Since the hiring of Miriam Oliphant — and her salary — became public, critics of the Broward County School Board reacted forcefully.

They might be disappointed to learn that the investigation into her hiring is closed.

Critics questioned why Oliphant — a former Broward Elections Chief who was removed from office for mismanagement — was hired over 55 other applicants. She was also awarded top salary of $75,000 per year.

A School District spokesperson told me this morning that the principal at the Dave Thomas Education Center was responsible for hiring Oliphant. The District is putting in place “better guidelines” for hiring that should be available by the summer.

Oliphant had some prior teaching experience and had served on the Broward County School Board.

As for Oliphant’s salary, the two people responsible — the former Director of Instructional Staffing and Associate Superintendent of Human Resources — are no longer in those positions.

The School District again said that new procedures should prevent a similar situation from happening.

“Since the District has changed the guidelines for determination of the salary placement for work-related experience, we will now review anyone who leaves the system and is rehired that received previous work-related experience to ensure that they meet our current guidelines,” District Spokesperson Nadine Drew said in an email.

After details of Oliphant’s hiring and salary emerged, Board Member Dave Thomas said he wanted to make sure anyone involved was held accountable.

“Was it here at the district?” Thomas asked. “Was it at the school site? Where was it? What happened? Why did it happen? And if there’s people that need to be held accountable then they need to be held accountable.”

Critics felt that Oliphant’s hiring and salary only reinforced the worst stereotypes of the School Board — cronyism and a lack of oversight.

It remains to be seen if those critics feel the investigation into Oliphant’s employment settles the matter.