MIAMI ( – While companies have started to pick up their hiring in 2011, in South Florida, if you’re waiting to find your perfect, full-time job with great benefits, good luck.

Following a national trend, local companies are reportedly reluctant to replace full-time workers with full-time hires. That means, if you’re looking for a job, don’t be surprised by the number of part-time positions with few benefits.

“We’re getting a lot of warehouse, a lot of industrial and assembly line type of work,” said Odalys Girardo with Right Hire Staffing. “Temporary full-time, but not permanent. Project based. Some banks are wanting data-entry projects. Other people are just wanting a temporary receptionist or vacation or maternity leave coverage. We are busy with that.”

Statewide, job growth is still stalled, despite Governor Rick Scott’s pledge of adding thousands of new jobs. In March, just 22,600 jobs were added in the state of Florida.

Still, help-wanted ads across the state are up more than 10,000 from earlier in 2011. The biggest gains are coming from the leisure-hospitality sectors, private education, health, and professional businesses.

But, the biggest problem for job seekers right now is that there aren’t enough jobs to keep up with the layoffs. And considering this is a slow time of year in the local job market, and job seekers begin to see just how glum the job market is in South Florida.

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  1. kayakerman says:

    Job seekers…it will turn and it won’t take long. When it does, there will be plenty of movement. A lot of employers have burned out their employees and killed morale by demanding super high productivity and requiring employees to perform 2-3 jobs by using the threat of more layoffs. You’ll see companies losing their best employees as soon as things get a little better. With the loss of these multi-taskers, companies will have no choice but increase hiring to make up for these losses. It will all come full circle…and the sooner the better.

  2. Love USA says:

    Is a Joke?? then hahahahaha

  3. Phil Landers says:

    I worked 36.5 hours in the past 3 days. Somebody please help me 8-(