MIAMI – (CBS4) – Andy Rodriguez, the former Coral Gables high school student accused of stabbing a classmate to death in a school yard, will be facing trial soon.

On Monday, a judge set July 18th as the trial date as Rodriguez sat expressionless in the courtroom.

Rodriguez is charged with second degree murder in the 2009 death of 17-year-old Juan Carlos Rivera.

Rivera was stabbed five times; the fatal wound punctured his heart, in the crowded high school’s courtyard during a break between classes.

Classmates have said Rodriguez was angry that Rivera had accepted rides to school from Rodriguez’s girlfriend.

In his confession, police say, Rodriguez denied having fought with Rivera because of jealousy.

He told detectives he and Rivera shoved against each other as they passed in the school yard, a scuffle ensued, and he stabbed Rivera in self defense.

He told investigators he did not even know Rivera’s name.

Comments (5)
  1. abootnkiki says:

    I hope they dont pick me for that jury.Why would you be carrying a knife to school and on top of that even have time top open the knife during the fight????

  2. m says:

    He should be executed. What a piece of garbage…look at the picture. We (tax payers) do not need to maintatin people like him alive in the jails. Jails should be empty. Hey you took a life, guess what, yours is up.

  3. BVC says:

    I feel sorry for the family of this young men because their lives have been destroyed. However, he needs to pay for the crime he committed.

  4. Indhy says:

    That rotten piece of human excrement deserves the same fate of Carlos Rivera… My son goes to CGH and saw the whole thing, that Rodriguez is a freaking liar, and a coward! He was losing the fist fight and went and grabbed the knife… I could care less about the pain his family is going through, the family of the victim is the only one I care about and my heart goes out to them.

    1. jn says:

      This is an ignorant comment ! if your child was in this position facing these charges you would not call him a ” rotten piece of human excrement”. You hae no idea what this family is going through. Yes he did the crime and he should be punished for it.
      I had the pleasure to meet this family – I understand them, i understand him. things happen in the heat of the moment.
      Unless you are willing to put yourself in their shoes, rephrase your comments so that they dont make you sound so ignorant.

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