MONROE COUNTY – ( – Recent census results revealing Monroe County has had a decline in population has officials calling for a recount. 

That’s because 10 years ago, the county had 79,589 residents and now figures show their official population has dropped by nearly 6,500 residents. 

So where did the Keys population go? Officials say, they’re still here, and blame census workers for being too lax about finding them.

Administrators say energy consumption is on the rise as are new utility accounts, which increased from 28,218 in 2000 to 29,837 in 2010.

“It’s hard to reconcile this,” County Mayor Heather Carruthers told The Key West Citizen.  “I am not 100 percent confident that the census is 100 percent accurate.”

Current County Administrator Roman Gastesi said the county had four different managers during the time census workers were conducting the recount.

“We never felt comfortable that these guys got it together,” Gastesi told the newspaper referring to census workers.

Census numbers affect how much money governments receive in state and federal grants and how many representative seats are awarded to state and congressional districts.

County commissioners are expected to meet April 20th to discuss alternatives.
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Comments (7)
  1. Carlo says:

    Census LOL

    Hate to say it but this time the census workers seemed more like communist party thugs

    I felt like I was back in Venezuela

    No one answered the door at most places

  2. Jack says:

    Let’s see…. We went through a housing bubble which would account for the increased utility accounts. The bubble pops and houses go into foreclosure. People pack up and leave. What’s the big mystery???

    1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:


      Not this


    2. MSG says:

      I think Jack’s comment is much more on target. In our park alone, the number of children around has dropped considerably in the last few years. Miami residents have moved in, using the homes as second homes. They are the older ones, no young children….and not around most of the time. The Keys has changed. Not at all what it used to be, even a few years ago. After the bubble popped if people wanted to come back they couldn’t-too expensive. Now it is either a foreclosure and they cannot get finanacing, or they, because of the economic situation can not afford to make the move to begin with. Our Census woman was relentless and determined sometimes to the point of bothersome. But kind and respectful. I would say it is more the situation rather than the Census people.

  3. Gary Harbinson says:

    The county hates to loose money. A bunch of schemers. . . . .

  4. Vincent Marinello says:

    I had worked for the Census in the Keys and I can tell you that the counts were very inaccurate and done by people at times that did not care and pencil whipped the forms…….

  5. Antonio Lopez says:

    I worked for the Census as a Qualitry Control Enumorator( the group that checks the first group of sensus enumerators for any mistakes). After a week paid hotel and 70 dollars per day allowance, I was given only 3 houses to check and then sent home because the central office said the work had already been done, which was not true. Nevertheless I had a mini vacation in the keys at the expense of the Sensus Office all because the central office in homestaed could not get their act together with work that had to be done, many houses were left out from visiting.

    I trully believe that another count is needed. And better control of work for enumerators.