MIAMI (CBS4) – Most people don’t read the entire nutrition labels on what they buy. If they did, they might be surprised to see how much of our food is “artificially” colored to make it look better.

Blue #1,Yellow #5- it’s all there if you check the label, and it sounds more like a chemistry equation than an ingredients list.

But most of us take home foods containing artificial dyes.

You’ve probably figured out that the fluorescent orange of Cheetos isn’t exactly natural, and something as healthy as juice can have artificial dye, such as yellow #5.

Now an FDA panel is considering putting warning labels on some foods with fake color, after studies linked the dyes to hyperactivity and health concerns in kids.

“Would you put gasoline into your children’s body? I mean petroleum that’s where this food coloring comes from, it comes from petroleum products, “weight loss and nutrition doctor with the “Smart For Life” Center, Dr. Sasson Moulavi told CBS4’s Natalia Zea. Dr. Moulavi has advocated against artificial dyes for years.

“I think it has an effect on everybody, so I would really like to see artificial coloring banned completely,” he said.

Food makers argue the science isn’t proven, and the FDA has long said the dyes are safe.

But parents and grandparents Zea spoke with aren’t taking chances.

“I don’t think the food coloring is good at all,” said grandmother Ilana Levy.

And some say a warning would help them understand that what they think is good for them may not be.

“That would catch my attention,” said Franchelis Rodriguez It’s up to the FDA to decide on the label, and up to you to decide what you want to buy for your family.

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  1. Phil Landers says:

    I’ve been on the Feingold diet since the mid seventies. Food coloring is an idiotic idea geared towards shallow people that think everything has to look pretty before they will touch it. I don’t eat birthday cake capice? Artificial BAD, natural GOOD. It isn’t that difficult.

  2. G Congdon says:

    What about the food dye itself.. McCormick sells a package of 4 colors (fd&c yellow,fd&c red 40, fd&c blue 1 fd&c red 3) as well as propylene glycol (anti-freeze) as well as paraben preservatives.. Try to find out quantified analysis of these, all of which are highlly questionable.. There is nowarning on package which is designed to attract children, It did my grandchild, Where is the FDA or NYS health dept on this?? .

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