MIAMI ( – A grieving son is pleading for the public’s help in finding the young gunman who shot and killed his father at a bus stop and then fled in what may have been a botched robbery attempt.

As the son speaks out, Miami Police detectives released two striking composite sketches of the gunman. Lead detective Confessor Gonzalez described that suspect as a “young black male, in his mid 20s, about five foot eight inches tall, possibly wearing a grey hood and armed with a handgun.”

Elites Morin

(Source: Miami Police)

Police say 49-year-old Elites Morin was waiting for a bus at about 5:30 Friday morning at N.E. 2nd Ave. and 78th St. when he was shot and killed.

Gonzalez said that other than the change he needed for the bus, Morin had no money and no jewelry on him. He only had a wallet with him. Gonzalez said it was not clear if Morin had been robbed and called the incident a “possible robbery.”

Gonzalez was in his work clothes and was on his way to his job at Miami International Airport.

“My Dad was a really good worker. He loved me and he loved my little sister,” said the victim’s son, Larisner Morin. “He worked so hard and his car had broken down.”

Morin said his father normally drove to work but his car had broken down about a month ago, so he had been taking the bus. Plus his father told his son he needed the exercise walking to and from the bus stop and thought the exercise would help his health because he had diabetes.

Every morning, even when he was sick, he tried to go work to help my little sister,” said the victim’s son.

Police told us Morin had done some volunteer work for Miami Police with Citizens on Patrol.

“He helped people a lot and he know a lot of people in the community,” said his son.

“Here this happens to him after he helps people.”

Gonzalez said, “I’ve been doing this fgor 30 years and I find this crime really disturbing. Please help us. This young man lost a father who got up every morning at 4 to go to work and who had come to this country to make a living.”

“I ask anyone out there with a heart to help us,” said Gonzalez. “To see this, it hurts. It really hurts. And I can tell you that we do care about this.”

He said anyone with information should call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305 471-tips (8477) or the Miami Police homicide unit at (305) 603-6350.

Police say they are reviewing surveillance tape from area businesses and will release it to the media if it can help find the gunman.

“If you seen something, let the police know,” said Larisner Morin. “Do this for me and my little sister. We loved my Dad. Please help me, please help us. Please.”

Morin is survived by his son and an 11-year-old daughter and his wife, who is living in Haiti.

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  1. yokolee says:

    Awful news, poor man and on his way to work

    so saddddddd

  2. yokolee says:

    The cages are full , go to plan B

    1. Dennis says:

      What is plan B?

  3. Mike says:

    And everybody gets mad when the police use deadly force. One dead guy on the street, and all of a sudden people are scared. Cry when you get it, and scream when they take it away….

    1. fran says:

      Yeah they will probabley try to blame the police on this too.

      1. Ezekiel says:

        You and your cadets are a large part of why society is in discord. Two wrongs never make a right. People like you really need to get a overdose of reality, and realize that due to stereotyping and generalizations that some groups are targeted more than others, reality, evidence, and studies says it. You probaly the type of person that thinks a parent has no right to chastise their child for breaking rules, bit a cop has the right to shoot or beat them to death because of the same thing..Wake up

    2. Mike says:

      Ezekiel, it sounds like your comment stems from the thought of “lets talk about it” what happened to defending your self? maybe if all of the people that need to be locked up are locked up, we wouldnt have police shooting seven different people, maybe wo wouldnt have 20 mile stretches of one of the nations most traveled interstates shut down for hours to remember two fallen officers, shot by a degenerate! Take all of the real degenerate criminals, the ones that have no regard for life, and deal with them accordingly. Even if that means death.

  4. Poste says:

    No comment from the city of Miami commissioner …. I guess this guy is dead because he is black, so if a black guy kills another black guy is murder but if a white cop kill a black guy, is not because he has criminal nooo… it was because he was black and all the police does is to target the black community. Commissioner is not the black community is bad or been target for violent crimes is that all you guys do is kill and rob the rest of Miami Dade and the federal government.

    1. tired says:

      So if he was white he would of never been shot? If a black cop killed black guy is he still a criminal. I bet you would celebrate if a black cop killed a white guy huh. Not all communities are bad its the citizens living in it that make it back. If commissioners are the problem quit elected the same idoits.

      1. Michael Withrow says:

        Its the same idiots who keep electing the same idiot commissioners.

      2. Poste says:

        Tired I ‘am not a racist, to answer your question every time the police kill a person because they are committing a crime or maybe putting the lives of our officer and the community in danger (my family your family) I thank god one less problem to worry about… your right not all communities are bad but what happens when all bad people or the majority comes from the same community…

  5. observerfromupnorth says:

    It doesn’t matter what color (race) these poor people are, we need extreme enforcement of the laws no wrist slapping for anyone, civilian or government. As soon as everyone knows they will pay the price for their crime it will stop and other will not be afraid to come forward when the know they law goes the same for everyone and those that help will be protected. But we first need to get the police on the side of the law when it comes to complaints and reports, I have been told numerous times, from an officer, am I suppose to believe you? What the hell kind of response is that to a law abiding citizen? This is why things can not get better because the ones you think should protect you only want to make you sound like a criminal, or you are just a bother to them.

    1. Poste says:

      You guys need to let it go …. Our president is black.

      1. observerfromupnorth says:

        And the point of this comment is? Again it is not a race issue. If people make it that way then it will be.

  6. Mr Dude says:

    OMG Miami is awesome…you can die any minute…what a nice place!!! I love Miami. Come to Miami…it may be the last thing you ever do!!!

  7. rausky says:

    Unfortunately another working class man has been killed by savages whio don’t want to work. The working class get robbed,killed by low life savages who don’t want to work, then expoloited by the rich! When will the working class receive justice? Its always the working classs that gets it up the WAZOO! I work close to that area.
    My sympathy to the family. I hope who ever did this atrocious crime gets the electric chair as opposed to life in prison, cause if a rich man would’ve been the victim;I’m sure the perp would get the chair!

  8. Swiftwire says:

    Chief Mike Exposito created a Pro-Active unit to confront the violent crime problem that has plagued the City of Miami’s north end area. Hundreds of criminals were arrested without major incidents. There were those who took on the officer, a few were shot and killed by Police. No innocent persons were shot or killed by Police.

    Commissioner Dunn betrayed thousands of law abiding hard working citizens in his community by publicly attacking the Chief of Police and his policies. He used political pressure to curtail police operations in the north end of the City. His actions gave the two thugs who killed this man free range to commit their crimes.

    Dunn had nothing to say publicly about the death of the two officers in his district this past January. Chances are he will not have anything to say about this gentleman’s death. There are at least three deaths a week in his district as a result of criminal activity and he has never uttered a word about those…

    COMMISSIONER DUNN KILLED THIS GENTLEMAN, the victim’s family and the community should demand answers from him….

  9. Mari Lancis Rudd says:

    Willie Joe, go back wherever you came from……The influx of Cubans in the early sixties took Miami from a retirement community to a multinational, multicultural city.
    Cubans come in all colors and all religious backgrounds. Rich, middle class and poor, we are a hardworking group, monollitical, we are not latinos nor hispanics nor other, we are Cuban. We are hard working and not AFRAID to work at whatever comes our way. We are neither bigots nor racists, so look around you for someone else to play your blaming game. We are not buying into it.

    1. yokolee says:

      Excellent post! Thank you.

  10. Mari Lancis Rudd says:

    which ones?

  11. tbone says:

    The heavy crime riddled neighborhoods should have surveillance cameras all over them. Make it as omnipresent as possible.

  12. Phil Landers says:

    I can feel the warmth emanating from this comment thread like a beacon of love 😎

    1. Mr Dude says:

      Like I said, Dude…welcome to Miami!!! Wanna live? Then stay out!!!

  13. BIGROB80305 says:

    When these killers are caught they deserve no justice and hopefully the police kills them and get’s rid of garbage like that. I man going to work to support his family killed over nothing? Taking a life away for no reason, they deserve the same fate Osama Bin Laden got!

  14. Enrique Gutierrez says:

    This man never hurt no one, he was an angel, always with a smile and a great spirit. Hope they catch the guy, amd make him pay for it.. Life in prison.

  15. Melany says: