MIAMI GARDENS (CBS4) -Miami-Dade Police and FBI agents are investigating an armored truck robbery at a Miami Lakes shopping center Thursday afternoon.

Authorities rushed to a scene at 165 Street and Northwest 67th Avenue around 3 p.m. after two men ambushed a Garda armored guard inside the Pollo Tropical restaurant located in the shopping center.

“These guys did the job pretty quick,” witness Edward Dicrosta said. “They came in and they were out of here in a minute. As you can see the Palmetto (Expressway) is not even a quarter mile away. So from what I hear they just went off the Palmetto right away.”

Police said the men came into the restaurant and sat down. That’s when the guard came in and they ambushed him.

The FBI says after attacking the guard, the suspects stole the guard’s money bag and gun before fleeing the restaurant. One shot went off inside the restaurant, but police say no one was injured.

A gun believed to have been used in the robbery of an armored truck in Miami Lakes on Thursday, May 5, 2011. (CBS4)

As the robbers fled, a bystander began chasing them and firing shots from his own gun.

” I am very worried and I am very scared,” an employee, who did not want to be identified, told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench. When asked if she was thankful no one was hurt, the employee replied, ” thank God for that. Everybody’s ok.”

The robbers fled toward the Palmetto Expressway driving a stolen 2005 white Nissan Altima. The car was later found abandoned on the 4700 block of Northwest 167 Street.

Dicrosta said he heard the gunshots.

“My first thought was that something happened in the stores,” he said. “So I wasn’t really sure and I didn’t want to be out here and be the victim of a stray bullet or something.”

Authorities say the man ditched the bag on the expressway.

Rosa Chacon who lives nearby said they’ve been a number of similar incidents in the area.

“We had the robbery, they broke into the roof over here at the convenient store,” Chacon said. “We had a shooting with one of our neighbors a couple of months back. It’s going to be a year in June. And now we’ve got this. It’s bad.”

Police are looking for the men and are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

It is unclear how much money the robbers made off with.

Slideshow: FBI releases surveillance images of the robbery suspects.

Peter D'Oench

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  1. Mr Dude says:

    These “guards” are aloof, distracted, tired and overweight. This happened because they were sloppy.

  2. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Mr. Dude,

    This happened because , they were being WATCHED….

    Probably by the “NOW Mayor of Hialeah,”
    on HIS WAY HOME TO MIAMA BEACH, with his wife + 5 little Rats…..

    Lighten Up he had a ROUGH DAY AT THE OFFICE ” BREAKING State & Federal Laws”, Mr. Dude.

    Remember he can PASS A LIE-DETECTING TEST, easily….

    Lots of Practice,


  3. tired says:

    They got the make, model, and tagf, but not the direction they went? “one shot was fired but no one was hit” good shot! Something dosen’t sound right. Inside job, maybe?

  4. martiantiger says:

    Im shocked the guards ( if you can call them that) actually had guns.
    They usually have vending machine snacks in the holster.

  5. Richard R. says:

    Its kind of funny. They’re on their Ps and Qs when they’re servicing a bank, but since they were servicing Pollo Tropical, they were thinking which meal they were going to take with them to eat on the truck. There should always be 2 guards out of the truck. One to check out the landscape before the one with the money bag comes out of the truck. What has happened is that these companies notoriously pay low wages for long hours and they cut back guards in order to make more money for themselves. In fact, many of these guards don’t speak english. I know a few guys who worked for these companies and quite frankly had no business being armed guards.

  6. Any says:

    You guys should just shut up you dont know what you are talking about. If you were actually there in that situation you would be saying something totally different.