MIAMI (CBS4) — A former Coral Gables high school student accused of stabbing a classmate to death in a school courtyard, is one step closer to trial.

Monday morning, a judge set May 2nd as the date when she would set aside a trial date for Andy Rodriguez. Court officials say a trial date could be as early as June. Rodriguez is charged with second degree murder in the 2009 death of 17-year-old Juan Carlos Rivera.

Rivera was stabbed five times; the fatal wound punctured his heart, in the crowded high school’s courtyard during a break between classes.

Classmates have said Rodriguez was angry that Rivera had accepted rides to school from Rodriguez’s girlfriend.

In his confession, police say, Rodriguez denied having fought with Rivera because of jealousy. He told detectives he and Rivera shoved against each other as they passed in the school yard, a scuffle ensued, and he stabbed Rivera in self defense. He told investigators he did not even know Rivera’s name.

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  1. indira says:

    @SHERIFF, it is not only latinos that commit crimes, white people kill too. yeah white people cant exercise self control, just look at the white guy that killed that poor musician in the bar, not latino not all!! you racist pig

  2. Beyen says:

    Please do not reply to the racist comments.

    There are people that want to cause hate between the groups.

    Please ignore them.

  3. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Nobody has the right to kill anyone, whatever their race or creed.

    @Sheriff, YOU ARE A BIGOT….You are not a Sheriff, Just a MORON!!!

  4. yokolee says:

    Two lives destroyed…..

    Condolences to Juan Carlos family

    And to Andy >this event will haunt you for the rest of your-life< sad.

  5. @rica says:

    Criminals should be executed as payment for their crimes. This way the money spent to keep criminals in jail can be used for other important things.

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