MIAMI (CBS4) – Thirty-four Americans are killed every day with guns, according to a national gun control organization which is making a stop in South Florida.

The Fix Gun Checks Truck Tour stopped in Miami on Monday.

The tour started in the wake of the Tucson shootings by a bipartisan coalition of 550 mayors from around the country, including 30 in Florida.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado joined local family members of gun violence Monday at Miami City Hall to support the national campaign which urges Congress “to fix the nation’s broken gun background check system.”

Kanisha Gross, who joined the politicians at the stop, lost her husband when he was shot and killed. He was among the more than 75 people killed in gun violence in Miami in the past ten months.

“They took his life, he was a good man,” Kanisha said.

“Miami has been a victim of illegal guns that’s killing gun people and law enforcement,” said Mayor Regalado.

The mayors, and Rep. Wasserman Schultz want Congress to pass a law that would subject every gun sale to a background check. They also want the names of people prohibited from buying a gun listed in a central database.

“There are too many loopholes that have to be tightened,” Wasserman Schultz said. “And unfortunately, Florida has some of the most gaping loopholes that have to be closed.”

The mobile truck features a clock that tolls the number of Americans killed with guns since the Jan. 8 shootings that killed six people and critically injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

“We should know who has a gun and it should be in a database,” Wasserman Schultz, a close friend of Rep. Giffords, said.

In 2011, at least 22 U.S. law enforcement officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. Six of those officers were Floridians.

All six of their killers were barred from possessing firearms under current law – but slipped through gaps in the background check system.

Just over a month ago, President Obama signaled his support for reforms to make background checks instant, accurate and comprehensive.

Nearly 13,000 Floridians and 250,000 Americans have already signed a petition supporting the “Fix Gun Checks” plan.

If you’d like to sign the petition, and follow the Fix Gun Checks Campaign and Mobile Truck Team, just go to

Comments (36)
  1. FYI says:

    Gun control only bans guns from honest people. Look at the ones who have shot and/or killed police officers all the ones in South Florida illegal possessed the guns. Even the ones who shot at each other in areas of South Florida often times illegally possess the gun.

  2. Maria Redman says:

    I am a conservative liberal I don’t believe in control but real awareness and education. The people killed were not killed by Law Abiding citizens they were killed by killers. They will get guns control or not. These control people should have gun watch. Your hunters,gun enthusiast and normal citizen is not out there kicking people. More gun safety education and if you have to go to a class to drive a car so you don’t kill people why don’t they require a class before a person is handed a gun??

  3. danny says:

    more wrong headed liberal crap!…get rid of the criminals,keep them off the street and n jail!…lawyers too!

  4. danny says:

    another liberal PC idea that helps the criminal.keep the bad guys n jail where they belong.citizens have got 2 arm themselfs against these maniacs!…judges and lawyers should b put on that truck and then dumped n the bay!!…save gas!

  5. Jason White says:

    You guys above are all morons.

    Someone should have the courage to tell like it ought to be:


    The purpose of a gun is to kill. Then ELIMINATE that tool altogether! I guarantee you that it will be much more difficult to kill using fists, sticks, and stones than by pulling a trigger. NO MORE GUNS PERIOD! Enough is enough!

    Gun safety? Give me a break!

    ZERO TOLERANCE, ZERO GUNS …. like England!

    1. Deedee Gorriona Lopez says:

      Does it make me a moron to like guns soley for the purposes of 1) protecting my family and myself, 2) having fun with my friends at a shooting range, and 3) hunting? It’s a beautiful privilege in this country for the citizens to have the right to own firearms. Things aren’t any better in England as far as crime. The reason why the statistics seem lower is because their population is smaller. Gun violence actually increased there AFTER the gun ban! When guns are banned, it makes it easier for criminals to own them, and only criminals would be in the market for guns. Plus England has a MASSIVE gang problem, especially due to their problems with immigration: legal and otherwise.

      By saying ‘only the police should have them’ you have NO IDEA how horrific that situation could be. You are handing your rights and your freedoms over to tyrants! This is not a nanny state!

      1. FYI says:

        I agree with you. Canada has gun control and a gun registry and they have 20 homicides this year. One of those was on Friday so out of the 19 they have stats on at this time 10 victims were shot, 7 stabbed, and 2 were killed by other means such as strangulation to blunt force trauma. The 20th victim killed on Friday most likely was killed by other means.

      2. Fallout says:

        Damn right, DeeDee. Good comment. I wouldn’t be caught dead living in South Florida if I couldn’t own and carry firearms. Officials should instead concentrate their efforts on keeping violent felons incarcerated. And this little program of theirs does nothing to prevent the use of STOLEN guns at all. I don’t care what happens in other countries. Statistics don’t keep you safe at night. Here we have a real problem and need to be able to defend ourselves. I’ll give up my car before I give up my guns.

      3. Indhira says:

        I agree with your comment… Gun control will only take away guns from law abiding citizens and not from criminals… This is crazy, they are trying to take away our rights to defend ourselves from the bad guys. It’s our constitutional right to have guns!

    2. GiveMeFreedom says:



      Are you crazy? The first step in complete government control is disarming the citizenry. There should be rules to owning a gun, but they should never be banned. The people who commit crimes with guns will find a way to get them no matter what, then how will we defend ourselves? The majority of people who own guns are law abiding citizens that you will never hear about, that is the reality. Don’t punish everyone because of the law breakers.

    3. MRR says:

      RE: it will be much more difficult to kill using fists, sticks, and stones than by pulling a trigger….what about knives, meat cleavers, baseball bats, spears, bows and arrows, swords, arsenic, rat poison, scissors, ice picks, a sharp pencil through an eye socket, a pillow over the face, a drunk in a 2,000 lb vehicle, a rope around the neck…the list is endless. Just about everything surrounding us is a potential lethal weapon. In many cases, someone with murderous intent can kill just as easily without a gun as with one. Just look at all the millions who have died in battles in pre-firearm history.

      Whether more background checks or more vigorous background checks will keep bad people from acquiring guns remains to be seen, especially if they’re getting them via clandestine ways. Take the Mexican carters for example. Gun control in Mexico only seems to prevent the law abiding from acquiring additional means to defend themselves. Sociopaths, murders, and the like could care less about the law.

    4. Frank says:

      Yeah your a genious lets go back to protecting are selves like in the stone ages while the criminals have all the guns. And you’re calling them morons.

    5. Ian Jones says:

      I am from Britain, lived there for 30+ years. Firearm related crime has increased in Britain since guns were banned. Violent crime has increased, home invasions have increased, rapes have increased and also muggings have increased. I feel much safer here in Florida knowing that citizens are legally carrying guns and are willing to protect themselves, their family and their friends.
      Remember, an armed society is a polite society!

    6. Al Merrill says:

      Spoken like a true idiot, violent crime is up 1000% in England and most countries where guns are banned because the criminals know they will not be shot. Eliminate guns and they will stab or club you to death if you resist.

    7. sgtstumpy says:

      I’m not going to waste my energy on a salad tosser like you.

    8. Mr Montana says:

      Mr White, How would you like it if someone broke into your home and killed your family. You had a gun in the dresser and had time to get it and save your family. I have a hand gun and a permit to carry. So far the need to use it to defend myself or family has not hapened. I live in South Florida but it does not matter where one lives. Law abiding citizens should have the right to own and carry hand guns. It is NOT the gun that kills and it is NOT the purpose of a gun to kill. IT IS THE IDIOT BEHIND THE GUN.

    9. wheninthecourse says:

      2nd amendment.

  6. Deedee Gorriona Lopez says:

    Oohhhh… Fresh egging targets! 😀

  7. JAQUEBAUER says:

    These are the same breed that disarmed German citizens and then turned around and imposed draconian laws that led to the Holocaust. For any Jewish citizen to call for the banning of guns and civilian gun rights must have forgotten what happened to their parents, sisters, and family in 1930’s Germany.


  8. yvonnemason says:

    As a person with a background in criminal justice, having all those controls in place will not prevent criminals from getting guns. If a criminal wants a gun there are a myrid of places to get them, the biggest being the black market aka from other ciminals. Or they steal them. It would impossible to build a database for those who are “not suppsed to” have guns. It will not stop them from getting them. People who really believe that more laws will slow down those criminals who really want guns live in a fairy tale world.

  9. John says:

    maybe they should go around trying to stop something more serious like 1221 people that die everyday in our nation from coronary heart disease – seems to be much worst than guns but you dont hear anyone talking about that do you

  10. yokolee says:

    Gun control? I say yes, but only in the hands of a criminal

  11. joe says:

    Yeah but if the 34 dead would be packing heat, the number would be zero! or -34!

  12. Code1 says:

    People forget, a firearm is JUST a piece of metal, plastic and wood, NOTHING MORE !!! It is an INANIMATE object just sitting there. It takes a person, who makes a conscious decision of using the firearm, for legal reasons or otherwise. IT IS THE PERSON, not the firearm at fault for anything. It may be the firearm owner’s fault for not securing the firearm, or handling it properly, but the firearm will NOT do a thing without human intervention. Banning firearms will NOT reduce murder, never going to happen, even if there were no firearms in existance, the deranged person will find other ways to do harm, kitchen knives, baseball bats, tire irons, should I go on and on ? The personal sale of firearms or the control of the sale of legal firearms, is not the answer. Firearm safety will reduce and maybe eliminate the curious nature that oftens creates injuries in children. I am for that, but the liberal nutcases wince at any suggestion of teaching firearm safety to the young. The justice system doing a better job might reduce the people with a tendency to commit crimes in the first place from being out in the community, but going after the LEGAL ownership and sales of LEGAL firearms will never and is NOT the answer.

  13. Hater says:

    Socialism begins with gun control. For those of you wanting to ban guns from citizens go crawl under the rock you came from! It is painfully obvious you are not Americans you are Anti-American. If you like the laws in England and Canada my suggestion is back your bags and leave. We certainly don’t want you here nor did we invite you!

  14. greg says:

    yeah like England? they just stab and beat each other with whatever they can find. if you defend your home/family you are subject to prosecution BY THE CRIMINAL! look at eh recent shootings in the NETHERLANDS who have some of the strictest registration laws and it is very difficult to own a firearm yet the guy that shot up the mall there ws still able to get his. Gun Control only affects those who would follow the law anyway. after all murder is still illegal last time i checked. the folks who are afraid of their own shadow can move to england and experience things first hand. know plenty of brits who think their govt and the anti gun policy to be a sham.

  15. greg says:

    the statistics that the guncontrol wagon displays are very questionable. they include criminals that kill each other as well as when firearms are used in legitimate self defence…in short nothing but socialist propaganda from comrade bloomberg who wants to spread his lib bs all around!

  16. greg says:

    guns arent hard to control as they just sit there if you dont pick them up! they cant hit anything if you dont DELIBERATELY aim and fire at a target. society continually blames substances and objects for abberant behavior. behavior cannot be legislated only influenced by societies VALUES. spoons made rosie o’donnel fat?? i think not perhaps her behavior and lack of SELF CONTROL is the issue???? NO?

  17. greg says:

    they predicted that blood would run in the streets as FLorida passed the ccw laws in the 80’s. the results: Crime has fallen every year since…less than 1% of ccw holders have ever been involved in a violent crime. responsible law abiding citizens are just that: responsible and law abiding.

  18. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Hard-core Criminals will always find a way to get a gun.


    A DataBase for the protection of Police &/or others, is necessary.

    I totally agree with code1

  19. Ed lepps says:

    They should ban the mayor of New York. Stay away from my guns Mayor Douchburg.

  20. greg says:

    have carried for 20 years since i got my fl ccw…I have actually defended myself and home from a “follow home invasion” they followed me from publix to my home. It resolved the issue without loss or harm to me. if i did not have a weapon at the time wouldnt be here today…

  21. GREG says:

    i will vote against any politician that supports this travesty..and there are MANY MORE LIKE ME IN SO FL!

  22. malclave says:

    “We should know who has a gun and it should be in a database,”

    Similarly, anyone who works for a media outlet should be listed in a database maintained by the government.