PEMBROKE PINES (CBS4) – A Dania Beach kindergarten student was found on his school bus hours after he was supposedly dropped off at school.

According to Broward County Public Schools spokeswoman Marsy Smith the 6-year-old child, Aiden, was picked up around 7:15 a.m. in Hollywood and then driven to Dania Elementary located at 300 Southeast 2nd Avenue.

After dropping the children off, the bus drive drove to a county bus depot at 900 South University Drive in Pembroke Pines.

Pembroke Pines police spokesman Sgt. Carlos Bermudez said the child apparently fell asleep on the bus and went unnoticed for hours.

When the driver returned just after 1 p.m. to get ready for the afternoon route, the child was found on the bus. The driver notified district officials who alerted the authorities and child’s parents. The boy was checked out by Pembroke Pines paramedics before being released to his mother; he was fine.

Sofia told CBS4’s Tiffani Helberg that Aiden is autistic, which made the situation that much more critical.

“I want to get him to the doctor so we can make sure he’s fine and just get some rest at this point,” the boy’s mother Sofia said.  “It’s just really annoyance at this point. I’ve gone from the distraught, to where it is really annoying people are so incompetent.”

Smith said the district’s policy is for the driver and the bus aid to check out their vehicle to make sure everyone has gotten off the bus before it proceeds to the depot.

The incident is under investigation and Smith said it was too early to discuss what type of disciplinary action the driver could be facing.

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  1. JUNE GORDON says:


    1. get real says:

      It is, It’s called child neglect, Child endangerment, Coupable neglagence, take your pick…. Either way, you are right, nothing serious will happen to the person entrusted to care for your kids.

      1. hoagieja says:

        “culpable negligence” Work on your spelling! How do you expect people to think your credible when you can barely spell?

      2. Haifever says:

        @hoagieja – “How do you expect people to think your credible..” It’s ‘you’re’, not ‘your’. ‘Your’ is possessive. Learn to spell

      3. Latanak says:

        Haiver you do not know your yours from your you’res. The your that was used was the correct one. Yes culpable was spelled wrong but geesh kids don’t even learn spelling in school anymore, nor grammar it appears.

      4. Latanak says:

        Mia culpa on the name mispelling Haifever (hayfever)

      5. Qwerty says:

        Latanak – I am laughing so hard right now! It appears “your” a little confused!

      6. Vivian says:

        God this is funny. Ok. English is my second language and all of you had confused me. Now, can a real English teacher raise her hand?. So which one is right? your or you’re……just kidding……LOL LOL LOL….(pee on pants)

      7. dumbdadumbdadumb says:

        Typical Miami stupids. One stupid trying to correct another stupid. Meanwhile, the article is about child neglect, not grammar. Oh, right, nobody in Miami can read this article since it’s in english, not cuban. Silly me.

    2. Dana says:

      It should have been “you’re” which means “you are”

      1. Mich says:

        Thank you. My goodness. This entire string of comments makes me question the public school system. It can’t be too difficult. I understand it.

  2. Kathy says:

    How much effort does it take for two – 2 – people to walk down the aisle of the bus checking the seats? Are they in that much of a rush to go to their next job?

  3. m says:

    Unbelievable!!!!! Lucky the child is ok. Hopefully one or dome windows were open. I do not know if they notice the tremperature in Florida is HOT!!!!!! And in a vehicle with the windows closed, it goes up super quick.

    How hard is it to check the bus…wake up drivers and aids.

    They should have the aid sit at the back of the bus; like that she/he will have to notice that there is a sleeping child there.

    1. Heather says:

      I would fork over extra$$ for seat sensors. They have them in newer cars for the passenger airbag to tell is a small adult or child is in the front seat. Put them in a bus so that the driver or aid knows that there is extra weight in one of the seats.

      1. JD2003 says:

        Oh please. Let’s allow these drivers to be even lazier??? It’s a very short walk down the bus to make sure all kids have gotten off the bus. Why invest in technology when this is part of their job description?

  4. M says:

    I also question the school. How can ANY child that doesn’t arrive at school not raise a red flag? Why didn’t the school contact the parents to inquire why the child wasn’t in class? This little boy wasn’t found until 1pm by the driver and the school didn’t know he wasn’t in attendance? Really? Is roll call not taken and turned in to the front office and then missing children checked against parental calls excusing their child for the day? I’ve seen this so many times with related stories. A child left on a bus for hours and school doesn’t know the child never arrived. If this happened to my child, I would hold not only the bus driver responisible, but also the school. There is no excuse for the driver and aide not to check the bus front to back, including getting on hands and knees to look under seats; or for a school not to know a child is missing and contact the parents within 30 minutes of the start of class.

    1. gimmiabreak says:

      Kids miss school all the time. Whether they’re sick, tired, parents keep them home. The school isn’t a detective agency for every student not in attendance, in the South, North, East or West. I know we had an automated phone call to the home of all absent students but if the parents are at work they wouldn’t of gotten it yet.

      1. Jasmine Cornwall says:

        In this case someone would have been at home and would have known that this precious child had not arrived at school and would have started investigation as to where he was.

    2. dddddddddd says:

      Our child school calls us with in two hours when they miss school.

    3. JD2003 says:

      You are correct M. My son used to go to a great school, and if you didn’t call your child in sick by 9A, they were calling you to find out why he wasn’t at school. Now he’s in a new school (Miami-Dade county), and I called in once when he was ill and said ‘they don’t do that at that school’. You just bring a note in when the kid comes back. It’s not about being a detective agency, it’s about CARING for the well being of every child. Many recent horrible tragedies with school age kids have gone unnoticed for days while the kids missed school (like that adoptive girl killed by her foster dad).

  5. simone says:

    Yeah..stop focusing on spelling and use your efforts to protest for better policies. Everything is backwards in the south anyway. You all will never get it right.

  6. givemeabreak says:

    You can’t blame the bus driver for this. The kid was asleep in a seat so when the bus driver looked back they didn’t see anyone, hence ‘no one on the bus’. Think of the time wasted by hundreds of bus drivers every day, twice a day each checking every seat for the ONE time someone is on the bus. They said hes autistic so hes got special needs. Well if hes got special needs don’t put him on a PUBLIC school bus. Public bus drivers aren’t doctors they get a minimum salary from the city, not enough to give special attention in my opinion. But I am thankful that he was found alive, could have been alot worse.

    1. Unacceptable says:

      It IS the bus driver’s fault. I am a teacher and every morning when we get the kids off the bus, the driver or the bus aide is required to check the bus from front to back. We are trusting these bus drivers with our children. What if it had become so hot that the child died?! It is not a “waste of time” to ensure that all children are safely off the bus. It is part of the job. I’m glad he is okay, but this was completely preventable.

      1. givemeabreak says:

        Maybe a teacher should get on the bus and check it since its so important that they’re taking over responsibility of the children from that point on. And I didn’t say ‘waste of time’ I said ‘Time Wasted’ when a average child knows to get off the bus at the school and the ‘Special Needs’ child falls asleep on the bus all day. Where was the child sitting? Why wasn’t he up front right near the driver in the first place? He wouldn’t of been overlooked then. ‘Special needs’ kind of sounds like ‘Average Joe’ in this case. So maybe it was the drivers fault but not for checking the seats everyday but for not being accountable for the seating of the ‘Special Needs’ child in the first place.

    2. safebusdriver says:

      The bus driver is to blame, as well as the aide. As a school bus driver, I “MUST” visually check each seat for “damage to seats, forgotten items and sleeping/hidden students”. It only takes 30 seconds for the driver to walk to the back of the bus and return, but the consequences of failing to do that may be hours of office time/paperwork explaining why they did not do what is required. Many school systems have buttons in the back of the bus the driver must push before the engine is shut off. I think most school systems need this. It does prevent a lot of problems.
      If the bus had an aide, it was probably a special needs bus anyway. Most “regular school buses” only have a driver, not an aide, but the Special Needs bus require both drivers and aides.

      1. givemeabreak says:

        I like the engine button at the back of the bus idea. It changes the ‘Should I’ to ‘I Have To. which would of most likely prevented this.

    3. Alix says:

      You are wrong in so many ways. Federal law guarantees ALL kids an education and equal rights, including the right to ride the bus, Policy is for the driver and adie (yes – AIDE, as there usually is on a special-needs bus) to check the bus. You don’t have to be a DOCTOR to follow policy and walk to the back of the bus one time.

    4. dumbdadumbdadumb says:

      Let me guess…’re a lazy a$$ bus driver, excusing this driver cutting corners because you do the same???? Did I guess right????? MANY small kids (this one is in Kindergarten) get sleepy in a moving vehicle. My son used to fall asleep on drives that were less than 10 minutes. There is NO excuse for leaving a child alone on the bus especially in Florida weather. He could have died, in case you didn’t learn that in ‘bus driver school’.

  7. kath says:

    one word… ACCOUNTABILITY!!

  8. Jake Ahtone says:

    School bus drivers supposed to make a walk-through on his/her bus before parking it.

  9. from wi says:

    gimmeabreak – why does it matter if this child has “special needs” or not? The point is that a busdriver/aide didn’t do their job to ensure all children were off the bus safely, regardless of their capacity. Very ignorant comment I have to say. Maybe you will have the opportunity to spend some time with a child of “special needs” and see that their needs aren’t so different from what you think the “average” child’s needs are.

    1. givemeabreak says:

      They said he was Autistic. That’s a mental impairment up there w schizophrenia. Those people, in this case a child, do have special needs and require special attention in case they do something like fall asleep on a school bus and don’t have the common sense to get off and find help. I have experience with people with ‘Special Needs’ and they don’t always think as Normally as you would think. Common everyday chores like getting dressed and even being on time or counting money are challenging. Maybe they rake medication for their illness too, which would make them drowsy. Your statement is meek to say that ‘special needs’ people don’t need a extra supervision. Like I said before I’m just glad he’s still alive.

      1. givemeabreak says:

        a few typos in there sorry lol

      2. al says:

        little angel wasnt his fault neither the bus driver. it just happened I think the driver should be amonested but not punished.Who can raise his hand and say I never did it or I will never do it ?

  10. UnionsSuck says:

    Bus Driver is probably part of a School bus driver’s union.

  11. trisha says:

    If a parent left their child in the car for that length of time there would be no hesiti\ation before criminal charges were filed.

  12. Oliver Long says:

    Why is the parent of an Autistic kid letting him drive the bus? First people don’t want to pay enough taxes then they want to demand that the schools provide 24 hour surveillance for their students, Enough is enough, parent accountability. IF your child is special needs you take him to school.

    1. Nuemi says:

      Children with special needs go to school on ESE buses. They have a driver and assistant. Many children on a special needs bus require a harness or seatbelt to keep them safe. Special needs buses also have wheelchair access.

      1. givemeabreak says:

        Some special needs kids are quite capable of riding a normal school bus but should still sit in a designated seat to keep them safe. Like in one of the front seats. They’re impaired not crippled.

    2. JC says:

      Where is the love in this world

    3. Vivian says:

      Oliver Long how can you be so insensitive. Did it ever occurred to you that the parent of this child might be struggling not only financially but mentally and physically. Having a normal child is not easy nevertheless one with special needs. This lady is probably working two jobs to care for her child and might not have the time to take it to school herself. If you are so rich to pay enough taxes maybe you should donate your $$$ to help families with children with special needs.
      Can we all just stop thinking only for ourselves? Have a little compassion Oliver because maybe is the politicians sucking all the money from taxpayer and using it for something else. God Bless you.

  13. Sandra says:

    Sue the ones in charge or the school transportation.I sure would!

  14. Phil Gaines Forklift says:

    Lobbyists spent $55 million to lobby Florida lawmakers and governor, analysis shows

    Here’s the real crime and will affect/infect more Floridians than this incident.

  15. jcv says:

    Here’s how this case is going to go:
    Problem: Special needs kid fell asleep and was found by bus driver 4 hours later.
    Resolvement: Mother was notified as well as school officials.
    Lawyer: Sure we are going to sue the school district. We have a case that will probably be settled.
    Two things: Your son was not woken up by the bus driver. The bus did not have a necessary aid since your child is labeled and classified as a “Special Needs student” .
    Mother: What can I do now?
    Lawyer: Don’t talk to anyone! I will sue for $55,000 but we will settle for $40,000. I will get $16,000 and you my dear, will get $34,000.
    Mother:Let’s get to work on this NOW! And can I make you some fried chicken?

  16. SoFlalandofstoopids says:

    So many ignorant comments. Very representative of South Florida small minded mentality. Fried chicken, special needs kid shouldn’t ride the bus, bla, bla, bla. This is why I moved when my first child was born. I now live right across the street from school because I would never rely on a bus driver to get my children to school safely.

  17. Cassidy says:

    If you’re trying to make the point that the bus driver gets paid too little to check for students hiding on the bus, you’re failing at more than making a point. 1- He knows what is expected of him when he took the job just as he knows how much he gets paid to do that. 2- If he can’t follow the guidelines given to him to properly do his job, he’s been paid more than he deserves. He deserves to get fired. 3- How much does a fast food employee get paid to make your burgers? I bet you expect them to follow the rules and provide you with a burger that wasn’t dropped on the floor, they wore gloves/washed properly, etc. Should we excuse them when they break the rules because they get paid minimum wage? Now imagine the person’s job is dealing with not just people (and their safety) but children! You do the job you’re hired to do, end of story.

  18. klynn says:

    The same thing happened just a couple weeks ago here in Portage, MI. The child had autism as well and was only 3 years old. The child was left on the bus for 6 hours. The temperature of the bus was 103 and when they found him he was in pretty bad shape. He was severely dehydrated and had been crying all day. The bus driver was fired the next morning. It is the bus drivers responsibility to make sure every child is off the bus! There are no excuses, this driver should be fired as well.

  19. teremist says:

    In addition to the technical, (the button at the back of the bus the driver must push,) every bus should have a sign displayed near the drivers seat, with the list of criminal charges they may face for leaving a child on the bus. Including Negligent Homicide, in the event a child dies as the result of being trapped on the bus. There is NO EXCUSE for this. The schools should also tighten up their procedures, especially for the special needs buses. A school staffer should check off each child’s name as they exit the bus, and require a check for any missing child before the bus leaves the school. If the child is STILL missing, then the parents should be called, immediately.

  20. Demar Adlam-Cornwall says:

    Thank God my cuzin is ok…. i was scared

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