FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – The Department of Children and Families continues to investigate a strange domestic case where a mother abandoned her two young children at Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue headquarters.

According to police, an upset mother who had just had a fight with her husband dropped off her 1-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy at the fire station located at 528 NW 2nd Street on Tuesday afternoon around 4 p.m.

Police found the father and he was allowed to leave the station with both of his kids who were healthy and uninjured.

“Clearly we are in the early stages of the investigation.  Our main concern is the safety of the kids and they are safe with their father at this point,” says DCF spokesman Mark Riordan.

Riordan added that neither the father nor the mother has a history with DCF.  But the mother’s parental rights could be affected depending on the outcome of the investigation which will take at least 60 days.

Florida’s Safe Haven law only applies to children up to 7-days old who show no signs of abuse. Abandoning a child after day 7 automatically triggers an abandonment child abuse investigation under state law.

“The intention of the law was to save babies from being abandoned and a sure death and that was happening in great numbers in Florida,” says Nick Silverio the founder of Safe Haven.

There are no plans to expand the law.

Silverio said, “It’s not feasible and we don’t want to encourage people to give up their kids when they’re having a bad day.  We think if they get the help they need they will keep their child.”

Police are not releasing the names of the mother or father to protect the identities of the toddlers.

Comments (34)
  1. BVC says:

    IF DCF officials would had acted as quick with Barahona’s kids like they did with this case, maybe Nubia would had been alive.

    1. christdaughter says:

      I agree BVC, DCF should be charged for negligence!

  2. Elsie says:

    I agree with DCF, although her actions were wrong and she should get some sort of punishment/counseling, I’m glad this lady didn’t hurt her kids physically.

    1. Shay says:

      Elsie is right, some of the measures some parents have taken like killing or black market selling is just wrong. This mother though she was wrong did a good thing and she needs some type of counseling or parent classing

      1. Dexteronius says:

        I agree, they mentioned they dont want to encourage anyone who is having a bad day, well they can deter that by making it extremely difficult to get the kids back, if parents who are having a hard time and cant deal with the kids dropped them off at police or fire staion or hospital, think a lot of the toddlers would still be alive, these kids are still alive, and they sound like they havent been beaten or injured, so in her case, she did the right thing before she hurt them, not after they were found dead…

  3. Shay says:

    I think this should be acceptable because at least they are UNHARMED and ALIVE!

  4. TX says:

    As a mother of twins I know at times it can be very difficult, but those are your children if you can’t handle them then don’t get pregnant. There are many birth control options out there. These poor kids grow up and they continue the same cycle over and over again. There is no excuse for what she did, yes I know the kids were safe, but what will happen next time she can’t handle them?

    1. jb says:

      i agree with you 100%. If you’re havig a tough time with one, don’t have a 2nd. Two were enough for me. However, until you have at least your first, you have no idea what you can/cannot handle. Nothing prepares you for the demands of parenting (specificailly motherhood). Nothing.

      1. LauraB68 says:

        I could not agree with you more. I have 2, and although I love them more than I could ever express, there are times they exceed the limit of my patience lol.
        This is why they invented babysitters. If you are feeling overwhelmed (and believe you me, we all get there every now and then) and you know that you at that moment could be a danger to your kids, send them next door, call your sister, call the babysitter, call the grandparents or just a close trusted friend and get out of the house for a few hours to collect yourself.
        While I don’t agree with the decision to leave them at the fire department, it’s better than to keep them with you when your nerves are frazzled and you risk harming them due to temporary insanity of being a mom!

      2. Denice says:

        I raised 3 children. It is EXTREMELY hard to do at times. What I dont see here is both sides to the story. Was she getting any help from the father of these children? It takes two to make these children and when you are overwhelmed, it is best to leave your children with someone rather than harm them. Perhaps the mom needs mental help and did not know what else to do. It is a very hard job to be a parent. Here in NY there was a story just last week about a mother who killed herself and 3 young children because she could not cope and was being harrassed by the father of the kids. It is not an easy job by any means.

      3. retphxfire says:

        Again, you, too, are making some huge assumptions. Perhaps she had little difficulty after the birth of the first child, perhaps the second birth triggered a crisis. So you didn’t have a breakdown, great. You’re mother of the year, fantastic. This young mother didn’t become another statistic, she reacted in an obvioulsy unsettled situration by looking for the safest situation she could think of for her children. I can tell you from experience, I’d rather have the babies dropped off at a fire station, regardless of their age, then to have to respond later for a much worse situation.

    2. retphxfire says:

      Many parents have no idea how they will react before the children are born, so your suggestion misses that mark. You would have preferred she had the children stay with her when she was obviously having a crisis? What she did was ILLEGAL, but was it really wrong in providing safety for the children? I hope your children don’t grow up with the ‘holier than thou’ attitude of their mother. Have you heard of post-partum depression and other conditions that can affect someone? There are soooo many reasons for what she did, let the investigation happen before you sentence her, okay.

  5. christdaughter says:

    Just because a woman has a child, it doesnt mean that she knows how to take care of them. I think she did the right thing based on the state of mind she was probably in. I am sure she gave very careful thought to her final decision, bless her heart! everyone handle severe stress very different. personally i get on my knees and cry out to God! . I believe she should receive counseling instead of punishment. It takes a village to raise a child. Who knows what we would do if we were at our wits end. May God comfort this lady and help her take care of her family!

    PS, – This is for commenter TX: married women, even those with a husband in the home are not exempt either pregnancy is not the problem. your comment is so cold-hearted! You might be in a similar situation as this mother is so stop judging. You never know if/when your breaking point might come!

  6. TX says:

    You know I have had my breaking moments, but I will and never have abandoned by kids! So you don’t judge! Excuse me but telling society that it’s ok to abandon your kids when you break its acceptable? ? Before you abandoned your children you get help, I am sick and tired of hearing how a mother can’t handle her kids so let’s abandoned them!! I only pray to god that nothing happens to those kids.

    comment for christdaughter

  7. MiamiMex says:

    Abortion should be recommended as a first choice.

    Only parents who are truly ready and able should be allowed to have children.

    1. LauraB68 says:

      Ok MiamiMex, are you even a parent?? As a single mom, I can tell you firsthand that being up every morning Mon-Fri @ 5:20am and not stopping until at least 9:30 every night, by friday I’m exhausted and my nerves are shot.
      No one is every truly prepared for the demands of parenthood, and there are times when kids exceed the limit of anyone’s patience. Combine that with a blow out with your partner/spouse and maybe you can see where she was coming from. While I disagree with her choice of where she left them (probably to cool off and regain her composure), I can understand why she did it.

  8. mary says:

    Reading comprehension is poor in this set of readers. The article states she had a fight with her husband. Nothing about not being able to handle the children. Maybe she thought they were safer there.

  9. TwanTru says:

    Where I live every 18 yr old pregnant.

    It’s not good

    1. GAIN AND AGAIN says:

      You must live in SOUTH FLORIDA THEN

  10. SC says:

    Seems some of ou would like to tar n feather this woman. The back and forth over what is and is not acceptabel. Yet had this woman driven herself and her children into a canal, most of you would be the first to say “why didn’t she get help?” Hmmmm…I really wonder.
    Stop and Think for a few minutes, those of you would throw theis woman in jail…
    Just sayin

  11. Ana says:

    She should not have left her kids but at least she left them at a firestation and did not harm them. Very happy for that

  12. pissed says:

    I completely understand the stress and fustration that comes with children, however, there’s no excuse what so ever to drop them off just anywhere, whether it be a safe place or not. My husband and I don’t have any kids, but to be able to be parents to 1 child is all that we are asking for. I would kill to have a child to call my own, and when I have those bad days, my child would be the only one I would rather be with. This lady pisses me off. I hope those kids don’t ever have to be in her care. Who knows when she’s going to have another bad day!

  13. HP says:

    Who is to say that he husband was not acting violently towards her and the children? Who is to say that she was not despondent at the time? I would rather a distraught adult drop their children off in a safe place than harm them. These two children could have very well had their lives spared. I would much rather read a headline that a mother abandoned her children safely than read one that says a parent kills two children out of spite or anger. JMO

    1. Coaster says:

      Well said, and I think you share the opinion of many.

  14. Heidi says:

    I think this mother did what she could do at the time and I dont judge her at all. She and the father are not on record, the kids ere fine, the parents were arguing and perhaps this poor mother didnt have anyone else she could take them to and could not have them there at the time. She needed to collect herself. I say we give her some more options for help and good council, thank her for not being some of those sorry excuses for parents we see on the news these days and close the case and for all you “Holier than thou parents” dont even start.

  15. Coaster says:

    She tried to do the right thing. Likely, she didn’t know the Safe Haven law was only for newborns, and I wish it weren’t. While I agree an investigation needs to be launched, and the mother should lose all rights – she did just try to give up her rights – I think if she is otherwise innocent of any crimes against the babies, that should be the end of it for her. She did what too many are not strong enough to do, and that’s to walk away when you know you can’t handle it. She left them safe. Let her go, let them all start fresh.

  16. Heidi says:

    “If you are having a rough time then dont have kids” Oh, paaaaleeease lol, how many of us all PLANNED every single one of our pregnancies every time? Really? Ok Mr’s and Ms PERFECTS. Life gets rough with or without children. I am glad that most of us are not too judemental on this but SOME OF YOU…really? You dont know these people, you dont know anything at all and it appears you know nothing outside the bubble, perfect life you currently think you live in. TX and Miami Mex.. You all need to just leave lol. You act like she left these kids at a crack house or the homeless shelter. She probably had NO OTHER OPTIONS OR EDUCATION FOR ALTERNATIVES and HELP? Sure she could use help. Thats exactly what she was doing and trying to get. Not everyone is so lucky to be able to drop them off at their fancy daycare or their grandmas or sisters house and go see their local family Dr or therapist. Give this woman a break.

  17. Al says:

    Go ahead, throw away the children. You can have 15 or 20 more, and blame everything wrong with your life on ‘the racists”.

  18. ep to says:

    What a strange law. IOne would thnk that abused children or those in imminent danger should be brought to a safe haven. Yet the law punishes people who try to drop off these children. Was the mother afraid her spouse was going to harm them? IStrange law.

  19. seriously says:

    I agree Heidi. Nobody know how hard being a mom is until you are there. Do you think a woman choses to have postpardom. Or that a woman thinks while she is pregnant that one day she might not measure up to be the best mom in the word. Please. I seen someone post a comment stating that she should lose rights to her chldren. DFS works to reunite crack heads with the babies. read on CNN yeasterday that there are jails that are allowing pregnant woman to keep there babies in jail. Woman drown there kids and murder them b/c they cant handle. This woman dropped her kids at a fire dept and not one of to judgemental itiots know why….

  20. smilininsc says:

    This reminds me of Susan Smith down here in SC; if she would’ve done what this woman did and take her kids to a Fire Station they wouldn’t have ended up in a submerged car in a lake.

  21. joyce locke says:

    None of us live with this women,husband or the children.Enless you have walked a mile in this women’s shoes shut up.She did the right thing.Her children where safe and thats all that counts

  22. Linda says:

    Thank you for taking the kids regardless of their age to the fire department instead of hurting them. I hope you get the help you need to the family can get back together.

  23. my2cents says:

    I only read through half of these so far- some ridiculing mom, some praising her for NOT HURTING the children. I have yet to see this though:
    We do not see the whole story here, we don’t see mom’s side of it yet. I may be wrong in saying this, but how do we know that in the argument with “dad” that a threat was not made against her or these babies? How do we know that she “abandoning” them was not for their own safety against dad? Or simply yes, maybe she has nobody else to lean on and is suffering from post-partum depression- therefore this was the only thing she thought to do.
    Seriously at times it SHOULD be okay for parents in extreme situations to be able to do this- setting up a spot in areas for babies/kids older than 7-days, therefore we would hear less stories in the news of murder-suicides or murdered kids when a parent snaps. Just Sayin.

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