KEY BISCAYNE (CBS4) – Hundreds of people called attention to the death of South Florida cyclist by taking part in a ride of silence.

In silence, more than 200 cyclists rode on the Rickenbacker Causeway in Key Biscayne as if in a funeral procession, thinking of their fellow cyclists who have lost their lives.

Cyclists like Christophe LeCanne, who died on the Rickenbacker in January of 2010. Prosecutors say accused drunk driver Carlos Bertonatti was behind the wheel.

LeCanne’s family attorney, Lee Marks says they are frustrated that a year and a half after the incident, Bertonatti still hasn’t stood trial.

“They just want to see justice done. They want to see it done fairly and quickly and in this case it’s taking time,” Marks told CBS4’s Natalia Zea.

Marks says the defense attorney continues to postpone the trial as he prepares his case. And LeCanne’s family is upset that Bertonatti is able to live at home in the meantime.

“They were very alarmed at that, because there was a lot of initial talk about whether he would stick around. They were concerned,” said Marks.

The cyclists taking part in the ride of silence are concerned there will be more lives lost. The Wednesday evening event was one of several others held across the country.

Many cyclists, like Elena Wascura wore red armbands signifying their own brushes with death.

“A lady backed up and knocked me down. She didn’t see me. And thank God she didn’t kill me,” said Wascura.

Local ride organizer, Marialuisa Dejesus was hit by a car on the Rickenbacker Causeway, but survived.

“ We’ve been lucky enough to still be here and tell a story,” she said while tears welled up in her eyes.

And though none of the riders can help LeCanne’s family find justice. They are doing what they can to honor him and keep their fellow cyclists safe. And on this ride that means staying silent to make sure their message is heard.

For tips on driving near cyclists, Click Here:

For state bicycle laws, Click Here:

Comments (9)
  1. REbecca barfield says:

    i understand why these people are so upset over this whole ordeal ! I have been waiting 5 very long years for my adopted daughters parents to serve 1 day never mind years in jail ! Her father abused her so bad at 4 days old and the mother tried to cover it all up ! It took the state 3 yrs to terminate their rights and the parents defence attorneys keep delaying the trial somehow ! I dont understand how these parents are still walking the streets ! How do the lawyers get away with this !! Will justice ever be served for this child??? I wish i could get my story on this in the news so maybe i could get some justice for my daughter !!

  2. Helmut says... says:

    It is horrific of what happened to Chris LeCanne and not withstanding what happened to him, these cyclists are a nuisance when they get these huge riding groups together. They block entire lanes and think that they own the street. Two wide side by side is acceptable when you have a 2 lane road. If a 4 lane road then use one lane if need be. To pass them as if your passing a slower car when they take up an entire lane is dangerous. Not only to the cyclists but to the drivers as well. Here’s and idea, pretend your riding on a sidewalk. Enjoy your ride but comply to others. You don’t own the road.

    1. Flav Titmawz says:

      its all 50/50. Most of the people that ride KB do not commute. If they take the lane and the left is open just pass them on the left. Granted they are not adhering to the law. You do not own the road and bend driving rules to your own convenience as well from time to time. You are a Miami driver >.<

  3. SlowDownDrivers! says:

    Helmut, drivers are the nuisance, not us. Who drives 5, 10, 15+ mph over the speed limit? Who has 2000 to 6000 pounds flying around at interstate speeds regardless of the posted speed limit? Who has the ability to kill a person EASILY without suffering any injuries, or in this case, any repercussions?

    All a driver has to do in most cases is simply slow down and pay attention. THAT’S IT! And we’re the nuisance? We are not a threat to you, your kids, or drivers. We are the ones being threatened by drivers and because we love biking so much, we’re willing to accept the risk of using a SHARED ROAD. Like you said, YOU DON’T OWN THE ROAD!

    1. Chet says:


  4. Just a little respect says:

    Even as an avid cyclist, I recognize that many riding groups do take up entire lanes and do not always follow traffic regulations. However, I ask..

    (1).Is this much different from automobile drivers who similarly disregard traffic laws, yet are not singled out as being to receive the wrath of annoyed drivers?

    (2) Is it really so much to ask to slow down every so often to safely pass a cycling road group ?

    Remember, in that cycling group could be one of your children, sister, brother, mother father. Let’s think outside our own little selfish world.

  5. Claudia Fernandez says:

    My 17 year old son Rodolfo Rojo was biking in Biscayne Blvd. on October 30th, 2009 with his two friends, he was struck by a car, and the Judge acquitted the driver of all charges. There is a Ghost Bike on the site of the accident to remind drivers to share the road with bikers and to remind that not only a life was taken but my whole family was destroyed.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those families that have lived this nightmare.
    Claudia Fernandez

  6. Maria Luisa De Jesus says:

    Dear Ms. Fernandez:
    Our heart felt prayers go out to you and your family. I’ve had Rodolfo in mind and made mention of him to honor him and Christophe during our Ride Of Silence last Wednesday. If is very frustrating and disappointing to hear that the driver was aquitted after affecting so many lives. It is with you that the prayers should go out to….God Bless.
    Maria Luisa De Jesus-Hoover

  7. Jimbo99 says:

    Some drivers need to use the link and read the laws. A cyclist can take the road/lane when it may be too narrow. Just because there is a gutter the pavement is often times uneven and this might make that area of the road too narrow to safely ride. So if the cyclist deems it’s too narrow, they may take the road/lane and are legal. Bicyclists can ride on the sidewalk unless a local ordinance prohibits it, they are considered pedestrians. The beauty of being a cyclist in FL. Best of both worlds.

    And btw, driving is a privilege, not a right. Human life takes precedence over automobiles. And I’m not taking this stance because I’m a cyclist. I am a cyclist, but am also a complying licensed driver too. When I see a bike, I plan to give that cyclist as much room as they want. Go around them, it’s really not a big deal to read the road ahead and get around even if you have to pass or cross into the oncoming lane.