NORTH MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – An interesting new workout is soaring through South Florida. It’s called “Flying Yoga” and it combines the circus with a great cardio workout.

Flying Yoga classes are held at the South Florida Circus Art School in North Miami Beach. It’s a 70-minute class full of a bends, twists and stretches that leave you suspended in the air hanging from a hammock.

“To me yoga and circus are really the same thing,” said Kerry Tice, who is the flying yoga instructor.

He created the series after working as a circus performer and studying yoga.

“We can do things in flying yoga that your body is just not used to doing,” said Tice.

The class is designed for beginners and people who regularly exercise.

“Flying yoga gives you an additional level of freedom and the opportunity to really stretch your body,” said Laura Taubert who has been taking the class for three months. “I have more flexibility and greater strength.”

Each class is $25 dollars.

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