MIAMI (CBS4) – The South Florida Imams accused of terrorism were arrested right in front of their mosques, disrupting the neighborhoods around them. Monday night, one of those neighborhoods saw more commotion.

Mosque protester Mark Dubynsky says standing outside the Flagler Mosque in West Miami-Dade with a sign demanding the mosque be razed to the ground was about self-expression.

“This is not about hate, this is about not keeping a shrine that promotes hate in the neighborhood,” he told CBS4’s Natalia Zea.

Mosque worshipper Samad Nassirya feels differently.

“That’s a threat, he’s threatening us,” he told Zea.

Dubynsky drove from Palm Beach to the mosque to make a statement, after the mosque’s imam Hafiz Khan was arrested and charged with funneling money to terrorists.

“I think if your leader, your church, your mosque is supporting terrorism then I think that building, that mosque needs to be torn down,” said Dubynsky.

Nassirya called police Monday evening, saying Dybynsky and his sign were scaring fellow Muslims away from their evening prayer service.

“People come here five times to pray and now all the women and children are scared to come here and we’re gonna lose all our people,” he said.

Nassirya is especially upset, because he doesn’t believe the allegations against his imam.

“It’s ridiculous. He’s a saintly man, he’s a saintly man.”

Neighbors don’t know who is right, but they do know their once quiet neighborhood is now dealing with police presence, protest, and press.

“Wow man, I had to close my door because of everybody knocking on the door,” said Jorge Gonzalez.

It’s affected neighbor Edna Wright too.

“I usually go walking around the neighborhood,” said Wright. “I just stay in my house now because I don’t know what’s going on.”

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  1. John says:

    Dybynsky sounds like a biggot who is bent on burning the flagler mosque. If the mosque is “razed to the ground” as he puts it, at least the police would have a good idea who did it or had something to do with it!

    1. Tracy Snider says:

      Hmmm…maybe we should tear down the church that supported shooting a US senator too. That was a terrorist act….Oh, my mistake, only Muslims are terrorists. Oh what about churches that support the KKK? hmm, nope sorry still not Muslim. OH wait what about those guys who set off the bomb in Oklahoma city a few years ago, or maybe the church that roams around picketing our poor dead US solder funerals. Oh I must be so mistaken, only TERRORISTS are MUSLIMS…Think about it, who is the terrorist, really?

  2. Maria says:

    I appreciate him doing that. It makes people more conscious of the dangers in our own back yards.

    I know people today either love or hate Democrats and Republicans depending in your party, but Obama is right when he has promoted “See something, say something.”

    1. jabegail says:

      you must be getting your facts from peter king’s lynching mob at the congressional committee, which has not reported radicalism based on facts, but heresay. If you took your head out of the foxtv you would have known from FBI that most credible leads on probable terror threats were detected and reported by the muslim community themselves, resulting into trusts between the law enforcers and muslims. when fanatic christian hate mongers such as Mark Dubynsky turn into sheriff “vigilant” lobo, it breaks the trusts and cooperation that the muslims voluntarily had been providing. if you want the muslim community’s attention on curbing terrorism then engage into dialogue with inter-faith groups such as is going on in various places, resulting into building bridges that lasts long after 5 secs of media lights is turned out.

      1. Mark Dubynsky says:

        jabegail you are flat our wrong. Only in a few isolated incidents did Muslims help catch any of their own. And those were certainly NOT the “most credible” leads either. Second, I am an atheist NOT a Christian hate monger and share disdain for all radical religious beliefs. Third…MUSLIMS (NOT ME OR ANYONE ELSE) of those two Mosques broke the trust by sending money to the Taliban. So who broke the trust between Muslims and American society? Your opinion is welcome but your facts are not based on reality. And please refresh my memory on which terrorists were caught by being turned over by other Muslims?

  3. Toshiro says:

    America has become a naton of village idiots.

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      coming from someone who cannot spell nation I think it’s funny you’re calling OTHER people idiots lol

      1. Ali says:

        Coming from someone who cannot capitalize or use punctuation … and from someone whose ancestors immigrated from Europe … If you are not native, then go home! And yes I am native. I converted to Islam 25 years ago.

      2. Mark Dubynsky says:

        Ali, the big difference is that I’m not calling people “village idiots” while misspelling 12.5% of my entire post! However, the fact that you are Muslim for 25 years, a native of America, AND supporting someone who calls all Americans “village idiots” speaks VOLUMES about what your religion is teaching you here in our country! How much ANTI-American sentiment is being preached in your Mosque? Does EVERYONE in your Mosque feel Americans are village idiots or just you?.

        And by the way…I was born an American, my father was born an American and my grandfather on his side became an American. My mother’s family have lived in this country for well over 100 years and have more than 4 generations born in America. How does this make mre less native of an American than everyone else?

  4. Lebron says:

    Sounds like he is trying to raise the consciousness of the people.

    I am all about that.

    I know people in London – they have had terrorist bombs several times there. We don’t want that here.

    1. Toshiro says:

      Sounds like you are one of those village idiots.

      1. Mark Dubynsky says:

        Toshiro, it is people like you that are the most despicable to everything true Americans hold dear! Judging by your name you are probably a foreigner or of foreign decent who comes to our country, enjoys all the freedoms of speach, religioun etc. and then criiticizes the people who live here and have died for those same freedoms. You sit home on your apathetic, ignorant rump hiding behind a computer monitor calling Americans “village idiots” while enjoying all the freedoms these “idiots” provide you. It is easy to call people names from an anonymous post but I dare you to walk into a room full of American servicemen who risk their lives daily for YOUR freedom and call them village idiots! Those would be the same servicemen who are killed regularly by the Taliban…the same Taliban those Imams were funneling money to.

  5. John says:

    Dubynsky: You are not the law!! The law has already declared that the mosque is not guilty of wrong doings! The only term that fits you would be a biggot who wishes to take the law into your own hands. We will wait and watch to see if you are foolish enough to cause harm to the mosque.

  6. Mark Dubynsky says:

    Not guilty of proscutable CRIMES. But guilty of harboring a terrorist, making that terrorist their leader, and letting that terrorist promote his taliban doctrine to others in THEIR house of worship. Do you really think that with one hand he was paying the taliban and with the other he was teaching peace, love, and goodwill toward Americans? Are you that naive? You must also believe that nobody in the Pakistani government had any idea Bin Laden was living an hour outside their capital.

  7. carmen says:

    America is home to the original terrorists, the KKK. We definitely don’t need any idiots like that starting another cult. it is interesting how we label certain people terrorists, opposed to others. i got a feeling that if the taliban were not trying to kill a certain race, then Mark wouldn’t be protesting against them. the whole ‘American excuse’ only applies when an individuals’ race are the victims.

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      Carmen, it has nothing to do with race/religion and everything to do with accountability. I feel ashamed that we have the KKK and other similar hate groups in America and view them as terrorists also. I feel if their leaders are caught committing hate crimes and terrorist acts their fate should be the same. I just wish the Muslim community was equally ashamed of their extremists instead of always defending them and pulling the race/religion card every time they are criticized for their actions.

  8. Sal says:

    Much of Miami-dade is very much the south . As far as “No Muslims” need apply.

  9. Sal says:

    The vast majaroity of Muslims are good perople and I say this not because the media tells me but due to knowing many Muslims.

    HOWEVER as a Catholic I will not say the same about Florida’s “Christian” conservatives.

  10. MiamiMex says:

    I guess my question is how do we let terrorists into the country in the first place.

    1. Light Hawk says:

      well think about it – they come, set up shop & start collecting $$$ to send back home

      honestly we need to start paying more attention to who is coming into this country & why

      1. Real American says:

        Light Hawk, what about terrorist like Timothy McVeigh? Did he come here to set up shop and send money home? Or was he a born and breed Republican American who was Roman Catholic who served with distinction in the United States military?

        Dont get me wrong I am not defending any terrorists but they do NOT come ONLY from overseas, there are many here in America just as bad if not worst.

  11. Saladin says:

    So when a church leader gets busted for child porn, or selling drugs we should burn down his church?????

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      Very good point Saladin. I’ve given it much thought. And here’s my take on it as it applies to the problems of the Cahtolic church. If a priest is caught molesting young boys in the church he leads then they should remove (raze) that church. If that happened once or twice if would force the Vatican to stop pretending like it’s not a serious problem and possibly get them to stop passing that same child molesting priest from church to church. It would cost them thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue previously generated from that church and would hit them right in the wallet. And when profits fall change happens. Unfortunately today we are all so concerned about politiical correctness and not offending anyone of another religion or race that we’ve completely lost sight of appropriate punishment. Or better yet, if we as people boycotted and protested those same offending churches, mosques, etc. the problem would be solved as well.

  12. Saladin says:

    So if you go to a church, and a church leader gets busted for a DWI, do you stop going to that church?? If you do you are saying its ok to drink and drive, and kill people while driving drunk.

  13. SickOfHate says:

    This writing is shoddy at best. Imam is a title and should be upper case in front of a name (AP 101), Hafiz also is a title, not a proper name. There are no “mosque worshipers” they are members of a congregation. No one is worshiping a mosque.
    And why did the reporter not ask Dubynsky why he supported Mier Kahane, a terrorist whose followers have been deemed terrorists not only by the Department of State, but by the ADL as well?

    Under his philosophy there would be no churches or synagogues in the United States as there are terrorists in each and every one, whether they are terrorizing children, women, non (insert religion) or anyone not like them.
    When is this hate going to stop?

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      First of all I have nothing to do with Mier Kahane and do not share his beliefs. Second, under my philosophy, organizations would have to be held accountable for those they elect to lead them. If the members of a mosque know they will lose their building if they elect a terrorist to lead them do you not think they will think twice about who they elect?

      1. Michele says:

        As an American Muslim I have to tell you most Muslims do not “elect” their Imams. I have been a member of the same Mosque for 18 years and never once did I take part in an “election”. In small Mosques they are usually someone who volunteers to lead the congregation as they can’t afford a full time Imam, and in larger mosques they are most often hired by a board or a committee of wealthy members. I am sure the members of this mosque would have reported any suspicion of the Imam’s if they were preaching anything radical. In my 20 years as a Muslim (and I have traveled extensively in Muslim countries), I have yet to meet personally any ONE Muslim who held any of the same views or sympathy of people like bin Laden. If anything Muslims in this country are overly cautious. We have non-Muslim visitors in our mosque all the time.

    2. Mark Dubynsky says:

      Thank you for the grammer lesson Mr. Helper 🙂

  14. Des says:

    So I guess we better tear down all of those catholic churhes that had the priests molesting children! That’s at least as bad as being ACCUSED of terrorism. Please note that this man has only been charged and NOT convicted. Tearing down the building before anything is proven just goes to show how bigoted people really are.

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      It should certainly not be torn down until a guilty verdict is passed.

      1. Real American says:

        Was the Imam convicted? By your own argument you should lay off wanting to raze the mosque until and if he is convicted. Or do you not believe in innocent until proven guilty?

  15. Jesus Flores says:

    From what I’ve heard, the community is absolutely shocked about the allegations. A few of my Muslim colleagues that attend the mosque regularly are in complete disbelief. With that said, the charge that was brought against the imams was ‘material support’ of terrorism. Much more often than not, individuals contribute money thinking it is going to set up a school or a mosque in a poor village. A few members from the Arab-Muslim community were indicted (and then vindicated) of a similar crime when donating money to humanitarian groups that were associated with Hamas (even though Hamas has a militant wing, most of their resources go toward schools, hopsitals, and social services).

    So long as ultra-orthodox Jewish folks can have talmudic ‘institutions’ and other ‘charitable organizations’ that funnel money to violent and extremist settlors in illegally occupied land (that is the rallying cry for most of the extreme elements in the Arab world), I don’t see why an indirect support of the Taliban or Hamas should be considered illegal (i.e. donating money to humanitarian causes).

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      If the Muslim community is so shocked then why was I the only one in front of that mosque? Shouldn’t the entire peaceful Muslim community be outraged and embarassed by the leaders elected at these particular mosques? Why isn’t the entire Muslim community trying to find ways to sanction mosques caught with terrorist leaders? Why are Muslims still attending the same mosques where their leaders were indicted? Why would they not boycott those mosques and worship elsewhere?

      The indictment was not just for material support but rather for “supporting acts of murder, kidnapping and maiming in Pakistan and elsewhere” carried out by the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which has been outlawed by Pakistan and branded as a terrorist organisation by the United States.

      The interesting thing is that this group kills MANY more Mulsims than Americans. So again I ask, where is the outrage (or at least shame) from the Muslum community toward those that support the killers of Muslims and Americans alike?

  16. Misanu says:

    You go Mark Dubynsky!!! Kill and raze everybody and everything that doesn’t agree with your mindset or interpretation of World events. Since you are God, you are completely qualified to know everything and judge everyone. Also once judged you are perfectly capable of dispensing all punishment. Onwards and upwards Mark (terrorist) Dubynsky raze, burn and kill… You know best!!!

  17. Mark Dubynsky says:

    I want to thank everyone who took the time on this site to excercise their freedom of speach and have their voice heard. Even though many opinions are not mine, I welcome the debate and feel as long as everyone is speaking about it then change can happen. We can also take the time to see other’s opinions and give them merit too. There may be no right or wrong answers to societies ever evolving and complex problems but here is what I find to be the truth.

    We need to stop calling people biggots and racists just because they have an opinion that is not favored by one group of people or another! Using the race card is the EASY way out of a discussion. The minute the race card gets pulled all rational discussion on an issue is completely overshadowed and all rational debate is lost. As long as WE keep making race an issue it always will be. We need to stop continually pulling the race card and start discussing the issues as humans.

  18. Susan K says:


    I’m from Montreal. I was with a muslim for 16 years. I have muslim friends although your holy book says they can’t be friends with me. Only make-believe friends with me.

    I’ve stopped capitatizing any words that refer to anything that has to do with islam. And I’m a translator…

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      Susan, I too pick my capitalizaton carefully and refuse to capitalize taliban and similar islamic words.

  19. Susan K. says:

    I’M WITH YOU ALL THE WAY, MARK. You are a courageous person. Keep up the fight.

  20. IMRAN says:

    Mark you need to get a real job and stop criticizing the Muslims. You were molested by a priest of your church that’s the reason you have so much hate. You dont want Muslims in this country but you don’t mind using the oil from the muslim countries. Stop judging people , let the court decide it. You need to get your self checked and get some therapy.

    1. Mark Dubynsky says:

      Who said anything about not wanting Muslims in this country? Your molestation theory is off base too…I’ve never worshipped as a child or adult in ANY religious institution and feel religioun is the backbone and most of the hate going on today. There’s no judgement here against any other Muslims except the ones who elected terrorists as their leaders. They need to lose their mosque!

  21. JD says:

    If the Muslim community is so shocked then why was I the only one in front of that mosque? Shouldn’t the entire peaceful Muslim community be outraged and embarassed by the leaders elected at these particular mosques? Why isn’t the entire Muslim community trying to find ways to sanction mosques caught with terrorist leaders? Why are Muslims still attending the same mosques where their leaders were indicted? Why would they not boycott those mosques and worship elsewhere?


    The Muslim community will be outraged and embarassed by the leaders elected at these particular mosques when they are found guilty and they will be fired. These guys were no preaching hate or terrorism at the mosque or they were have been turned in by the community As was the case with with Craig Monteilh

    An ex-con, Monteilh began working for the FBI in 2003. In 2006, he was asked to infiltrate the popular Islamic Center of Irvine, where he started attended prayers five times a day and donning an Islamic robe.

    In May 2007, Monteilh recorded a conversation in a car with two worshipers, in which Monteilh suggested blowing up buildings. In the tape, one man agrees with Monteilh. But a few days after the conversation, the two worshipers contacted the Los Angeles chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and reported Monteilh as a potential terrorist. Other worshippers told mosque leaders that they were scared of Monteilh and felt as though he was trying to entrap them. In June 2007, the mosque obtained a restraining order against the informant.
    They were sending money on there own time on there own. If anyone knew they would have been arrested long ago

  22. JD says:

    many individual­­­s who have been arrested for terrorist plots and activities were turned in by members of the Muslim community. These include: Craig Monteilh, Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, Times Square bomber, the Oregon jihadist, Lackawanna six, Paintball 11 in VA, Matin Siraj plot in NY , Daniel Boyd in NC, 5 Muslim men who went to Pakistan from VA, Farooque Ahmed subway plotter. Muslims have also helped by infiltrati­­­ng al Qaeda. When muslims mind there own buisness to stay out of it or safty reasons ( i dont see anyone asking a whole community to go after its crazy but muslms ) and not get involved they are blamed for not doing anything… when muslims do there part to make you happy they are blamed for not doing anything…. so which on is it…. Damm if they do Damm if they dont Hatemongers like your self will never be happy….

  23. Real American says:

    Dubynsky, by that argument then how come people still support the Catholic church even with the child molestation scandal that was huge and nearly every Diocese had a priest accused of it?

  24. Tradman says:

    Just because you disagree with someone does not make their opinion wrong. The truth is the Muslim American community has worked with law enforcement to help prevent many crimes, including the Times Square car bomb plot, the Washington, DC, “Metro plot” and the Christmas Tree lighting attempted attack in Portland, OR. I think it’s terrible if the charges against the imam are true, but collective punishment – punishing the entire Muslims community because of the alleged actions of one person – is ridiculous. Being arrested and being convicted are two different things. No one has been convicted here.

  25. American Values says:

    This guy is no different than those Westboro freaks. He has every right to do what he is doing even if you don’t agree with him.