MIAMI (CBS4) — A South Florida business has come up with an invigorating way to re-energize its employees simply by bringing a yoga instructor into the office.

A deep breath, a stretch, and relaxation is just what the boss ordered for all the employees at Continental, a property management company in South Florida.

“I feel energized and focused in what I’m doing it makes me feel great,” said Lauren Bartolli right after her 30-minute Zen class.

The Zen class, which is a combination of stretching and yoga, is done just a few steps away from Bartolli’s desk, in her company’s conference room.

“I love it. It’s awesome, it gives me time to regroup and it seems like everything goes away,” said Bartolli.

Reducing stress and reenergizing its employees is Continental’s goal.

Continental President Tim O’Keefe thought it would be a great idea to bring in a yoga instructor every other week for his employees.

“The idea of bringing yoga into the workplace promotes a healthy lifestyle, brings in a little bit of fun and gives everybody a little time to focus on their personal health as well as the hard work they perform every day,” explained O’Keefe.

Not everyone though is as lucky enough to have yoga in their workplace, but there is a way to relax on your own at your desk.

According to yoga instructor Cindy Olaguibel, stretching your neck from side to side and standing up and stretching at your desk can go a long way. It’s something Bartolli and her co-workers all agree on.

“When you get back to work, you are brand new and energized,” said Bartolli.

Comments (3)
  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:



  2. Ed says:

    I want to have all my employees and subcontractors be part of this fitness stress-relief at work! How do I contact Cindy, the yoga instructor?

    1. Jeri Smith says:

      I have the same question! How do I contact the yoga instructor? I want to suggest this for our family business.

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