CARLSBAD (CBS4) — A new internet report lists the most stressful jobs and four of the top 10 most stressful professions are media-related. But let’s start at the top.’s stressful jobs report found that the most stressful ‘white collar’ profession for 2011 is Commercial Airline Pilot. Certainly a Southwest Airlines pilot can attest to that, after a hole ripped through the fuselage en route to Sacramento, Calif., recently, forcing the flight to make an emergency landing in the Arizona desert.

Public Relations Executive was listed as the second most stressful job, followed by Senior Corporate Executives.

Photojournalists and newscasters came in fourth and fifth.

“Jobs in communications can be high pressure, especially for public relations executives handling crisis situations, newscasters who go on-air with little or no time for preparation, and photojournalists working in dangerous environments,” said Tony Lee, publisher, “And as traditional forms of communication transition to digital, those who want to remain employed need to embrace new technologies or find a new career.”

Rounding out the top ten most stressful jobs are Advertising Account Executive, Architect, Stockbroker, Emergency Medical, and Real Estate Agent.

Ranking number one on the list of ‘blue collar’ jobs is firefighter.

“If you can imagine such a stressful incident that happens to you once in your life, imagine having
to manage those types of incidents over 20 to 30 years,” said Miami Fire Captain Josepth Zahralban

Taxi cab drivers came in second and cabbie Roberto Schingal knows why.

“You drive, drive, drive, spend money, spend gas but make no money,” said Schingal.

Rounding out the top five are police officer, highway patrol officer and lumberjack.

So what are the least stressful jobs according to

The least stressful is an audiologist, a practitioner who assesses and treats hearing disorders.

More than half of the 10 least stressful professions are in the health care field. Here’s the rest of the list:

2. Dietitian
3. Software Engineer
4. Computer Programmer
5. Dental Hygienist
6. Speech Pathologist
7. Philosopher
8. Mathematician
9. Occupational Therapist
10. Chiropractor

“Professions that involve low stress have very little danger and minimal physical demands, both of which can compound stress,” explained Lee. “Job seekers who want a laid back career and a high quality of life should look for professions that involve shorter work weeks, low pressure and little competition, like those that ranked in our top 10 least stressful professions list.”’s 2011 report on the least and most stressful professions surveyed 200 different jobs, measuring work environment, job competitiveness and risk to determine the rankings.

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  1. Will says:

    Interesting…computers, education, therapists, and medicine are all industries predicted to thrive over the nex decade, so many of the least stressful jobs are also jobs that will have openings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Florida USA says:

    Doesn’t it all depend on the type of boss you have? I mean, some can be real sweethearts and still get the job done. Others can be not-such-sweethearts and hamper production by first trampling all over the employee’s self-esteem, morale and motivation…some professions have “stress” written all over them while some mundane job can be highly stressful because the employee is being micro-managed and harassed without being able to prove the latter…

  3. Mr Dude says:

    Don’t you think that delivering pizzas is stressful? Unless the delivery car has an oven inside it, try getting that pie with the crunchy crust delivered without starting to get soggy from the pepperoni oozing grease…

  4. Fed Up with Idiots says:

    My job is sheer torture…I have to deal with the public!!!

  5. Dave says:

    Substitute teaching is extremely stressful. One is expected to walk into a classroom and fully assume the duties of the regular classroom teacher, unknowing if there have been any prior substitute teachers in the days before. Oftentimes, there is no, or at best, a poorly written lesson plan, and it is common to not have class rosters.

    Once the day starts, there are the constant interruptions, disruptions, misbehavior, talking, students trying the patience of the sub teacher, and cellphones to contend with.

    At the end of the day, one hopes that they have covered all the subject mater in a way that the students have learned and not missed a day of instruction.

    After doing their best, classroom teachers have the audacity to complain that things did not go the way that they wanted. It is those who have never spent years of being a substitute teacher who complain the most. And, in the end, the substitute teacher is held ‘at fault’ for whatever transpired in the classroom.

  6. Jamie RDH says:

    Obviously someone hasn’t spent a day in the life of a hygienist! Short work week doesnt mean we work any less. 90% of the patients we see everyday don’t want to be NEAR a dental office. No competition? We have a production goal to meet everyday and if we dont….we get hell from the dentist. As for very little danger?? We work with blood, saliva and sharp instruments in people who neglect their mouths everyday. Little physical demands? we bend our back for 12 hours a day over patients mouths trying to scrap the crap out of it. Do some more research before you claim a job is low-stress, THanks!