With Election Day just days away, Luther Campbell is one candidate vying for the people’s trust.

He became famous as a rapper. But now he hopes people see him as a community advocate and serious executive.

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After months of campaigning, Luther Campbell sat down with CBS4’s Gio Benitez.

“I just got a real good feeling about this day,” said Campbell.

We first met in February, just before Campbell announced his run for mayor.

“Yeah you kind of forced me to admit that I was going to get in the race,” said Campbell.

Back then, he told me you have to get creative to improve the county’s economy.

“Simple. Do a stripper tax! You open up strip clubs everywhere, which I don’t have a problem with. Tax the strippers,” said Campbell in our February interview.

It’s a message he stands by.

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“Just imagine how much money you can make here in South Florida. How many jobs that’ll save,” said Campbell.

If elected Tuesday, Campbell says his first act as Miami-Dade Mayor will be to audit every county department.

“I’m going to evaluate every department. I’m going to stop the cronyism and the nepotism, because that is what’s affecting this community,” said Campbell.

Polls show Campbell is a top contender for office because, he says, he’s an honest man.

But his unconventional campaigning has not made him popular among some of the most powerful in the county.

“And you gotta be able to tell them, straight up, to their face, that they’re not doing right by the people. You know you can do it when you don’t take special interest money,” said Campbell.

But the infamous entertainer will still need to convince undecided voters that he’s not the same “nasty” rapper he’s known as.

“Just keep in mind, I’m 50 years old. Some of the things we all did as young people, you know, we did them. We didn’t understand it. I’m 50. That was 25 years ago. Get over that,” he said.

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Campbell hopes that straight talk get’s him to County Hall.