MIAMI (CBSMiami) -A South Miami-Dade lawn service owner is being held without bond on charges of molestation and sexual battery after a woman claimed the family friend molested her 7-year-old daughter while the girl was in his home. The child’s mother spoke with CBS 4’s Tiffani Helberg Saturday about the disturbing allegations.

“She’s waking up in the middle of the night now,” said the mother who didn’t want to be identified. “My daughter used to be an A student. She’s a C student now and I’m running her to the doctor to counseling not knowing what’s wrong with her and to come to find out someone’s touching her.”

A Miami-Dade judge ordered 62-year-old Julius Dupree held without bond Friday. He was charged with sexual battery on a minor by an adult, and lewd and lascivious conduct by an adult on a child under 12.

“It just drove me physically crazy. I have lost a lot of weight. I’m also stressed out by this. Emotionally, physically because this was my child. I can’t eat thinking of what she said that he did to her,” said the child’s mother.

(Source: CBS4) Julius Dupree appearance in bond court.The mother told police her daughter came forward with details of the alleged molestation, and after they questioned Dupree, he was taken into custody.

In bond court Friday, the mother appeared to ask that Dupree be held without bond. According to her statements in court, Dupree’s fiancé operates a Florida City day care center and he is a foster parent, and she claimed in court that gives Dupree easy access to other children.

Judge Mindy Glazer denied bond pending a court appearance next Tuesday.

“Everybody in this community know that that’s a good woman and that’s a good man,” said Phyllis Horn, the sister of Dupree’s fiancée. “It’s not fair that they have to go though this foolishness for that girl.”

Horn said she believes the 7-year-old and her mother are lying about the abuse. CBS 4’s Tiffani Helberg asked Horn if authorities should be concerned about the foster children still living in Dupree’s home or the kids in his fiancee’s daycare. “No ma’am no ma’am there is no concern about no foster kids,” she said. “The children is not in danger here or at the daycare. I have been affiliated with the daycare for 10 years and there have never been any danger.”

CBS4 News called the Department of Children and Family Services to ask if it is investigating and could potentially remove the foster children from Dupree’s home. A spokeswoman said she could not obtain that information late Saturday.

Now the alleged victim’s mother said she wants other victims to come out of the shadows.

“I would like for you to come forward, not just for my daughter, but for yourself,” she said. “This is something that you do not have to hold in or be scared.”

The child’s mother, whose name is not being published to protect the child’s identity, said Dupree is a family friend who often had her daughter in his home.

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  1. Carol says:

    I think “Trust” is such a huge word and when children lose their trust it is very difficult at best to get it back I know because I have been there and my real trust as never returned.

    1. rausky says:

      carol i understand how you sense of trust was destroyed when I was very young. I know the pain, and the sorrow that you’ve gone through. My parents broke the trust I had in them. I have used the lack of trust to my advantage on my job,and it has helped me survive this sick world we live in.

    2. Al Shaffer says:


  2. Anal Chapstick says:

    Trust me Carol, this won’t hurt a bit…

  3. Didine Dimanche says:

    What a shame!! The only thing you so-called adults can think about is YOURSELVES! For “EXCLAMATION POINT” and “Someone who knows Shareka,” if you HAD read the details it says “The child’s mother, whose name is not being published to protect the child’s identity.” This is to PROTECT the CHILD or the health and safety of children obviously do not matter to you.
    Mr. Dupree guilty or innocent was QUESTIONED and taken into custody! If I recall you do not get taken into custody, be processed over questioning, unless there is an iota admission to guilt, be jailed, stand before the judge, if really nothing HAPPENED!
    You should thought before you posted this woman’s name for your own vengeful satisfaction. Next time think if this were your child, would you want someone to splash your name all over the place so that your CHILD’S health, safety, and protection is jeopardized?
    It will all come to light in the end, I agree, but for the IMMEDIATE now, use your common sense!

  4. Navarro Alice says:

    If this individual really did it, hopefully justice will prevail. If he did not do what he is accused of (mind you, absolutely outrageous), then his name will be cleared.

    1. Jonathan says:

      Not necessarily. Who knows how many innocent people are in jail due to a wrong conviction?

  5. Angel of Truth says:

    the mother of the minor child in question; is an uneducated drug abuser and former striper from the streets. She is mentally unstable and seeing a therapist. She is currently under investigation for child neglect and has been arrested several times. And, the child in question spent one year in Deltona, Florida with a man that was not her father. Given this information it should now be clear to you why this loving and caring mother is concerned about concealing her identity. It would behoove you as a reputable media outlet to do a little investigating into the background of the distraught, loving, and caring mother.

    1. LB says:

      Angel of LIES, J, LJ, Char & the rest of the Delores Jackson Family. This 7 year old child whom I am related to, gave detailed accounts of incidents that varied on different occasions at Delores & Julius home. Never stuttered nor changed up her story. Its amazing how now many of her young female family members are stating that Mr. D has always been a PERVERT and CREEPY. Yeah, its just like the nice candyman handing out candy to the victims, just to keep them quit & coming back. Honey the man is a molester & probably use to molest some of you (Toya, Meka), should i carry on. I dont think you have your story straight on the mom, even if you did, her child should not endure what she did, due to her parents past. This monster is a sick SOB!

  6. Dr, J says:

    Jonathan you could not have made a truer statement and especially if you are black. Sad to say but so true.

  7. Lj says:

    as a family friend i know all parties involved and this is sad. a lot of innocent people are in jail for something they did not due. I really pray that mr. dupree name will be clear because this is something i know he wouldnt due/didnt due. I hope they really look at the mother who once try to sue the public school system now is looking for a quick come up. Trust me when i say the truth will come out. and another Innocent black male name will be messed up!!

    1. LB says:

      Its NO mistake, TRUST & believe. The truth shall come out as well as many other victims, when they get tired of hearing Delores scream of innocence!

  8. Hug a bull says:

    Until the truth comes out many peoples lives will be ruined, even after. Same thing happened to a neighbor of mine, girl got upset because she got a bad grade in his class and she accused him of sexual assalt. Ruined him and he was innocent. Who knows he might be guilty?

  9. MOB1956 says:

    Although the charges must still be proven or dismissed, some things are sure:
    FIRST and foremost, it is strange for an alleged victim’s mother to appear in bond court;
    2) Eevn if these charges are disproven, this man’s life will be permanently tainted by doubt;
    3) If these cahrges are proven false, this mother will find a new scapegoat, sooner, rather than later;
    4) Many lives have been already and permanently shattered by these allegations.

    1. Lj says:

      Mob1956 yes you are so right his life would never be the same. The only thing that is true that has came out her mouth is that he is a Foster Parent. but when all the foster care children in his house says they are ready to get on the stand cause he has been nothing but nice to them than what does that say about him? Through out the community and friends everyone has spoke highly of this man, Only one has destroy his name the so call victim mother. I need more to change my opinion about Mr. Dupree!

    2. LB says:

      MOB1956, PLEASE tell me how it is strange for the victims parent to show up at ANY hearing. She wants justice & i’m glad she was there to keep the creep from getting out. I question what would some of you do if you go home tomorrow and find out that Julius did something similar to one of your beloved family members? Wpuld you question Delores or go straight for Julius’ head. Wowww, YOU people are amusing!

  10. char says:

    i have known mr dupree all my life. one thing i do know he would never touch a child.has any one check the source of this mom ,well i am checking her back ground and charges about her loving to sue ,his family and friends are prayers are with him.i know the man. hard worker business man all his life so sad people will do anything for a dollor

    1. Monty says:

      How and why do you know this Char? Just because it didn’t happen to you or one of your loved ones? Thanks for the misiformation: Mom loving to sue? Well I looked her up on Miam Dade Clerk of Clerks online search and there is no info of her ever suing anyone and I know her personally. So why come on here and lie? Are you being paid or just being a critisizing jerk? This happens to children all the time & I pray this issue stops Julius now & today. Cant wait to see the expressions when other victims tell. This child has spoken to detectives and psychologists countless times. This has been ongoing for months, but YOU all are justgetting a whiff of it. HE IS GUILTY. Thanks LB

  11. j says:

    I have known this man for over 30 years . He has never shown that he would even be a part in anything such as this. I pray for both families involved . We only hope that this was all a big mistake so the two families and the little girl can move on . But only god knows the out come of this one.

  12. LB says:

    Thank you VOICE of Reason. I have known Julius for over 12 years. Never would’ve thought he would do something like this, but he was always saying dirty things to me & my friends in front of Delores. Time will tell & it just baffles me to see the family blame the child victim. Please pray for all involved. The TRUTH will come out & Delores knows the truth. She knew about this for months 7 thought she could candy coat it & keep it under wraps. Now that the victim is taking action against Julis, she is so hurt & cant believe it. Making the victim into a monster. Delores & family- what would you do if it was one of your grandkids or nieces. SMH.. I would be checking in on all my nieces (she is in for the shock of her life)! Once they decide to come forth!

  13. Tracee says:

    Check the moms background!!!!! the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Retaliation is def at hand here. I know this family and think they are being framed.

  14. LB says:

    Tracee, wait until the trial when ALL the facts come out! The apple will be falling on your head along with ALL the evidence! Framed????? LOL

    1. LJ says:

      @Tracee only if they knew what this child has been exposed too!! @ Lb/ Monty one thing I know is that no one has touch (meka or toya) Delores being the good mother that she is, has always question them. Maybe if this so called mother would focus more on her kids instead of running the streets and leaving this child with every dude than maybe should would know what’s going on. Well I know this mother is full of it cause I known her for many years and I’ve seen her numerous tricks that she has up her sleeves.Please lets not have to expose this WHOLE family!

  15. LB says:

    LJ, PLEASE do! Sweety if you want to expose somethings WE could!!!!!! Should I just say: “FRAUD” Now do you really want to play games? I know both families, and sooooo much can be EXPOSED, it would tickle me sweetly!!!! You better check your sides history hunnnn! You SHOULDNT want to go there! This childs INNOCENCE has been taken moron!! Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house!!!! Skeletons in YOUR CLOSET can shatter your precious little thoughts on what you ASS..UME! You’re quick to blame the victim, due to the moms actions. Freak the mom, focus on the situation at hand! NO child should be subject to what Mr. D did just cause you were NOT one of his victims! If the mom had several tricks as you lie about – this child could have chosen any 1 of them, that’s what makes it even more believable. And the mom wasnt the only one with tricks up her sleeve, do you really want to say who she did some of those tricks with? Keep living in that glass house sweeety! Stones:(TRUTH)shatter Glass:(LIES)!

    1. the truth says:

      first off i find it funny how all of u that are taking up for this MAN can be so IGNORANT and BLIND to the fact that this little girl has been abused and she is reporting to credentialed professionals who evaluated her story to be true that they sought out to the arrest of this individual. who only the friends and fam appear to dis credit her story for ur selfish reasons. if you do ur math almost 99.9% of sex crimes to minors are done by someone close to them and the person is ALWAYS someone who people wld hv never guessed it would be. get ur thumb out of ur behinds and get the facts!!!!!

  16. LB says:

    The truth will come out soon if not later and NO words of empathy can be said once you guys find out and accept the truth! The burden of TRUTH is molesters/perverts dont come with resumes and they choose their victims wisely (abused/low self esteem/neglected/thrown away children), so that when and if a victim speaks out, at least they have the trust of people like YOU! SADDDDDDDDD!

  17. Monty says:

    @LB, let the justice system do its job. Don’t stoop to their ignorance! JUSTICE shall prevail. I wish this on NO one (Foe nor Friends), but just imagine if it had happen to one of their precious little people. It’s NOT about the moms past, it’s about the child and if out of 10,000 JOHN’s, why pick this ONE and stick to it with details! I’m threw with this, annonymous, hiding behind the computer BS, making soft az people into bullies of seven year olds. I will be there in court each & every day to support the victim! SMDH SMDH

    1. the truth says:

      lol….smdh….yall saying the mom of the victim is known for suing and out to get money????? what in the world is she going to get from suing this particular family, the ragedy behind daycare…LOL come on now lets be for real. the mom’s background has absolutely nothing to do with that 7 yr old and its a SHAME how u all are going in on that child to protect a man that was very well capable and able to committ the crime she is accusing him of. OPEN ur eyes and stop reflecting on the mother and disect the actual problem at hand.

  18. Disgusted says:

    Wow! How can the people defending Mr. Dupree be so ignorant. Are you mad at the child for being sexually abused and the mother for going to the authorities like any decent mother would do? Who defends such a man accused of this type of conduct? May God bless the child and mother.

  19. shhhhh says:

    If he pleads guilty what will u say he rejected a lie detetor test and retained a lawyer. somebody close to Delores said it We work for her and need a job so we speak in silence.

  20. vino says:

    those of u who dislike the mother speak against her those of u dislike ms j speak against her dont let feeling get in the way of right and wrong.

  21. TR says:

    @shhhhh: Silence does NO justice for a seven year old victim. Has your friend ever thought about what these people are trying to hide, just to get a monster out??? Reading about this and these people is despicable! Why blame the victim & parent? Would you keep a secret as such, just to protect a person as this guy? God will protect his little angels! I pray for the victim!

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