DORAL (CBS4) – It’s safe to call 11-year-old Christopher Abella a child prodigy. He’s not only an accomplished artist whose sketches are more than impressive, but look closer. Christopher is a fashion designer.  He creates elegant couture gowns, shoes, handbags and more. It all started at age 5, when he drew his mom in a white princess gown.

“I was bored and I took out a paper and I started to draw and that’s what came out,” said aspiring young  designer Christopher Abella.

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Now, after school this fashion designing fifth grader creates couture at the  Doral Conservatory and School of the  Arts. It’s a cultural center created to enhance kids natural talents in music, drawing, design and more.

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It’s here  where he’s fine tuning drawing body proportions like an elegant strapless wedding gown he’s created for a family member… or a purple, form-fitting red carpet winner, complete with the va va voom factor.

” When she turns around and  the wind hits it, it come out,” said Christopher, describing the full skirt of the dress.

So who are Christopher’s fashion idols?

They include Valentino, Christian Dior, and of course, Coco Chanel.

“This is a Coco Chanel gown I did with pearls. They are elegant pearls. She used  lots of metals and key chains,” said Chris.

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In one dress and jacket combo, Christopher takes the styles of two different designers and creates a totally new look.

“This is a Fortune style dress, as he used a lot of  pleats. Then I paired it with a Coco Chanel style square jacket,” explained Christopher.

And then there are the shoes… shoes with fabric… with pearls and chains… and shoes with tassels… some with handbags to match.

Mom Lissette knows her son is blessed.

” I think of him as a regular kid with a beautiful gift from God. But I definitely see  him as a fashion designer down the road.” said mom Lissette Abella.

So do those at the Doral Conservatory.

“You can consider him a professional. He’s an amazing talent. Ever since we saw him for the  first time we knew  there was something different about him. His art is amazing!” Christopher earns high praises from Claudia Ahrens, spokeswoman for The Doral Conservatory.

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Christoper will be participating in a charity fashion show May 27th, where he will be creating several gowns. His mom is looking for sponsors. Each gown costs around $1,500 to make. If you are interested in being a sponsor, contact Lissette Abella at

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