We’re getting some really interesting feedback on this one at CBSMIAMI.COM.  Here’s the story…29 year old Jennifer Peterson of Hollywood is accused of leaving her 5 year old daughter home alone for 7 hours while she worked.  The judge in this case was speechless at points during her bond hearing. “Right now, frankly ma’am, this court’s not sure whether you’re a capable parent,” said Judge John Hurley.”You’re poor judgment is shocking!”

We spoke Peterson’s best friend who said she normally watches the 5 year old, but lately it’s been difficult because she has an infant of her how and a 7 year old.  She told Peterson to start looking for someone new to help out.  But she never dreamed Peterson would leave the child home alone!  “She didn’t ask us.  She knew we were home, but didn’t ask us,” said friend Kristen Radell.”

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The mom told police she was afraid she would lose her job if she did not go to work.  She also told the judge that she is a single mom, with no family here and few friends.  Many of our viewers sympathize with her.  Of course they don’t condone leaving the child home alone.  We had the same discussion in our newsroom today.

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