FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Trial is underway for a South Florida man accused of gunning down a Boyd Anderson High student as he begged for his life.

Sitting beside his attorney, 20-year old Janard Orange appeared disinterested as witness after witness took the stand to describe the night they say he killed 16-year old Greg Smith.

It happened two years ago as Smith and several friends stood outside the high school in the early morning hours of April 3 after attending a talent show waiting for ride home. A car pulled up and Orange, who was 18 at the time, along with Terrance James and two other people allegedly robbed Smith and his friends at gun point.

“He kicked me in the ribs, he reached into my pockets,” recalled Cameron Mitchell.

Smith complied with Orange’s demand for cash and pleaded with him not to shoot.

Witnesses said Orange shot Smith anyway.

“He was telling the shooter ‘Take everything, just please don’t shoot me’,” testified Gregory Mendez.

“Greg said that?” asked the prosecutor.

“Yes, sir,” replied Mendez. “He said take all he had.”

“What happened after that?” asked the prosecutor.

“Gunshot,” said Mendez.

The single shot pierced Smith’s chest.

“He was bleeding on his chest. I picked him up. He was trying to say something,” said Mendez as he covered his face.

As Mendez prayed, Smith Died.

The prosecution ran into a bit of a stumbling block on Tuesday however when none of the witnesses said they could identify any of the ‘robbers’ or ‘shooter’. It was unclear if that was because the ‘robbers’ had their faces covered or if they felt scared because of the alleged threats made by Orange and his family.

When the jury broke for lunch, tension between Orange’s family and Smith’s family erupted in a courthouse hallway.

“She hit me,” said Chavante Roberts, Smith’s mother.

One of Orange’s cousins reportedly lunged at Roberts. Other family members and court clerks separated the two and the judge barred Orange’s family from coming to court in the future.

While their first witnesses may not have been able to identify Orange as the shooter, prosecutors hope things will go better on Wednesday when the put the other ‘robbers’ who were in the car that night on the stand.

One of them will be Terrance James.

“The motivation to shoot Gregory was based upon Janard Orange wanting street credibility,” said Broward Sheriff’s Office Det. Scott Champagne at the time of Orange’s arrest. “He looked up to
Terrance James. Terrance has a history that includes attempted murder and in Janard’s twisted view of reality or twisted world wanted to look up and emulate that.”

James, who admitted he was the driver that night, agreed to plead no contest and testify against Orange. Prosecutors say he will spend 25 years in prison if he testifies truthfully about the events of the night of the shooting.

Comments (15)
  1. Bocephus says:

    I hope the give him the death sentence…. One less thug in the streets….

    1. nay says:

      We should not be wishing death on others because of the wrong that is done. God gave his life for the sins of man. My heart goes out to the family. And the other one that has lost there son due to no wrong influences. I pray that we all just think about that while we are wishing death on misguided youth

      1. Tpony says:

        God? Prayer…?

        Hahhahah aha….Man are you Deluded!

        Two low life dirt bags wanted to be tough…so they “Ambushed” some teens out having a good time at a dance…and you want us to forgive them? ? ?

        What kinda medication are you on?

        Fry this maggot…and then let God forgive him in Heaven (yeah..like he’ll make it to heaven).

        Americans are one sick breed….

      2. Summer Forbes says:

        There is no god, you misinformed loser. Google the Hubble telescope and it’s findings.

  2. WhiteyFord says:

    These ‘thugs’ will never understand that their ‘friends’ don’t care what happens to them. Ie, his ‘friend’ is testifying against him to avoid a longer charge.

  3. Jose Rivera says:

    I myself graduated from Boyd Anderson in 2002. And I must say, this school is filled with low lives and wanna “thugs”. This school in located in the ghetto. Filled with low income families who have nothing going in their lives but be the stereotypical “minority”. And then they wonder why people do not respect Black People or consider them equal. They need to demolish this site, because it’s a complete waste of land and occupancy. This school is and forever will be an “F” school. This school FAILS to provide guidance as well as educate children.

    1. Tpony says:

      Its not the schools fault that maggots attend…its the Parents.

      I am so glad i don’t have kids attending schools like this.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Jose Rivera, do you think that people respect hispanics and consider them equal? You can not allow your experiences in “the hood” to taint your perception of the 30 million black people that live in the United States. Look at people as individuals, not as members of a race. If you go to Appalachia, you will see a lot of poor whites, who act like poor blacks, who act like poor latins. It has less to do with their race and more to do with their poverty. I’d take livingi n Rolling Oaks in Miami Gardens over living in Little Havana anyday.

  4. Carol says:

    This is so sad that I really don’t have the words to take a innocent boy’s for what something they could get themselves it sounds lke a dare to me and I agree that family members should not be in court if they are causing problems in the court.

    I guess when I went to school (just after the ark landed) we were taught:

    Respect of Person Place and Thing!!!

    Treat People As You Would Want To Be Treated!!!

  5. Tpony says:

    Actually…its Black on Black Crime…but never-the-less…its very sad to see young people destroying each other for no reason.

    The Perp had a reason…but it certainly makes no sense to rational people. The Maggot was looking to establish a Rep….now he’s got it.

    Hope the Skin Heads get ahold of his arse in prison.

    1. Fed Up says:

      When whites female teachers molest their students, which seems to be a trend, when white husbands kill their pretty suburban wives, or when white teens go on shooting sprees, it’s never a testament to what’s wrong with white people. Yet when blacks, latinos, muslims or immigrants engage in objectionable conduct all of a sudden it’s BECAUSE they are members of that group. You people need to stop looking for fodder for your racists beliefs. Most black people would abhor what this guy did to this teen. He and the handful of thugs running around shooting and killing are not representative of the black community.

  6. Boss says:

    Was conI feel everyone on their comments after two years I still cant believe he is gone .me and greg was labeled as twins as my aunt would say I cant stand to look at both yall together its crazy how they took him and on my birthday he died , but to the family we always express god will handle everything … I MISS AND LOVE U SO MUCH GREG

  7. Lovelie says:

    Don’t blame it on the school….The student is what make the school good or bad…School supposed to be a place of learning and you have some children that are interested an some are not. At the end of the day Orange deserve what ever comes for him…He wanted to be bad now he have to suffer the consequences. I personally have no sympathy for him. I mean student these days need to start thinking.
    I was raised right by B.A in that little ghetto…so I want to get out I was raised in a low income family I want better so I took advantage of the free education…Just graduate C/O 2011 top 10 percent now going to college….see it doesn’t matter where you from it what you make out it….And I just wish we had more people stop trying to be a gangster stop trying to be the next lil wayne ti cause it don’t just happen….YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD FOR EVERYTHING …..YOU DON’T GET IT BY KILLING AND STEALING

  8. GlamLuvGodLuvsU says:

    It’s a senseless crime that ended up in death of a teenager. No one has the right to judge another. GOD in the end has the last say. I know Orange and James, they were slightly younger than me. Life comes with different choices and different consequences. As for all those who wish hurt upon orange, you are despicable, I;m not condoning what he did. However, he has the rest of his life to understand and learn why his choice landed him to forever miss out on life. Even if he appeals and get paroled, Murder charge and conviction will cause him to be dead in society. I pray for all those personally involved.

    1. Pam Williams says:

      Maybe, but being ‘dead in society’ is still a lot better than being dead in the true sense of the word, isn’t it? He will not ‘forever miss out on life’ in any way close to the way Smith has. My sympathy goes to the victim(s) and their families – there are enough bleeding hearts out there to stick up for this heartless, selfish and remorseless killer.

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