SUNRISE (CBS4) – On Sunday, Sunrise police released the identity of the man who was fatally shot by officers. Police say 21-year-old Corey Simpson threatened them with a knife.

Simpson was shot Friday afternoon when police officers responded to the area of Sunset Strip and NW 68th Avenue after reports that a man said he wanted to get himself arrested.

Witnesses initially told CBS4’s Joan Murray that two individuals were fighting near the scene when Sunrise Police got involved with the incident and the shooting occurred.

The officers talked to Simpson, who police say acted in an aggressive manner. One officer used a Taser to stun him, but it failed to subdue him. Police say Simpson pulled a knife on the officers, who then opened fire.

The shooting left the man dead on the scene in front of the Sunrise Police substation on Sunset Strip.

Detectives recovered a knife at the scene.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave pending investigation of the shooting.

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  1. Nida says:

    Corey will beat down anybody who make him mad.

    No question asked.

    1. yokolee says:

      Agree 1000% nuff said

  2. Clay Renoit says:

    All that, And it gives no cop a reason to kill over a person with a knife. The police where I am from retire and NEVER kill over a armed man or a man with knife. There are ways to take a man with sometimes help from other police. The police are lazy and will shot to kill so that they don’t have to ask Questions. Less paperwork Oh well…to bad so sad !!!! Bad if you did this to my baby I would get from the police and the city and there deparment every dollar that you made I would sue and get 99 cents. Sunrise would be renamed my sons name. I would own the city the department and the shooter…all these killing are uncalled for. People need to take a stand on every policeman that carry a gun teach how to take down a armed man. And not use your gun..After looking at all the police killings. The police need to shape -up or ship out. no fat police to take down a armed person..Drugs any form of someone breaking the law. Knowone needs or likes a gun to make people to do things that you want them to do.. A gun is not the way…The police don’t like when other people even carry a gun. So what makes right for you the police to do it to people that do nothing….where I come from a huge city if you pull your gun your fired…trigger happy police and it should not even be that way…trigger happy in other cities you would not make it as a police officer . You folks need to go back to the beet unarmed and after you pass this test then you get a gun…Your gun is not to kill…if needed you can kill with your hands but you better not pull your gun. Your just glad that you did not kill one of my family members I would be the Hero. lots of money paid to me every hour for the rest of my life…your lucky this has not happen I would be super weathly..Your city would not be able to pay me. They would go broke on the first day of paying me…you don’t want to go there with that..You know what I am talking about. In my city where I come from police are looked at as real Hero’s. They are hard worker and save lives too. Advice there appointed not to kill and get paid great. And often volunteer as mentor’s for the youth in schools. The city rewards there activities with dare and other responsibilities….They try to give early retirement and pay there utilities for life. Imagine not killing with your gun and get great rewards like some receve a lake house so you can fish anytime because its yours. Usually ithis happens after some retire…Some take a retreat in Gatlinburg…More departments need this. Its AWESOME

  3. MarioRodriguezFTW says:

    Clay Renoit drunk again.

    Please excuse him.

  4. mimi says:

    I think they could have shot him in the leg or shoulder not shoot to kill, its ridiculous that the cops fellt threaten by a knife what kind of police officers are these people its crazy Im starting to fear the Police

  5. mimi says:

    Clay i understand your feelings but dude you are not making any sense c,mon man

    1. abootnkiki says:

      mimi u have no idea what u r talking about,when u decide to shoot it is because u r ready to kill not because u want to injure,if u try to injure u r dead and if u try to injure u may miss and hit someone else,no u aim for center body;now enough said of that;u stand in front of someone coming at u with a knife that did not go down when he was tased because he was probably high and u think about how u will survive his knife attack;u r pretty ignorant

  6. sunrise stunna says:

    sunrise police felt like they had to kil them they did it on purpose they wanted to kil him sunrise police is know for taking advantage of the people of sunrise

  7. Victoria says:

    I think his mother or baby’s mother needs to sue. I do not think the police should have killed him, Do they know why Corey wanted to be arrested? No. Do they know why he pulled out the knife? No. He could have been taking the knife out to give it to them to throw it out or something. No one knows and nobody will ever know because they did not give him a chance. The only ones who will ever know is Corey and the police who shot him. Who ever thinks otherwise is ignorant. THANKS

  8. yolanda says:

    u tell me his mom bso deputy and her boyfriend is a bso deputy also minister could not stop him what happen to all that training or i guess he said what can you tell me mom went your sleeping with a minster /coworker she should have gotten him help his mom new what was going with him why should she try to sue police officer did right