POMPANO BEACH (CBS4) – Walking the hallways of many high schools across South Florida and it’s common to see high school kids holding hands whether it’s girls who are friends, or a couple who’s dating.

But at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, it’s against the rules. Two girls who are dating found out when they said the principal threatened to suspend them.

“Her and her friend was holding hands and that the principal approached them from behind and removed their hands from being touched,” said the mother of one of the teens. She does not want to be identified.

Her daughter is a junior with a 3.5 grade point average…who happens to date a girl.

“I felt like she was being discriminated against because it was two girls holding hands,” she said.

Her daughter sent an e-mail, complaining to the school board. She got a response from the area superintendent in an e-mail obtained by the South Florida Times.

The superintendent said the rule is the rule – and applies to everyone. She told CBS4’s Ted Scouten it’s still under investigation.

“What they’re saying is that it’s not applied to other students at school if it’s male/female,” said Scouten.

“I really don’t have all the information with me right now,” responded Sharon Airghi , North Area Superintendent. “My area director’s out at the school. I need an update before I can speak to you any further.”

“I think that everybody should be who they are with out being discriminated against,” said one student. “It’s not fair.”

Most students say, this is a non-issue – gay or straight students should be able to hold hands. In fact, they say they see lots of hand holding at school every day.

Others say, this is high school, not a night club.

“We’re at a learning environment,” commented Student Body President Bderaiah Baker. “We’re supposed to be learning, not holding hands with our boyfriend or girlfriend or what ever the case may be.”

CBS4 tried speaking to the school principal, he did not respond to requests for comment.

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  1. carmen carrasquillo says:

    This should not be an issue. If the school allows it for Boy, Girl students then it MUST allow it for Gay students also. Everyone has the very same right. Now the stupid school has made it an issue! One of equality for all. Lets see how they deal with this one. Actually if I were the parents of the students in question. I would be shopping around for a lawyer ready to sue in favor of my childs rights. It is a matter of discrimination plain and simple.

    1. Dave says:

      These girls that are holding hands with the blessing of the parents should be taken by CPS and the parents charged with negligent abuse.

      1. Keepinitclassy says:

        Nothing like a self righteous person with an opinion of what is right and wrong! You have no capability of being able to control how people feel let alone the right of telling people how they should feel. Back on topic if the rule is enforced across the entire school there is no reason for this to be an issue. But, if it was infact targetted I could see this being a farely large issue real quick.

      2. Observer says:

        Dave: You’re several kinds of fool. Do you have any idea what happens to a lot of kids that are taken by CPS for minimum of reasons? The potential sexual, mental and physical abuse they may be exposed to as compared to the relative safety of a home environment?

        Let me guess, you’re one of those extremists that thinks same gender relations are an abomination. If you’re ever in a position of authority, I trust that at least one person will have the common sense and decency to see to it that you are swiftly removed.

        As for this article: High school is primarily about learning, secondary to that is social structure and interaction. What goes on in the hall ways during lunch hours, recess and in-between classes has nothing to do with learning and everything to do with relationships may they be friends or otherwise. Leave the kids be what they will and learn what they will. If I were in charge of that school district, that principle would be suspended for two weeks without pay for assaulting those kids the way he did when they were doing nothing but minding their own business in a non-disruptive manner.

      3. God says:

        Nothing like a kneejerk leftist reactionary whose own moral ambiguity is a pathetic dodge of decency.

      4. BillyBob says:

        You’re right. Their parents belong in jail

      5. joe says:

        What would the “prince of PEACE” have to say about your comment? Probably something along the lines of, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Something along those lines?

      6. Mike Nichols says:

        Dave,You are an idiot.

      7. Marlon Cole says:

        What waste of admin duties. Oh man superintendent get a life. Why waste time on crybaby rules when you can barely even educate the kids. Yes have rules but be wise in how you apply them. The bureaucracy of this country has practically ruined our education system. Get rid of the perks who play these pollitcal games with our kids. If I was the principal I would have not bothered with those girls, especially touching them. Call the parents to discuss the issue. Rules, rules, rules, how many of them have them! Lets be friends!

      8. KC22015 says:

        Plain and simple, your a moron.

      9. Jesse says:

        You should be taken out to the desert and left to fend for yourself for thinking you have the right idea one what parents should allow their children to do. Live and let live my shortsighted friend

      10. Chris says:

        You’re a special kind of stupid and the state should take your house, your car, and move you into an institution with other people just like you.

    2. Machismo says:

      The superintendent said the rule is the rule – and applies to everyone. Boys and Girls Everyone! I think it should be a non-issue. Holding hands is much better than holding knifes and guns. Does not hurt anyone as long as sexual agendas are not pushed.

      1. LuluRuruYuyu says:

        Of course, it come down to- can a schools even make a rule forbidding you from holding hands? I’m sure this falls under the first amendment somehow. Being a PUBLIC school, they are seriously overstepping their bounds.

        Also, Lesbians rock! Wish i was a girl…

    3. JImmz says:

      BS Carmen. The rule is NO hand holding. Get off you stupid gay right issue and follow the rules. Dont be gay…. lol you igmo

    4. Texgal1 says:

      You need to spend more time on your grammar, Carmen.

    5. Pedro says:

      YES YES YES it is about time …no more touching period!!!!! Time to end this social experiment. Time to reject Hegel and the praxis …in the schools….Right and wrong are back! School is to focus on learning and how to reason ! Next step defund the department of re- education! Go ahead call someone narrow minded …but hey I guess you approve of kids having alternative sex in the bathroom in Tucson scools …oh yeakh and then what about teachers and students having sex in Tucson …My answer is no! ..Way to go school in FLA Parents call your schools and ask “what the policy om touching” then go have lunch with your kid at school and SEE what really goes on!!!!!! And then complain and do something! Going to school should not involve any touching!!!!!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Is this really what a “C” school needs to worry about? The administration should be ashamed of themselves. How about focusing on a way to improve the performance of your non-magnet students? As an Ely graduate I feel that you are not honoring the memory of Blanche Ely by focusing your energy on such a trivial matter. By the way I held my girlfriends hand everyday for two years without a hitch during my time as a Tiger. FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS OR GET A NEW JOB!!!

    1. Casey says:

      3.5 is a B average!

      1. Drew says:

        Maybe hit the books and try some reading comprehension..
        C school does not equal C student…

        I bet your a dumb liberal decrying republicans as dumb rednecks

      2. yeah... says:

        It’s a B+ avg

      3. Amy says:

        “I bet your a dumb liberal decrying republicans as dumb rednecks”

        Haha! Please learn the difference between “your” and “you’re” before you comment on the intelligence of others.

    2. fritz says:

      It may be a B average but it is probably higher than 90% of the other students in that school and 95% in a near majority of other schools across the country! So I would be commending the girl for her efforts instead of belittling or be condescending! There are a lot more serious and threatening problems to be addressed in our educational system than the simple and natural act of two people holing hands – teenage pregnancy for one! Educators need to reorient their focus and deal with real problems and not simple human acts like holing hands! Remember – in the last 40 years the United States has drop from being the best (#1) educated to anywhere from the 25th or even worse than that based on the study you consult. People holding hands at a high school had nothing to do with such a decline – so get serious and deal with the real problems that will draw even bigger headlines when those types of issues get resolved!

  3. Dan Allison says:

    These people cannot even teach kids to read or write. Most of them cannot themselves read or write. They’re nothing but pinhead bureaucrats who like making rules and playing petty power games. Fire them all and let some business people and artists run the schools.

    1. ATeacher says:

      yeah, but all the business people would cringe at the amount of regulations and get impatient when they realize you can’t just fire under-performing students and the artists would run away in fear after 2 hours with their feelings hurt.

      This was an absolutely horrible decision by the school admin.

      1. yeah.... says:


      2. Edinfred says:

        You can’t do it at work so get used to not doing it in High School

    2. Linda Holder says:

      I taught in a high school that hired ‘business’ people. They were unable to maintain classroom discipline and could not discern who was mastering the concepts taught. Even the students were aware they were not good teachers without knowing that these were teachers who had not been through the normal college curriculum and student teaching. Be careful what you ask for.

      1. John Fox says:

        Funny thing .. I went to a high school where some teachers were unable to maintain classroom discipline and could not discern who was mastering the concepts taught. All the students knew the teachers they could get away with things with, and who they couldn’t.

        I would think a teacher would understand that stigmatizing an entire group of people because of the actions of a few is a type of bigotry. Guess they don’t teach that at teacher school.

      2. Rick says:

        Spoken like a true UNION drone who couldn’t get arrested outside the public school system, let alone hired, even with your “rigorous” college curriculum. What a joke!

    3. Dave says:

      Please not artists. The wussification of America has gone overboard already.

      Fire the teachers, the ones who support socialism and don’t teach kids things they need to become productive in society ready for a dog eat dog world. Our kids come out of school today ignorant as all get out, and usually wearing milkbone underwear.

    4. MichaelH says:

      “business people and artists run the schools.”

      Now, why didn’t I think of that? Not artistic enough, I guess.

  4. spiritrider says:

    This rule was obviously written by someone who didn’t ever have anybody wanting to hold their hand in shcool. They are taking out their pathological issues on the current students. It’s “holding hands” for pete’s sake.

    School’s are increasingly being run by Nazi’s gone power mad. It also sounds like the student president needs tostop being a kissupand get a life.

    1. God says:

      No they aren’t. Schools are increasingly being run by leftist loons whose agenda it is to destroy the moral fiber of this country! Grow up.

      1. Kayleigh says:

        How dare you call yourself “God”. That’s incredibly blasphemous. You’re pathetic.

  5. js02 says:

    What happened to the constitution. These are young adults, they have constitutional rights, just like everybody else. The school is about education, not micromanaging the lives of students. This falls totally within individual and parental conduct, and the school has absolutely no authority or right to make any rule like this. The board of education that endorsed this, or created the rule, is a little tyrant. Burn the bridge, educate the children instead of forcing them to toe the line of your social engineering ideology.

    1. Scott C says:

      Not sure where “hand-holding” is in the Constitution, but whatever.

      The problem I have with this is that the administration says it’s a “learning environment”. The school’s piss-poor rating aside, you can’t expect to cloister upwards of 500 students of mixed genders, hormones raging, social-skills developing into a few small buildings for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and not expect SOMETHING to happen…they should be happy that it’s ONLY hand-holding.

      You can’t suppress a teenager’s burgeoning sex-drive entirely…only teach them responsibility, appropriateness, and boundaries. The school administrator’s heavy-handed “all-or-nothing” approach shows a fundamental lack of basic understanding of the teenage mind.

    2. pook3 says:

      first of all this is not about the Constitution. Kids have less rights than adults because in order to have rights you must have responsability, kids under 18 dont have a right to vote and in most states if your under 16 you dont have a right to drive. The school has absolutely all the authority in the world to make rules against holding hands. The students should worry about getting educated and quit crying over this ” so called oppresion” the kids better get used to the fact that there are rules in life that you have to follow wether you like them or not. Yes school is about education so thats what the kids and parents need to worry about instead of whining about there rights being violated. These kids today are spoiled because there parents want to be there freinds instead of parents. As far as i’m concerned we need to bring back corpral punishment in schools so the kids will know what dicipline is all about. Hopefully the school will stick to its guns on this one.

      1. LuluRuruYuyu says:

        Wrong loser! This falls under the first amendment, in which EVERYONE in America is subject to.

      2. Ron Stone says:

        You perfectly demonstrate the point several of us are trying to make: You get so involved in justifying irrelevant regulations that you don’t bother proofreading your work – assuming you were even paying attention in spelling class and would recognize your errors.

      3. Ura says:

        Very true and well put pook3! This is not at all about their constitutional rights. I suppose all high school children also have the “right” to make babies and now we have CHILDREN raising children! Whatever happened to authority being right and children being told to obey!

      4. Christina says:

        I don’t think Pook3 could have said it any better! I agree with Ron Stone and Ura too again more good points! 🙂

      5. Ron in Illinois says:

        My thoughts exactly. Everyone hollers about “their rights”. Well, I remember when I was in High School we were prohibited from public display of affection. We grew up just fine. Everyone complains about students failing in school……well. it’s about time we returned our focus on learning. School is not a social club. Get used to it. The kids are not the one’s in control.

      6. Linda says:

        Actually, high schools should be a reflection of life in the work place. My mantra at high school used to be, “You’re in training here to be an adult.” Public displays of affection were not permitted, and it applied to everyone.

      7. Flashman1854 says:

        You’re correct is some points, but please do a spell check or two. It is “their” not “there rights”. Also, it should read: “if you’re under 16…” not “if YOUR under 16”. One more: “Its” should read “it’s”, as in “it is”.

        Read a grammar book.

      8. MorganGray says:

        @LuluRuruYuyu, you think so? Try to exercise your First Amendment right of freedom of religion in school; or in front of an abortion mill. Then see how equally it is applied.

    3. JImmz says:

      Tell me where in the constitution it says you can hold hands.
      Just show me the language and I am with you.

    4. Greg says:

      Actually, it has been decided in the courts that minors do not have the same rights as aduilts.

      1. Linda says:

        Yes. The Supreme Court

    5. Kayleigh says:

      js02- I completely agree with your post. I’m getting really sick of reading these The erosion of personal liberties has sped up to a faster pace lately. I think they’re using OBL’s death to usher in their police state even more. I worry for my children’s future. This country is tens of trillions of dollars in debt and the gov’t won’t bring our troops home and cut military spending. Nor will they cut entitlements. The Dems and Reps are the same thing at this point. Both parties are incredibly wasteful and greedy. They are not to be trusted. They have both turned against the people. The only one trust is Ron Paul. If you love the Constitution, he’s your candidate. If you don’t know much about hiim, look him up, research him and come to your own conclusions. I think that many Americans, whether Republican or Democrat, would love Ron Paul, if they only listened to him.

      1. Kayleigh says:

        Correction: “I’m getting really sick of reading these ARTICLES.

      2. So says:

        So stop reading them, pretty simple logic.

    6. Eric Campbell says:

      They have no rights. They are there to learn and only to learn. Holding hands is not part of that equation.

    7. Lise Quinn says:

      No,actually minors do not have the same constitutional rights as adults. They are not considered mature enough to handle the responsibilities that go with those rights. They donot have the right to enter into contracts, they cannot own property, they cannot vote, they cannot They are minors and parentsand guardians are supposed to look out for their interests and provide protection and guidence.
      Beyond that the school is worrying about non-issues.

  6. teachermom74 says:

    “Her and her friend was holding hands?”

    I hope the mother is more concerned about the grammar lessons her daughter is getting than if she can hold hands with her girlfriend in school. Maybe then the girl comes out sounding better than the mother!

  7. woodNfish says:

    The problems with social engineering and failing academics at public schools will not be solved until we all go to tuition vouchers and schools compete for students. Tuition vouchers = freedom of choice.

  8. Jimmy Nickers says:

    @Dan Allison “Most of them cannot themselves read or write”? Apparently, you are in the same group as the teachers you condemn. Sentence structure would dictate the sentence to be “Most of them cannot read or write themselves”.

    You should go back to high school and get what you missed before throwing some teachers under the proverbial bus.

    1. Ron Stone says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about. Mr. Allison’s usage is perfectly correct and may be assumed to be so constructed to emphasize “themselves”. “Sentence structure” is either correct or not; any other criteria are simply matters of style.

      1. Jimmy Nickers says:

        Hey Ron, what is it that “they” cannot do? Read and write not themselves. Perfect example of style over substance. That sentence of Dan’s is acceptable for an 8th grade English class not a presumed high school graduate who is disparaging teachers.

      2. Ron Stone says:

        Nickers: Your opinions are your own.

    2. Linda says:

      Thank you for your comment. So many people complain about poor high schools turning out illiterate students when the problem is students who refuse to do any more than will pass them to the next grade – if that!

    3. MorganGray says:

      Nope, the sentence structure was correct; a bit British, but correct.
      The way your sentence reads, the teachers cannot read themselves as text or write themselves as text.
      As in: “They cannot read or write a book”.

  9. lippy says:

    If you go to work at an office can you just go around holding hands? We need to get these students ready to enter the workforce as the good, productive drones their country needs.

  10. tcat says:

    Homeschool. I think every parent should homeschool their kid. You don’t have to deal with nonsense like this. and maybe….just maybe, you’re kid will be able to read and write when they graduate.

    1. Linda says:

      Never taught school have you? Teachers are now required to teach material at all levels for the students who are in same class using at least four different modes of teaching. Then there’s the requirement that all objectives must meet the state standards. Oh, and we have to keep them all awake and excited about what we’re teaching. This is tough when one girl is pregnant and wondering what to do, another has just been kicked out of his house because he just turned 18. Mom just announced she’s divorcing Dad. Somehow, social engineering has foisted all these problems on teachers shoulders now.

      1. Joe Greenwell says:

        As a retired teacher I have taught. You make excuses! Teachers have no one but themselves to blame for their situations. If the teachers don’t like it they can change it. As I always told students “if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem”.

  11. bserius says:

    the real issue is that the mother of the girl cannot put together a correct sentence and should be in school herself

  12. #1AMERICAN says:

    why does anybody want to raise a kid with all this BS going on…this world is becoming a very scary place where soon we will have no rights.

  13. Drew says:

    The student body president needs to up the ante in intelligence. If she could explain the connection between learning and how holding hands really displaces the act of learning then she should continue to hold her student position, otherwise she should resign for such blatant propaganda. This whole school must be on medication and lack formal intellect.

  14. John says:

    We have similar idiotic rules here in TN. Strange how I can go pick the boys up, or run an errand to the school and hear liberal use of the F-bomb, and apparently that is ok! A young lady got sent home the other day because her skirt was 3 inches above her knee, not acceptable, but nothing gets said to the other 200 girls that have their ass cheeks hanging out of their shorts! Sadly, the utter lack of common sense and good judgement is growing.

    1. Freeland Dave says:

      John it’s all a part of the term called, Politically Correct. It doesn’t have to make sense, be right or wrong or anything else as long as it’s the PC thing to do.

      I can’t believe there is all this angst over two people holding hands in school. It’s absurd on the face of it.

      Look it objectively. In kindergarten and most of all the lower grade classes what is the one thing teachers, administrators and assistants have the students do when organizing them to go somewhere? “Now hold on to each others hand.”

      And regardless if her girl “friend” is one of a sexual nature or not, since when is holding the hands of someone you like or are fond of a problem? I can understand if they are swapping slop or fornicating in the hallways but good grief, holding hands?

      And if you get out of our parochial society and look at the rest of the world it’s common practice of members of the same sex, usually of the same age, to hold hands when going somewhere.

      Is anyone out there trying to tell me that one person holding the hands of another person leads to some type of sexual activity that would harm them or other students in the school? What about group prayer where people join hands in a circle when they pray together? What about sports teams of either sex joining hands when celebrating an event? What about young siblings holding the hands of their older brothers and sisters as they cross through a dangerous intersection? But nooooooo, let two girls hold hands while on a school campus, that’s a big problem and we have to suspend them for it. Are you folks really for real on this? Is this the most important thing that we need to worry about going on or not going on, like education, in our schools? Is there no common sense left anywhere in our society that is capable of discerning what is important to deal with and what isn’t?

      If this is of a sexual/lesbian nature, there I said what all of you are thinking, do you honestly think that what the school system is doing at this stage of their lives is going to really make any difference? What are you people smoking?

      This PC crap is killing our nation and apparently most of you people just can’t see it through your own personal biases. And no, i am not a bi-sexual, have any of those alternate lifestyle tenancies and firmly believe in a monogamous relationship with a woman. But I am not about to get all worked up over two high school girls, lesbian or not, holding hands. We have much more important things to concern ourselves with than this sort of crap.

  15. west coast says:

    But homosexuality IS wrong and so is the sexualization of minor children. The administration isn’t out of line to enforce this rule on a same sex dating relationship but should enforce it uniformly and include heterosexual couples.

  16. Bob says:

    Heterosexual couples holding hands would be fine. Homosexuality is wrong.

  17. Photoshop Barry says:

    All games are circus as the empire debases the currency and slowly circles the drain. The public schools are as complicit as Hollyweird in promoting perversion, selfishness and utter lack of respect for other humans. Just a matter of time now.

  18. David Pittelli says:

    Obviously you can’t allow hand-holding in the halls of a high school. The next thing you know it will be full penetration on the teachers’ desks!

  19. catbird says:

    The degraded state of American society is on full display here. Homosexual conduct is a bad thing and making the argument that it is equivalent to a heterosexual relationship sanctioned within the bounds of holy matromony does a tremendous disservice to young people who look to adults and popular culture for life models.

    “Holding hands” and “Dating” are innocent things that young people do….creat an atmosphere that allows children understand the proper role for their impulse to life and everything else will balance out.

    This whole thing sounds like an episode of “Glee”.

  20. Ron Stone says:

    Another example of bureaucrats with too much time on their hands and too fuzzy a concept of what they are paid to accomplish. Attempting to regulate behavior down to this level only demonstrates the existence of the bureaucrats, and in fact is a distraction from the school’s stated purpose equivalent to what they will claim for the behavior being regulated.

  21. kf says:

    Were any of these “decision makers” ever teens? Good Grief!
    First of all, how nice for the tax payers to know that their money is being spent to make and enforce rules like this instead of teacher salaries. Second, I would think the parents can force the issue too. You to realize that this would be extended to hugging, kissing, and potentially even TALKING with your fellow students. You might say something suggestive or offensive after all. How sad.

  22. West Coast Sanity says:

    I don’t know where my last comment went, but I’ll say it again. The school’s administration isn’t out of line in enforcing this rule on these two girls. Homosexuality is wrong and was classified as a mental illness as recently as the 70’s. It was declassified as an illness not because of scientific findings, but because of the persistence of pro-homosexual political lobbyists. Not only is homosexuality wrong, but so is the accepted sexualization of minor children. Most public High School campuses are allowed to be an extremely sexually charged atmosphere. This isn’t healthy, isn’t conducive to learning and shouldn’t be the case. The ban on public displays of affection should be equally applied to homosexual and heterosexuals. That is where the school’s administration is in error.

  23. harry says:

    Really – don’t the adults at this high school have better things to do than to monitor who’s holding hands or not? The principle should be fired on the grounds of no sense of proportion.

  24. Alesia says:

    On one hand our schools are requiring all kids to learn everything they can about sex from day one. On the other, the schools won’t let kids hold hands.
    Hmmmm, are we really so suprised that teaching mixed messages instead of the basics of education is creating a mess? We now have kids that know how to put a condom on a cucumber, masturbate and experiment with any and all kinds of sex; but can’t hold hands at school.
    Can’t have it both ways…. pick one.

  25. Johnny Boychuk says:

    Well it’s clear Bderaiah Baker is a loser who won’t hold a boys hand until she finishes grad school. Focus on that GPA and leave your peers alone, CHRIST. Also, and I’m just guessing here, look into some Acutane.

  26. William Bellah says:

    What kid’s learn when they are young sticks with them their whole lives. Why do we send our young kid’s off to let others have access to their minds, their futures? Sending kids to elementary school is a roll of the dice, if they don’t conform they are rejected, tormented, and sometimes much worse. Kid’s learn from other kids more then they learn from their teachers. Our society is sick and one way to fight back is to protect our kids.

  27. Ralph says:

    Why am I not surprised that it’s in Florida…cue the banjos!

    1. Greg says:

      Ah, the brilliant intellect of someone who, here I am guessing, has never been to Florida? Any other insightful comments? Perhaps something about sister loving, toothless inbreds? It’s freaking amazing how stereotypes generally are started by someone with no experience with the people they are stereotyping in an effort to sound smart and hip. Looking down your nose on people from Florida, eh? All you are doing, Ralph, is showing off the deficit of intellect with which you are forced to live.

  28. Valerie says:

    This shouldn’t be an issue. In case no one has notice we live in a society where EVERYTHING IS EXPOSED! These girls have all there Rights to express they way they are is not a matter of being GAY,STRAIGHT, SHORT, TALL it’s about having the liberty of being YOU! The girls didn’t do ANYTHNG WRONG! Whatever happend to FREEDOM? Point is if the girls are not disrespecting anyone nor expressing in any disrespecting way than what’s the issue? If ”Rules are Rules” then why do we have so many criminals,discrimination,Hate?

  29. John H says:

    The mother needs some grammar lessons.

  30. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Public schools are a waste of everything. Time, money, effort and even more money, these bureaucrats are mad they suck at educating and want to focus attention elsewhere. IMHO

  31. Ed C says:

    Why is this a rule? Are bureaucratic wimps afraid that an individual will feel bad if no one wants to hold his/her hand? If school is only for learning what is in books then stop al the other social engineering mandated experiments that have nothing to do with learning the curricula.

  32. CommonSense says:

    These kids were probably allowed to hold hands at one point but gay and lesbian students forced them to ban holding hands because of its obscene nature. This society we call America has become so politicaly correct that Christians are now being persecuted for having morals and not accepting societies filth. Has anyone thought about the other kids who are forced to suppress thier Christian values for the fear of punishment if they confront someones sinful behavior ? Would you critizes a kid who tried to encourage another peer not to drink or swear? No this society wouldnt but aparently the sinful act of being homosexual is different? I wonder what God thinks of that? How Dare the schools administrators try to dicourage sinful behavior and mold these kids into productive upright members of our society with high moral convictions. By the way, 83% of America claims to be Christians and 3.5% claim to be homosexual. The way the American media and liberals paint the picutre you would think there were 3.5% christians and 83% homosexuals. If immorality and sinfulness keep invading this once great nation of ours it will go the way of the Roman empire. LIBERALS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA. “ALL IT TAKES FOR EVIL TO PREVAIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING” MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, BEFORE LIBERALS AND THEIR PROGRESSIVE POLICIES DESTROY THIS COUNTRY THERE WILL BE A RECKONING.

  33. Kimber W. says:

    Holding hands should be the least of the administration’s concerns at Ely High. If they could get people to stop shooting each other at football games, that would be something!

  34. DAC says:

    “Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

  35. Bill says:

    As a former principal, I had the “no hand holding” rule but it was a small part of “Don’t touch others”. Pushing others in crowded hallls, horseplaying, and other conflict-inducing behaviors were prohibited. “No contact” is what happens in the real world and when it was explained to my students in that manner, they would laugh, call me “old-fashioned’, and not hold hands.

  36. Joseph Dooley says:

    First of all, if schools really were all about learning, they would flunk the kids who don’t learn, which they don’t do anymore.

    Secondly, the no hand-holding policy is moronic. This the result of the school administration’s cowardice, they are so afraid of saying it encourages heterosexual behavior and discourages homosexual behavior.

    Then again, we’re at the point now where no behavior is encouraged or discouraged. All is equal. There is no discriminating between right and wrong, good and bad. Leftism has completely eschewed moral categories.

    1. Della says:

      Unparalleled accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable improntcae!

  37. keith says:

    Nothing wrong with not holding hands. Sounds like the parent of this girl is just blowing it out of proportion because her daughter is dating another girl….ok big deal, she’s a HS lesbian, but I seriously doubt it was done because of that. You don’t goto school for that….you goto school to learn period!

  38. Joe Greenwell says:

    As a retired teacher I tell each and every one of you Principals are out of control. They consider themselves to omnipotent royalty. Why else would they be called “prince” apals? Schools need to worry about teaching the fundamentals not worrying about who is holding hands with whom. He should have praised the students for showing up to school and not skipping. Until schools become centers for learning and not centers of control they will fail.

  39. kriz15 says:

    This is stupid , they made a big deal for nothing people should just mind their business!

  40. HAL9000 says:

    Dont touch others is the administrative solution to lawsuits by parents upset when their idiot kids either get in fights, aquire drugs, or get laid in school. You dont actually care about the students, you care about covering your own ass. Second, the student body president is expected to speak the party line. And third, this isnt gay discrimination so stop trying to get more attention then it deserves. Unless they really are only doing this to gay students in which case someone is getting fired real soon. Solution: send the girls to a nunnery and reform the legal system.

  41. BillyBob says:

    Filthy, disgusting perverts have to ruin it for everybody

  42. stacey says:

    I wonder if the “no hand holding” will apply to the football players when they hold hands as they approach the ref at the beginning of a game.

  43. qerq says:

    Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.
    Ronald Reagan

  44. thetalkingape says:

    “You know who has hands? The Devil! And he uses ‘em for holding!”

  45. Ursus Rexx says:

    If I hadn’t gotten a vasectomy as soon as I graduated from H.S., (“…Arbet, Mach Fri!” after ONLY 4 years of cultural programming, posed as an education!), I would have laughed all the way to the bank on this!
    He reflects: are vasectomies reversable? (YES!).
    What kind of housing price depression is in full swing, as a result of republican economic mismanagement, (POMPANO BEACH sector)?

  46. Melvin says:

    There are two extreme forces at work here. The principals who have a zero tolerance policy on everything. And the students themselves who more than thoroughly enjoy themselves watching the principal and faculty being antagonized, because of the students constant pushing of the rules..

  47. Al Myska says:

    “Her and her friend was holding hands and that the principal approached them from behind and removed their hands from being touched,” said the mother of one of the teens.

    If that’s indicative of the educational level in the community, I’d say these students and parents have more to be “outraged” about than holding hands.

  48. ottbot says:


  49. Brian says:

    I see no comments posted here about the awkward grammar in the article itself. I could barely get past all the clumsiness in the first paragraph, and I am professionally a numbers person (CPA) not a wordsmith.

    “Walking the hallways…and it’s common to see…a couple who’s dating.”

    1. The work “and” should be removed. 2. In this case, the word “couple” is clearly used in the sense of two people and would require a plural verb “are” not “is”. 3. Even if “who is” had been correct is should not have been reduced to “who’s”.

    “Walking the hallways…it is common to see…a couple who are dating.”

    How ironic to see substandard grammar in an article about the difficulties our school systems are creating for themselves.

  50. John C says:

    The historical and traditional role of government is to control the People by ruling over them. The more the People role over and accept government intrusion and oppression, the more the government is encouraged to increase control even more until……..a government to representint the People is slowly driven out of existence.

  51. sean patriot says:


  52. slg says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t seem unusual at all. If I recall correctly, we were never allowed to hold hands in high school either. Any form of PDA was not okay and, frankly, I don’t see anything wrong with that. You wouldn’t hold hands at the office with a coworker (dating or not); kids shouldn’t at at school And, for what it’s worth, I’m in my 30’s – not some crumudgeon.

  53. Bob X says:

    And you wonder why you have the most school shootings in the developed world, you have the oldest children in the world.
    FFS u can join the army at 18 go fight on the frontline for two years come home and not be allowed a beer because thats dangeous .
    You need to chill the frak out

  54. Levi says:

    Ha. Im still in high school and i go to a small school known as Brady High School, we have similar rules such as: No Hugging for more than 2 seconds, no holding hands, and ZERO kissing. Also knows as “PDA” (Public Display of Affection) i mean give me a break.
    I hate society.

  55. j.w. says:

    When i was teaching, i gave a male student permission to use the restroom, he didn’t return but was seen on school security cameras having sex with his girlfriend in the stairwell…. whose fault is it… mine? the school? the parents? the kids? societies?

  56. Calico says:

    Why do I get the feeling that the people who are posting in opposition to hand holding were losers in school that never had someone they could hold hands with? I’m thinking the Student Body President is one of those people too.

    The principal came up to these students from behind and grabbed their hands to separate them> The parents should go to the police station and file an assault charge against the principal.

  57. Bill says:

    Next thing you know these law breaking teen devils will be talking during lunch and loitering at their lockers. Damn kids these days….

  58. Gee says:

    Schools are not dating services. The lack of supervision of teens is responsible for many social problems we encounter today. If you want your kid flirting, kissing, and whatever else makes you feel excited than let them do it at home.

  59. Linda says:

    No one says the school is a dating service or that holding hands detracts from your learning ability. IT might even help. Its all a part of growing up. Its life. Its a right of passage, its friendships, and its many more things and it just might be a kind of hug when someone needs one. People connect in lots of ways and there is nothing wrong with hand holding. The board has a problem. Especially when one of the school official dodges a question about boys and girls vs girls and girls holding hands. She doeant know the answer??? Thats odd,…and how rude no one would acknowledge or speak to the reporter. Im 68 yo grandmother and we held hands way back then in the dark ages when I was in school. Hope the Civil Libertys Union gets a whiff of this silliness. THIS IS DISTRACTING IN SCHOOL!!!

  60. IsleOracle says:

    There’s a lot of preaching going on here by the “Godless” liberals and a lot of denial coming from the righteous right.

    What do we expect kids to do when our political leaders (superstars) lie to the entire country about their sexual misbehavior. Or, .01 percent of the population that wants sexual perversion to be “recognized” as normal… and forces the rest of us to feel guilty for our disgust at their perversion.

    The coarsening of personal behavior is one of the goals of the extreme Left.
    To use sex as a control device of the population’s attention to realities of social constructs (much like religion and sports were and are being used).

    Our children are being indoctrinated at every turn by the “social engineering” class via a complicit and greedy media market.

    Soon the words “Mother” and “Father” will be words of derision.

    If the school where your child attends is not upholding the morals you support and are trying to teach your children – then pull them out while you still have the right.

  61. ep tor says:

    Maybe there are a lot of Catholics and Muslims in that school. That would explain the ban on hand holding (and probably hugging and kissing). In these cultures the showing affection before marriage is considered sinful. Fortunately the kids have found another outlet to show their affection for each other as evidenced by the rising teen pregrancy rate. Kids will always find a way to learn about life.

  62. Mark says:

    Those who write such rules should take another reading of the U.S. Constitution. Student do not leave there constitutional rights at the door. Holding had in the hallway? Is this a school or a PRISON? I suppose there is also a rule where if you wear a red, white and blue shirt, you will be suspended. Or, rules prohibiting your from praying during the lunch and break period. Too often I read in the new about the end results of these so called “Zero-Tolorance” policies. It make me wonder if these school administrators get their degrees and credentials in STUPIDITY!
    It should be no mystery why kids have no respect for authority. Why would I respect someone who does not respect me…

  63. Sue says:

    Back when I was in High School we weren’t allowed to hold hands, no close dancing any type of NOT allowed maybe it’s time to go back to the older standards for everyone so kids can concentrate on academics.

  64. Eric says:

    This is being blown so out of proportion it is sad. I drive through a neighborhood once a week where there are highschoolers and even middle schoolers standing on the corner dealing drugs. These kids are most likely carrying weapons. We sit here and are arguing over weather two girls can hold hands, really! If you are so concerned with the morality of kids get off your tail and go help kids that are truly in need of help. Would probably be a better use of your time. I am sure I have typos in my email because I am sitting in a waiting room and typing from my phone.

  65. seriously says:

    No holding hands…wow…the high school i went to has freakin day care centers. and married couples…wonder what there school board would say to that

  66. Steve says:

    What a disgustingly foul thing that someone would attack the principal for this. These young, confused kids should not be encouraged in this sort of conduct.

  67. Linda says:

    This sort of conduct???? CONDUCT???? Grow up!! Were talking holding hands. Hand in hand. ,… What in the world is your problem.,,. besides reading week old news.

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