MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Former Hialeah mayor Julio Robaina and former Miami-Dade commissioner Carlos Gimenez are headed for a June runoff to determine who will be the next Mayor of Miami-Dade county, while all but one of the charter amendments county commissioners hastily grafted onto this election fell victim to voter distrust.

Robaina jumped out to an early lead which he never lost, but as his numbers slowly eroded over the course of the evening, it was clear his 33% of the vote would be far short of the 50% plus one vote needed to win outright.

(Source: CBS4) Julio Robaina speaks to supporters after winning a place in the runoff election which will select a new Miami-Dade mayor

“We are extremely privileged to be able to go to the next round, and to be in first place,” Robaina told supporters after it was clear he would move forward. “That is a demonstration that our message, the campaign, the hard work that all of you put together, paid off this night, tonight it paid off!”

At #2 with 29% of the vote, Gimenez will face him in June.

“Nobody gave us a chance, really, when we started. We’ve gone 20 points up in the polls,” he said. “Our campaign is surging, our message is resonating, so we’re really happy.”

Trailing was former State Representative Marcelo Llorente, with 15% of the vote.

Midway through the evening Tuesday, Llorente threw in the towel.

“Although our campaign came in short tonight, I remain undeterred in my efforts to bring real reform to the community we call home,” he said in a statement issued by his campaign. “I firmly believe that our work to leave our children and grandchildren a brighter, more prosperous future does not begin and end with elected service.”

Marcelo Llorente Concedes Mayoral Race

Former 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell, who showed surprising strength in pre-election polls, started slow but saw his numbers improve during the evening, with 11% overall.

“I don’t like losing under no circumstances, I don’t like it,” he told supporters. “But this is just the beginning The individual has 18 months to prove himself. We could still run in 2012 and win this thing!”

Luther Campbell Speaks To Crowd After Loss

None of the remaining 7 candidates earned more than 4% of the vote.

In House district 110, where voters were replacing Esteban Bovo, who resigned to run for a Miami commission seat, Jose Oliva had the edge over Frank Lago with 43% of the vote, compared to 34% for Lago. Rafael Perez trailed with a respectable 23%.

In Miami-Dade commission District 13, the seat vacated when voters tossed former commissioner Natacha Seijas out of office in the March recall election, former State Representative Esteban Bovo jumped out to a commanding lead, with 73 percent of the vote in a 4 person race. The lead never faltered throughout the evening, and he was easily elected.

Esteban Bovo To Replace Seijas In District 13

Miami-Dade voters were asked to approve 6 amendments to the county’s home rule charter. 5 of the 6 failed, and the 6th passed by a a margin of less than 200 votes.

Amendment 1, a plan to limit commission terms to 12 years, failed with 71 percent of the voters saying no.. Amendment 5, which would have repealed the Strong Mayor position, also seemed to find little favor with the voters, with 63 percent voting no.

Dead is a plan to create a charter review task force, with 60% voting no, a plan to require election petitions to have a sworn affidavit, 71% no, and one that would create an inspector general, 52% no.

One amendment that would prohibit lobbying after leaving county service was in a dead heat, 50-50, with the yes votes leading by a margin of 200.

CBS4’s Jim DeFede Breaks Down Special Election Results

Billionaire businessman Norman Braman, the architect of the Mayoral recall election and advocate for charter reform, asked voters to reject these amendments as not going far enough to permit true reform, and voters seem to have listened.

Voters in commission District 7 cast ballots for a new commissioner to replace Carlos Gimenez, but the results have been placed under seal while a drama over timely firing of candidate documents plays out in the courts.

CLICK HERE for more information about the candidates and amendments.

Comments (15)
  1. Jimbo99 says:

    I really can’t understand Robaina getting votes beyond simply outspending everyone else by even more of an absurd margin than the 33-29% lead he has. OK, he has experience, in Hialeah. But the ties to a ponzi scheme in which he claims to be the victim ? People driving bags of money around town ? We’re trying to get away from this and improve the situation. Evidently the ponzi scheme didn’t tap his resources ?

    1. nanci says:

      Not true about Robaina, and if you are an animal lover he is the only one who has expressed desire to help with the overpopulation of dogs in this County and to work to make Animal Control a much better shelter. 100 dogs per day are killed in that one Hialeah location. Every day of the year. None of the other candidates would even talk to all the rescuers that went to Animal Control when all 500 animals were to be killed so that the terrible admistrator Dr. Pizano could ‘clean’ it up since adopted dogs were dying after adoption from distemper at an alarming rate. Animal rescuers, owners, and even just those who CARE, will be behind Robaino and will hold him to his promises! Gimenez’ attitude was ‘they are just dogs, who cares’!

      1. Wrong Robainar says:

        The Robain that you are talking about is The Julio Robaina running for the commision seat from South Miami. You have the wrong Robaina. It is not the Robaina from hialeah running for Mayor

      2. Roger Keith says:

        The dogs we need to take care of are the ones who pay taxes and raise families. Animals are important but we must not lose sight of what is paramount which is assisting the residents get rid of the corruption that infects the county.

        Robaina promised theworld to many in Hialeah and then lied (imagine that) to those who believed in him. Several years later Hialeah is always in the headlines because of some negative reason or another. Money and big business is helping Robaina get elected just as Scott did. We are slowly losing our sense of community and putting business interests and making money ahead of family values.

        Nanci, if you’re such an animal lover then you should inquire about Robaina wanting to build beyond the current Western urban boundary line. The Everglades are a vast important resource that should continue to be protected.

  2. Recallmaster says:

    Dade County is making a big mistake by voting for Robaina. We were warned with Scott and yet people voted for him. Warning, Robaina is a name the County employees will never forget. Don’t make the same mistake twice. We have enough with Scott.

    1. freda says:

      whats wrong with rick scott

      1. nanci says:

        Rick Scott? You obviously have you been paying attention.

  3. Vote to prevent Robaina says:

    Robaina will destroy Miami Dade County. Miami Dade needs to get out and vote and prevent Robaina from destroying Miami Dade County like he has in Hialeah. Robaina can never admit that he makes a mistake. His morals are not the kind of morals that we need to be in charge of Miami Dade County.

  4. elgaguito says:

    The only solution for Dade is to file for bankruptcy..eliminate the high pensions, firemen making $300 K, and a host of other blood sucking expenditures on the books..Robaina/Gimenez, name it are nothing more than professional politicians that will ensure it’s more of the same. back slapping, good ole boy network. the tidal wave is coming and they offer the average citizen earplugs…

    1. Roger Keith says:

      Great elgaguito (whatever that is) call in a volunteer fire department and wait for a response with trainees that have little experience. If they hired people after the retireees created vacancies then there wouldn’t be a need for 300k per year OT. Have you seen the expense accounts of all commissioners? 835k? That’s waistful! At least the firemen work for their money and risk their lives for their pensions that was a benefit negotiated, accepted by the state & county when they were hired. They die early for a reason!

  5. Luis Escarra says:

    When I listen to Robaina talk about how much experience he has, how well he has controlled expenditure within the departments , the good things he’s done for the people of the city of Hialeah, it scares me, the exact same words used by ex-mayor Carlos Alvarez.
    It’s not about you, is about the people, is about lowering property taxes, controlling crime without police abuse, is about managing the county well, working together with the commission and other departments for a better Miami-Dade county, is not a one man show, and remember control your expenses and salary.

  6. Tigris says:

    Problem is, only the “Brand Names” make it here, so we always end up with the same choices. I will NOT vote for Robaina or Gimenez! What about Llorente, or Luther Campbell? These 2 are not part of the political mafia machine. People wonder why Scott was elected, and now they are all complaining. Why? Because the WRONG people voted- the rest did nothing. Same with the midterms. People MAKE a CHOICE- don’t let others decide for you – VOTE!

  7. Money says:

    Good dade county taxpayers !! This recall is really costing real big money !! With the run off , it will be three elections !! Not worth it for the quality if candidates were getting . Makes no sense.

  8. boooooooo says:

    Where were these two born i know there are lots of immigrants who live in the miami dade area where there are still alot of problems which have to be worked on

  9. Phil Landers says:

    6 of 1, .5 dozen of the other. They both stink and things shall remain the mess they have always been. Way to go those that vote based on ethnicity. You’ve managed to wast a lot of your own time and money going 360 degrees. Golf clap . . . .