ORLANDO (CBS4) – Just days after it was reported that toddler was served a margarita instead of apple juice at an Applebee’s restaurant in Michigan, a central Florida mother has come forward to say her two year old son was accidentally served sangria instead of orange juice at an Olive Garden restaurant in Lakeland.

Jill VanHeest says she took her son Nikolai to the hospital after she realized what had happened. Doctors gave the boy fluids and he was released a couple of hours later.

VanHeest, who has contacted an attorney, said she hasn’t made up her mind yet if she will sue.

Orlando-based Darden Restaurants said the incident, which happened on March 31, prompted the company to caution employees to be more careful with alcoholic drinks. The company added that restaurant employees will now mix sangria individually to order, instead of in batches as it had before.

Applebee’s said it will also change the way it serves drinks after a 15-month old boy was mistakenly served alcohol at a Detroit area restaurant last Friday. Doctors who checked him out say the child’s blood alcohol level was .10 percent — over the legal limit for an adult driver.

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Comments (4)
  1. m says:

    “mother has come forward to say her two year old son was accidentally served sangria instead of orange juice at an Olive Garden restaurant ”

    Does this mother pay attention when they bring thier food and drinks to the table. THere is a big, no HUGE difference in the color of orange juice (ORANGE) and Sangria (RED).

    You should get your eyes checked lady.

    1. Julie Fernandez says:

      I agree!

  2. dawne says:

    And now something else to blame the mom for! When the drink is served in a colored cup that has a cover on it, you don’t always see what’s in it. I’m tired of everyone always pointing the finger at the moms. Like, seriously do you have any idea all the pressure it takes to be a mom. You already worry about everything, the last thing your thinking about is someone spiking your kids juice. Leave the mom alone, its not her fault some idiot did this to her kids drink. Maybe the restaurants should do their job right, so it can make every moms job just a little easier.

  3. carol says:

    when my kids were toddlers…they were always served drinks in colored plastic cups, and then a lid was put on it since toddlers tend to spill their drinks.

    However…a waiter pouring wine in a child’s cup? that is beyond stupid and careless.

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