FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4)-A Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested Friday on charges she smuggled contraband into the county jail system for an attempted-murder suspect, according to agency officials.

Wonza Moore, 48, is the fifth deputy charged in the Sheriff’s Office internal investigation of contraband and inappropriate relationships between deputies and inmates at Broward’s jails. Moore is a 14-year veteran.

The investigation began last summer.

Moore was charged with four counts of introducing contraband into a jail facility, one count of official misconduct and one count of using a cell phone to facilitate a felony. Bond was set at $300,000.

Inmate Rasuul Mustafa, 36, with whom officials say Moore had a personal relationship, also was charged in the case. He has been jailed without bail since October 2009 on an attempted-murder charge out of Hollywood.

Since December, three other inmates and a nurse working for an outside contractor have been charged in the ongoing inquiry, with officials saying they plan to make additional arrests.

Moore’s employment status with the agency was not available.

The deputies previously charged in the investigation have resigned from the Sheriff’s Office. They are: Kiara Walker, 22; Roderick Lopez, 30; Keith McPhee, 37, and Salisia Pasco, 30, who investigators said admitted to having sex with an inmate in a jail storage room.

The smuggled contraband uncovered in the investigation allegedly included food, lighters and cell phones, according to court records.

In addition to the arrests, the investigation prompted the Sheriff’s Office to enact new policies for the jails in January. Among the changes: Tere will be random searches of employees’ bags, and employees cannot bring cell phones into the jails unless the phones are needed for their jobs.

Comments (8)
  1. Steve Louis-Charles says:

    Amazing how easily these people have allowed accused criminals to ruin there lives!

    1. Chet says:

      Doesn’t say much for the IQ of the people working there !!! Look how many they caught just here lately.

  2. phantom says:

    The funny thing is the top brass get away with it. Believe me some top guns are also involved is providing undisclosed services to inmates for cash. My SV used to bring in drugs every wednesday, I sent letter to IA and the letter mysteriously disappeared. Later on I was set up. The LT used to say, “Let the inmates do whatever they want, as long as they don’t escape, I don’t care” and much more serious crap went on also.

  3. Nydia Diaz says:

    I made a complaint a BSO Officer and Internal Affair’s covered up for him. He committed perjury in his police report. I think Internal Affair’s should be investigated!!!! I plan to write a letter to the Governor.

  4. Tim3500 says:

    Tere is a problem here.

  5. Carol says:

    I don’t get these women who have good jobs I couldn’t ever get just blow it over a jailbird that makes no sense to me at all.

    1. Andi says:

      A convict can talk you out of your skin. Most people are weak and will believe any sob story. A woman can be had anytime of the day. A weak wannabe hoodlum male guard can be had everyday of the week. Convicts make money on junk brought in prison by guards. There is money to be made that makes the salary go just a little farther. People are guilty by association. You hang with criminals, you become criminal(Police/Guards). And forget telling the higher-ups. Most have been involved in bringing in contraband and know that the practices exist. A guard can be killed for telling on other guards. So it’s like a frat club. They look out for each other. Money fuels the justice system to include Judges,Lawyers, Policeman and the Corrections folks(guards/convicts). Crime pays. Convicts can leave prison with thousand of dollars in their accounts. They get the money from extortion and getting guards to look the other way. The entire criminal justice systems knows this and will never stop it because palms are greased and lifesyles are enhanced. Never trust a convict ever. Don’t even listen to them talk. You will become another sucker just like this one person who is taking the rap for herself and many other law enforcement and guards who let themselves be used by convicts. Some convicts make more money than people with college degrees and they are behind bars. And then they get 3 meals and a snack everyday. So, who really is in prison? The convict and guards(Police) or the tax paying society?

  6. itiswhatitis says:

    It is not just women, men also fall into this trap. The best way to handle the prison system is to remain professional at all times. Too many people get to comfortable with their careers and some were just dirty to start and should of never been allowed to be hired in the first place. Others feel they are under paid and are trying to make extra money, eventually they will be caught. Now State Prisons are about to go private and you don’t have to be certified which means the pay will be less…..Public needs to be concerned for their safety, it will get a lot worse.