MIRAMAR (CBS4) – Miramar Police are trying to sort out the details of a deadly shooting that claimed the life of a mother.

The 911 call that police received on the shooting at The Ashlar Apartments said the woman’s toddler — just 2-and-a-half years old — accidentally shot and killed his mother. Police are trying to determine if that is, indeed, what transpired.

Police spokeswoman Tania Rues said a man called 911 around 7 pm Wednesday night to report the shooting. He had either seen or heard what happened.

“We did have someone who called this in and at present time police are meeting with this individual and speaking to him on the matter,” she told reporters.

However, she would not elaborate on what the man told detectives.

The man is “known to the victim,” Rues said, but declined to say the exact nature of their relationship.

Miramar Police could be seen looking over the little boy, possibly for evidence that he had, in fact, fired the weapon.

Neighbor Abel Hernandez said he and others in the apartment complex were looking for a missing child, along with police when they heard a gunshot and saw a female officer run towards the apartment. Moments later, they saw the officer emerge from the apartment with the child.

“It’s really sad,” Hernandez said. “I feel bad for the little kid. He’s not gonna see his mom.”

Neighbor Stephanie Andoro lives nearby with her young son, Adrian. She said the shooting shook her.

“I have a two year old and I would never want my son to go through anything like that at all,” she said.

Miramar Police have not released the name of the victim because they are still trying to contact her relatives. The little boy could be placed into foster care or with family members.

Investigators said the child was too young to understand what occurred.

“It appears that he’s not aware of exactly what it was that happened,” Rues said.

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  1. Florida Goldengirl says:

    If there was a lawd jesus or lawd anything else that had any power or gave a crap about anything , that child would never have gotten a gun, if he really did, and his mother would not be dead. I am so sick of hearing that stupid religious stupidity and even more so knowing that there are still primitive minds walking around thinking some big, or small, olaf exists anywhere that is some powerful Spook -Spirit – ! How could any sane person believe in such trash and myths from the depths of time when we were primitive cavemen ? My bet is that this child did not pull the trigger on that gun, the boyfriend did.. It’s always the boyfriend. The only people watching over that child will be HRS and protective services.

    1. MorganGray says:

      How wonderfully tolerant you are of other people’s beliefs.
      Typical leftist. My way and only my way.

      1. fel says:

        Because your beliefs are the source of so much damage and intolerance in the world. Oh and because they are just plain stupid, lol.

    2. James says:

      At least you had the balls to say the truth, Jesse Ventura did as governor and they ran him out of Minnesota. Preach on !

  2. Patch says:

    I hope the Miramar police have the CSI type gun shot residue test available. I find it hard to believe the 2 year old child held the gun and was able to pull the trigger. Until the residue test proves the child did it… my bets are on the male friend of the victim pulling the trigger.

    1. steve says:

      I think your on to something there Patch.

    2. Elsie says:

      I agree Patch…I can’t imagine my 3 y/o son having the strength to shoot a real gun and he’s bigger than the average 3/o so I’m sure this kid didn’t do it. I hope the police do not close the case and let this child live the rest of his life thinking he murdered his mom.

      1. alyssa says:

        Have you ever shot a gun? Some are pretty easy to pull the trigger on. I believe it could have happened.
        This is why I never let kids point toy guns at people, and cops & robbers is not allowed. Little kids don’t understand what a gun really does. If they go around pointing fake guns at people, then they’re going to do the same with a real one if they ever find one.
        Lastly, why was this gun accessible to the child? I understand that trigger locks are a pain, but at least have it up out of their reach !!!!

      2. MorganGray says:

        There are a lot of factors, and we don’t have the full story.
        Like any other news source, CBS is looking for a spectacular headline – especially if it supports their anti-gun bias.

        I agree that a 2 year old cannot in most cases load and fire most firearms. I don’t see anywhere it says handgun.
        Was the weapon routinely kept loaded with a round in the chamber?
        What is the condition of the weapon? Is it old and/or worn? If it was loaded and chambered, a worn mechanism can allow the weapon to discharge if it takes an impact.

        There are too many unknowns here.

        Personally? I doubt the kid could load, chamber, cock, aim and discharge a real firearm. Either the adults involved were incredibly stupid; keeping a loaded and cocked firearm around a toddler, or another adult was involved.

        For the record, I spent a lot of years as a firearms instructor, primarily rifle and pistol, so I have a bit of expertise in this subject.

  3. Steve says:

    So this “mother” somehow allowed a two year old child to get hold of a loaded hand gun?

  4. chris says:

    If I were the police, I’d be taking a hard look at the man who called 911. Two year olds do not know what guns are or how to operate them. Disgruntled ex-boyfriends do.

    1. John says:

      Spoken like a true man-hater.

      1. Chris1487 says:

        lol it’s kind of weird unless the two year old is a bodybuilder, that the child actually pulled the trigger.

    2. James says:

      Narrow minded people like you put innocent people in prison. I am certain even Miramar’s police force has gun-shot residue kits. Duh~!

  5. Teri Newman says:

    I find this almost impossible to believe. A 2 year old doesn’t have the hand strength necessary to cock and fire a gun–revolver OR automatic. My money is on the boyfriend.

  6. Teri Newman says:

    I find this impossible to believe. a 2 year old does not have the manual dexterity or hand strength to fire a gun–auto or revolver. The boyfriend is the one who did this.

    1. John says:

      Wow. The man-hating, false accusers are out in force this morning.

      1. chris1487 says:

        It makes the most sense. Get off your high horse dude.

    2. Andy says:

      You know it doesn’t take any strength at all to pull a trigger. They make the triggers with a very light trigger pull so they fire instantly when pulled. Now on a revolver that is a different story. And i do not see a 2 year old being able to hold a gun up. But if she had a gun laying on her bed and the child started grasping the trigger of it i do very well imagine the child being able to shoot her.

      1. Paul says:

        They do make hair triggers for 9mm semiautomatic pistols. But to fire it the pistol must first be cocked. We must assume the child disabled the safety, pulled the slide back to jack a round in the chamber (which would automatically cock it) and then aim the pistol at his mother’s back (where she was struck) and squeeze off a round. He had to accomplish all of this in quick time, while she wasn’t looking. Or the male friend could have simply left the pistol cocked and ready to fire, with the safety off, and a chambered round, on a low coffee table within easy reach of the child. But a 2 year old is as apt to fire in any random direction as he is his mother’s vital organs. How many shots did she ignore before he finally landed one in a fatal area?

  7. Clint says:

    This is what happens when stupid people…do anything. Drive while texting, mix meds and booze, pet wild critters. Did she let him play with the bleach, drain cleaner, and kitchen knives too? I’m very sorry for the kid and I hope he goes to live with someone who values his safety. FWIW, I have both a kid AND guns. ..and I work very hard to keep them safe from each other.

    1. James says:

      Clint thank you for calling it as it is. Darwin wrote about idiots 150 years ago.

  8. modie101 says:

    I still don’t understand why guns are legal at all. I hate the NRA.

    1. DUSTOFF says:

      Modie101 – It is called the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. Are you really that ignorant?

      1. Realityblowz says:

        Because more people are saved from personal use of guns as protection. You just rarely hear about it because it is not reported. If it wasn’t for all of the work that the NRA does, murders, rapes, and assault would be massive. John Lott proved his findings in his book and dared anyone to prove him wrong. No one has been able to prove this wrong.

      2. modie101 says:

        I know what it is but It should be amended. The term “Arms” included any tiype of weapon. Dioes that mean we should be allowed to carry sub machine guns where ever we go? Obviously thats ridiculous. I believe thet if it can save a few lives in the long run then its worth it to consider an emendment to the 2nd amendment.

      3. Chris1487 says:

        Modie101, people AREN’T allowed certain types of fire arms. That’s fact. Guns can NEVER be illegal. If the president signed a law like that I would assassinate him personally. Okay maybe not, but somebody should. The main reason we have that right is to protect ourselves from the gov’t

      4. modie101 says:

        Exactly my point your comment that you would do that to the POTUS just shows the mentality of people with guns. IIts my opinion that deep down inside they are just waiting for a chance to use them. a “justifiable homicide” if you will. i say just get rid of fire arms except for law enforcement and the military.

      5. Chris1487 says:

        Modie don’t put words into my mouth. I’m not dying to use a handgun. But we DESERVE to have a gun. Without them, America would not exist. They are our protection against the gov’t if and when they become a tyrant force like Britain was to US. If you don’t understand that, you need to go back to history class. Or just don’t own a gun and shut up. When a burglar breaks in to your house and YOU are about to get killed, you’re gonna wish you had a gun.

      6. Chris1487 says:

        @Modie also if they president DID sign a law banning handguns, he DOES deserve to be assassinated. OUR forefathers (you know the people that actually suffered from the persecution of the British and FOUNDED THIS COUNTRY) specifically wrote that into the CONSTITUTION for protection against the gov’t. Go back to history class please.

      7. Megan says:

        Oh my gosh… We should ban knifes too! My friend accidentally stabbed herself when she was eating chocolate((not to mention all the horrific murders that have gone on). So I say, for the good of humanity; lets get rid of them!
        Cars are dangerous too(not to mention expensive). I’ve seen so many fatal accidents. So, let’s ban them!
        Also, dogs are pretty scary. My neighbor has a pitbull chained up by our fence that is a terror in the making. So I say we do like the Iranians, and kill them all!
        Nuclear reactors are extremely dangerous, so applying your logic, we should ban them too. Yay! No more electricity!
        If we ban guns that will mean no more hunting. I guess we could use traps, or bows and arrows, but, oh wait, that’s dangerous too!
        The world is a scary place. You can be killed by anything. Accident, or no accident.

    2. Jay says:

      Modie – guns are legal because of that silly, antiquated scrap of paper called the Constitution, NOT the NRA.

    3. UgottaB says:

      Move to Canada

      1. MRay says:

        Better yet to Mexico…the no gun laws are working really well for the people of Mexico..

    4. rkwhyte2 says:

      The fact is that you can’t own a machine gun without jumping through some major hoops. Remember guns don’t kill people do ( I know it sounds corny but it is true). Many in the government would like nothing better than to find some way to disarm the public even just a small amount. This must be fought whenever it is found. To say that you would like to see the 2nd amendment amended shows that you don’t truly understand what we as citizens are up against..

      1. James says:

        RKWHYTE2 You are absolutely beyond an IDIOT if you think the government is even remotely scared of your puny weapons. Let me remind you the government has the U.S. ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY, MARINES AND COASTGUARD in its arsenal, the FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, ,ATF, every National Guard, all the State Police all the Sherriffs departments, all the Police. Do you realy think they are scared of your puny weapons. Look at what Ghadaffi did to his people with his military and those people had access to a lot better weapons than you will ever get your hands on and he squashed them like bugs. Can you imagine what the US is capable of? Surely your weapons are of no consequense or threat so stop buying into the gun manufacturer’s ridiculous propagancda. They want to continue to make big profits regardless of who it hurts. Profits of people. Remember “drill baby drill” then came the BP oil spill. When are the people going to learn that corporations don’t care about people. They want to continue to sell their product and make as much money as possible irregardless of the consequences. Is it no wonder that the US had 26 thousand murders last year!!! Look at any other nation in the world and you will find that the ones who have strict gun control also have far fewer murders. Now go grow a brain and try digesting all these FACTS and get off of the propaganda wagon put out for more profits to be made and lives lost!

      2. Chris1487 says:

        James, sounds like you are the one who needs to get off the propaganda wagon. Guns are a right to the citizen as handed down by the FOUNDERS OF THIS COUNTRY. And all it takes is a bullet to the head of the president to stop it. Not that big a deal.

      3. rkwhyte2 says:

        James….I’m just darn near speechless that anyone can be as whacked out as you seem to be. I’m betting that you also believe in global warming. We will just have to agree to disagree.

    5. MAC says:

      thanks for your reply: it illustrates the typical liberal (progressive?) response to ANY problem. When a conservative sees this news story, the first thought is: how tragic!. The second is: why wasn’t the gun secured away from the baby? In other words, personal responsibility.
      When a progressive/liberal sees this story, their response is to ban guns. BIGGER NANNY STATE: ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED! No understanding of the issue from a legal perspective or practical for that matter. Just a knee-jerk reaction to deprive 300 million people of their Constitutionally protected rights in order to “protect” us. What you don’t understand is the reason for the second amendment: it is to secure all the other rights recorded in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When the people can defend themselves against the progressive idea of government, we are free. When we give up our guns, then others are free to decide everything for you. What church you will or will not attend (See China); what political organization you can belong to (See China and Cuba); what race you can belong to (See NAZI Germany). You may hate the NRA, but it is because you don’t understand the issues. Take tame to educate yourself: stop being the extreme left’s “useful idiot.”

      1. james says:

        MAC you said take time to educate yourselves I suggest you do the same. Please read my comment to the other moron like yourself who really thinks that handguns can help us fight the US government. I say stop smoking the crack if you believe that load of crap. Or maybe you are oblivious as to what weapons the US has at its disposal. Please people stop driinking the corporate “Kool-Aid” and think things through. If any type of rebellion occurred in the US the local police could handle it with their swat teams and rapid response teams. Your little firearms and semi-automatic weapons are no match for their arsenal.

      2. Paul says:

        I’m an liberal with a concealed weapon permit. So your generalization is a bit out in left field, Mac. James is wrong about the government’s fear of personal arms. Yes, there is a military with big, bad ass weapons. How many of them would take up arms against fellow US citizens? A small percent, is my guess. An even smaller percent of law enforcement officers would do it. Most “hostile” foreign nations are well aware they could not hope to occupy the US, with its 80 million law abiding gun owners (one in four people). Russian revolutionaries overthrew their well armed tsar with sickles and pitchforks. Of course, a well armed American populace is as big a discouragement to potential foreign occupiers as to would-be despots. Then there is the whole issue of self defense. Gun control is predicated on the supposition an unarmed 120 lb woman is morally superior to a 220 lb rapist/murderer.

    6. modie101 says:

      I know my history. I just don’t think its necessary to carry guns. I live in NYC and I still don’t feel the need for it. Also if you feel that at any moment your Govt is going to turn on you then YOU get out don’t tell me to get out.

      1. Chris1487 says:

        Modie you are a horrible american.

      2. Chris1487 says:

        Modie I wonder how you would fair the American Revolution. You’d probably be a sally and give up to the Brits back then. You don’t sound like you really appreciate your rights. How would you like it if you were told you weren’t allowed to have kids. Or that you HAD to be muslim or die. Or taxed your paycheck 90%. What would you do? Oh that’s right, you are a pacifist and would probably just leave instead of trying to make it better for your fellow americans.

      3. modie101 says:

        Yeah I’m the worst type of American, One with an opinion that’s not like yours.

      4. modie101 says:

        Look reaqlistically banning guuns is not gonna happen I know. but I reallly would like there to be stricter gun control. I mean you want to go hunting thats fine but you don’t need an automatic weapon to do it. There should be better stricter checks also don’t you agree?

      5. chris1487 says:

        Lol there you go putting words into my mouth. Is that all you know how to do? Open a damn history book or just do some research MODIE. Every single country that has banned guns has turned out to be HORRIBLE. Move to mexico and learn how it is. It’s HORRIBLE there. But of course you won’t do it because then you wouldn’t be able to live a life of ignorance to the world around you anymore. Get a clue dude, cuz you are completely lost on this issue. Especially when everybody and their mother is calling you out on it. Majority rules, you are wrong.

      6. chris1487 says:

        Modie again DO SOME RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how hard it is to get an automatic weapon!? Do you know how much it COSTS for an automatic weapon? Did you know some states have banned them completely? Stop being ignorant. please. you’re killing us here.

    7. Ian says:

      OK, don’t keep a gun and call 911 when someone breaks into your house or attacks you to take your car. See how well they protect you. They’ll just investigate your death after the fact.

    8. Richard Blaine says:

      We don’t have guns because of the NRA. We have the NRA because if people like you.

    9. MorganGray says:

      Modie? The founders specifically wrote the 2nd Amendment as a RESET button on the government.
      Before you go off on “they didn’t envision assault rifles and sub-machineguns” – they kinda did. They could see the Pennsylvania Long-Rifle and Brown Bess, and Baker and Ferguson Rifles in the hands of citizens. Those were the cutting edge of weapon technology in their day, and they WANTED citizens to have them in their hands.
      The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, and everything to do with ensuring freedom. Only an armed citizen has the ability and responsibility to change his government when it becomes oppressive.

      1. rkwhyte2 says:

        Ding Ding Ding…We have a winner. This simple paragraph pretty much sums up what the 2nd amendment is for. I could not have said it any better. Thank you

  9. Bobstrebs says:

    An insightful and intelligent comment…but really COLD in a human sort of way. While seeing the ghetto world from your perspective ponder this: the global elite have you- also as a member of the Herd from their perspective- on their depopulation hit-list.

    1. funny but true says:

      Perhaps; but your comment presupposes that I am not a member of the elite.

  10. Bobstrebs says:

    My above comment was a reply to a “comment removed.” FREE speech, especially from a news site, should allow the speech of a jerk to sink to its own level among his or her peers. Censorship? From a first amendment protected news site? Hmmm…

  11. Machismo says:

    That is not what happened. A 2 year old does not have the dexterity or strength to pull a trigger. A baby does not have a reason to point a gun. How about someone aiming it with the babies hand? It is beyond beleif that a toddler could even get a hold of a gun. Something really stinks here, and it is not the Toddler!!!

  12. Jesse says:

    What will Florida do next? Charge newborns that kill their mothers while giving birth?

  13. Liz says:

    So a two year old has the hand strength and coordination to rack a slide and fire a semi auto hand gun when, as a 40 year old woman, I still have trouble? Or — he can cock the hammer and pull if it was a revolver?

    I call bs on this. It was a boyfriend.

    The anti gun folks on this thread just show their ignorance. If you know ANYTHING about guns, you know this stinks all over.

  14. james says:

    Steve learn how to spell it is you’re meaning you are not your.

  15. A_Patriot says:

    If she had been packin’, she could have defended herself. (Did the two year old possess the gun legally?)

  16. JAMES says:

    Once again, a gun intended to protect its owner is actually used accidentally against its owner. How many times does this happen? Statistically 45% of all hand-gun fatalities are used against family or friends. Another reason for gun control.
    The other part of this story is why wasn’t anyone charged with a child having access to a gun. Idiots!
    Machismo, join the real world kids today are exposed to so much on HBO and other cable outlets that 2nd graders are having sex. Depending on the type of weapon a 2-3 year old could definitely pull the trigger especially if it were a semi-automatic 9 mm. Watch kids today, they know how to point and shoot the problem is that he had access to a REAL weapon.

  17. Historygeek says:

    I have kids and I have guns. I have let my children see and hold my (unloaded) pistols. I have let them try to pull the trigger with snap caps in the chamber. My 8 year old could not do it with the hammer down. I find it VERY unlikely that a two year old could. I do not even think my two year old could really point a weapon accurately. I, like all those above, cry foul on this story. It smells like three day old fish.

  18. Mike Smith says:

    A 2 year old can not “pull a trigger.” A 2 year old can “push a trigger.” if the two year old had the gun the story would read, “Two Year Old Shoots Self”

  19. Straygator says:

    Ban TV … that’s where my 2 1/2 yr old grandson learned about guns, even the cartoons !!! He can easily lift a electric drill and point it and every toy is a gun that he points at everybody. Give him a small backup with a hair trigger at that might happen in this house hold. His mother punishes him, but he does it all the more.

  20. Twisted Verbally says:

    Well, if you have ever fired a gun and played with a toy cap gun… then you would know that it is very possible that a small child could pull a trigger on a gun. I am not saying that the child did it and in this world today WE all would not want to believe that a small child has experienced this horrific accident. Its easier to believe that the male questioned did it. For me its just a plain shame that this child has to go through life without the mother. Lets just hope that the police department does a squeaky clean sweep and solve this!

  21. K.wikstrom says:

    I am not positive, but I have a question for the news people, is the apartment that got flooded the same apartment building that the two year old shot his mother? I am just curious, it sure looked like it to me,