FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Former Air America radio talk show host Nicole Sandler was arrested Tuesday night after a raucous South Florida GOP town hall meeting.

The meeting, held that the Calvary Chapel on West Crypress Creek Road, got off to a rocky start when a handful of protestors heckled speaker U.S. Rep. Allen West over Medicare and his requirement that questions had to submitted in writing. Police escorted them out of the room.

When West tried to explain the Republican position on Medicare, Sandler peppered him with questions and comments.   When she refused to stop  talking, she was led out of the room.

On her way out Sandler reportedly began arguing with the officer and was arrested.  She was charged with trespassing after a warning.

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  1. Livingston Mckenzie says:

    why police always arest the dem

    1. Philip Scharfy says:

      It’s the Police’s job to arrest the bad guys.

      1. Mike says:


      2. Dan says:

        She wasn’t the bad guy. Look to the past, she was behaving better than the teabaggers!

      3. Dave says:

        The MSM is scared to death of the Tea Party and smears it as every opportunity, because the Tea Party understands what is happening to this country, with the liberals selling off the US as fast as they can. The Tea Party is organized and will elect a real president with the country’s best interest at heart.

        I am not currently a Tea Party member, but your uneducated comments have made me realize I need to join to combat the incredulously still unenlightened people out there still supporting the mess in the WH. Thank you for your positive reinforcement.

      4. Ace says:

        Just like all the commie libs in Madison who destroyed the capital, right Dan, you stupid liberal!

      5. B. Samuel Davis says:

        You aren’t going to influence anyone by referring to the tea Party as tea-baggers

      6. DUMSOB says:

        Attack and terrorize is SOP for Liberals

      7. Blake S. Davis says:

        Very typical of the left – these fascists don’t let anyone speak. The profess to believe in free speech but don’t want anyone speaking but themselves. Hypocrites and self serving promoters – all of them. My understanding is that this woman doesn’t even personally believe what she is saying – this is all a front. Not surprising given that Air America was thrown off the air for corrupt practices, like ripping off charities. Then the owners swindled the rest of the money, declared bankruptcy and laughed all the way to the bank, while the creditors were left holding the bag. Very typical Democrat scam, taking the money from donors.

      8. MorganGray says:

        Proof, please?
        Or are you just spouting the leftist party line?

      9. alanwest2012 says:

        Phil, lmao!

      10. fred says:

        Dan you’re just frustrated because she can grow a mustache and your balls haven’t dropped yet

      11. ole birkeland says:

        funny thing is. why hold a town hall meeting and not just a propaganda meeting that all he was doing. town hall you get to ask questions and other things. this happened in Wisconsin to but they didn’t arrest the gop on a private meeting paid for by dems and not a town hall meeting yet they came in and raised a stink and cops did nothing. hmm i suppose if you are part of the problem you cant see the fix. and for most people out there you cant fix stupid.

        oh on last thing you know if they took the tax breaks the top 5 % of wealthiest companies who made trillion dollars in profit last year you could pay the deficit of all 50 states. hmmm

      12. lesley says:

        to phil scharfy

        then they should arrest themselves and the congress bush i and bush ii and obama, for high treason &tyranny!spp . gov and north american union! throw in the rest of the elites fake dems and fake neocons!!!they are not honorable people they are absolute crooks!

      13. Jim Mayer says:

        How could anyone deny racism when people criticize Obama or his policies? Are we supposed to believe someone could sincerely disagree with Obama, while completely disregarding his partial blackness?

        This story is just another example of bigotry on display. This time it’s a woman who oozes the puss of hatred toward a man merely because of the color of his skin.

        I would not want to be this woman when the nightly news humiliates her for being the despicable racist that she obviously is.

      14. mrblast says:

        they did arrest a bad guy.. she was a liberal right?

      15. drdarby says:

        Dan you are an idiot. The Tea partiers are more civil than the Dem norm by far. BTW Tea bagging is what your boyfriend does to you when you give hime a BJ. Do you remember your first? How long did it take the guy to come?

    2. JohnK says:

      Because “the dem” always commits arrestable offenses. Pretty simple, no?

      1. Blake S. Davis says:

        Dems claim to believe in free speech, but only their speech – speech they disagree with is shouted down, not allowed or – as at Columbia university – the speakers are tossed off the stage. It is the only way to get past the lack of rationality in their positions – if you can’t defend it, then scream, shout, obfuscate etc. This women got what she wanted which is publicity – with Air America off the air due to theft from a children’s charity, low ratings and other corrupt practices – where else can she get this kind of publicity. Democrats will celebrate her ‘fiery’ spirit, when in reality what she is doing is beneath contempt. How in the world do Democrats think that they can win hearts and minds with such behavior? It’s why Democrats have to import voters from other countries – once someone has been here long enough they understand how awful the Democrats are and vote for someone else.

      2. Phil says:

        Hey JohnK, how many Repukeians are in prison now? The latest being Tom DeLay!

    3. Billy Swanson says:

      As Beretta once said, “Don’t do the crime if can’t do the time! Yeeeaahhh!”

      1. NucelarJim says:

        You poor mindless, non-thinking fool. I actually pity your lack of thought.

      2. Bob says:

        NucelarJim what are you talking about? There is no lack of thought in Billy’s comment, the only lack of thought I see is in your comment.

      3. Ryan says:

        Nuclear Jim calling Billy “mindless” is ironic, because he who starts with the name calling in a debate of ideas, is usually the one who lacks the intellect to be able to put thoughts together in a constructive manner in order to debate the issue. So who’s the midless one now???

      4. girlnextdoor says:

        To NucelarJim…I guess it says it all in your name “NUCELAR” -the extremely dense central core of Jim.

      5. charleston says:

        NucelarJim is completeley indicative of what is probably liberal perspective.

        That is to “name call” and then include absolutely no content whatsoever.

        Way to go dude.

      6. fred says:

        KnucklehedJim – your idiocy is embarrassingly demonstrable

      7. Hp Loveshaft says:

        Ryan said: “Nuclear Jim calling Billy “mindless” is ironic, because he who starts with the name calling in a debate of ideas, is usually the one who lacks the intellect to be able to put thoughts together in a constructive manner in order to debate the issue.”

        Not defending “Nucelar” Jim here, but I’m sorry to inform you that I’m just not simply impressed by your attempt to put yourself above the fray and sound intelligent. But, I’m mildly entertained at how you decry insults even as you throw out your own insults and try to hide them in fake high-brow snobbery.

        Ryan also said: “So who’s the midless one now???”

        Pat Sajack, I’d like to buy an “N”. Choke on the irony of the above quote.

      8. joninAZ says:

        How ironic that you quote Beretta being the star is now doing time for homicide.

    4. glenp says:

      lemme see blacks are criminals , blacks are DEMS now there’s an answer

    5. Carlo says:

      Mckenzie, they did not arrest a Democrat, they arrested an idiot that may or may not be a Democrat. And you, did you see the video? Maybe you are an idiot too.

      1. James says:

        you must be a demo idiot too.

      2. fgfdgeg says:

        Air America is (was) democrat/communist/socialist and she was fired ’cause America hates commie’s and always will.

      3. JCurbs says:

        Since all Democrats are idiots, what’s the difference Carlo?

      4. Hp Loveshaft says:

        Sit this one out, Carlo. Obviously this conversation is far above your head.

    6. Pat says:

      Because the dem always want arrest?

      1. Paco says:

        I hear Dems are into handcuffs.

    7. Geezer says:

      Becase they have a problem recognizing acceptable behavior

    8. lewnaticink says:

      because they do not know how to act in public, they do not care about anything or any one except them selves, they trash where ever they go, and they couldnt tell the truth if their life depended on it

    9. Beatriz says:

      Cause the dem is always actin the foo!!

    10. Dave says:

      They are usually the idiots that wont obey the laws.

    11. Dave says:

      Because they are usually the idiots that wont shut up and continue to try to speak over everyone else and are generally just rude and obnoxious people.

    12. JohnM says:

      That’s funny!

    13. alysse says:

      she was behaving worse than the tea party people. The issues regarding the tea party outbursts turned out either not to be tea party people at all or fabricated.

      1. big time liberal says:

        alysse, show proof of 1 , just 1 where the tea party people even came close to acting like union thugs or knuckle dragging liberals. you really need to watch fox news for a month and find out the truth.

      2. JCurbs says:

        big time lib – Alysse was saying exactly what you were saying by making the point that, with the media saying Tea Party people act this way or worse or are home grown terrorists, racists etc., they have shown NO proof of such behavior. It’s slander.

        They send(t) people to TRY and act up, but those folks are removed immediately and anyone carrying signs stating outlandish claims, they are perps. ‘Dems/Libs/Idiiots – all the same’ trying to ‘act’ like they’re part of the Tea Party movement because they’re unable to face real facts or have a legitimate discussion about the truth.. they need to fabricate. So that was Alysse point.


      3. Ron Reale says:

        Obviously, BIG TIME LIBERAL, in a true show of the competence of his name, can’t read! Thank you for pointing out the peacefulness of the TEA partiers, as opposed to the left wing thugs.
        Ron Reale

    14. floridaconserative says:

      Notice she is a dog ugly woman? Why are liberal women so ugly?

      1. carolinaconservative says:


      2. mehitable says:

        Because liberal women have more brains than looks. With conservatives it’s obviously the opposite.

      3. Metal70s says:

        I second that!

        Fugly…. Hahahahahahahaha

      4. hoh says:

        true dat

      5. Stan says:

        She may be ugly and may be a loud mouth, but wow, what a body!

      6. Boston Blackie says:

        thats why they are always angry and yelling they looked in the mirror just before they got into whatever is goin on..whew.. that woman was scary lookin..eeek

      7. shawn says:

        stan – big boobies don’t make a great body!

      8. Phil says:

        Why are Florida conservipukes so dumb? Speaking of ugly, have you seen Ann Adamsapple Coulter?? And MY dog is not ugly!

    15. Ed says:

      Because Dems think laws should be passed, not enforced.

      1. Ian says:

        They think laws are for other people, not them.

    16. Dave says:

      Why are liberal women always fat and hairy? Where is Howard Dean when you need an important question about the loons on the left answered? NOWHERE thats where.answered

    17. AmericanBelle says:

      Air America went off the air because there weren’t enough liberals to listen to the BS and keep it funded!

      So now in order to be heard, liberal extremists are storming rallies of opponents to stir up trouble.

      If Obama was doing such a wonderful job, Ms. Sandler (and I use the term loosely!) wouldn’t have to storm GOP meetings. In other words, Obama ain’t doing so well and before the opposition can get a foothold in emphasizing his incompetence, liberal extremists are forced to disrupt the meetings to prevent the truth from coming out.

      What these idiots don’t understand is that they had their day back in ’08, but now the playing field has been leveled and the nation won’t be scammed again!

      1. Blake S. Davis says:

        Air America went off the air because the ratings were miniscule AND because the company that owned it engaged in scams like ripping off a non-profit devoted to children, and other corrupt practices. VERY typical for Democrats where an entire industry has developed devoted to stealing from government and foundations, all in the name of liberal causes. Want to make money – form some front group with a liberal sounding name, hire a minority front man or woman, then watch as the money pours in. Air America was formed to do just that, and it made a lot of people very wealthy.

    18. AnnieMouse says:

      John, Go easy on the adult bevs, next time, before you post

    19. esh77 says:

      because the ‘dems’ are the ones who break the laws. there has been one confirmed case of violence on reps side–the rest were yours. on a lighter note–look at pictures following a large tea party rally in dc…then look at same pics following a dem/liberal/union rally the difference? detritus–a most fitting descriptor!

    20. dennis says:

      the dems always seem to get arested because at open forem meetings they can’t keep quiet long enough for people with opposit views to express themselves. I have been to two meetings and as soon as a Republican or a person with conservitive views begins to speak. The Domorats jump up and start screeming. My wife and I were talking to a lady from the state of CT. ,we ar from GA, As soon as we started talking about Obama health care and why we thought it was bad for the country she jumped up waved her arms and screemed that Obama was the greatest president in history and stormed out of the room. I feel sorry for this poor misguided person. But if you don’t believe they way demorats do you will be shouted down, walked out on or just ignored. So much for free speech in this country. Oh and by the way. She worked for air head america radio? That explains a great deal.

      1. Phil says:

        Hey Dennis, you ‘people’ have very, very short memories. thats why being a Repukeian works for you . If a Repukeian strangled someone at a T.H. meeting, you all would forget about it the next day! “Show me ANYONE who ever strangled anyone”, would be your answer! There is HOURS of Repukeians being ugly on tape!!

    21. John says:

      It’s fun arresting DEMS because they are such big babies…..

    22. Dukecati says:

      Another leftist warthog.

    23. Jim S says:

      Please resubmit your stupid comment with proper spelling, capital letters and punctuation so that those of us who speak English can understand you.

      1. fred says:

        Jim S. Please report to the nearest elementary school for reading comprehension 101 – we all got the point. Does mommy cut your meat for you as well?

    24. Soonerdiver says:

      Because “the dem”, like you, can not put a simple sentence together or consider spelling!

    25. Todd Telford says:

      This story by CBS Miami is pure cover for Republican desperation tactics to squelch any hint of dissent. It probably wasn’t even written by a journalist, noting the typo and the Frank Luntz-inspired-inspired jargon to mischaracterize Sandler’s actions. She didn’t “pepper” West with questions, she simply asked one: “Where do you get your figures?” Police and security were on her within seconds, extracting her for the crime of asking an unapproved question in a town hall meeting. Democracy is a hinderance to today’s tea party GOP legislators. Doesn’t it speak volumes about West’s integrity that he has to protect his lies so forcefully, care’s nothing about free speech, and is too much of a coward to defend his positions in a straightforward manner? Florida should purge this lying coward at its next opportunity.

      1. MorganGray says:

        Free speech coming from a democrat? That’s rich. Lessee… fairness doctrine, FACE act, shouting down the opposition, banning ROTC and recruiters from college campi, raising a fuss when conservative speakers are speak at a college young Republicans club meeting.
        Nah, the left would *never* impede free speech.

      2. Indy says:

        Is your name Alinsky?

      3. Boetica says:

        Does this mean you’re a racist?

    26. Roman Gregori says:

      Because liberalism is a mental illness.

    27. Wild Bill says:

      Ahhh, liberal civility on display at it’s finest!

    28. The Clintidote says:

      The short form of democRat isn’t “dem”, it’s “Rat”.

    29. MorganGray says:

      Except for the grandmother who was arrested by the Secret Service for yelling “You suck” at Clinton’s motorcade, or the man who got dragged off in handcuffs for asking the Slickster an unapproved question.
      Except for the pro-life picketers who get arrested every weekend for standing on the sidewalk – well away from the abortion mill entrance (FACE violates the First Amendment by the way)

      I suppose *those* were all democrats too, eh, Livingston?

    30. Paul Olszowski says:

      because they use unacceptable and illegal tactics. In San Fran, several years ago, they beat up on a police horse (!!) during the protests against Bush’s Libya (ie Iraq)

    31. sailordude says:

      Any fingers get bitten off by rabid Democrats?

      Power to the WORKING people!

      Viva la Tea Party!!!! Viva Allen West!!!!!

    32. Bo says:

      they always arest the dem bekau they kant spel or use sentence structure

    33. Nut says:

      Because they cannot have a debate without flying off the handle and act like the nuts they are.

    34. Helen Gilpin Bunker says:

      cus they is crazy fool! ! Dems are most violent and irrational folks going.

    35. Jim Mayer says:

      Does anyone deny the obvious racism when someone criticizes Obama or his ideology?

      Are we supposed to believe someone could sincerely disagree with Obama, completely disregarding his partial blackness?

      The story above is just the latest example of racism on display. This time it’s a woman who oozes the puss of hatred toward a man merely because of the color of his skin.

      I would not want to be this woman when the nightly news humiliates her for being the despicable racist that she obviously is.

    36. JW says:

      because most are criminals and can’t spell either

    37. Sorely Frickey says:

      I’m a little nervous challenging a genius, but here goes: Hey, Dan! Can you give us some documented examples of Tea Party members misbehaving this way? Look up “documented” if you lack an analytical education or inclination.

    38. Mr.Blast says:

      The Officer was doing his job. Keeping the peace.

    39. tyrone says:

      cause da dem a passle o foos

    40. tyrone says:

      cause da dem be a passle o foos…wha u talkin bout willis

    41. AJ Bataiff says:

      O.K. This comment should read, “Why do the police always arrest the democrats.”
      Good grief.

    42. Kim Boutelier says:

      poor Dan, he’s been diring the Kool Aid and listening to the “Kook Fringe” for too long. If I remember the tea party people were trying to answers to questions about “Obamacare” last year and were summarily dismissed by most of the democrat members of congress. This year the libs have been sent a play book instructing them to disrupt the meetings and of course they could care less about free speech rights. when it is time to discuss a difference in ideas all the Dems and thier “Kook Finge” can do is resort to disruption and name calling. They are totally bereft of ideas and alternatives. Remember last year Dan….it was about your radical left wing Senators and Reps jamming legislation down the throats of the the majority of the people in this Country spurred on by a vacuous president (purposely lower case) who state that “We won”…get over it. Well Dan sorry to tell you but the Nation won last November so please get over it.. The last time I looked BHO and his ideas do not represent the majority of the people in this country.(Thank God)

    43. Rusk Limbaugh says:

      why you no spell good?

    44. Wiliam B Cutting says:

      Shes a fat bleeding heart pig, who cares about her or her stupid square lens glasses. By the Way , youre glasses dont make you smart.

    45. Tim says:

      The difference between Conservatives at a rally or meeting, and liverals is that they never need police to control the conservatives, and always need police to control the liberals. Just start watching.

    46. John Kerry says:

      Uhhh, what about don’t tase me bro?

    47. Glen says:

      Because Dem always bad. Rep always good.

    48. Marc Yeskel says:

      You are right they should shoot them no questions asked

  2. Rocky Ricardo says:

    The GOP is disgusting. Of course, the meeting was at a church – to pretend they are moral. The GOP are America haters, and are doing a great job of destroying this country. Right wing talk is disruptive on my radio. Mike Malloy you are a radio god!

    1. shellymic says:

      Mike Malloy is quite possibly the most disgusting radio talk show host ever conceived. He does nothing but use vulgar language and try to best his own last insult. Malloy is a pig. I’ve got several examples of him in a video I made that is on YouTube. The video is entitled “The Civil Left: Politicos, Media & Hollywood.” It is an hour & 40 min. long. My guess is that little Nicky here is the female version of Malloy…just another pig. (Sorry to all piggies…I think they’re cute.) LOL

      1. LaLa says:

        I agree,Malloy is a disgusting individual. No conservative would ever get away with the vile behavior exhibited by this filthbag without it being on banner in Times Square.

      2. Phil says:

        La La, you really do live in your own little world of…well, you know. “Get away with”.. are you kidding? There is hours of tape with Tea Baggers spitting, screaming, carry loaded guns. and some pretty vile ‘signs’ too. No, you people are just perfect angles. Not!!

      3. WASP says:


        $100,000 was offered and you still can’t prove your lies.

        LMAO, LOSER!!!

      4. WASP says:


        I bet this WACK-JOB LEFTIST is on enough drugs that she actually believes she’s a talk radio host…probably thinks Air America still exists, too.

        Maybe, ALGORE can give her a job like he did for that LOSER Keefie! LMAO!!!

      5. Rowdy Boots says:





      6. Leo says:

        Libs are the most foul-mouthed and intolerant people there are so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    2. MJ Cole says:


    3. Billy Swanson says:

      You’ve been sniffing the far left exhaust too much and are simply uttering its talking points. The American people see through this and voted resoundingly in favor of conservatives in Nov 2010 and will again in Nov 2012 and that is why people like Sandler go to meetings like this to simply disrupt them. No other reason.

    4. conservative1st says:

      Wow – no brainwashing going on here. I don’t see anyone from the GOP apologizing for this country or destroying it with with idiotic economic policies. Liberals by their very nature hate this country and want to change it to a socialist prison. Also – look who’s talking about having morals – the God fearing liberals?

      Hopefully you’ll listen to conservative radio sometime to find out what’s really happening and come back from the dark side. I’ll pray for you.

    5. scottm1207 says:

      Um, who’s in power now? Since when? Let’s say 2007, just for those of you with short memories of a long line of destructive, liberal policies, is when the Demonrats took over congress in this latest assault on America and American prosperity.

      Are you better off now, or were you better off in 2007? I know what my and my neighbor’s answers are. I know the answer that my employees would give you.

    6. JanineC says:

      Are you certifiably insane? You really cannot believe that… If you do, you have lost your mind completely.

    7. Tom says:

      Yeah, realizing that we’re going bankrupt and asking people to wake up to what’s being done to us BY DEMOCRATS WHO HAVE HAD TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERYTHING UNTIL RECENTLY is really disgusting!! I’m tired of it!!! Get your fuc**ng hands out of my wallet A**hole! Go get a job and pay your way and stop expecting everyone else to take care of you!!!!! YOU’RE A LOOSER.

    8. James Bonds says:

      Communist PIG!!!! Go to Cuba you Obummer and Jane Fonda, I will buy you the one way ticket!!!

    9. Gary Lee says:

      Rocky YOU are disgusting. The gig is up. YOU are the ones that HATE the country because YOU and your incompetent president our working to destroy it. Obama’s vision of shared misery WILL BE REJECTED in 012. You need to get job and get off welfare. We could use the budget savings.

  3. Temple Turnover says:

    Absurd. THe Republicans will stop at nothing to wreck this country for their own gain. They are going to vote against everything Obama does to try and improve things and then blame him when eight years of Bush abuses are not magically fixed overnight.

    1. John Liberty says:

      Republicans love to create havoc. My comment was just deleated bashing Rick Scott. Rick Scott is the second coming of Adolf Hitler. West is a pervert. He must have PTSD. Repugnicans go straight to hell.

      1. OBXLefty says:

        Ah..the civility of the left. Maybe you should take the President’s recommendations and argue on the merits and not attack, attack, attack

      2. stazz says:

        Republicans creating the havoc? That’s like the Dems calling the Reps racist. (or the pot calling the kettle … oops – that’s racist!)

    2. Karen says:

      I have news for you cupcake, it’s the Democrats that have slammed us into the sewer and the Democrats that are leading the incivility. Obama has done NOTHING positive, NOTHING. He needs the boot and now!

    3. JohnK says:

      Yeah. You need to quit huffing glue. Obama will do NOTHING to “improve things” for average Americans. He only serves the big globalist interests who want to crush the liberty of every individual.

    4. Don Campbell says:

      Yeah it’s ALL Bush’s fault…and while you are at it stop blamong Jimmy Carter for the rest of the worlds problems…BTW did ANYONE ever listen to Air America besides you?

    5. John Underwood says:

      Improve things? Obama? You mean like the drilling moratorium here while giving Braziil billions of dollars for deep water drilling (to a company mostly owned by George Soros). The arabs are raping us on oil prices and he gets his EPA flunkies to deny Shell’s artic drilling on a trumped up “air quality” question (after they’ve spent 4 billion dollars on exploration and billions more on leases (while the Alaska pipeline is running at 30% capacity? You’ve got to be kidding. Why don’t you just admit that you’re a dyed in the wool liberal that can’t see past the end of your upturned nose.

    6. John P says:

      wow you ignorant Obama puppet. Sure Bush made many mistakes just like every prez….The difference is Obama is fundamentally transforming this country from a capitalist economy to one that has never worked …..I just dont get why people like you hate this country so much…..Prolly b/c you are one of those leaches who is ruining us which is why you have to stand by your lil socialist prez b/c he is the person who can steal from the producers and give to lazy no good losers like you…Im still laughing at the fact that an idiot liberal could actually say that its the republicans who are ruining this country b/c I live in reality ville and even though the republicans are by no means perfect , at least they arent lazy, uneducated, inbred, leaches like liberals…I see how a complete disaster like Obama could get elected after reading the absolute trash you have written…..Enjoy your days as a puppet and I hope that you enjoy your life on your knees for a party who runs on transforming this country into something like that has failed EERY Time it has been tried…idiot

    7. Rob F says:

      Oh how rich. Do you remember John Edwards. Lets see multi millionaire tort layer making million to give pennies to the people he was suing for. How come you oh so benevolent liberals take a look at that. Just may be a hindrance to affordable care. Yet who was running for vice president. Republican have raised this issue more than one.

      Come on

  4. Richie says:

    It is a shame after reading what you people had to say is why this country is on
    its way to becoming a third world country. If the republicans did what you did
    it would be national news and that they were racist etc. People like you should
    start thinking as an American and not just what party you think is perfect.

    1. Paul Levesque says:

      Republicans “were” racist, no they are racist.

    2. marc says:

      Nice grammar and sentence structure Richie.

      1. Deb says:

        Oh, no! It’s the grammar police! Look out Richie!

        Why do they always resort to picking on our spelling or grammar when they have nothing to say on the actual issue?

      2. Tim Holt says:

        because they have absolutely nothing to say! Marc…you are a worthless idiot!

      3. Ed says:

        Grammar and diction will save the economy. What a tool.

      4. Eric B says:

        Marc, you also made a mistake. You should have placed a comma before “Richie”, like so:

        “Nice grammar and sentence structure, Richie.”

        What’s that saying about glass houses, again?

      5. johnny dangerously says:

        And this adds to the discussion… how exactly? Leave it to the libs to nitpick form over substance. They have no substance to speak of, that’s the problem with them. Their hypocrisy and arrogance is staggering.

        marc – perhaps you should get a job as an English teacher, that way you can get paid to nitpick people’s writing, plus – BONUS your union dues will go directly to the Democrats war chest….

  5. PhoneBill says:

    So how’s that Air America working out for you?

    1. MorganGray says:

      It ain’t (take that, marc). That’s why the libs want to impose the fairness doctrine, or regionality, or whatever horse-manure name they’re giving it this week.

      1. LeesiD says:

        Oh can’t you come up with something better than the same old tired RepubliCON talking points??

      2. Mr. Kelly says:

        Haha Leesi,
        Tired of getting busted by the truth? Is this how libs try to change the subject?

    2. SLIDINGINTOIT says:



      1. Pilot.Dave says:

        Shouldn’t she be flying Rice into the Nam ? LOL

    3. cleatus says:

      Typicalliberal waterhead!

    4. Shoals says:

      I guess they ran out of string and tins cans to connect the two dozen idiots that actually listened

    5. Paul says:

      Who ever thought a Lefty would be so mean spitited.

    6. Jeff Locke says:

      She has a face for radio and a body to match. What an unpleasant looking woman.

    7. ruth takahashii says:

      Liberals don’t want both sides to be heard-just their side.
      That’s why Eric Holder is shirking his duty to defend the
      Defense of Marriage act before the SCOTUS-despite the fact
      hundreds of millions of Americans want both sides of the issue heard before the Court.

      How does Holder expect us to have confidence in a process where one side
      was not permitted to be heard. Typlcal liberal:The end justifies the means.

  6. I was there says:

    I was there. She bagan to yell her rants when someone else was speaking. She then screamed all kinds of vulgarities at the cop who asked her to leave. It’s amazing how the media is spinning this. I love being an Independant watching you people mud sling with out the facts. LOL. why are the poeple who preach tolerance the most intolerant??????

    1. shellymic says:

      Liberals ARE everything they accuse conservatives of being.

      1. Gregg says:

        Right out of Sol Alynski’s handbook shellymic!

      2. MorganGray says:

        If you want to know what the left is up to, look at what they accuse the right of doing.
        (Marc, wanna correct my grammar on that one?)

      3. LeesiD says:

        Not quite!! And it is not surprising you’d say that.

    2. rg says:

      There’s only two things I hate: people who are intolerant of others, and the Dutch!

      1. Gregg says:


      2. Brian Parnell says:

        Yeah…the Dutch!

      3. AmericanBelle says:

        Omg rg, what could possibly have turned you against the Dutch?

      4. GozieBoy says:

        Dennis, that is called a Dutch Treat!

    3. Oranosaurus says:

      To answer your question, the answer is the same as the answer to another similar question: Why are the ones who are so quick to accuse others of racism the most racist? The answer is that the only thing consistent about these people is that they are consistently hypocritical.

      1. Perseus317 says:

        Orano, I couldn’t have said it better, myself. Right on!

    4. Sean says:

      If it weren’t for double standards, libs would have no standards at all…

      1. Phill says:

        gloom, despair and agony on them

      2. rachel says:

        well said, Sean.

    5. Todd Telford says:

      “I was there” is a lying plant. Sandler did no yelling, ranting, or spewing of vulgarities. The woman beside her spoke on the Thom Hartmann show this morning. Sandler was arrested for daring to ask ONE question in a town hall meeting. And ask yourself: what does it say about West that his statements and policies can’t stand the risk of being questioned? She asked, “Where do you get those figures?” If West doesn’t want to answer that, doesn’t that mean he isn’t willing to stand behind them? Isn’t that how lying works?

      1. Aedyn says:

        “And ask yourself: what does it say about West that his statements and policies can’t stand the risk of being questioned? If West doesn’t want to answer that, doesn’t that mean he isn’t willing to stand behind them? Isn’t that how lying works?”

        LOL…replace “West” with “Obama” in your statements above and you will have the exact same statements conservatives have been asking about Obama for 3 years now

      2. A Guy in LA says:

        I think you are a lying liar who lies.

      3. Atom&Yves says:

        I don’t care how much hatred ‘you’ harbor for the opposition, NO ONE gets arrested for simply asking a question. You’ve displayed, quite deftly, “how lying works”.

      4. beegee17 says:

        Moron alert! She wasn’t arrested until she refused to leave. I guess what should have happened is some SEIOU thug should have dragged her out and stomped on her head.

      5. John C says:

        Everyone should have the right to free speech, but not when it is interruptive and disruptive to the point of denying others their equal right to free speech. With such hostility and disrespect for the rights of others, it’s not surprising she’s a “former” talk show host.

      6. Truth or Consequences says:

        Sorry Ted, I don’t mean to confuse you with the facts, but go to YouTube and look it up. “I was there” is correct in that the woman CONTINUALLY interrupted. EVERYONE who had a question could go up to the mic and ask it. She CONTINUALLY interjected comments and questions from her seat. She was asked and told REPEATEDLY by surrounding peers to stop with the disruptive behavior, and in return she mocked those around her and continued with her childish behavior. She was contemptuous of her peers, Allen West, and was disrespectful of the meeting in general.

      7. JapesMacFarland says:

        I think your pants are on fire there Todd. lol 😉

      8. mike says:

        @Todd – Are you saying that the woman is a liar because you were there and saw otherwise? I suspect you are simply relying on the testimony of the woman on the Thom Hartmann show. If that is the case, could you please explain how you know which of those witnesses were lying (since one of them has to be)?

      9. JanineC says:

        Wrong…I know someone who WAS there and she did go on and on and was vulgar. That comment is not a lying plant. The spin on Hartman afterwards is the bundle of lies… Typical leftist propaganda.

      10. Dennis says:

        Then maybe u are lying Todd!!!

      11. Perseus317 says:

        Hey Todd! After looking at the video, it appears that YOU are the lying plant. Very typical liberal behavior. Ignore the truth. Make up facts that are convenient, but blatantly false. Attempt to shout down anyone who tries to tell the truth. Call anyone who disagrees with you, a racist. It is the type of behavior that we would expect from followers of the Saul Alynski playbook.

    6. sebastianWoof says:

      Are you certain it wasn’t Al Franken disguised as a woman???

      1. 18square says:

        Whew… I am becoming ill at the thought of Franken in ‘drag.’




      2. Ralph says:

        Hey, I resemble that.

      3. rob says:

        Wow man that was precious, got anymore for us. Frankien is such a freak.

    7. Guest6161 says:

      It reminds me of the old saying, “he who smelt it dealt it.” Liberals blame others for the stuff they do. They can’t imagine that others wouldn’t stuff the ballot boxes… like they do… it’s just so logical if power is the only thing you’re after.

    8. Al Capone says:

      nailed it, couldnt have said it better

    9. pompey says:

      ….if I were an independent I would certainly not tell anyone particularly not post it on a national site. The so called independent gave us Barrack Obama with their “american Idol” voter mentaility. I guess when you have no core values you will vote for who ever seems the most popular at the moment……perhaps Madonna in 2012……Brahahahahahah!

    10. John Steele says:

      They are tolerant ONLY if you agree with them. The followers of Karl Marx have been exposed

    11. Vtlost says:

      Liberals are just spoiled children that want thier way.

    12. proudnot2bliberal says:

      RE: Iwas there – How dare you use FACTS & TRUTH against a liberal! liberal cant understand FACTS & TRUTH (just look at the idiotic cooments by Phil & joainaz) Dont you know this is why they watch PMSNBC? Phil & joaninaz dont have the mental capacity either. anydoubt of this look at phils comment about the violent teaparty my question is where? no proof not even on his obama network PMSNBC

  7. I was there says:

    …..BTW.. why don’t they post the video? There were several video cameras there.

    1. PeteH says:

      The main stream media DOESN’T want it shown because it will show just how much of an idiot Sandler really is.

  8. Arthur Daley says:

    When Republicans speak all that comes out of their yappers is vulgar. Any person that dares to speak out against a Repugnican is an America hater. West is sick and needs help badly. Great job Nicole having the courage to confront a room full of brainless freaks that hinge on every word that Hannity and Beck says.

  9. tim3500 says:

    This lady is a nutcase,and i can’t wait to see the video.

  10. oh be serious says:

    Part 1 of 2
    You folks can’t be serious about the GOP hating America and being bent on destruction of the country? The GOPers like West , though not all GOPers, merely recognize that there is a finite supply of money at any given time and that we can, do and will treat people well and fairly using those limited resources. The salvation of America, most assuredly, does NOT lie in spending more money than exists.

    1. lmmd says:

      west couldn’t even budget his own household – how on earth can we expect him to make good decisions for the taxpayers?

      1. L.Kelley says:

        Kinda like all the tax cheats that are in the White House now? Lets not let facts get in the way

      2. Dave says:

        West is the man we need in the White House, not the Communist Socialist we have now. West has put his life on the line for this country. He has lead men into battle. He has saved men’s lives. He knows the score. He understands what it is like to pull himself up by his bootstraps. He is not an imposter, hiding a checkered past like the “POTUS”.

        Obama was just handed a workable budget by Paul Ryan, but Obama is, instead, bent on destroying the country by spending us into oblivion. Obama is a great campaigner, unfortunately he knows nothing about leading, and can not get out of the way of his own political ideology. People are wising up to this. Obama is a one-termer.

      3. todd Telford says:

        So Dave, a “workable budget” in your eyes gives extra billions to billionaires while short-sheeting Grandma with insufficient Medicare vouchers? How many million Americans will be saddled with paying many thousands of dollars each year to keep up their standard of health care? Isn’t that worth foregoing an extra yacht here and there?

    2. Gotero says:

      The problem with Tea baggers is that unlike Obama they don’t understand the all american way of dealing with financial problems – If you over extend yourself, just get a new credit card and keep on spending.

      1. Danno_A-JyD says:

        The problem with the FLEEbaggers is that they NEVER have the courage to stand by their worthless convictions. They demand that real Americans pay for their mistakes, and they NEVER admit it when they are proven wrong time, and time, and time … again.

        TEAnami 2012, here we come!

      2. AmericanBelle says:

        Your use of the term ‘tea baggers’ is offensive. I suppose it’s the only defense liberals have since they have difficulty with facts.

      3. JanineC says:

        I have a degree in Economics and find it laughable that leftists think they know how to fix the economy when they don’t know the first thing about economics. Obama knows NOTHING about economics — nor do his so-called “economists” who spent more time studying the glories of centralized economies (in other words…how it can benefit them personally–rather than society as a whole). No, it is NOT giving billions to billionaires. It is about not taking more and more away from people who have EVERY right to keep what they have. It is about NOT stealing from others. All that junk about “giving tax breaks to the rich” is BS. It is all lies and spin…and has nothing to do with reality. BUT even if the rich do get a bit of a break, what is wrong with that? They are the ones paying MOST of the taxes in the first place!! They are also the ones who create jobs and build the economy. Get over your fake “proletariat” talk. You are not in 19th Century Russia…

    3. Todd Telford says:

      Not enough money? So close the tax loopholes for corporations like Exxon/Mobile who paid NO US taxes on $42 billion in profit while getting billions in subsidies. Is that OK with you? The GOP is handcuffing the middle class, trying to end Medicare which is what seniors need to keep their kids from paying tens of thousands each year, yet proudly announcing they want to give another TRILLION DOLLARS to existing millionaires and billionaires. Is that just fine with you? What does America at large get for that trillion? Did the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich produce any jobs? The overall job rate went down. Liberals actually question their leadership. Why can’t you?

      1. MorganGray says:

        How old are you Todd? I remember the boom of the Reagan years. He *CUT* the top marginal rate and revenue *poured* in.
        The reason the Bush tax cuts, as you would have it, didn’t produce any stunning changes is because the Democrat controlled congress simply *overspent* everything that came in by a factor of something like 300%.
        I question your messiah’s leadership because the jobless rate on his watch has increased into double digits, because or national debt has sky-rocketed, because fuel prices are at an all-time high, because S&P lowered our rating, because much of our wealth is now controlled by the communist Chinese, because he plays basket ball, and golf, and tiddly-winks while the economy is going to pot – and all on his watch.
        But, oh, I forgot. Two years in and it is *still Bush’s fault.*

        Read “Atlas Shrugged”, Todd. You’re in it.

      2. Mike Miller says:

        What is a “loophole”? Do you mean Federal tax provisions that were written and passed by the Congress (usually under Democrat control) and signed by the President? If “loopholes exist, it must mean that NONE of the House or Senate members who voted for them actually read the bill. That couldn’t possibly happen,m could it?

        And when was the last time that liberasl questioned Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid?

      3. Philip Pittman says:

        You conveniently leave out GE and their failure to pay any income taxes. Oh yeah, that’s right … he is a friend of Obama … along with the 1000’s of BFF corporations that are exempt from the new Health Care. Convenient facts for convenient arguments. Get with the program!

      4. Old Farmer says:

        Since When does money people work for belong to others? Why is it that Librals think that all the money people make belong in the pot to redistribute to others? People who work hard and make themselves wealthy do not need to give up what they make to others in the way of more taxes. Taxes are just a way to redistribute wealth. Why should someone who pays in $100 into taxes get more than the $100 they paid in taxes back? All too often people who pay little to no payroll taxes get a refund of 10 to 50 times what they paid in. When in reality they should get a refund of no more than what they paid in.

        With Obamacare coming into being why would seniors need Medicare? Obamacare is supposed to replace all of that and put everyone on the same page with health care. Obama care is supposed to be good for everyone! So why would seniors need medicare? Why would seniors even care? Obamacare is supposed to take care of everyone!

      5. METOne says:


        I bet you think you remember the boom of the Reagan Years in your dreams. my memory says streets full of foreclosed homes. Homeless everywhere. Your boom…..created the S&L crises, where building were being built with no occupants. When the the S&P lower the US rating…….it is still AAA. My memory says the repubs controlled the WH, both houses of Congress and the Supreme court for 6 of bushes 8 years. When did they produce a budget surplus or for that matter a balanced budget. My memory says since 1970, we have only had 18 years of Demo presidents vs 22 years of Rpub presidents and only one (our beloved Clinton) laughter produced a balanced budget with a Rep controlled congress……….these are facts not Alzheimers

      6. MetOne says:

        old Farmer,

        Why don’t you tell us how much money you have been given by the government. How much have you been paid not to plant. You wouldn’t be farming today if the government wasn’t greesing your palms. You need to stop taking my money.

      7. Pipelayer says:

        They are trying to close the tax loopholes, but all you hear about from democrats and the media is that the GOP wants to give tax breaks to the wealthy. Raising taxes has been proven time and time again to stifle growth and job creation but still all we hear form the left is raise taxes. The big pr problem with cutting taxes now is that the only people left paying taxes are the wealthy. So if you want to improve the economy by lowering tax rates you have to suffer the firestorm of giving tax breaks to the “wealthy”. Too bad. Its hard to believe that people in the public supporting the left cant see what is so obvious to anyone that has to work for a living. Sad statement on our public education system.

      8. Barry says:

        how about Obamas company? General Electric. Sorry Not Bush tax cuts for the rich as you kool aid drinkers want to believe. Had and 4.5 unemployment rate till Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid took over and started to screw the evil corporations
        Until they took over we had industry crying for more work visas because they could not fill the positions. This mess is all on the democrats,. Been proven to many times..

      9. ecbuck says:


        I don’t know where you get your information or if you just make it up. In 2010 Exxon Mobile had a profit of $30.5 billion after paying $89.2 billion in income and other taxes. Source 2010 10-K filed with the SEC.

      10. Todd Telford says:

        Morgan, the Reagan boom you recall was from BORROWING money to inject into the economy. Reagan piled up more debt than all presidents before him combined. Both Bushes did the same, borrowing on our future. Of the $14 trillion national debt, 11 came from Reagan, HW and W. Obama had to add to that to stop the bleeding of a Bush-led downturn in 2008. Face it. Republicans spend money they don’t have and let your grandkids pay it. Bush never put the Iraq war on the books. Funding was always an “emergency.” The GOP is not your friend, Morgan, they are handing over your future to corporations that donate to them. And just so you know, it’s “Democratic-controlled” and you pulled the 300% thing out of thin air. And Obama is not my messiah. I’m more critical of him they you ever considered being of Bush. Prove me wrong on that, why don’t you? Let’s see what Bush policies rubbed you the wrong way.

      11. Afterheart says:

        How many times does it need to be explained that the cost of tax increases or the removal of tax subsidies to businesses will always be passed on to consumers. When governments tax businesses, these costs are always passed on to the purchasers of the products / services produced. Less money in the pockets of consumers means less money available to purchase other goods leading to businesses closing and people being put out of jobs.. Businesses are not in business to lose money. You are an economic illiterate like most of the left non-producers of this decaying society. You represent the rot within.

      12. JanineC says:

        Please take some courses in economics. Please… you really sound like a robot repeating the same old tired leftist talking points. BTW, corporations do NOT pay taxes–people do. So, if you raise taxes on a corporation, you are raising the price of goods and services as well as retarding economic growth.

    4. felt up at the airport lately? says:

      there’s no gop/right/left. if most of the common masses in u s a weren’t so dumbed down and sueezing the charmin and hypnotized by the tv and sycophanting the moivie stars, they would understand what’s going on! look up the georgia guidestones on internet and hit liberty radio link. see if you can connect any dots and realize that the old constituional america is long bye-bye! idiots! if you trust your own government, you should be a slave! those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it! good luck keep pushing those new borns out in those ugly hospital gowns in front of the world in tv! absolutely no dignity!!! commoner’s debt!!!the elites make fun of you and cannot stand any of us!!!

  11. Joy Williams says:

    I know Nicole, I know she didn’t spout vulgarities. Apparently, West is afraid of being asked real questions. I guess those liberal ladies make his naughty bit shrink.

    1. IndependentsLaughAtYou says:

      Where you there? apparently you do not believe someone who witnessed this and just ignorantly rely on your own personal assessment of this extremely partisan, outspoken, and close minded blow hard.

  12. Carl Howard says:

    shelleymic is such a humanist that she wants all “Libb’ruls” to be CHOPPED and HACKED. Good luck with your religio-fascist Police State that you’d rather have than The United States of America, sweetie-pie. You’ll be the FIRST one that they come for.

    1. Tim Holt says:

      Liberalism is a disease and these fools don’t need chopped….just neutered with regards to politics.

      1. Phil says:

        Hey Timmy, we’ll see who gets ‘neutered’ next election!

  13. Obamablows says:

    Hot Air America, another failed liberal organization financed by Soros. One of their mad cows got free and had to be corraled

  14. Jim Tucker says:

    The liberal left loons of the Democratic party are ten times worse than the religious right of the GOP.

    In the GOP, the fringe gets lip service from the top but only the middle right of the party gets to lead the way.

    I have joined the Democrats because I want smaller government in every way. The left will not drive me away, but they will send the independents flocking to the GOP again in 2012 with their rude behavior and never ending desire for more.

    1. JohnK says:

      “I have joined the Democrats because I want smaller government in every way.”

      Jim, that statement is convoluted. If you REALLY wanted smaller government in any way, I could see you joining with the “Libertarians,” or even Ron Paul among the Republicans. But to join the current democrat party to get “limited government?” That’s just crazy.

  15. Da Dom says:

    Wow – look at all the tolerance in these comments. Sadly, most on here are simply taking their lead from one side or the other. I would encourage all to begin looking for the truth. If were are to be honest – both sides are just alike, but to simply throw absurd insults at each other does nothing but tear down. We should all want to build up.

    Know the truth – and the truth shall set you free.

    1. gobnait says:

      That’s true of the political class but NOT the American people. Just view a few videos of Tea Party protests versus liberal union demonstrations and see who’s shouting obscenities, damaging property, beating up the opposition and in general leaving their locations looking like a war zone. The vast majority of conservatives conduct themselves in a civil, respectful manner and police their own grounds. Liberals, on the other hand, act like invading hordes of Huns.

      1. JMWinPR says:

        HADL (Hun Anti-Defamation League) is going to have you in court before the week is out.

      2. Todd Telford says:

        If you’re referring to Wisconsin, the police around the state capitol said that pro-union protesters took special care to keep their impact to a minimum. Sounds like your judgement is based on a Rush talking point. The tea party makes signs of Obama as Hitler or in African garb. How honorable is that? And what evidence do you cite of “beating up the opposition?” Words are easy. Truth is harder.

      3. Barry says:

        the left made signs and the unions made signs of walker as Hitler and with Bush signs that said kill Bush kill his kids etc. so now you upset that the right is using your tactics on you? And if you paid attention,most of the press published pictures of Obama dressed in Arab and African dress when he went to visit. And the left is the violent ones. Look at their demonstrations,cant even clean up their mess. Latest tea party gathering they cleaned up after they where done. As for signs, well most were there held by the left and was proven by the seiu shrts they were wearing.

      4. Indy says:

        Todd you lying, your union protesters destroyed the marble in the foyer of the capital. They used black and colored markers to write and draw all over it.

    2. Duude says:

      The truth is we’re spending our country into 3rd world status in the not too distant future. We continue down this path because politicians prefer to borrow from the future to satisfy their constituents now and get reelected. They don’t care a bit about the youth who are the least educated of voters.

      1. todd Telford says:

        It’s not the spending. It’s the tax loopholes for corporations and millionaires. When the super wealthy were taxed at 91% during the Eisenhower years, America thrived like never before. If somebody makes more than a thousand families do, they should be taxed at 72%. So anybody making more than $35 million a year should pay that much They’ll still have lots left. So maybe they’ll think twice about building that full-size, lit football field in the south quarter of their compound. Maybe that way kids won’t have to pay tens of thousands when their parents are short-sheeted by the Ryan plan for Medicare.

      2. HughGKnutts says:

        So what you are saying is, we should penalize success? No wonder liberals are deadbeats and unwilling to take care of themselves. They believe others should carry their weight.

        In this country, you work hard, you reap the reward. You drop out of highschool, take the easy path, take no risk, there is no reward. Stop asking others to take responsibility for your failures.

        Spending IS the problem. The last congress spent more money (that we didn’t have) than all other Congresses combined. Obama has spent more on welfare in the past two years then the total cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.

        Democrats have a serious spending problem. No one can spend other people’s money faster than a democrat.

      3. Jon says:

        This is an impossibly dumb comment. In the 1950s the US still had the largest manufacturing base in the world – which is why we were thriving. AND federal spending was a small fraction of what it is now in real dollars. AND by what moral right does the government have to CONFISCATE 91% of anyone’s money? Why are supposed to be willing slaves of government?

  16. happygardner2 says:

    Poor Rocky! You sound like just another deluded and denuded fascist. It must be so unsettling to think that a Representative of our government not only believes in upholding the Constitution but also believes in God and feels comfortable in His house.

    Back to your dark, dreary and ugly life little friend.

  17. james says:

    She has a face for radio.. just like we all have a face for blogging..

    1. Todd Lashley says:

      Best post yet.

  18. Go Repubiican says:

    What’s the matter LIBs…Obama not meeting your expectations…How ‘s that hope and change going for you??? HA HAHAH He’s a joke

  19. Oglethorpe Cleo says:

    typical of today’s left. no respect for the rights of others.
    loud, assertive, aggresive, ignorant and in denial of reality.

    eternal adolescents.

  20. Billy Swanson says:

    Are you serious that she’s cute or being facetious? I hope the latter because she needs some lasik surgery and slimfast.

    1. Carlo says:

      She has been skipping the setups. The 1st Lady would be ashamed. I still like her boobs.

      In the video, it is obvious her brain is a little out of order. What a moron. Did she think she can act like a screaming idiot and not get arrested?

      I still like her boobs though. In life, you have to look for the good in people.

    2. Vince Paul says:

      She’s no Janeanne Garofolo or Randi Rhodes, but she’s not bad! I’d kick Hillary Clinton out of bed for her. LOVE that tummy control thing she’s wearing!

      1. rob says:

        Wow man, that was rich, love it. I bet she is hot in a girdle.

  21. DeanO says:

    OINK OINK …what a liberal slob. The only thing better would be if it was Olbermann.

  22. MB says:

    When it comes to disruptive behavior, vulgarity, thuggery, and lies, it’s the liberals and unions, not the republicans or tea party people, who are doing it. The Republicans are not doing away with Medicare. People 55 and over will continue the same medicare plan they have now. For those under 55, they will have a voucher system that gives future seniors the opportunity to choose the type of plan they want; just like the legislators in Washington do. It’s amazing the lies that are being thrown around. In order to provide some form of a safety net to future seniors, changes have to be made. At least this congress had the guts to come up with a plan, whiile the Obama waited on the sidelines so he could immediately condemn them. We need leadership today and this congress is trying to provide that. Don’t be fooled by all the liberals spin.

  23. Gary Johnson says:

    Actually she is in desperate need of attention since “Air America” put her out of a job. Now they will start with some oldies but goodies. If you elect Republicans:

    1. Old people will suffer. (and eating cat food, don’t forget that old chestnut)
    2. Children will suffer. (That is, we need MORE money for the teachers Unions.
    3. College will be unaffordable (read here not free)
    4. If you want a tax cut, Teachers, Fire and Police will be cut. (Not the fraud, the hacks, the waste, the corruption, the make work jobs, the no-show jobs)

    Yawn. When you Dems are singing a new tune, please wake us up!

  24. Johnny says:

    She’s a racist!!

  25. LOLBERALS says:

    Is Jim Tucker insane? He’s joining the party of no responsibility and big government because he wants small government? That’s nuckin’ futs!

  26. billybeer says:

    Nicole? Sandler-I think a gender check is in order…NASTY!!

  27. Bill says:

    This is what passes for being “progressive,” a word synonymous with “regressive,”

  28. James says:

    I remember in 08, when gas was 4 bucks a gallon. We cried, drill baby drill in the US. Well you DA liberals claimed, “That oil won’t even hit the market for 3 years.”
    LOL, it’s 3 years later, Why do libs want to destroy this proud nation?

  29. K9 says:

    Not really….

    My dog is much cuter. And he probably has a better grasp of reality.

  30. rredlum says:

    Nicole Sandler sure has a face for radio.

  31. CJ says:

    If West were a Democrat, the media would say she was motivated by racism.

  32. Steve Xerakis says:

    just a nother failed liberal who resorts to violence becuase her ideas have no truth or honesty….at the end of the day its very hard to scream at someone else who works and demand their money and then expect to be taken seriously…utterly pathetic!!!

  33. veritaseequitas says:

    Typical Liberal bad manners being exhibited by Nicole Sandler. Liberals cannot win any of their ideas on the merits, so they have to lie, cheat, steal and drown out opposing ideas and voices. Too bad for them, their King BOgus is going down in 2012.

  34. Rascal69 says:

    Liberal idiots such as this twit at the Town Hall Meeting are convinced that we must take money from those they claim to be rich and hand it over to those that are poor because if we don’t, these people can’t make it on their own. I wonder if they have thought ahead to the point in time (fast approaching) when there will be no money left to hand out? What will become of those poor then? You think they have it bad now? Just wait.

  35. bob says:

    Typical liberal. Theydon’t like the message or position so shout them down. Because they believe in Freedom of Speech as long as they are speaking your thoughts. And they believe in Freedom of choice unless it’s the people’s choice.

  36. echo 1 says:

    Why are liberals always angry? Good God, it must suck to hate all of the time.

  37. Biggguy says:

    She meets or exceeds the criteria for being a ‘Feminatzi’ in every sense of the word.

  38. GoldBacon says:

    She definitely has a face for radio

  39. ray mckegney says:

    she’s a loudmouth and the pillsbury dough-girl

  40. Mike Harlow says:

    I approve of Sandler’s behavior as another example of the insanity of Liberals. She didn’t want to ask West questions, she merely wanted to be disruptive, because she, like all liberals, don’t have the mental capacity to engage is civil discourse. The evidence is already a mountain high, hopefully more people will see that mountain as time goes on and the liberals continue to act out..

  41. Jamie Gault says:

    Even when you count the “Air America” days, this was by far the largest audience she has ever performed for. She could not resist herself.

    It’s obvious there is an astroturf movement by the left to do to the right what they perceived the Tea Partiers did in 2009 and 2010.

  42. Marsha says:

    None of this really matters, they purposely send people to disrupt the meetings so they can get headlines. The test will be at the polls but, we have to stop the 10’s of thousands of illegal voters from voting this time around, something the democrats don’t want cause that is the ONLY way they get voted into office. Obama would have never won if over 40,000 illegal votes hadn’t been cast. Look it up.

  43. James says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks this was the most poorly written article ever? They actually pay someone to write what shouldn’t pass third grade level? And it should be no surprise to anyone that a liberal would be disruptive–it’s what the left is.

  44. Lori Smith says:

    Liberal WOMEN are usually brain damaged, hagg-looking skanks, ugly and fat (look at Hillary…) who HATE HATE HATE America because they can only get laid by women-like liberal men. It’s why they HATE HATE HATE conservative women that are attractive and liberal men drool over.

    1. PeteH says:

      Lori, you must be a fox!

  45. PatDen says:

    Between her eyebrows and the top of her first chin? Yeah, I can see it there. The rest? Not so much. There’s a reason people wind up on radio instead of TV.

    1. Duude says:

      There’s also a reason why Air America is off the air too.

  46. Mark Williams says:

    She’s a cow, way too chubby for a chubby

  47. Johnb says:

    She doesn’t miss too many meals thats for sure

  48. Obobo the Clown says:

    Give the poor dear a break. First she had to work with a bunch of other insane reptiles at Dead Air Radio. Then she got fired when that crapfest did a nosedive into the pavement. What else does she have to do with her time than to go and disrupt a town hall meeting with an American hero like Rep.West?

  49. Jack Ryan says:

    She’s lucky. If a conservative talk show host tried that at a Democrat meeting they would have had the snot stomped out of them by the Dems. union goons.

  50. Billy T. says:

    This is a typical, big mouth, loser liberal from South Florida. Her and the toothy Debbie-Wasserman-Shultz belong in a rubber room together.

  51. Duude says:

    Kind of like saying Roseanne Barr has a nice rack. Ugh!!!

  52. Big Dog says:

    Contrary to what the “news” report here says, she was not led out in handcuffs and then arrested. She was led out and when she became disruptive to the police officer he clearly says you are under arrest and then cuffs her.

    The story makes it seem as if she was led out in handcuffs for asking questions. She was unruly, was removed and then committed some offense that got her arrested AND then cuffed.

  53. Tom Walter says:

    Why Is It That Most Lib Woman Are So ‘Fugly’? They Always Look Like They Just Woke Up, And Hadn’t Showered In Days. Why Is This?

    1. Oxy Limbaugh says:

      It’s because God only likes Neocons. That’s why your hero, Joyce Kauffman is such a babe.

  54. Mike says:

    dude…. she’s heinous.

  55. Lou says:

    She wore that dress so she could get molested by a TSA worker, I bet they passed on the buttocks, belly, inner thighs and underwear search though….

  56. LT says:

    She is the next new hostess for a gig on MSNBC. That vid will be her audition tape. She’ll fit right in.

  57. Jopmcg says:

    I guess she is trying to get a gig by making a fool of herself. What is next for her a run at a Senate seat or katie’s chair.

    1. dennis says:

      she wants to be on the show house wives of miami

  58. Jack P says:

    She would make an excellent companion for that “crackpot” Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken. They so richley deserve each other.

  59. rc33 says:

    Another God-awful looking liberal woman. Amazingly, they’ve somehow cornered the market. This cow makes Janeane Garafalo look like Jessica Alba.

    1. Boston Blackie says:

      Hey do not disrespect cows like that

  60. gary hench says:

    I guess Sandler, the Liberal Fat Tube of Lard talk show host, didn’t get hussein obama’s memo about being civil during discourse.

  61. robert m says:

    It’s not what some of these odous creatures look like physically. It is their dark insides that should worry the Amiercan voter. The Wisconsin fiasco was there for us all to see. Union thugs, Union money, public servants who want to wrest control from the American voter, and their complete disregard for their fellow man.
    This lady is just a rude, obese lady seeking public acknowledgment for her “stick it in their face moxey” you know, like sharpton, jsckson, Fartakhan, the so called reverand wright, chavez, and the list goes on…….pity them and their poor uninformed or megalomaniac lives

    1. dennis says:

      the problem is that there are people who believe in what these folks say. That is the scarry part. Remember the lady that yelled that now that obama is president she didn’t have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage payments? This is the kind of person that screems at public meetings and this is the kind of person who listend to air head america. This is the kind of person who will vote for any demorat on the ticket. the black voters in the south have short memories. They forgot, or were never taught, that the Southern democracts voted against the civil rights act. and that they formed another party called the Dixiecrats. But thats ok. As long as the demorats keep taking my money to support the bottom feeders in this country they will continue to vote demoratic.

      1. MorganGray says:

        Never forget. The Republican Party was formed to end slavery. The southern slaver-holders were democrats. The vast bulk of the Klan are democrats. The vast bulk of those who opposed the Equal Rights Amendments were democrats (Al Gore Sr. among them).
        Prior to the Civil War, the worst act of violence ever perpetrated in congressional chambers was when *Democrat* Preston Brooks assaulted (some would say tried to murder) Republican Charles Sumner with a cane, beat him into a coma – and continues to beat him until the cane broke. All the while another southern, pro-slavery democrat, named Laurence Keitt menaced would-be rescuers with a revolver yelling “Let him be.”
        Why? Because as a democrat Brooks was against the abolition of slavery, and Sumner supported abolition.
        I guess things haven’t changed that much. I you disagree with a democrat, you are caned in the court of the public media, and if you are really fortunate, you get assaulted for real by the SEIU’s Purple People Beaters.

  62. Joe America says:

    I think they arrested her for not keeping the bag over her head.
    Obama can take 500B out of Medicare and THAT”S OK
    Obama can take money from food stamps and THAT”S OK
    Republican can talk about a fixing things and all hell breaks loose.

  63. MDWhite says:


  64. ozonecloud says:

    did ya notice how they try to tye everyone to the tea party . the tea party was not started by rep its origin comes from the libratarins .

  65. Farfel says:

    I never thought I would see the day when HIPPIES rallied and screamed for more GOVERNMENT POWER and CONTROL. But then again, their whole ideal WAS very socialist. What a bunch of idiot bullies.

  66. Ackston says:

    This is what the “Progressives” and leftist mean by civility.

  67. Tom says:

    Another example of left-wing civility

  68. Dan G. says:

    More liberal bomb throwing by idiots!

    Please election of 2012; get here as fast as you can

  69. Ackston says:

    It’s why she’s a Former radio talk show host.

  70. matt says:

    Libs are full of energy and have heads of steem. Thats why they’re always getting arrested.

  71. JohnM says:

    She shouldn’t be so rambunctious while pregnant.

  72. Jerzey Boy says:

    So, one more lib get a free night at the taxpayers’ expense, same old crap.
    Make her clan toilets.

  73. Don says:

    See, Liberals don’t want NO. She wouldn’t shut up because she didn’t like what West was saying. Worse than most 7 year olds. Pure and simple. Libs are spoiled brats that need to be spanked once in a while..

    1. dennis says:

      would you want to be the one to spank her bare bottom?

      1. Boston Blackie says:


  74. Butch Blosc says:

    Ever listen to this chick on the radio? Folks, she comes across as seriously mentally unbalanced. Only Air America, the station that openly stole funds from a youth program to stay in business, would employ a wacko like her.

  75. Chuck says:

    How do you trespass at a public event, while you’re being escorted out of said event?

    1. PeteH says:

      The event wasn’t being held in a public place but in a church which is a private place. Once she was asked to leave and didn’t she was treaspassing.

    2. Boston Blackie says:

      she was big enough to be in two places at once

  76. RA says:

    Why is it that all these liberal female militant protestors always look so nasty? I hope she gets hosed down at the jail.

  77. MYZE says:


  78. joe blow says:

    Obviously the woman is a racist

  79. Gregg says:

    Nice point Imam! My thoughts exactly. And who is Madcow person you’re talking about? Is that the little boy with the show on MSNBC?

  80. benh999 says:

    She is a racist teabagger.

  81. Toidi says:

    Take a mental photograph of yourself – now! before you lose it. Do you see how the internet, in general, and these political forums, specifically, are poisoning you?

    1. ATG says:

      That was funny.

      To be honest I think Barack Obama is nothing more than a whipping boy. This whole government sucks. it sucked under Bush when he didn’t count the wars in the budget. It sucked under Clinton when he had The Branch Davidians murdered, it sucked under Nixon when he tried his version of Obama care.

  82. Aunt'y Liberal says:

    She’s obviously a racist. Look at her cheap Michael Jackson skin coloring surgery. Big “loud” mouth. Fupa, government leaching non working food stamp collecting on disability black woman that looks white. She probably can’t show evidence of a birth certificate either. What a liberal.

  83. Andrea says:

    “We’re just like you, only prettier” – Miranda Lambert

    I find myself often wondering if liberal women are allergic to hairbrushes? And common sense.

  84. Finister Wald says:

    OMG that is one UGLY woman!

  85. NuclearJim says:

    I see some troll has usurped my monkier of NuclearJim – hint – he/she cannot spell Nuclear.

    1. Boston Blackie says:

      its probably Jimmy Carter

  86. proper says:

    liberals-progressives-demorats are simply delusional. Facts simply elude them. They are blinded by a politically correct agenda. For example We have as the U.S. the largest natural gas reserves, yet odumba wants to burn our food supply (corn) no matter the price of food and fuel are sky-rocketing. Truly mind blowing the lack of common sense by these types.

    1. Oil, Oil, Oil says:

      WE also have a very large oil reserve. It has been eastimated that we have more oil that all of the middle east combined. So why aren’t we extracting the oil out of North/South Dakota or Colorado, or Utah? Why are we giving billions to other countries to drill for oil? Does anyone see anything wrong with this? They say we have enough oil in those 3 states for over 100 years of production to the entire world. So why are we not drilling our own?

      The Oil Companies say that in 6 months they could relieve the oil problem we have in this country. In less than 5 years we would be using our own oil and not be dependant on foreign oil. So why does the obama administration say it will take ten years to lower cost and depenance on foreign oil? Just who’s side is this Adminstration on?

  87. Willy Brown says:

    Democrats and progressive don’t like it when a person of color is a free thinker and not a goose stepping democrat lackey that they rely on to vote blindly for all democrats.

  88. rick says:

    She’s abviously a RACIST since Col. West is African

  89. mehitable says:

    Many of the Neanderthals here are asking why liberal women are more ugly or fat than conservative women, which is simple. Liberal women have more brains than looks and devote themselves to learning and doing. Conservative women have more looks than brains and devote themselves to primping and beauty pageants. I guess it depends on what you value. Some people actually value thought and education – but I guess they aren’t Republicans.

    1. DUMSOB says:

      The debates I have watched between liberal women and conservative women dispute your statement. Conservative women offer well thought out solutions, while liberal women attack and regurgitate talking points.

    2. John says:

      Said one ugly woman!

  90. Simmer says:

    She questioned a black man? Obviously, she is a racist. (That’s what passes for logic on the left)

  91. Lib says:

    I listened to Air American when it first came out years ago and never heard of the woman. Air America was pretty weak so I couldn’t listen to it for more than several months.

  92. Fareal says:

    Obviously a racist agitator and her disruption a hate crime.

  93. RufusVonDufus says:

    Why are all of these loud-mouthed Dems always ugly and fat?

  94. Me says:

    “Livingston Mckenzie
    why police always arest the dem”

    – Because, unfortunately, it’s not legal to just shoot them…yet.

  95. Jack von Bauer says:

    This is clearly racism from the liberal (D)ouche Baggers in the audience.

    They just cannot accept an articulate African-American putting them in their place.

  96. maryh says:

    Thank god they got her before SHE slapped his face…

    1. PeteH says:

      Knowing Col. West’s background, I don’t think that would, happen.

  97. Al says:

    Do not argue with the cops, a very simple concept that some people just don’t seem to get.

  98. dennis says:

    Would someone please send this woman a cupon for Great Clips? she looks typical democrat.

  99. TCD says:

    She’s arguing with a black politician. She must be a racist.

  100. bethesdabrat says:

    This is the Democrat plan for the next election. Disrupt every opposition meeting. It won’t help. Obama is Toast, and we can look forward to liberation by a majority Republican Congress.

  101. Frank says:

    Sounds to me we have a “Racist Liberal” Democrat attacking a Republican! Shame! Shame!

  102. RallyG says:

    Another stupid, hateful liberal. Tyoical.

  103. Jay Murphy says:

    IF this was a typical townhall in terms of attendance, than Nicole Sandler probably had a bigger audience that she had on Air America.

  104. Reality Sandwich says:

    Why doesn’t she do her rants on her Air America show? Oh yea, it tanked. No one wants to listen to those losers, although one of the idiots did end up in the U.S. Senate.

  105. Donna D says:

    Allen West in Congress; now that’s the real crime; cops should have taken him away in cuffs for being a phony.

  106. boogdog says:

    I guess liberals are racist. West is black, this women was not black. It had to be a racist thing…….. Isnt that how the Liberals would be painting this?

    1. patmanhou says:

      it is racist! She’s a racist and should be fired immediately!

  107. Arnold says:

    You’re all mindless fools. They (dems & republicans) are ALL idiots and NONE of them have your or my interests at heart. They only care about building their own net worth. If we don’t get rid of ALL of them, it will never change.

  108. Roy Rogers says:

    And the left still wonders why they keep losing support from independents?

  109. Stanley Gornish says:

    She needs something stuffed in her mouth to shut her up –or stuffed elsewhere.

    1. Oxy Limbaugh says:

      Stanley, I think I hear your blow up doll calling you. Turn off Glenn Beck and go to bed.

  110. p3orion says:

    “May I suggest you use your night-stick, Officer?”
    — Eddie Murphy, “Trading Places”

  111. Paul says:

    I did not realize liberal radio stars existed (outside of NPR).

  112. LeesiD says:

    Blake, I’m sure you must have the same concerns when organized protesting by teabagger Republicans was occurring at Democratic members of Congress town halls in August 2009??

    1. satcom39 says:

      seems teabaggers have left an awful taste in your mouth. ..w/ their protesting that is.

      1. boogdog says:

        Please, Paul, show us where the Tea Party acted this way? Keep on making it up, wont make it true.

  113. Scott says:

    They can’t abide a differing opinion, especially if it’s based on logic or common sense.

  114. jackspratt1 says:

    stick her in jail she can broadcast to the roaches

  115. CLB says:


  116. LeesiD says:

    Billy, I don’t know what you have been sniffing……but it certainly isn’t the same thing that is finally waking folks up who are now realizing the HUGE mistake they made in 2010 and won’t be making in 2012!!

  117. satcom39 says:

    how many months is she?

  118. BFDeal says:

    It’s about time one of these moron libs. got arrested for acting up. It’s usually the pathetic fat woman that causes the commotion.

  119. Drew says:

    The libs realize that after Obama they won’t see another socialist in high office so they are cracking.Most of them are emotionally disturbed by definition

  120. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Clearly she is a raciest.

  121. Ralph says:

    No Surprise that this occurred in Florida.

  122. crewjobs says:

    Liberal males are so accustomed being around hideously ugly women that the libs actually get aroused by fat sows like her.

  123. Bill says:

    Isn’t she from the liberal left that say “Choose Civility.”

  124. Kenneth Glenn Koons says:

    Ah the loving, friendly pro-liberty libs who want to destroy our economic system . The voters should be able tosee that it is not the Teas or Pubs who riot or hate, it is the Left. Time to unite to drive out Bama and the socialist Dems all across the nation. Enough of this anti-American crowd.

  125. Uncle Buck says:

    What gets me is that if a liberal does this, it is ok. If a consertive did this at a liberal gathering, there would be holy hell to pay. Liberals only believe in free speech and bi-partisianship if consertives change their mind and agree with them. Liberals need to be defeated…every damn one of them. But I think the average voter is not smart enough to do that, or we would not be in this mess we are in. And the average politican is only interested in power and getting re-elected, not in doing what is right for the country. I believe the war is lost and this country id doomed.

    1. LeesiD says:

      You are a sad little man aren’t you, Uncle Buck?? Right-wingnuts just don’t know how to cope with reaping what they have sown!

      1. MorganGray says:

        Really, LeesiD? What happened in Wisconsin when a legally elected Governor did what the people who elected him wanted him to do?
        Loud, violent protests, death threats, people urinating and defecating in the halls of the state house, flee-bagger democrats abdicating their responsibilities and running off (like spoiled children who take their ball and go home) to a hotel in another state so they didn’t have to face the music.
        I think it is the left who practice violence and hate and threats and behave like spoiled children.
        Free speech works for the All Barrack Channel, and the Comrade Barrack System, and the New Barrack Channel, but let Fox come along, or conservative talk radio, or the tea party, and all of a sudden, we have to have balance and the fairness doctrine, and counter-demonstrations to shout people down, and the SEIU thugs to assault those who dare to speak out against the anointed one.
        Reaping what Conservatives have sown?
        I think it is the Left who are about to reap the whirlwind.

  126. HughGKnutts says:

    Ha ha ha! Finally, a deadbeat liberal fleebagger getting what they deserve. Fleebaggers are a disgrace to this country.

  127. Comrade Smartazky says:

    Nicole Sandler was part of a group of progressive college professors, trial lawyers, radical leftist talk show hosts and radical political activists that were gently awakened before sunrise several months ago and shipped off to secret Homeland Security thought-reconditioning facilities to be re-indoctrinated in radical protest tactics. .

  128. mike3481 says:

    Using the Democrats template, one must assume she is a racist.


  129. Chris Nölff says:

    You know how many teabaggers pull this stunt? It’s not like she brought a gun like you guys do.

    1. MorganGray says:

      Hey, Chris? Does the 2nd Amendment exist or not? You may not like it. but it is there and the Supremes have ruled it is an individual right. If you don’t like it, get a Constitutional Convention together and pass an amendment voiding the 2nd.
      And, name for me just once when a Conservative talk show host disrupted a meeting, ignored a police officer’s directives, and generally acted like a spoiled child.
      Meanwhile, try to come up with a more substantive argument.

  130. Bill says:

    Air America is full of anti-American traitors that want to take away our liberty. Go Ron Paul!

    1. Erik says:

      Uh, Air America has been off the air for quite a while. And this woman was only on a couple of months, on the late, late night shift. Try to keep up with the times, I be you still think Ron Paul is in his 30s.

  131. Liam O'Rilley says:

    I have heard about getting whupped with an ugly stick but they used a tree on her. I bet she chases cars and bites at the tires and howls at the moon too.

  132. patmanhou says:

    Im offended by this racist wo man and insist she be fired from her job immediately!

  133. Meghan McCain says:

    She’s a very fat pig!!

  134. David Spurlock says:


    When we do stop spouting the “same old tired republiCON talking points” as you put it, chances are your freedom of speech and freedom to disagree will be gone. WE are the only ones supporting your Constitutional rights. Oh, wait, you dont CARE about the constitution. Thats okay. If the people you support win, there wont be anyone left to disagree-they’ll see to that.

    1. MetOne says:


      You keep the Cons comming…….Just like you folks Trump just coned you. You talk constitution, just wait until the Chineese take your job away, if, you have one. Defending my Constitutional rights, Republicans and Republi CON

  135. bigbiz2 says:

    She needs to be teabaged that shut her big moufh

  136. Jim Manely says:

    Is it just me or are all ProgLib females ugly and over weight??

  137. RightMind says:

    Its OBVIOUS that this “lady” is a racist!!!

    We have all learned that if you disagree with the policies and decisions of an African American, its because you are a racist.

  138. Rick says:

    Why are Liberal Females (viragos?) so horribly, nightmarishly, unattractive?

    Think about it.

  139. Illogicbuster says:

    Watch the Marxist Astroturfing begin (and fail).

  140. Jeff says:

    Another example of how intolerant and hyprcritical the left really is.

  141. Judithod says:

    Typical liberal ploy–disrupt, don’t discuss.

  142. cleatus says:

    The problem with liberals is then need to bath more often!

  143. beegee says:

    Confused here… Didn’t the Messiah say we need to have more civility? I think what he meant was “Conservatives get in the back and shut up!”

    Oh well… i’m excited for the debates. Let the Affirmative Action President defend his wars in Afghanistan and Libya. Gitmo is still open!

  144. jomo52 says:

    If it were reversed, meaning a DEM speaking
    about their position on healthcare with a REP
    heckling, the media would label it a hate crime!

  145. Tom Walter says:

    Liberal Women=UGLY WOMEN

  146. JulieMd says:

    That liberal woman is WAY TOO OLD to be wearing a low cut dress. Was she hoping to meet Rachel Madcow? Then again, since Air America lost all 12 of their listeners, perhaps she is just seeking attention and some publicity

  147. Jedi Rock says:

    Any elected official has to answer to the people period!

  148. James says:

    Typical liberal. Always wanting to be heard but never willing to listen.

  149. Chris says:

    Nicole Sandler IS a racist. As are Democrats in general and have been proven time and time again. Especially since Obama has been president. This nicole Sandler yesterday, took over for Randi Rhodes radio show. She went on a rant about Alan West the first half hour and to quote what she said. She said “Alan West is a sexist. Men and woman are equals. He IS a black man and you would think he would know better” Those are the EXACT words she said. Good thing I recorded it.

  150. hotrepublican says:

    If I looked like her, I would be mad too!

  151. joe says:

    So the big bad Allen West turned out to be a coward like so many other politicians. Shocker!

  152. Jimmy says:

    Read this article about the disruptive liberal at Rep. West’s Town Hall meeting. A few hours ago, CNN ran a feature about Tea Party protestors at Rep. Daniel Webster’s Town Hall meeting and how they were telling him that Repubicans were wanting to cut Medicare too much. Strange that CNN didn’t follow up with this Liberal rant at Rep. West’s Town Hall meeting. AHH, the Communist News Network at its best. The bias is so thick you could cut it with a welfare check.

  153. Todd Telford says:

    I said Exxon/Mobile made $42 billion in PROFITS last year, but paid no taxes on that because they have an offshore mailing address. So let’s see, 35% of $42 billion is $14.7 billion that GOP-perpetuated tax policies kept out of our national budget. Obama proposed that the corporate tax rate would go down to 32% for all if all the loopholes would be closed during the December lame duck session and the GOP filibustered it. Republicans fought to deny tens of billions in reasonable tax revenue. Is that fiscally responsible? Doesn’t that say a great deal about who Republicans are really looking out for?

    1. Gina says:

      You know, when you can talk about the Cims and their corporate cronies who pay no taxes (GE, BOA, Citibank) then we can have a real conversation. But until then, shut up and stuff it.

      1. Gina says:

        That’s Dims, not Cims.

  154. PiusPaul says:

    Send the Libs to Siberia and let them whine at each other! Tired of them wrecking the economy and my way of life to boost their egos! EPA LOGIC — CAN’T DRILL THERE BECAUSE OF A LIZARD! The libs are all the same — they all suffer from the same mental illness!

  155. Brent says:

    She’s racist.

  156. Crosscut says:

    This ugly Democrat hag obviously doesn’t have a boyfriend.

  157. Jeb60 says:

    what a fat pig!

  158. big al says:

    Who the heck does that washed-up has-been comedian Whoopie Goldberg think she is to “play the race card”? She has been playing that frickin’ card from the start, how many of those dang cards are in that deck anyhow? Does she speak for the black community these days? What about sharpton and jackson, did they pass the baton to her?

  159. Pete Gaughenba says:

    Allen West is a black man. This woman and her criticism of him must automatically be RACIST!

  160. Steve says:

    No need to worry. The GOP is afraid of their own shadows and there is no way they will press charges.

  161. bonj9999 says:

    Big jugs small brain. Commie Cow?

    1. lesley says:

      yup! big ones and a loudmouth commie who loves and trusts her government! right from the cradle to the arms of the state!by the way… there is no more left/right paradigms anymore! the dumb down commoners debt masses out here are are too busy pushing their babies out on the tv to show the world they are worth somethin! sueeze that charmin! get felt up at the airports…do what the big gov. says! look up the georgia guidestones on the net. hit liberty radio link. think for yourselves. but you need to be told what to do and follow the celebrity! hahahaha! what pathetic morons! you need rings in your noses! idiots!nwo!america is gone! the gov is gonna tell you when to eat what to eat and where to eat! you pathetic dumbed down aholes! no class no dignity showing the world how you give birth on tv.pathetic!

  162. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    They should have employed some union thugs to intimidate people like the democrats did during their health care meetings.

    1. Oxy Limbaugh says:

      Or maybe they can bring back the teabaggers that were stepping on that woman’s head after they pushed her to the ground. Remember that? That was real civil.

      1. JanineC says:

        That was a set-up…staged.

  163. PeteH says:

    This isn’t about limiting free speech, it’s all about maintaining civility. If you think otherwise, go into any courtroom and do the same thing and see what happens.

  164. tom says:

    Typical liberals who always behave to whomever, wherever like a wild animal. It is not strange to me at all. They ways they think, say, act as the same no matter on TV, radio, on streets, work places…Just be careful with these liberals or most of democrat activists who could hurt someone physically for just disagree with them and for that they are very dangerous They can not controll they brain, mouth and action. They are usually have mental diseases and act uncontrolably

  165. gevets says:

    Airhead American.

  166. bob litfin says:

    She should be deported or at least banished to Chicago

  167. Dave says:

    Damn. Talk about getting beat with the entire ugly forest.

  168. FauxBO says:

    Since she was on Air America, I bet she was upset that, this being her biggest audience!, she got escorted out!! Besides, she was just demonstrating what real progresssive civilty is all about.

  169. DonC says:

    Is she even a constituent? I hope they were checking because I was at a Town Hall recently and I know there were several SEIU plants who were disruptive and had no right to be there in the first place. Town Halls are for CONSTITUENTS!

    1. DonV says:

      Nice try but not buying it. They’re called “Representaives” for a reason…They represent the people of their districts…period. What you are advocating is a 435 district free for all in which special interest loudmouths get to invade every single Town Hall in America. We live in a Republic, not a democracy. If you don’t believe that one either read the preamble to the constitution!

  170. Kevin C. Connor says:

    Man, how easy it is to make a comment like that? Just hit send, huh? Do you have any examples of the limiting of free speech by the government recently? Or are the facts just such a bore to consider? Seems there is a document created by the people serving in the “Government” to do just the opposite. Is it perfect? Not hardly, but we’re working at it, not just complaining and casting stones. Big business cronies? Have you ever had an original thought, or just parrot the lines you hear? And by the way, not publishing or not selling something just because it was published is not censorship. You want censorship? Just look around the world. You have no business slandering this country so casually while you sit in comfort and safety.

  171. Mike Rodriquez says:

    There is a path that seems correct to a man but leads to his own destruction. Now you know what is going on in this country. Why? Because man loves darkness over the light, and his nature is to be afflicted by his own willfulness. Then he blames God and finally says that God does not exist. We are watching the natural state of mankind in a march to his own extinction from the face of the Earth. Every decision that is being made in every capitol in every country is headed for the Gog Magog conflict and there is nothing they can do to stop it. So it is written, so let it be done.

  172. Jamiew says:

    This is obviously just a comment site for conservatives so I’ll just say I’ve seen enough from the comments. Keep it up you fools and watch while your country is destroyed from within by your mentally deranged politicians. They are more interested in making President Obama a one term president than doing the business of the country.

  173. Rachel says:

    Ooops…looks like the Left found another boogeyman they are afraid of. The great Allen West. He’s got them so scared they are attacking HIM now. But the meme will continue…when we question Obama, WE are racists. But when they attack Allen West….they are just “concerned citizens”. Yeah, right.

    Tell it like it is, Congressman West! We Conservative “racists” love you.

  174. robert g says:

    Its pretty obvious why she is a “Former” Air America radio talk show host. What sane person would want to listen to her rants.

  175. Paul Begala says:

    Why are all dopey liberal women fat ugly cows?

  176. Cogito says:

    Have pitty. She is merely following the instructions of Cass Sunstein and his wife, Samantha Powers. Infiltate and disrupt.

    The strategy comes from Saul Alynski’s handbook entitled Rules for Radicals. It is all part of bringing about the revolution, similiar to Stalin’s Bolshevik Revolution. The second stage is to establish despotic control, and the third is to eleminate all who refuse to adapt.

    Another good source is Prairie Fire, the Maoist manifesto of the Weather Underground written in part by Bill Ayers, a manuel dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan who killed Bobby Kennedy. Ayers goes a step further, recognizing he will need to eliminate 25,000,000,000 Americans who will resist.

  177. dookie says:


  178. NCMike says:

    I just read that folks voted for Obama in 2008 to prove they weren’t racists. In 2012, they’ll need to vote AGAINST him to prove they aren’t idiots.

  179. Kevin says:

    She has a face for radio. Fat, Ugly, Smelly, Obnoxious, Hairy and Stupid. The total liberal woman.

  180. Moose says:

    Allen West was speaking and the liberals were shouting ??
    That makes all of them racist , in their own racist logic .
    However ,we on this side see no colors , we see the wrong direction , idealogy and a broken nation .
    Obama never ran anything , other than a ghetto as a community activist in southside Chicago .
    Accomplishments ??, Chicago top 5 murder and misery capital of nation , for 20 years .
    Obama , community organizing for 20 years , wow what a track record .
    Two years as pres, nation broken in many Areas .
    Please do not vote for this activist that wants to turn America into a Chicagolike nation.

  181. waldo says:

    Well at last she got to speak to a crowd. She like most liberals can’t win on the merits of their case. so they just call people racist or homophobic or any other hyperbole rather than talk substance.

    “It’s not that liberals aren’t smart, it’s just that so much of what they know isn’t so”———–/Ronald Reagan

  182. sailordude says:

    Any fingers get bitten off by rabid Democrats?

    Power to the WORKING people!

    Viva la Tea Party!!!! Viva Allen West!!!!!

  183. sailordude says:

    She got a big rack, but you know once the bra comes off, those puppies will just collapse like that South Park teachers, straight to her knees!

  184. DMZ says:


  185. alanwest2012 says:

    Is it just me or are Conservative women just plain hotter than liberals women?

  186. Bull says:

    i look at her and i can almost smell the body odor from her unshaved armpits!

  187. John says:

    Was she just high on Twinkies?

  188. joe says:

    Who Wrote this article? Its hardly in English.

  189. DMZ says:


  190. CHE says:

    Sandler is obviously racist.

  191. DMZ says:


  192. Bob Sloggin says:

    What I really want to know is why do Democrats like to kill unborn babies (which are disproportionately black)? And why do they view these killings as a right?

  193. Terry says:

    To ignorant Dan, the Tea Party people behave more maturely than this left wing wacko. No wonder Air America shut down. What in the world do they ever have to offer. Absolutely nothing, and by the way ignorant Dan, do you really know what you are saying by calling the Tea Party people teabaggers. You better know what you spouting out of your mouth, unless you are one of those funny people.

  194. JanineC says:

    Face it…there are no real Democrats anymore. The Dem party has been usurped by hard leftist radicals who do not believe in the country as it was founded. It started back with the early “progressives” but it wasn’t mainstreamed until the mid 1960s forward. In the meantime, the once great party of Jefferson has been molded into something that Nikita Kruschev would recognize and be proud of. He was right..they would win the Cold War without firing a shot…by taking over our institutions (and major political party). It is too bad that the citizens don’t realize what happened to their party. They have been under the illusion that nothing changed. But their party now has been taken over by radicals who are in it for themselves–they wish to consolidate all the power and money and keep it among themselves — a tiny elite group — while happily oppressing the rest of us and taking away all our liberties. Why don’t the citizens who really believe themselves to be Democrats see this?? Why can’t they wake up?

  195. Carlos says:

    Another idiot liberal commie doing what they do best. Disrupt, be rude and set dumpsters on fire.

  196. Proud Aryan says:

    I wonder how much Bar’aqq al Hussein Obummer paid for her to go there and cause trouble. I’m so sick and tired of this MUSLIM pResident not taking any action and

    ruining our reputation by cowtowing to these TERRORISTS in PAKISTAN. Maybe

    if we talk to our congressmen they will find a way to show his REAL BIRTH

    CERTIFICATE from KENYA (the one he submitted is a FAKE). We need to have

    this tea party movement grow so that we can go back to the principles of our

    founding fathers. Allow slavery and segregation in certain states so that we

    can keep the minorities in line so they don’t cause too much trouble because

    it worked in the past. TEA PARTY ’12!

  197. Wilbert Burley says:

    Nicole is just reacting like all white liberals do when a Black person begins to think for himself and leaves the liberal plantation like Allen West did. Also nobody listened to her radio show and she couldn’t stand being ignored so she had to make a scene. Someone made a comment earlier about liberal women being fat and ugly. Truth is there are many drop dead gorgeous liberal women but the beautiful ones get attention without making a scene or making a fool of themselves like Nicole did. Fulty

  198. Neils60 says:

    She’s demonstrating true “progressive” behavior. Shameful, pure and simple.

  199. Kiba says:

    Well since she was disagreing with West then I guess she is an automatic racist right? I mean thats the rule now set by the libs themselves, disagree w/a person that is not caucasion and your a racist hater. Man that karma will always get you huh?

  200. lesley says:

    this country is gone! man what a bunch of dumbed down brainwashed jerks! there’s no left or right! just globalist elites and they have a regimented and austere agenda for the commoners debt out ther! the georgia guidestones. look it up on net. good luck slaves!

  201. T Coleman says:


    You’re right about getting Obama out of office. He’s polarizing the country. Your name calling is completely unproductive. Maybe that’s all you know how to do?

  202. BASEBALL BILL says:

    Old Danny boy calling the Conservatives “Tea Baggers” is so funny.
    #1. All of the real Tea baggers are usually Democrats, especially San Francisco Democrats. So they are really calling themselves names.
    #2 When they call Conservatives “Tea Baggers” it is because they are so afraid of the Conservatives that they are wetting their pants.
    #3 Real “Tea Baggers” are disgusting degenerates which is really a synonym for the Barney Franks of the world.
    #4 I thought the far left loonies love their “Tea Baggers”. Didn’t they vote in Barney Frank and the majority of the California Democrats?
    Yeah Old Danny Boy must be a little light in the loafers himself. He probably knows a lot more about “Tea Bagging” than he is letting on.
    Let’s pray for Danny Boy and hope he gets a new hobby other than Tea Bagging” It might help clear up his complextion.

  203. Carlos says:

    Nicole Sandler – Racist.

  204. Darrell says:

    Isn’t progress about moving forward? The progressives of today are following a really bad and failure of an idea from the 1800’s. How is following that dope Marx progress? They claim to love freedom but they seek to enslave us all with their really stupid ideas that don’t work! If they love being commies, they should move to a commie country instead of trying to continually destroy ours! They act like a bunch of 3 year olds when they don’t get their way! I’m glad your showing the country just how stupid and juvenille you really are! We don’t want your 1800 idea of progress so your in for a fight that you possibly can’t win!

  205. Kiba says:

    Looks like she “lost the immediate future” huh? lol! “Yes she did!”

  206. amos says:

    That was a woman?. . . scarey. . . .Sure am glad I don’t have to live with that screechy voice. . . shudder. . .

  207. Tj says:

    SPOKEN like a TRUE liberal, Dan….Set down that cup of kool aid…maybe then you’ll realize your comments are impishly idiotic! If you’re actually stupid enough to believe that any Tea Party member would pull this “liberal” stunt….then you are proof positive that …”you can’t fix stupid!”

  208. Daniel C. says:

    Conservatives believe in eugenics, in the superiority of the master race as did Hitler and the Nazis. My grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. I know what right-wing extremists believe and what they want to do. To say that liberal Democratic policies are destructive is merely a bold faced lie designed to protect the influence of money and extend the prejudice in different forms and formats. African Americans have been offended by bigoted statements made by one right wing radio host. A national group of rabbis protested to a network concerning anti-Semitic comments made by one of their far-right commentators. Political talk show hosts are paid to be emotional, but to say that liberal hosts are intolerant is a lie coming from people who are intolerant.

  209. stumpCHUNKMAN says:


  210. Jim Mayer says:

    How can anyone deny the deeply racist overtones on display when a person critiques President Obama and/or his ideology?

    Is one to believe an individual could sincerely take issue with the actual policies of the president, devoid of the seething hatred toward anybody who happens to be partially black?

    Put your head back in the sand.

    Here is yet another story of blatant racism running amuck. This time it’s a woman who’s every pore oozes the puss of hatred toward a man merely because of the color of his skin.

    I would not want to be this woman when the main-stream media humiliates her tonight on the evening broadcasts for being the racist that she obviously is.

  211. NeoConssuck says:


  212. eric says:

    libs are going to try and recreate the “health care” town hall with this medicare issue. It will backfire if the argument is allowed to proceed in an organized manner, because its the dems that are actually butchering medicare, however if these “activist” are allowed to rant and rave and not “discuss” the republicans might not be able to get their message across.
    Watching obama change the meaning of tax increase to deficit reduction is incredible. Soon he’ll piggyback tax increases onto the growing tide to “do something” about the budget. We’ll get our tax increase because thats what we asked for……according to obama.
    Did the same thing with the stimulus trillion.
    its all to sad.

  213. Hitman says:

    Hooters is hiring

  214. condo says:

    I’d listen to Nicole’s show ANYwhere. She’s amazing.

  215. radical1a says:

    ole birkeland why don’t you ask why General Electric why they don’t pay any taxes ? and while were at it why does 43% of the people pay no taxes what so ever but still use up billions in welfare while continuing to breed themselves into
    poverty ?

  216. jlbishop says:

    Wow. Let me start by saying that I am a conservative with a libertarian bent. If things continue the way they are headed I forsee massive protests and discontent. That being said, massive protests and discontent is imho a much better outcome than running the country into the ground.

    Progressive/Liberals will not understand why I believe this to be true, and I’m pretty sure that nothing I can say will sway them to seeing the dangers I see. As has been pretty well documented, liberal economic illiteracy (“Zogby poll: Most self-described democrats and/or liberals flunk basic economics badly”) leads to bad assumptions, bad economic models, and bad policies that harm our economy.

    During “normal” times, we can afford to be “sub-optimal”, but in hard times any deviation causes unecessary hardship. Whether we like the name or not, the policies being pursued by the Obama administration are taking the country ever closer to the socialist governance model – and history has shown that is a _very_ sub-optimal model indeed. Winston Churchill said “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

    I do not want to see the United States of America this way.

    No doubt many will jump on me for _daring_ to suggest that the Obama administration is pursuing a socialist agenda. “He is not a Socialist!” they will cry – but no one will care to ask the simple question “Why do you think that way?”. The simple answer is, I believe, because they don’t want to know why I think that way – they are just sure they are right and anyone that disagrees has to either be stupid or rascist – because the alternative would be that maybe, just maybe I have a valid point.

    I’ve been frustrated as I can be as I’ve watched the hypocrisy after hypocrisy on the left – (Why are there no “war protesters” now that Obama has escalated Iraq/Afghanistan and initiated another conflict in Libya?) I could name a long list, and while it would be satisfying to do so, it wouldn’t mean anything to those on the left because they would ignore it, and those of us on the right already know it exists.

    I’m through. I am going to do everything in my power to get these people and their misguided polices moved (again) to the dust bin of history. I don’t care if they protest. They can scream all they want in any rally – I’ll just wait until they lose their voices and we can continue on. The United States of America is NOT a nation of freeloaders. Individuals CAN lead productive, happy lives that do NOT depend on government.

    There, I feel better now.

  217. more_force_please says:

    Too bad she didn’t resist a little more. The cop could have punched her in the face and tazed her. These left-wingers are nasty.

  218. Anson Mitchell says:

    They should ave taken this liberal thug outside and HANGED her.

    Maybe they can still do it in her jail cell. I for one will send a donation to any cop who does away with this human excrement.

  219. Gerry says:

    I see the calls for “civility” and “dialog” were empty bloviating.
    What a shame free speech isn’t respected by the so-called Progressives….

  220. Jim says:

    Wait a minute Allen West is black and she was white so she must be a racist

  221. LlightSaber says:

    God save Allen West. One of the few courageous men standing for the People. I hope he can hold up under the pressure

    How about running for president, Congressman West? We sure could use you.

  222. AJ Bataiff says:

    Well at least Sandler kept her clothes on this time.

  223. A says:

    Grammar and punctuation.

  224. rongordo says:

    The liberal left has become the true essence of bitter and clinging.

  225. KevinBob says:

    Another Demoncat Libtard, angry and arrogant as usual.

  226. Jeffro says:

    Looks like a wild boar hunt.

  227. Raleigh Swails says:

    Another liberal fanatic. Congress should cut the NPR budget by the amount of her annual salary just to fire a warning shot.

  228. lightrider says:

    To Dan…UU R A WUS!!

  229. Ken Drift says:

    Let me guess, she is single.

  230. Al says:

    Hmmm. Asking a question at a town hall meeting is wrong here? That is behavior that is too disruptive? Well, then why did the gang of screamers tearing apart and shouting down others at so many of the health care reform town hall meetings get a free pass?

  231. James Bonds says:

    She is a leftist Communist pig, just like her friend, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Broward County is full of Communist Socialists that hate our country. Alan West is a true American Patriot!!!!

  232. Jim M. says:

    I was there. Sandler had it coming – she was loud, rude and disruptive. Liberal/progressives resort to anarchy instead of civil discourse when they don’t get their way. After all tolerance to a liberal means “If I don’t agree with you, you don’t have the right to be heard.” Earlier in the evening, two other rude-disruptive men were escorted out within minutes of Allen West taking the stage.

  233. WASP says:


    I’m sure this leftist WACKO is on enough drugs to actually believe she is a radio host. I’ll bet she thinks Air America still exists, too.

    Maybe Algore can give this UNEMPLOYED LOSER a job like he did for Keefie the Loser, too.

  234. amplitude jones says:

    the fact remains, that the nastiest, most vile, vulgar and putrid evil slime in the universe, is a democrat. That is just another word for Devil Droppings. Traitor pigs is a nice thing to say about them, compared to what they in totality, are

  235. Jim Prewitt says:

    What is it with these crazy women today. Women seem to be going nuts everywhere. Oh I know it’s all ME N’s fault. No wait it’s Bush’s fault.

  236. Brassia says:

    If you had a drop of intelligence, we wpuld be able to understand what exactly you were trying to sat…correct spelling would help as well…Just to prove how stupid and uneducated you, slimy democrooks area.

  237. Rick says:

    She’s whining because she lost her forum to complain all day on air America and no other station will hire her.

  238. ZaXXoN says:

    “ole birkeland”
    WHY would you just come right out & lie like that???

    you could tax the wealthiest 2% INCLUDING CORPORATIONS 100% and you wouldn’t cover the deficit for this year alone!!!

  239. BillyB says:

    Someone would have teabagged her but her face protected her.

  240. Gary Lee says:

    The woman is a piece of dung.

  241. pokwiz says:

    It’s the only way anybody would listen to her, since obviously no one listens to her radio show.

  242. Steve says:

    If anyone had disrupted a Dem Town Hall Meeting, he/she would be called terrible names by the media (ie: tea bagger, birther, racist, etc.)

  243. Salty Dawg says:

    Well at least they were let into the meeting…. She had her question and made comments then like the rest of the liberals she expected to be better than everyone else in the room and hog the time. The left just keeps proving George Orwell right when he wrote “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” She thinks she is more equal than the rest of us… What a pig!

  244. Mr. Wright says:

    This woman is a RACIST.

  245. Rowdy Boots says:




  246. MiamiTEABAGGER says:

    You what the real problem with humans in this country of our is that both sides will always attack what they don’t understand. This why i have decided to become a tea party member. I don’t like to follow the norm. Dems think they have the right mind and so do the Repubs. i am sorry to say your both full of hot air and for one am tired of listening to both i want some new fresh air to come out and talk. What this FORMER radio show host did was despicable. I am sure she is that when watching the news gets upset when hecklers talk down to her (king) president. Allen West is doing a good job.

  247. Al says:

    The internet is a remarkable learning tool. Why, in the last day on here alone I’ve learned: Liberals hate America, fat people are despicable, and Democrats are to blame for everything. That’s how we find our way through the serious problems facing us? This piffle? If you were in grade school and uttered nonsense like this they’d about give up on you. But, hey, as a Democrat I want to congratulate you all for winning the next round of elections for us. Please keep this chatter going. Four more years, Mr. President. Four more years.

  248. Kanadesaga says:

    You sad, sad little minded people. Enjoy your hatred,I hope it eats you up and kills you.

  249. Brian Smith says:

    Wow such insightful comments here and all the useful information. Do only 10 year old kids post? 85% of the comments are just name calling, dems are criminals, libs are idiots, repups are evil. Anyone heard of meaningful conversation? BOTH dems and repubs are using “we the people” and anyone who believes their BS should have their head examined. THEY do not work “for” us, they constantly work against us and until most of America wakes up and sees that we are ALL doomed. Bread and circus, nothing to see here, oh look “gay marriage”, look “flag burners” , look ……… and what about ALL those jobs they are creating, oh they are in China, I forgot.

  250. Daniel C. says:

    Alan Greenspan is a professional economist, and he admitted that he was completely shocked by the 2006 collapse on Wall St. Greenspan is rather ignorant on the subject of government finance and makes inaccurate statements that merely fit his preconceived ideology. Economists were in charge during the Bush administration and their theories resulted in economic collapse. There was the savings and loan crisis, there was World Com and Enron, you had Arthur Anderson and Co. who audited Enron whose former headquaters building I walked in front of recently, and then you had AIG, Lehman Brothers, drug companies that fail to report and hide negative research about patient injury and deaths on drugs that are very profitable, and plenty of others who demonstate that there is plenty wrong with the economics and business administration fields. Nicole Sandler at one time, according to her own words, like millions of other Americans, had no health insurance. I have heard Nicole on the air, and she criticized and disagreed with conservatives, but I didn’t hear her call them all kinds of nasty names. The vast majority of conservatives are not known for their academic credentials and background which is consistent with what I see in many of the posts on this article. Doctors go through college and medical school, and yet, when it comes to health care, I am supposed to pay attention to people who believe that someone without insurance is inferior and should be in pain and probably should just die? With people who can’t tolerate the idea of anyone else being sick and needing medical attention? Forcing people to endure pain needlessly, that sounds downright sadistic and cruel, and that sounds more like what the right wingers want than do the liberals.

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