TALLAHASSEE (CBS4)- The Florida House has voted to scale back environmental regulations to make it easier for developers and business to get permits for new projects.

The bill (HB 911) zipped through the chamber on a 95-to-16 vote Friday night. It now goes to the Senate where similar legislation (SB 1404) is mired in committee with only a week left in the legislative session.

Environmentalists have decried the bill as a “monster” that would degrade Florida’s natural resources.

But it’s a top priority for Republican Governor Rick Scott and business interests.

They say the state’s environmental regulations are keeping businesses from coming to or expanding in Florida because getting permits is too cumbersome and takes too long compared to other states.

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Comments (4)
  1. Harriett says:

    Expand the concrete jungle. We have boarded up empty buildings and houses but Republicans think we should build more.

  2. Nik says:

    Scott has done nothing but turn this state into a republican heaven. Cuts school funding, cuts government jobs, makes it easier to have guns, makes it harder to get insurance, he takes rights away from women because he is “4 life” and now he will ruin our Everglades and beaches!!! We need to stand up and voice our stance! Do you want your children to not have an education and be swimming in toxic beach water, don’t turn this state into New Jersey

  3. Joylee says:

    I wonder how many of those who voted Rick Scott into office are now sorry about which lever they pulled. Seems that whatever his agenda might be, it doesn’t include the State of Florida.

  4. Paul Lohr says:

    Harriett, Nik, and Joylee: you three are what I refer to as moochers. The answer for you three is always more government. Most of your life is spent figuring out how can you get your hands on money that does not belong to you even if it is not sent directly to your bank account. Yes, in Lee County $15,000 per student per year is not enough money for the schools, of course they need more. And a parasitic group like SFWMD receiving between $900 million and $1.5 billion for an annual budget is not enough, they need more money, right? The three of you participate in and promote legalized theft which is now occurring on a grand scale.

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