MIAMI -(CBS4) -A day after a man was shot to death during a heated dispute between two barbershop employees, friends and relatives of the victim said they were raising money to help send his body back to his native Nicaragua.

Police did not confirm the names of the victim or the subject. However, friends told a reporter the victim’s name is Erick Ibarra and a records search on the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s website confirms a person with that same name was processed Saturday night. Friends have also created a facebook page for the Fast Cuts employee who worked at 10002 W. Flagler Street soliciting contributions.

Initially, Ibarra had been airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Center where he had been listed in critical condition. 

“He was a really friendly guy. He was a tough guy, always laughing, always having fun,” said his friend Ariel Guzman.

Dora Gomez was working at the cafeteria two doors down when the shooting occurred.

“The people were here, we heard it. Everyone started running, everyone that was here got scared, but we closed him in. We didn’t see anything and the cops came in,” Gomez said.

 But a few hours later, police say, the man died at the hospital as a result of his injuries.

Yamilet Lopez says she knew the suspect and said he had been working there for more than a week. He seemed to get along fine with other employees, she said.

“He’s not the type of guy that’s aggressive to come out and just shoot someone for no reason. He’s actually a very calm person,” Lopez said.

 Shell casings were left at the scene. Police had been questioning another employee Saturday night. Police however have not named the suspect.

 “The subject armed with a hand gun shot several times in the direction of the victim striking him one time,” said Miami-Dade Police Spokesman Javier Baez.

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  1. Mike says:

    Just another day in third world Miami. In Miami, trust no one, be friends with no one, and unless you speak Spanish, be a recluse until you can move out. That’s what I’m doing.

    1. Philip Scharfy says:

      Bon Voyage…

    2. Dave Castronovo says:

      Sir, your absolutely correct!! If you continute to post things are true about mi-jami your comments will probably deleted as many of mine have been because the right wing media at channel 4 along with the great webmaster (I use that term loosely) want to critique viewers comments and delete comments that state the truth and don’t want to read anything negative, but then you will read posts with the f-word, racists comments and other vulgar stuff. Miami is a complete cesspool and some of the people are total morons with no sense of consideration and manners, because in there 3rd world country the most common thing to hold a door for someone is not understood, unless it is posted in spanish. These idiots in miami are more concerned about what kind of rims they are going to put on there dodge neon. Wake up people…get a life!!!

      1. CR says:

        your last name is Italian so that means at one point someone in your family was an immigrant. your the one that needs to wake up sir just because your migration to this country happened a few generations back does not make you any better than the next person. You need to get off your high horse. This is a country built on immigrants and taken away from native americans its all in any history book you pick up. and for those that want to leave. Just go no one is going to miss you i promise their wont be a parade youre just average joes face it

  2. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    RIP, Erick.

    My condolences to your Family

  3. indira says:

    @Mike, where ever you go there will be people commiting crimes and it’s not latinos, and it’s not just in Mia, I heard up north where all the gringos are,people tend to commit horrific crimes too.

  4. Pedro says:

    I am ” latino” and I know how we are. There is a lot of envy, hate, betrayal among us. People in Miami are very rude and arrogant and ” Latinos”, we take the prize as the most egocentric and selfish people out there. These bad manners have transformed Miami into an underdeveloped City.