MIAMI (CBS4)-  A Miami-Dade mayoral candidate along with students are expected to protest a campaign forum Wednesday to express their outrage and disapproval of FIU hosting a Spanish-only event.

The debate, held at FIU’s Wertheim Theatre, broadcast by Univision radio and set for rebroadcast by Univision channel 23 television, was open only to candidates Julio Robaina, Marcelo Llorente, Carlos Gimenez and Jose “Pepe” Cancio.

“I was appalled,” said Luther Campbell, a former rap star and African American candidate for mayor.  “The university is having a Cuban-only forum, which is wrong to the students, because the students are from all different races and all different cultures and all the students don’t speak only Spanish.”

In its release announcing the forum, Univision said the “participants were selected based on the amount of funds raised” by their campaigns.  The four top fund-raisers are the only Hispanics in the race.  Cancio – in fourth place in fund raising – is a distant fourth.

A spokesperson for FIU said the school was only providing a location for the debate, and was otherwise not involved.

Campbell called that laughable, given that FIU’s brass put out a notice touting the event.

In an email to students, faculty and staff, Sandra Gonzalez-Levy, an FIU vice-president, wrote, “We encourage you to attend and be part of the political process taking place in our community.  Be involved!”

Roosevelt Bradley, another African American candidate told CBS4 News he was “outraged” that FIU’s president would allow such a “polarizing and divisive event” to be held on the campus of a public, state-run university.  Bradley said “this turns the clock back 50 years” on race and ethnic relations in the community.

Some students said they found the Hispanic-only forum troubling.

We have a large Hispanic community, but this is Miami and we like to celebrate our diversity here,” said student Esra Erdogan.  “I don’t think it’s right to exclude any candidate.”

Beyond denying any “real involvement” in the debate, a spokesperson for FIU declined comment.   The school did not respond to requests by CBS4 News for comment on criticisms raised by Campbell, Bradley and a third African-American candidate, Wilbur Bell.

Univision also declined to address the criticism, beyond saying that the participants were selected by the size of their campaign chests.  The company also said an English language transcript of the debate would be provided after the event was over.

After the forum, CBS4 News spoke with some of the Spanish-speaking candidates.

“Whenever we’re invited, we show up, oftentimes not knowing who else is invited. Whenever  we have an opportunity to communicate to our community, we’re happy to attend,” said Marcelo Llorente, Miami-Dade mayoral candidate.

“Well what I was told is that the criteria wasn’t whether you spoke Spanish or not, it was the four leading fund raisers,” said Carlos Gimenez, Miami-Dade mayoral candidate.

Other candidates vying for the spot as Miami-Dade mayor include Eddie Lewis, Farid Khavari, Jeffrey Lampert and Gabrielle Redfern.

On Tuesday, the candidates met at a debate.

The debate, sponsored by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, featured five of the candidates: Gimenez, Cancio, Bradley, Llorente and Robaina.

Five other candidates were not present: Eddie Lewis, Wilbur “Short Stop” Bell, Farid Khavari, Jeffrey Lampert and Gabrielle Redfern.

Redfern appeared after the debate and complained that said she had not been invited. “I thought this election would be open to all, not a few,” she said.

Chamber president and CEO Barry Johnson told Redfern that “everyone was invited.” The candidate said they were not.

Meanwhile, Campbell, the former frontman for rap group 2 Live Crew, was invited but didn’t show up until the conclusion of the debate. He walked in as candidates prepared to give closing remarks.

Campbell apologized for being late but promptly took aim at the Chamber. “I’m a little disturbed,” Campbell said. “The Chamber says it is about the all the community. But I don’t think it’s been serving all the community, just some parts.”

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Comments (212)
  1. GAIN AND AGAIN says:

    FIU should apologize to the COMMUNITY, as well as HOLD A FORUM for the OTHER CANDIDATES, which were OVER-LOOKED BY THEM.


    When in Rome, do as Romans do!

    NICE POLICY for FIU to take.

    1. joex51 says:

      the last time I looked In this country the amount of funds you have does not mean you would be a better candidate than anyone else, unless there is some sort of law that states you need to have money to be something in this country? I didn’t think so and By not including every possible candidate they should be sued for discrimination and violating the other candidates civil rights

      1. rodriquez says:

        If funds don’t matter, how did 0’bammy get elected….Mmm, mmm, mmm?

    2. Isnrblog says:

      IT WAS IN SPANISH. DOESN’T THAT EXCLUDE PEOPLEWHO DONT SPEAK SPANISH?? Oh, but an english transcript would be available after the debate.

      The official language of the US is English and here we have a Spanish only event on taxpayer property.

      Blatant Racism on the part of Hispanics and the college. I understand the part about the top fund raisers. That makes sense. But debate in English. Won’t these guys be representing a lot of English speakers if elected?

      Again, if you want to live here, speak english or go home.

      1. Joe,NJ says:

        Unfortunately, the cowards in DC will never pass a law making English the official language of the US of A.

      2. Carrrrlos says:

        Well, let’s try Spanish then!

      3. Ursus Indomitus says:

        No, let’s NOT.

    3. Mike says:

      It’s no secret that Hispanics today are the most racist people in America since white people in the 1950s.

      This story needs to be read on the house floor of any bill containing amnesty. This groups of illegal immigrants doesn’t want to become American. They want to take America. It’s sickening that the Miami Heat public address announcer speaks Spanish. Sports in Miami have become too politicized.

      1. CleanFun says:

        It’s because these candidates wouldn’t stand a chance holding a debate in English. Plain and simple. They should be deported.

      2. Chaz says:

        CleanFun….you bigot. All of these candidates are American citizens, at least one of them (that I know of) born and raised in the US, and all speak English. Just because you’re too dim-witted to be bilingual doesn’t mean everyone is.

        This info probably won’t change your mind. You are evidence that this recent targeting of “illegals” is nothing more than bigotry and hate. You could care less if they’re American or not….they’re different and that’s what matters to you.

      3. Sompopo says:

        I am very offended by your comment demeaning Guatemalans. I have been married to a Guatermalan for 35 years and she is NOT a SAVAGE. She has more class than you ever hope to have. You need some education because your ignorence really shows. By the way I am Caucasian.

      4. Brad says:

        The first step, after sealing the borders, should be outlawing voting materials or any other government communications from being printed in any language but English.

      5. Me says:

        I agree 1,000,000 %. Hispanics are the most racist group I have ever witnessed, and I have lived in cities all around the USA. I turned on the Heat playoff game the other night to a commercial in Spanish, so I turned it off. Yes, they don’t care about coming here and becoming American, they are trying to take over, I agree.

      6. Bonnie says:

        Notice how the new Latinos are the most arrogant and creepy racists of all.
        The Mexican/Americans of the past were great people.

    4. Ares says:

      And this is how they act when they are a minority. Wait til they are the majority.

      1. Ree says:

        Ever read Animal Farm? When those that were oppressed rose to power, they became the worst of all oppressors and likewise more severely oppressed those that oppressed them.

    5. David Frisch says:

      Univision has sponsored Democratic debates at the presidential level before. In 2008, the questions were asked in Spanish, and the non-Spanish speakers had their answers translated simultaneously in Spanish, with the English words barely audible to the Univision audience.

      There is nothing new here, except that these bi-lingual candidates can translate their own answers into Spanish, cutting the middleman (translator)

    6. Fernando Pena says:

      Shut your mouth you white trash. Hispanics are taking over Florida and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it. Go back to Europe you Nazi. You whites have oppressed hispanics for 500 years, now we are taking over. Deal with it you white trash.

      1. GreasetheTracks says:

        All borders are drawn in blood, pig. Why do you suppose you speak European SPANISH ? Come try to shut my mouth , pig

      2. Jane D says:

        Remember Mr. Pena if Jim Crow laws were still on the books, you would not be in Florida. African American and White people died so that you can get your rights.

      3. elchucko says:

        “Hispanics” are a result of Spaniards of European Spain who are white;) and natives of Mexico and Central America. Hence Fernando, you have white, honkey blood running through your veins! 😉

      4. Gregory Scott Fournerat says:

        Fernando, what exactly is a “Hispanic” by your definition? Someone that speaks Spanish? Someone of pure Spanish blood? Someone who is of mixed native Carribean and or Central/South American blood plus “white” Spaniard or Moorish Spaniard decent? If a white Chilean or Venezuelan or Colombian speaks ONLY Spanish, are they Hispanic by your definition? Are you limiting your inclusiveness to race, culture, or national origin (in modern times vs ancient history?) Please answer the question for yourself and any others before you assume that all Hispanics are olive or brown in skin tone. And whikle you are at it, I guess you can give your answer in Taino Indian or The Aztec, Mayan, Toltec, or Olmec languages spoken before “white” man Columbus and Hernan Cortez “invaded.” Oh, I am sorry, you speak Spanish. Nevermind…a white language….nuff said.

      5. Jay says:

        Fernando Pena

        What a LOSER you are! You’re better than reading the comics in
        the morning!

        You’re living proof why some people should not be allowed to breed.

      6. bunky says:

        Fernando you’re an idiot,
        Hispanic is not a race. It is a construct of our government that is eager to divide us.
        It was the Spanish (white, now called hispanic) that arrived in Mexico and Florida who conquered the indigenous people.
        Look in the mirror, you are cursing yourself dumba&&.

      7. Archie says:

        You’ve just proved the point of many here that Hispanics are a pretty racist bunch.

      8. Whitey O'Carr says:

        Fernando, where do you think your culture originally came from? The language and culture of Don Quixote is from Spain, a European country. You are the one who needs to embrace diversity.

      9. KansasGirl says:

        Why should we “white trash” have to shut our mouths? Also, if and when the South American’s take the majority in America, us “whitey’s” still have a voice.

      10. Bonnie says:

        Fernando Pena you had better watch your mouth! All Americans have to do is
        call the Mexican invasion what it is! AN ACT OF WAR against the American people.
        And eventually the war you wish for will be on your head!

        If you don’t like whites then go back to your nasty Mexico! Or where ever you
        slithered in from!

    7. Andrey says:

      Respect of all citizens in the community is and shall be required for our unique and privileged American melting pot. While a wholly hispanic debate is fine for a local neighborhood or community center–not involving actual candidates for office–would be very beneficial; as would a French speaking, or German speaking, or Portugese Speaking—etc. etc. etc. Excluding any group based on race or ethnicity is against our constitution when it comes to a public official or a person who is running for such an office.

      After the local neighborhood or community center has question established, then bring it to an “open” forum with the actual candidate, and if that candidate, sponsors, and reporters agree to any languages, then allow to be broadcast. It may be possible than everyone will not speak that language; translations are widely available in today’s multi-cultural cities such as Miami.

      Living in Hawaii, I see this daily, yet with our government we expect a base language, while respecting other languages simultaneously. I have lived in Miami many years as a child, and do not remember it to be so racially divided–in fact my family, being of German decent lived with primarily Cuban neihbors and schoolmates–and we never had a problem, could it be a broader issue based on ‘social justice’ and the new American ‘socialism’. I think our Miami Cuban friends will have a problem with this.

    8. Ken Denbow says:

      And yet, if it had been a “Blacks Only” forum, that would have been ok.
      Wow, the hypocrisy never ends

      1. Jane D says:

        Mr. Denbow, remember when it was “white Only”, let’s not talk about hypocrisy. Did you know it was white and black people who started the NAACP? Did you know if was not for some “BRAVE WHITE PEOPLE” that civil rights movement might would not have existed. In the congress it took black and white to pass the civil rights act. On Monday PBS commerates the 50th year anniversary of FREEDOM rides to the south. Check it out Mr. Denbow. Please do not omitt “OUR AMERICAN” history. Mr. Pena made a mistake there are some smart people on this blog who knows history and have lived it.

    9. Bill says:

      Obama’s election has opened the flood gates for racism. Instead of inspiring solidarity in some Martin Luther King-esque fashion, minorities have seized upon the opportunity to be the new racists with the old insensitivities.

    10. Bonnie says:

      Chaz the new anchor babies are American citizens that have no business with
      an American birth certificate. Their parents have stolen these birth certificate in my opinion.

      They are Latino enemies and racists with American birth certificates as their shields.
      This is going to come to a head you watch. And it will be the fault of our traitorous leaders!

    11. Chet says:

      It’s very encouraging to see that our up & coming citizens see what’s going on – THERE IS HOPE !!!!!!!!

    12. glen says:

      this comes as to no surprise to me. I have been a victim of racism from FIU. I have complained for a year with just being ignored. I have a degree from another university and had asperations to acquire a music degree from FIU. FIU music department refused to give me an audition while I learned of others of hispanic culture was given auditions. the only excuse I was given was that there was not enough “room” for me in their program for the year. after I was told this I learned of other applicants having auditions of the hispanic culture. very evident and clear to me FIU is racist and they get away with it.

  2. Me says:

    Cubans rule Miami. I’ve lived here 8 years now and feel like a total outcast and can’t wait to move back to the United States. Can’t find work, people get mad when I don’t know fluent Spanish, etc. It’s rediculous.

    1. Mr Dude says:

      This happens to me all the time. I am excluded from everything because I don’t speak Spanish.

      1. Chloe says:

        Welcome to America under obama!

      2. Lee says:

        Chloe, what does Obama have to do with this? Nothing! Stop being an ignorant radical conservative HATER!

      3. Tony says:

        Gee Lee, you must be a ULTRA LIBERAL LOONY!

    2. observerfromupnorth says:

      You SO right. I believe the university should contact cuba for their funding and all US students regardless of race should protest this University, I would never indulge any business or public office than did not hold to US standards and that is to speak english only. Florida is not a foreign country it is the US. I have spoken to many US Cuban business men/women who are appalled at their their own country men who are ruining this great state with their racist attitudes and filthy ways and loud mouths and illegal activity this includes the police not all police but the ones that know they can get away with it by picking on people they can intimidate. I can go on and on but it is a sad reality.

      1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

        Yes, FUNDS for FIU should come from CUBA.

        I have no respect for FIU, now, and I am an Alumni,

        Have a FORUM for NON-HISPANICS NOW!

      2. BILL MCNEAL says:


      3. Walter says:

        Suggest taxpayers vote on renaming it Florida-Cuban University and get the funding from Cubans only. Sounds like a plan. Then whites, blacks, Asians would separate themselves from this racist institution. Glad I graduated from an American University.

    3. lwlfnm says:

      Get used to it. Caucasians soon will be a minority in this country. But look at the bright sight- we can demand affirmative action for us.

      1. soren says:

        Chill out… “Caucasians” or at least self identified “whites” will never be a minority this century… if you count Hispanic whites…

        Seriously, watch the spanish channels and it’s like the KKK is doing the casting.

        And there is no real threat of the Spanish language ever dominating over the English language…

      2. Thomas says:

        if you think racists hispanics would ever extend affirmative action to Whites, then you haven’t been paying attention.

      3. MIRTED says:

        Good luck getting it. Libs will be reaping what they have sowed. California will fall prey to the same thing as Hispanics out breed other races and gain more political power. It’s an oft told lie that Hispanics are conservative, but whether they are, or not, look to their culture in Mexico for where their political rule will take the states and country. It’s no longer e pluribus unum, but “out of many, many”.

      4. CommonCents says:

        Like so many who have been duped by the Media, you don’t understand what the word ‘Hispanic’ really means. The Media wants to imply ‘mestizo’… dark skinned.

        The fact is, Hispanic is a LANGUAGE group… i.e. Spanish speaking, that’s it.

        Don’t believe me? Watch Univision or Telemundo: it’s mostly WHITE Spaniards.

        So the Media and Obama use the phrase to incite racism and division.

      5. Personal Responsibility says:

        Never happen. Caucasians could outnumber hispanics 2-1 and they’d still demand affirmative action and specialized treatment for them. The victim mentality is woven too deeply into them. They’ll never give it up, regardless of demographics. Kind of like how Obama still plays the “fight the power” card even though he is the President.

      6. Eddie says:

        Good one lwlfnm. I’m of Hispanic-Anglo descent but am proud to be an American first and speak English, first, to all (until or unless THEY ASK ME if I speak Spanish). These are the United States of America, sadly, the poltical correctness of slimy liberals has torn away at the fabric of our great nation and now we face problems such as the one in Miami. We neeed reclaim our culture no matter who comes to our land. America first and if you don’t think so go back to whence you came from …..Also, it’s funny how all these people come and reap the benefits of our great nation but (still) swear allegiance to their Third World countries….Idiots

    4. Scudbuster says:

      Was like that in the 80’s too.
      Last one out take the flag.

    5. V says:

      Well, apparently you don’t speak English either. Ridiculous is spelled with an “i”, not an “e” (i.e., it’s ridiculous, not “rediculous”).

      1. afda says:

        apparently you aren;t smart enough to understand the difference between speach and writing you idiot.

      2. Captain Incredulous says:

        Must have been a Spanish speaker spelling the word phonetically… rAy-dic-u-lous…..LOL!!! Hmmmmm…..Why do I keep hearing Sofia Vergara repeating that word over and over again in my mind……..I guess there’s worse things….

    6. Cubanfreedomfighter41 says:

      Cubans do rule in Miami, but not because of Obama, we abhor this excuse for a president. While I am sick and tired of the left wing “inclusion” non-sense this is where common sense needs to prevail and hold this event in English. If you don’t understand it learn it learn it. This is America, if Univision wants to broadcast it, it can do it with interpreters or “closed captioned”. I am .American first Cuban second and proud of it.

      1. Proud of In-laws says:

        My in-laws are from Ukraine. They are American first and American second and proud of it. They came here to be Americans and hold no loyalty to any other country.

    7. Matador says:

      You see! Is the new Anglo-Saxons that have a problem with todays Miami. The ones that were born and raised here love it!

    8. Ree says:

      Actually the problem started with the wet foot, dry foot policy and it’s a reality due to the 1995 revision of the Cuban Adjustment Act. That can be attributed to William Jefferson Clinton along with the loss and segregation of So Florida to arrogant minorities.

  3. Indhy says:

    I’m an FIU student and I’m ashamed and disgusted by their biased stand on this… I don’t even like any of the Cuban Mafia candidates… My vote is for Uncle Luke!

    1. Janet says:

      Me too!!!! VOTE FOR LUTHER!!!!!!!!!!!! The people running FIU is disgusting and one sided.. that side would be CUBANS ONLY. I know this personally because a member of my family was denied entrance to this school. They threw up every roadblock to deny my English speaking American daughter from attending this school. Miami has become a disgrace to native Miamians.

      1. Glen says:


        this comes as to no surprise to me. I have been a victim of racism from FIU. I have complained for a year with just being ignored. I have a degree from another university and had asperations to acquire a music degree from FIU. FIU music department refused to give me an audition while I learned of others of hispanic culture was given auditions. the only excuse I was given was that there was not enough “room” for me in their program for the year. after I was told this I learned of other applicants having auditions of the hispanic culture. very evident and clear to me FIU is racist and they get away with it.

  4. Jane Doe says:

    As a person who is an immigrant and speaks 4 languages besides English I am totally disguited. If this is a way to keep blacks out then it is also racist.

    1. bob says:

      Jane, this is a way to keep out all English speaking native Americans! I applaud you for seeing this for what it really is.

    2. Craig Vale says:

      You may speak four but you don’t spell four well. Ha!

  5. Mr Dude says:

    Bill Burns, why don’t you tell everyone how you really feel? 😉

  6. Grovelocal says:

    Linguistic discrimination is a part of everyday life in Miami. If you don’t speak Spanish you know what in talking about.

  7. Judy says:

    The fact a debate was able to happen at a state university in the United States of America, where English is the official language, is unbelievable!
    This is the reason no one knows what the hell is going on in this crazy, corrupt city.. no one can or will speak the same language!

    1. Cesar M. Gonzalez says:

      JUDY……You are CORRECT in all that you say, except when you say that English is the OFFICIAL language of the United States…..The U.S.A. has NO official language, and NEVER had one……But yes, people should learn English…..In Miami, that is a next to impossible task…..I am blessed that I left Cuba in 1962 at the age of eight, and that NO ONE in Los Angeles, California spoke Spanish in that year…..There was no such thing as an ESL ( English as a second language ) school, and YOU HAD TO learn English…..BUT ! Here in Miami BIG corporations such as PUBLIX and CHASE BANK are spending millions to attract and to legitimize SPANISH ONLY as a language…..Publix is spending BIG BUCKS changing the name of many stores to Publix SABOR, ( FLAVOR in Spanish ) How do you like that ???? I am Cuban-born and I found it RIDICULOUS……..MONEY TALKS JUDY ! ! And Chase Bank has a big sign on their bank windows which reads in Spanish : IF SPANISH IS YOUR LANGUAGE, CHASE IS YOUR BANK ! ! !
      SO THERE YOU HAVE IT……Just like with the ILLEGAL ALIEN MESS, whatever makes money ( $ $ $ ) in our GREAT nation IS WHAT GOES ! PLAIN AND SIMPLE…..IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BUCKS……

      1. MisterMister says:


        SECTION 9. English is the official language of Florida.
        (a) English is the official language of the State of Florida.
        (b) The legislature shall have the power to enforce this section by appropriate legislation.History.

        —Proposed by Initiative Petition filed with the Secretary of State August 8, 1988; adopted 1988.

      2. isnrblog says:

        Mister Mister burned you, Gonzalez. Speak english or go back to Cuba, Mexico anywhere but here.

    2. 2-late-2-matter says:

      So, although Spanish subtitles are an option on the TV, now there will be NO English subtitling during the broadcast? Are we already in Cuba or Mexico???

  8. Mari Lancis Rudd says:

    As a Cuban I am embarrassed and ashamed that this happened at FIU. This is an open contest, non-partisan, and should be treated as such. All candidates are supposed to be fluent in English, why not a debate in English for all? Shame on all that were involved in this.

  9. UMike says:

    Wow, BIG SURPRISE! Everyday I’m treated like a second-class citizen in the COUNTRY IN WHICH I WAS BORN, by rude, nasty, Spanish-only speaking people. I went to Publix the other day, and the entire transaction was done in Spanish…when I tried to explain to the rude cashier that I do not speak fluent Spanish, she smirked at me….WELCOME TO SOUTH AMERICA, FOLKS.
    And, the majority of these people disrespect MY COUNTRY’S TRADITIONS and my country in general…it’s totally deplorable! However, say anything about it, and right away they pull out the “racist” card….!!
    I can’t wait to get the h*ll out of this city and move back to the USA…this ONLY HAPPENS IN MIAMI…..and, it’s going to get worse…the majority of the Latin people are disrespectful morons……..they don’t have to speak Engiish to survive in Miami….they have stations like Univision, etc. where all their Latin-only cultures remain intact, while they continue to disprect this country and its traditions and culture…..anything “American” is long gone from Miami.

    1. Cesar M. Gonzalez says:

      Not ALL Latins are the same…..My children were born in California and they are GREATLY OFFENDED when Spanish is spoken to them without anyone asking if they even speak it….Especially our youngest daughter who speaks no Spanish, and sometimes gets GLARES from the dark-skinned NATIVES of South and Central Americans who marvel at our white fair-skinned Spanish-blooded children…..So you see Mike, BIGOTRY even exists among one HISPANIC to the next, even though there is no such thing as a HISPANIC in the real sense….
      People of dark Central American skin, are NOT FOND of WHITE CUBANS and VICE VERSA……That is yet another mess ! ! !
      AND…….Now you have PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS changing the name of some of its stores to PUBLIX SABOR ! ! ! IT’S ALL FOR THE LOVE OF $ $ $ $

      1. Jane Doe says:

        I agree with you. It is nice to read your posts.

      2. Scorp says:

        Cesar M Gonzalez get over yourself, marveled at your white Cuban kids really? there are plenty of white south Americans, do black and mulatto Cuban also marvel at your kids whiteness? there is more of a chance that your blood lines has black in it than south Americans especially if you’re Cuban, Cuba has millions of blacks and mulattoes, how come you don’t talk about that? That’s why even the so called white Cubans that you see have them big ol buts and thighs, were do you think they got those things. Please stop acting as if white Cubans are so pure, Germans you are not.

      3. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

        Cesar, YOU ARE very CORRECT!!!

      4. chrissmith says:

        I also agree with you, Cesar M. Gonzalez. My sister-in-law, who is Hispanic, asked two male Hispanics the other day to please move their car as it was blocking hers. One said to her, “Ask me in Spanish” and wouldn’t move it until she did. She is a 3rd generation American and barely speaks Spanish. For some reason, he felt that because she looked Hispanic, she was disrespecting him by not speaking Spanish. This occurred in Los Angeles where Spanish is the de facto official language.

      5. 2-late=2-matter says:

        @Cesar & @ UMike:

        Here in AZ the Spanish-speaking food store of choice is Food City, not Publix Sabor. So far.

        Perhaps tomorrow it will become Ciudad de Comida (?)

  10. Randy says:

    Not to sound racist but who gave permission to change the name of Our race?We chose White being so spread so far and wide.I refuse to be a Non-person.

  11. yeminmoshe says:

    This is extremely wrong. We are in America and the (main) spoken language is
    English, wether you want it or not. Enough repeating that the cubans built Miami. We all know this is not truth. Proceeds from drugs did!
    Don’t let the bad examples of Miriam Alonso (who once said no anglo could touch her) and Natasha Seijas rule your life. Those were extremely arrogant people that met their expected fate.

  12. Marco Cruz says:

    Lengthy response did not post –

    Bottom line is let’s host a few honest forums where candidates of questionable character are not allowed – we will use their indicator as disqualifying – they who raised the most money are not allowed due to suspension of why they received the money –

    Folks the power is in your hands to make these bribes turn into big losses – if you vote anyone of the bribe takers you have lost

  13. Marco Cruz says:

    IAnyone that is taken bribes before an election is up to no good – Make the corrupt special interest bribers lose their investment – Don’t vote for bribes –

    And most hosting forums without dishonest candidates can help vlean up the halls of the county

  14. Marco Cruz says:

    Marcelo Llorente has been guiding our state for 10 years,
    Look around how did he do?
    No guessing needed here, look at his results.

    Carlos Gimenez has been a commissioner for 7 years
    He was the City Manager before that.
    Look around how has he been doing?
    No guessing needed here, look at his results.

    Julio A. Robaina for those that have been in isolation since 2005
    Take a look at Hialeah. This joker has ran the city into the ground.
    No guessing here, look at his results.

    The big bribe gang
    MD Triplets
    Mediocre triads for the choosing
    hyper tridimensional campaign
    Cuban Triangle of Miami
    Trouble in Triplicate
    trilogy of dispair
    Status Quo Trio
    Miami Thrice
    menage a trois

    The beauty of the Khavari plan is that it allows people to have more disposable income, own their home in a much shorter amount of time, to be able to live in that home without property taxes or high energy costs, to be able to acquire personal financial security, to experience an overall reduction in the cost of living, have a secured job, have more family time and to retire at an earlier age.

  15. Recallmaster says:

    That is the reason I love Miami, it is so close to the United States. Go Luke!

  16. Phil Landers says:

    What have I been saying all along? Huh? WHAT HAVE I BEEN SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. soren says:

    I’m opposed to this debate(but don’t fault any of the candidates for agreeing to show up), but I think it’s hilarious that the guy complaining was late for the last debate.

  18. Roger Sunderlin says:

    soon it will be press 2 for english

    1. Joe says:

      Here in Miami you press 3…number 2 is for Creole.

  19. Denan Prince says:

    FIU and Univision are representative of the new institutional bigots. They are monied, elitist and racist. And our PC-whipped society allows them to get away with it.

    Welcome to the future of America.

  20. Marco Cruz says:

    No candidate – Other than Khavari has said anything about stopping unlawful abusive foreclosure process in the county.

  21. Rowdy Boots says:









    1. Jane D says:

      Rowdy Boots now you know what me and my family felt growing up in the segrated south. It is not a good feeling is it Rowdy Boots. Ebony Magazine and the NAACP was created back in those days just because of the ingnorance in beginning of the NEW America. Don’t forget Uncle Sam “took” our tax dollars too. Let’s not forget that a lot a Blacks, Native American and Latin American die fighting for the freedom of this country that you enjoys. This no racism these are the facts.

  22. Rob Johnson says:

    I find it interesting that they openly admit they are not racist but that only money talks. IF you got lots money- WELCOME! Shoo poor people shoo! lol

    They seriously, think that is a good defence for their little racist convention?

  23. V says:

    Incorrect; the United States has no official language. Look it up!

    1. Gotero says:

      What do you expect from a Government School education.

    2. Mister says:


      SECTION 9. English is the official language of Florida.
      (a) English is the official language of the State of Florida.
      (b) The legislature shall have the power to enforce this section by appropriate legislation.History.

      —Proposed by Initiative Petition filed with the Secretary of State August 8, 1988; adopted 1988.

  24. Lilith says:

    I live in Virginia. You got Cubans……we got Mexicans. Our school system is Western Va. will soon be more Hispanic than white. It already is in certain localities of the state.

    1. Joe says:

      Yeah, but Cubans are one of the most succesfull immigrants that came to this country…more than you rednecks.

      1. observerfromupnorth says:

        I happen to believe that the Jewish immigrants of this country are not only the most productive, but honest, straight forward Americans we have.

  25. Matador says:

    I’m Hispanic and can not believe FIU left uncle Luke out!!! I was right when I decided to pay more and go to the University of Miami instead of FIU Community College!

    FIU = For Idiots and Uneducated….Few “Ingles” Understood!

  26. Mike BYrnes says:

    It’s apparent that we’ve become a “THIRD WORLD” country. Stuff like this and Democrates stealing elections. No proof of citizenship to vote, etc. I’m glad I’m nearly 73 years old-but I fear for my grand children and their offspring. What kind od country will we leave them. Very Scarry

    1. Truth says:

      Don’t blame Hispanics! Blame all those drug addict baby boomers in Washington. They are the ones who bankrupted this country!

      Blaming Hispanics for the problems of this country, is like Hitler blaming the Jews for Germany’s economic downturn in th 1930s

      1. bigbiz2 says:

        …this country being overun by Mexicans is the biggest problem this country has ever faced.But its not their fault..they are what they are :foriegners AKA not Americans.It’s the American politicians and Mexican American self interest groups that have allowed this to happen

      2. Gotero says:

        BigBiz what tribe are you from Seminole or Apache.

    2. bigbiz2 says:

      Im with you brother ….my 1 year old grandaughter is going to be a slave to these people

  27. Thomas says:

    Why is anyone surprised with this? This is how these people are! Their definition of “diversity”is all hispanic, to the exclusion of all others. Here in California, we see it everyday with the illegal invading hispanics from mexico. These people do not want to be Americans,they want to be occupiers!

    1. Chris says:

      You did it to the Native Americans and now we do it to you…calm down! It’s just a cycle of life!

      1. Disprono says:

        Silly little Chris…

        The difference is that the Native Americans didn’t have 200 million citizens armed at a rate of better than 2:1 for every man, woman and child…


      2. Larry Lane says:

        We can play cowboys and Mexicans if you want. YOU didn’t do jack, and YOU are not Native American, and even THEY came here from someplace else, so if you want war, you got one

  28. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Maybe white, black and Asian students should hold non inclusive meetings based on race not letting the Hispanics take part?

    1. John says:

      That adds up to around 20 students at FIU.

  29. me says:

    Old Cubans are not racist, most of them had black housemaids back in Cuba!

  30. bserius says:

    where is Eric Bloeme of Media Matters on this

  31. Chloe says:

    Racist and exclusionary. How would the hispanics behave if the shoe was on the other foot?

  32. Jean Deux says:

    remember americans, Viva la raza! for the race everything, outside the race, nothing!
    thing will be very different when mexicans take over.

  33. El Goyo says:

    FIU admin knows where to put their political flag for their best interest. Welcome to the future! Or should I say- Beinvenidos, Gringos!

  34. BruceInDenver says:

    This is what happens when you have widespread violation of immigration law. Our immigration law includes quotas, by design. A quota limits the overall number of any specific group so that they can’t form enclaves like this that are a recreation of their home country in a small area. A quota forces immigrants to assimilate. As a nation of immigrants, we need at least a majority of them to assimilate, or we’ll lose our national character.

  35. pnyrbcan says:

    Question: Can the hispanic candidates reveal who was endorsing them and how much? Also, how much did Univision contribute? By asking these, the motives will truly unravel. Univision not commenting on the criticism is cowardly.

  36. Larry Lane says:

    FIU should be forced to host an “English Only” debate with no Latino candidates allowed to participate.

  37. Lou M. D. says:

    I live in Miami-Dade. I was born here. I am Hispanic (not Cuban. Not all Hispanics are Cubans). I love are diversity, which includes Anglo and African-Americans. But this action by the Chamber and UNIVISION, perpetuates the “Spanish only – you – don’t need English” mentality. Have the debate in ENGLISH, with Spanish translation. Hey, how about our Haitian-American citizens. Solution, let’s learn English, but include everyone. GO USA!

  38. Ramon says:

    USA is becoming Spanish. Get use to it, amigos! We are flexing our political arms and reaching out to a growing population. One that will dominate once the government deals with immigration problems.

    1. Joe,NJ says:

      @Ramón: What Latin American country would you like the US of A to become like? Necesitas sesos in la cabeza.

  39. bigbiz2 says:

    They are like the President (Mexicans and Cubans and Puerto Ricans) …no shame and no regard for what other Americans think..but are the first to cry discrimination

    1. AmShank says:

      Puerto Rico is part of the US.

  40. cydthesquid says:

    Try to have a whites-only event, and see what happens…

  41. Yeah Right says:

    Just imagine the outcry if it was a Caucasian only debate. I am sick and tired of only white people having to be politically correct in America. White people take note we are being systematically bred out of our country and no one is willing to do a thing about it.

    1. Matador says:

      but you already have those Caucasian only meetings…the ones where you wear that white hood you have on right now!

  42. Gotero says:

    There has long been friction between Cubans and American Blacks because Cuban Balcks and Whites consider each other as Cuban not African American & Whites.

  43. Sojourner Wells says:

    This is a perfect example of why it is absolutely ludicrous for African Americans to make any coalitions with any group of “hispanics.” These invaders did not build this country, and have no vested interest in honoring, maintaining, respecting or promoting our history, culture nor heritage. They come here to sop up the gravy, to use their contrived collective phony identity to seize political power with the intent to transfer American wealth to their La Raza and their native nations. They are hostile to indigenous Americans, be they black or white. They have no history here, which makes them permanent disgruntled outsiders. They are basically peasant stock that have somehow convinced themselves that they should immediately be part of American leadership while they illegally invade our nation, despite the fact that they refuse to speak English like the rest of the people who have immigrated to this great nation.

    Black Americans wake up! Stop allowing paid Judas goat politicians like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Tavis Smiley, and the treasonous Democrat Party to promote outrageous “black/brown” political merging. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS KILLING BLACK AMERICA! So-called “Hispanics” are attempting to build a parasitic relationship with Black America. They intend to consume Black America’s aspirations, advancement, and legitimacy in their unattainable goal to become a dominant force in American politics. Black Americans have a history to protect and promote. This nation was built upon the backs of Black labor. The story of this nation cannot be told without recognition of the issues of and contributions of Black Americans all the way back to before the Revolutionary War. African Americans contributions to the US as inventors, as tireless workers, to music, dance, entertainment and sports.are critical to the foundation of this nation as a political entity and to the development of our cultural profile. So-called “Hispanics” have no such legacy. Their relationship to African Americans is wrought with eternal jealousy, and clandestine manipulative machinations.

    African Americans should not be deceived by revenge political strategies.
    Black Americans have more in common with the Anglo/Saxon white Protestant than they do with these irrational Spanish-speaking newcomers. African Americans have the white Protestant’s name, blood and DNA. We share a common history in founding this nation, and practice a common Christian culture. Again, Black Americans wake up and join other American patriots in defending our nation from these usurpers and the treasonous politicians that support them!

    1. Moises says:

      Interesting. While I agree with some of your points, let me tell you a story. In the year 1971 a nine year old boy immigrated to the United States of America form Cuba. You see, his father was not in agreement with the new government that took power in 1959. For that he was give three years of hard labor, one of the proudest day of his life was when he became a US Citizen. When the plane landed in Miami International Airport my mother kissed the ground, we were now free and thankful that the US had give us that opportunity. The young boy attended school learned English, and after High School joined the United States Navy and served for twenty four years. You see some Cubans came here for a better life and to intergrate into the fabric of american society. So while I agree that a lot of hispanics come here with attitudes, some of us came here to become Americans and melt into American society. By the way my son who was born here has been educated to undestand that he is an American.

    2. welldone says:

      Best comment ever. Correct and accurate facts. Well done.

    3. abrown says:

      i could not agree with you anymore–excellent. And to think that I voted for Obama, one of the biggest mistakes I”e made. Thisi man stands on the White House lawn with the president of Mexico and declares the AZ law racial profiling… I have met more racist hispanics than i can think of. The Europeans are closing their doors to immigrants because they dont want to assimilate–sounds familiar? I guess the Bible is right, the United States is not even mentioned , I wonder why?

    4. rodriquez says:

      Spain landed and settled in the North American continent long before the Mayflower and long, long before an african slave set foot on this continent. You need a remedial history course. But I mean that in the most historically correct way. 😉

      1. Sojourner Wells says:

        To Rodriquez
        People like you delude yourselves with half truths and irrelevant information in order to legitimatize your irrational thought and illegal, albeit criminal behavior that is tearing at the fabric of our nation. So Spaniards came to our part of the world before the Mayflower, what has that got to do with you? Spaniards colonized the native inhabitants south of our borders. This is why people from those regions speak Spanish today. You speak the language of the people who DEFEATED your ancestors. You are not the colonizer! So whether Ponce De Leon was in Florida or Christopher Columbus was here before the Mayflower landed on our shores, has absolutely nothing to do with you Rodriquez. It gives you no inherited right to illegally invade our sovereign nation. It was English-speaking Anglo/Saxon Protestants that founded the early colonies that eventually led to the founding of the United States of America. Spanish-speaking peoples did not create the laws, economic, cultural and religious systems of the US. You need a reality check and an attitude adjustment. Do you think you people can create your own special version of history, and use it as a pretext to invade and hijack the most powerful nation on earth, and get away with it? You are self-deluded.

  44. Matt says:

    These people come here for a safe place to live and raise their children, but the joke is on them when the United States of America will cease to exist in their lifetimes. It will be torn apart in civil war because of the “tolerance” they screamed for to make all languages and cultures equitable; they’re not. The United States has a superior culture with a declared unifying language to create the equality and opportunity for all citizens. Shamefully, we’ve allowed Perez Hilton and Eva Longoria to demoralize us all with their offense and take away the nation with rhetoric. Immigrants who come here but glorify “their” language, “their culture and ‘their” country over that of the only one that they would ever want to live in (the USA) will leave them with a depressed, dying society like that from which they came. Lucky for some of us we saw the vibrant America we once had. The rest of these people don’t deserve it and sadly for them, will not have it. The arrogance of people that come here (and even those born here) that forever drape their shoulder with the flag of a foreign nation; with allegiance to that land, will leave the United States of America with no one her left to defend her.

  45. Al Phresceaux says:

    So the qualification for Mayor is how much money you have, not ability or experience.

  46. John Q. says:

    Lets say I buy into that ethnic heritage had nothing to do with it all. The point that big money was the deciding factor is just as pathetic and shows what really controls and drives elections in this country. Tow the Party line, or no money, giving people little choice in whom to vote for. Sad situation.

    1. pnyrbcan says:

      i totally agree. if we expose the financial transactions, see where the money goes and where the money came from (UNIVISION) this just tells us where the motives are!

  47. jnsesq says:

    Remember: Only white males can be racist. It’s Liberal law.

  48. DadeGuy says:

    I’m embarrassed as a naturalized American citizen born in Cuba that this level of exclusion is being permitted in this important election. We should be encouraging inclusion at this time. The last thing this county needs is further division along ethnic lines.

  49. Pat says:

    Yeah, everybody is outraged. So what? Nothing will be done, but you can enjoy being angry. For while. pretty soon you won’t bother with even that.

  50. mexcremento says:

    yet another step towards becoming a mudrace filled third world toilet

  51. William Ockham says:

    The future is now America.

  52. David Fleitas-Velez says:

    Really Luke? Cuban-Only? How long have you lived in south Florida? do you not realize there are Spanisg speakers from every corner of the globe here in Miami? Should have hired a translator instead of complaining. Or learned Spanish from all the mamacitas you know…lol

  53. AmShank says:

    Would the last person to leave Florida, please take down the flag.


    1. Matador says:

      We’ll Fedex it to you!

  54. Americans4America says:

    I’m not saying I agree with this, but how is this different from the NAACP? They hold BLACKS ONLY forums all the time.

    If WE, AMERICA, are funding this, yes, we have every right to penalize them; but if we’re not, then like most comments suggest, money talks.

  55. itsalwaysthesametroublemakers says:

    In the United States the excepted language of the land is English. I know many people of hispanic decent find this to be intolerable, but English is also the language of business and diplomacy around the world. This event is clearly unacceptable and panders to hispanics. It is the responsibility of non-English speaking people to learn English in this country. It is not the responsibility of anyone to learn Spanish in this country. If being here is so important and urgent, that people will risk it all to be here, then acclimate yourself fully to this country and its language. This is not a hispanic country and contrary to popular belief, never will be. English will continue to be the language of country. Simply put, learn it or perhaps find another place to live. I’m sure your home country would be very happy to have you back.

  56. Mike says:

    The most racist people on the planet are non whites. Especially in this country.

    1. Joe says:

      I see you haven’t been to Davie, FL!

  57. Congress Works For Us says:

    So, the media now blatantly accepts that you can only be elected if you’ve gotten enough idiots to contribute to your campaign.

    I guess all our politicians are for sale after all…

  58. Pat says:

    Someone is confusing what is actually happening. If the debate was promoted as, formed as, or if it is run as a “spanish-speaking only” event, then the organizers and the university is in the wrong. If the debate has always been for the top fundraisers (not a recent clarification) and if the event will support english as well as spanish, then the people attacking the event are using race and are in the wrong – if not actually racist.

  59. Fabius Buras says:

    If this was a white-only event, there would be some federal investigation, but because it’s Miami – home of the cuban/hispanic invasion, it’s all of a sudden fine for a state run university to host an event that excludes non-English speaking (whites/blacks, pretty much American’s) from the event. I do believe that in the near future, blacks will become even a more greater minority and hispanics will become the majority and overrun political events such as this. The race (no pun intended) is on!

  60. Juan says:

    If they were having a hispanic only rooster fight match this might be understandable but this is unacceptable.

  61. Davidsd says:

    It’s not a coincidence that the US economy started getting bad when millions of Hispanics flooded across the border. Hispanics are leeches. White countries are more prosperous because white people are smarter, harder working, and don’t shoot out kids like a Pez dispenser. All Latin American countries are hellholes because Hispanics are lazy, stupid, and don’t care about laws.

  62. jackbenimble says:

    In a couple of decades Hispanics are going to be the majority. I think white people will be OK for a few decades after that because they will still control most of the wealth and will continue to be better educated. But blacks are going to be longing for the good ‘ol days when the whites were running the show because whites are not even a quarter as racist as Hispanics. In Los Angeles, the blacks are getting ethnic cleansed out of Watts which is a historic black neighborhood. Blacks can expect that treatment everywhere and this debate episode was just a small sample.

    1. Matador says:

      Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X just broke out their graves and the’re heading your way!

  63. Rose says:

    If this “Hispanic only” Mayoral debate was paid for with public funds then I would think a lawsuit would be appropriate.

  64. Walt says:

    “I was appalled,” said Luther Campbell, a former rap star and AFRICAN AMERICAN candidate for mayor. “The university is having a Cuban-only forum, which is wrong to the students, because the students are from all different races and all different cultures….”

    HA! Welcome to what it feels like to be white!

  65. Joe,NJ says:

    Another reason why the voting age should be raised back to 21 years

  66. JJJackson says:

    Oh, now I understand Drudge linked it!

    Yeah, this isn’t Obama’s America.

    Most Cubans vote lock-in-step with the Republican-Corporate Establishment.

    If only these Drudge idiots knew.

  67. dam says:

    Yet another university my children won’t be attending.

  68. Karen says:

    Just wondering why so few people know about this event. Yahoo news keep topics that they deem important on for days sometimes…How come this article was up for such a short time?

  69. Joe says:

    Can you just imagine the screaming from the Left if an “all white” debate was proposed?

  70. Terry Knows Moore says:

    Check their ID’s make them prove they are Americans and donot allow any language but english on federal funded American tax payer property, these are nasty people who think they own this country just by collecying foos stamps and get free college educations…with out the honor of being a citizen…throw them in jail,period. Americans donot act this way………..only the communist act this way.

  71. Mark Matis says:

    Thank your local pigs for enabling this swill. May they rot where they belong for what they have done to this country!

  72. John C says:

    If you limit the playing field, you can’t expect the game to be fair or unbiased.

  73. Matador says:

    listen, If you don’t like Miami because is not Anglo-Saxon enough, then leave! Tell you what! Give us South Florida and you take the rest of the country! I know the U.S. map would look circumcised (Jewish people you can stay) but at least you won’t be forced to come and live down here because we’ll make sure you only get a 2 week visa!

    1. KansasGirl says:

      Pray tell Matador, why should we “give” you Florida? See how well you live without the taxpayers from across America helping support your little state.

  74. Daniel Kreig says:

    Great event! When is the Whites Only Event?

    Oh, wait…that would be “waccist”

    You just have to love the hypocrisy!

  75. Mannie says:

    Can we have events and exclude Hispanics, then?

    FIU needs to lose government funds.

  76. Philster says:

    The story says that the participants were chosen based on their fundraising- but the story did not include the amount each candidate had raised. Since “Luther Campbell, a former rap star and African American candidate for mayor” seems to be the only one complaining, the story should have included how much he raised, and compared it to the amounts the included candidates have raised.

    Racial tensions in Miami are high. This story seems to leave out the funding numbers just to fan the flames.

  77. TimothyMacAren says:

    “Whites” are so wrong that hurts; they whine and whine and whine, because they are lazy, envious and abusive. The focus this blog has converted to, is racism, once again: “whites” complain of… not being able to squeeze minorities as they did it for centuries if not for millenniums, that is the real focus here.
    We must take responsibilities for our acts!
    We have invaded, exploited and raped every neighbor except Canada, since we came to America! Somebody someday have to pay for it, sooner or later!
    Just during the Cold War alone, we killed directly or indirectly hundred of thousands of Latin-Americans, tortured directly or indirectly other millions, set and destroyed their politics and politicians at will, and squeezed directly or indirectly billions if not trillions of dollars from them, through Acme Bananas or Chocolate Cola or GE Electronics, or Citidice Bank, when not shamelessly straight away through the CIA, and the shirt covering our loin that cost us $5 was obtained thorough maquiladoras paid 35 cents the hour and used as sex slaves at will. So now, we complain that we are not invited to meetings where if we were the politics at discussion would turn to as this blog has: about stupidity, about racism and about division, division and more division. As a matter of fact, the African-American used to trumpet the complain is also used, as a splinter.
    Grow up! If they want to bunch up together, let them do it! Where is our dignity and self respect??? If they feel they need it, is because we have not invited them to join us, after all. And is not just that: count how many here no farther, are just plain envious of these Hispanics’ semi-success.
    Where is the sense of fairness and respect for society that our Forefathers impressed in our Constitution? Please, let the land be for “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as our Declaration specified. Or are you a nasty infiltrated foreign spy torpedoing our Republic down?

    1. Animal farm says:

      So you are saying two wrongs make a right? What you historically described is not entirely accurate however, I for one was not raised to hate or to disciminate, like most caucasions who are condiioned and taught to be tolerant and love all races and basically filled with ‘white guilt’ Yet other races who claim to have suffered under discrimination and yet practice it, teach their kids to hate the white man always holding up the race card. Very frustrating.

  78. Juanito says:

    Cubans think they are white spaniards haha, the Spanish can’t stand cubans, they hate and look dow on cubans,cubans have no identity, they saythey are cuban spaniard haha, make up your mind you have no country no identity, start idetfying yourself as cubans not spaniards, every country colonized by spaniards have spanish blood you idiots! but we say we are form the country our parents are from!!!, oh by the way 65 % of cuban population is black lol., you come to this country and get citzenship, medicare welfare handed to you as soon as you arrive, you dont have to work hard like real immigrants of this country

  79. Jason Burnstein says:

    This is just another version of Barry Obama’s racist and exclusionary tactics.

  80. TimothyMacAren says:

    Hey, where is your sense of Americanism
    You deleted my comment, why?
    You do not let my opinion be known? Is it against your interests perhaps?
    Do not we live in the land of “freedom of expression”?
    Do not we live in the land of “democracy”?
    Why CBSlocal let racists spew their bile here in your blog at will and silence me out?
    Then, you complain through your article about Hispanics gathering and not inviting you in. Figures.

  81. Joseph says:

    Obama lies and people die.

  82. James says:

    This is silly.
    This is a debate in the Spanish language, that is far different from saying it is a “race” issue.
    Not all people classified as Hispanic speak Spanish.
    People of all races speak Spanish. Many Miami Cubans are fully European and white. A large number are of Black African descent.
    This is the same as if there were a French language debate in Canada or a debate in Navajo in Arizona.
    Now multilingualism is an issue, and there are strong arguments for having a common language. But calling this a “Hispanic Only Debate” is a mistake.

  83. Nohn says:

    The goverment biz should not be conducted in spanish. If you have the right to vote then you must speak english to be a citizen. They want to take over here because they dont have a homeland. Go home fight for cuba and dont treat us like how casstro treat you all!!

  84. john says:

    Miami……..what a joke of Hispanic dominance. I live in Florida, travel for a living. I do not go to Miami, as most reps. This is a third world country.

  85. Poorrichard says:

    Blacks are far more racist than Hispanics. They express their racial hatred daily though every kind of media and no one cares. Eric Holder is a huge racist.

  86. West Houston says:

    I speak Spanish fluently and have lived in South America where I spoke Spanish exclusively unless it was to English speaking clients or friends. I can speak Spanish to the workers in Subways (etc) but I DON”T HAVE TO!.
    I spoke the language in use where I lived, I expect the same from them.
    I expect this most especially since I was a LEGAL resident in their countries.
    And THEY ARE NOT in mine!

  87. Ursus Indomitus says:

    U.S. colleges have been turned into propaganda camps by Frankfurt School indoctrinated teachers and professors.

  88. mary says:

    BLAck female here frm nyc. Black america pls listen…do not vote for any DEMocrat again….PLS….we wont be able to get any job soon lest we BI_Lingual!!! ON our ancestors backs!!! any politician who grants benefits to foreign nationals must be voted out of office,,, our parents would do so in a second….PLS

  89. IraqVet says:

    Maybe we can get Eric “the Red” Holder and the might of DoJ to do to FIU what they did to the Black Panthers….that’s right, nothing.

    The real race haters and baters are academia and politicians…

  90. Jose says:

    As if Luther Campbel had a chance. He needs to get back to more productive things like signig Hey We Want Some P**** at a reunion tour or better yet paying some players to play ball at the U!

  91. Eric says:

    Interesting how they are cannibalizing themselves.

  92. Gary Chambers says:

    Would Luther be as upset if it were an all African-american debate/forum? Doubtful.

  93. Gene says:

    Really? I was born and raised here long before you were and Miami is a now a cesspool, when it was once a paradise.

  94. joe says:

    get ready for the civil war coming to america because of the liberal progressive open border policies that have hollowed out any dominate culture that a nation needs to stay united.

  95. cuttingboard says:

    Yes this should be read by someone on the House floor. Maybe a member of Congressional Black Caucus? You know the organization for blacks only?

  96. aaayron says:

    Cubans have been running the show here in Dade County for a long time. I was born in Miami and I can remember back when I was a kid, getting dirty looks from Cubans because I did not speak spanish. Like I am the immigrant. The most corrupt race of people on the Planet. This is why Miami is the National ground zero for Medicare fraud. They find a way to exploit any and every system. Miami is a banana Republic.

  97. Zeb says:

    What FOOLS the white man was in America to give up their very successful and prosperous dominance and culture and its hard-fought prosperity for political correctness and the whining of those so-called ‘minorities’ whose real aim was and is to take over America themselves and who are in the process of doing it today

    Our forefathers would be shocked at the outrageous and UTTER FOOLISHNESS that this generation of leftist-influenced and propagandized timid Anglo-Americans has engaged in and so foolishly done to itself.

  98. catllers says:

    It appears our divider and chief is accomplishing his agenda in “transforming America” united we stand, divided we fall. We are Americans let’s start acting like it, we have trouble coming ppl, high gas, high food, decrease in our currency value (due to the QE1,2) we have 2yr or more waiting list for LEGAL immigration, our education system is indoctriniating our kids to be radical communist/marxist/progressives, unemployment STILL at 9%, housing decline, our southern borders are being terrorized by drug/human smugglers, the killing is out of control. We are giving money to countries that want to kill us (man, woman, and child) educate on American history, educate on why we are able to live as immigrants in a peaceful society. America is great, because she is good.

  99. Kenny West says:

    My son tried to play soccer with a bunch of Hispanic kids – they told him he couldn’t play because he was white – and Americans get called racist?

  100. Cjt says:

    Seriously, as a white late-coming multilingual guy and a phd in English lit the hysteria of monolingual white USAmericans over language is lovely. The only aspect of Florida I like is that Miami is my gateway to the Caribbean and the other Anericas. That’s something to embrace, not sue over. English isn’t a state language, and what is happening here is no different than the de facto monolingualism elsewhere. Instead of decrying Hispanic racism (what?), you might think about enjoying the idea that your nation is so democratic that it opens itself to a multiplicity of tongues. Maybe the essence of democracy is translation. At the very least, don’t deride the intellect of people who are frequently trilingual at least, ok?

  101. Cjt says:

    Matador, I’m loving what you’re throwing down.

  102. steve says:

    Okay, I’m a little fuzzy on this…
    If one has to speak English to become a US Citizen (according to USCIS)…
    And only citizens can vote…
    Why do we have ballots and speeches in other languages???

  103. deroy says:

    close down FIU as a racist operation.
    Besides nobody learns anything at this useless former school.

  104. Glad I dont have children says:

    I think it is telling that every racial group with the exceotions of caucasions are allowed to have their own group, clubs , university, caucusus, meetings, celebration day, etc, but caucasions are not allowed to show pride in their culture or otherwise congregate as a group that is ‘white’ . God forbid this had been a whites only meeting. Political Correctness is smothering caucasions who have tried to help those who are now stepping on them. Those people that claim to be victimized by discrimination are becoming the discriminators.
    Animal Farm here we come.
    Reverse racism is here and their is no one to speak up for us now. Especially those sitting in their ivory towers in Washington D,C

  105. Guess Who says:

    ALL spix should be deported. There’s no such thing as a legal one. We Americans never got to vote on our own displacement by greasy savages.

  106. KansasGirl says:

    I thinks it’s hilarious that Roosevelt Bradley finds the debate “polarizing and divisive”. Has he not heard of the “black studion unions”, “black history month”, the “black congressional caucus”, the NAACP, the “black Miss America”, the “black panthers”. Welcome to diversity Roosevelt. LOL

  107. York melody says:

    When you let semites run your country this is the result. 14 words my friends. Learn what the 14 words are. Learn why they are important to you and especially your children. Turn off your TV and learn and you will see I am right.

  108. AZ_Minuteman says:

    RETROACTIVE revocation of birthright citizenship and authority for CITIZENS ARREST of ILLEGAL ALIENS is the first step towards TAKING BACK our country from these so called ‘hispanics’!!!

    Enough is enough!!!

    What if white people had a whites only event!!

  109. R. Hy says:

    Only in Miami can this foolishness happen…..F.I.U shame on You, now that you look stupid you won’t to say sorry. Florida we need a whole new Government, they all suck!!!

  110. Mastermind says:

    Yeah! It’s true the Hispanic communities don’t care to speak about it! But, often times they let something like this debate thing slip into the public eye. Someone, must have forgotten to mention keep this whole mayorale thing on the double down LOW! But, yeah, it’s true they are racist to an extent and they do have a limit to who they will be racial against! It’s the really Caucasian Spanish ones and the ones who are
    almost Caucasian enough to look Caucasian who are racial in Miami! There really tricky, never will they admit it but it’s true there racial even towards their own people!
    For all you Americans out there who have never been to any of thier Spanish countries this is nothing new! Racisim is often prevalent in their home countries which often leads to class separation systems, then poverty stricken areas of their homeland! Finally, the parts of the country become so poverty stricken without opportunity that they abandon there country and come here(USA)! There are so many of them here inevitably the whole process starts all over again! Hialeah being the new poverty stricken area of there new home country! With the other city’s doral, Kendall etc. Claiming upper class rankings amongst there representative groups!
    Of course they’ll never admit to it; however, that’s the secret they will always keep!

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