and paying more to lobbyists and CEO’s and industry political organizations than they do to their employees, the standard of living in America for the lower 70% will deteriorate even more, gutting the “American Dream.”

  5. KC says:

    An improvement is an imporvement, but those wages will not allow you to fill up your car, or provide grocery for your family.

  6. Me says:

    All the illegals and non English speakers are getting a raise!! Meanwhile, English only speakers who were born and raised in this country are still out of work.

  7. C.H. says:

    Tips are a private matter between the customer and the worker. Tipped workers should still get minimum wage. And no, I’m not one of them, I just think it’s not right for ANYONE to earn LESS than minimum wage. Tips are not a reliable source of income, and the employer has nothing to do with it. It’s traditional, but the person giving the tip is not required to do it, and they certainly don’t report it as wages paid to someone. It’s just wrong to decrease someone’s salary only because they MIGHT get a little something extra from a customer who liked their service.

  8. bob says:

    If you get tips your only paid $4.29 an hour!
    How would you think this is fair.

  9. Dont worry says:

    To ME:
    Maybe if americans weren’t lazy & would do the jobs immigrants would do, they wouldnt be jobless. No one is too good to go pick oranges or something. At least they’re doing something to help feed their families instead of mooching off the government.

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