MIAMI (CBS4) – There is a new way one South Florida city is fighting one of the hardest forms of vandalism to stop- graffiti.

It’s a problem for businesses like Mekka Miami which operates 5 dance clubs and lounges in Downtown Miami

“One of the problems that you have when you go to an underdeveloped area is graffiti. It is a constant problem,” said Michael Slyder, C.F.O. of Mekka Miami.

The problem is evident right outside the club where vandals have defaced the clubs exterior.

“Customers and residents, when they see Graffiti, it sends the wrong message,” said Slyder.

People can see graffiti on abandoned buildings and even new construction.

Covering it up really doesn’t do much so the Community Redevelopment Agency has purchased a device that can detect graffiti as it happens.

“It is merely a tool for the police to use for them to have the capability to catch these guys in the act,” said Marc Sarnoff, Commissioner for District 2 in Miami.

Police say the device is a sensor. Its sole purpose is to keep a watchful eye for anyone who will crack open a can of spray paint and start vandalizing. Officials don’t want the public to know exactly how it works or what the sensors look like for fear of it too being vandalized, but we know it serves as an alarm system.

“If someone is vandalizing a particular wall where it can be detected, it sends a signal to us. We get a text indicating exactly where it is taking place,” said Commander David Sanchez with the Miami Police Department.

The device would allow South Florida’s business owners to worry about their own bottom line and not acts of vandalism.

“We don’t want this anymore in our neighbor hoods,” said Slyder.

The Community Redevelopment Agency plans to install several dozen of them over time at a cost of $25,000 each.

Comments (8)
  1. MiamiMex says:

    These people hurt our real estate values big time.

    If you know anyone who does this please explain to them that it makes our economy worse here in S. Florida.

    1. US says:

      What’s hurting the real estate values and economy in South Florida could be the rampant unemployment, the devaluation of the US dollar, the high cost of living, the influx of illegal immigration, violent crimes, the unsheltered homeless and the local, state and federal government spending on trivial projects like aerosol sensors in Overtown. If you are truly concerned, get off of CBS news’ website forum and go make a change in your community.

  2. URmamasVAG says:

    What a scam, keep trying buddys but $25,000 each for an aerosol detector that only detects up 25 feet. yeah ii don’t think so ;}

  3. Truth says:

    There is a lot more than artistic expression that is ruining this economy, you should explain to your business partners that their greed is what is ruining this entire world ecology, economy, a state of peace of mind, love and unity.
    You dont believe in it because you have never seen it and you cant buy it with money, all it can reward you with is a false sense of security with your sterile white walls and your cookie cutter citizens.

    I cant believe they use the owner of Mekka which is the darkest, dirtiest and sleev filled stinkholes of miami as a voice to this article. They should instead focus on stopping the amount of drugs he permits into his establishments. He probably makes money off that too.

    1. Nice! says:

      here here! The news should of interviewed you for a counter argument- but then again that would be journalism.

  4. anon says:

    I agree that to a certain extent, graffiti (tagging) can cause a building to look run down. The owner of a building should be able to have whatever they want on their building however, graffiti has been around almost as long as people have and there have been countless attempts to combat the vandals with no avail. There will never be a “sensor” or “system” that will rid the cities of graffiti. As soon as something like this comes out, there are people that are looking for ways to hack/bypass the system and it will always be that way. Best thing to do is have an artist put a mural on your wall and that will prevent you from having to paint over it on a weekly basis for the most part. Good luck and long live the scribe lol

  5. Nasty Nate says:

    What a waste of money.. Those things are easy to deactivate.. There are links all over the net on how they work and how to mess them up.. Graffiti Rules!!Keep Miami Beautiful.. they should stop putting up so many billboards instead.. Those are corporate eyesores but no one complains because corporate greed rules America!!!!

  6. Enego Montoya u killed my father says:

    Graffiti is so 2 sided now a days. corporations love to use Graffiti artists to mass market their products to the youth so it is acceptable only when they say so. But if a lonely individual wants to do it, the city commissioners etc. have a problem with it because they don’t get a kickback. Do you guys know that most of the politicians street ads when they are running for office are put up illegally??