MIAMI (CBS4) -The Catholic Church is trying something different to get people’s attention.

The Archdiocese of Miami is launching a television campaign to encourage people to confess their sins.

“Confession is for Catholics the way to have the sins that they have committed after Baptism to be forgiven,” said Archbishop Thomas Wenski to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez at Saint Martha’s Church in Miami.

The idea to shoot the 30 second spot came from Archbishop Thomas Wenski who wanted to remind Catholics of the meaning behind confession.

“The sacrament of penance is more about knowing we are loved, that our god is merciful, and that he forgives us,” said Archbishop Wenski.

The Archdiocese of Miami hopes to remove any anxiety attached to the sacrament of confession.

“I don’t want to hear [people say] that when I went to confession I got yelled at by a priest. Don’t believe all the jokes all the comedians talk about. Confession truly is a conversation with God,” said Mary Ross Agosta, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Miami.

The period between Ash Wednesday and Easter is considered a sacred time so a confession would be ideal because the sacrament of penance brings followers closer to God. Also getting their message out, literature advertising Reconciliation Weekend, which is April 15th -16th, and offering tips on how to go to confession.

Archbishop Wenski hopes to get his message across in the 30 second commercial which he addresses the viewers and joked with Estevez about sticking to his day job.

“At least when you are setting up on a teleprompter, you can always get a second take. You don’t always get a second take on a Sunday morning,” joked Archbishop Wenski.

During Reconciliation Weekend, 40 parishes will offer extended hours for confessions.

Click here for the list of parishes.

Comments (15)
  1. Derek says:

    At least this way they cant get physical w/ alter boys

  2. Bryan Sciver says:

    I have a confession. I feel guilty. I was told many things and they were wrong. I was told that I could trust my church leader. I believed in the Easter bunny and egg hunts. Then I grew up and went to college. My teachers told me that the Christian religion is a lie. It is just a myth. Nobody has any scientific proof of anything that took place. Certainly no Jesus was born in Bethlehem whose family lived in Nazareth. Never was a Moses. The Christ were told about was a fairy tale, a con job and I feel violated. The time I lost believing in nonsense can not be replaced.

    1. Augie says:

      So sad for you taking all those years to figure it all out. My freedom from being terrified by pulpit pyramid scheme pimps demanding we worship a pedophile sky wizard who impregnated a teen girl who gave birth to an illegitimate water walking flying wizard came at age 7.

      I feel left out though, in all the years of college not one teacher discussed that religion is a lie….even though my minor was comparative religion.

    2. Chris says:

      Of course Jesus was born thats undisputed history.

    3. Rigoberto Vega says:

      I used to believe Christianity was a man-made story. I was told the same by my parents and teachers growing up. I was told I was the by-product of random accidents and my life had no ultimate meaning. Feeling empty, I was open to the company of true Christians who showed me love and compassion.

      I discovered that much of the history of the New Testament is corroborated by Jewish and Roman historians. No historian claims Jesus of Nazareth didn’t exist. We have thousands of NT early manuscripts dating as far back as the 2nd century, which reveal the modern NT is 99.9% exact to the letter.

      Don’t believe everything you hear from non-objective sources and research yourself. Jesus changed my life and has made me a person who is at the service of others and I’m trully fulfilled. That is real and not a lie. God bless you and may you find lasting happiness.

    4. Diana Ferro says:

      Same as you have a body, you have a espirit and you have a soul. No matter what anyone tells you you need to find this for yourself.

      My testimony to you is that a title, a person, or even money won’t make your complete happiness. By finding God I found myself, my purpose, and eternal joy =)

      God Bless you! and religion is another subject. We are the body of Christ, therefore Christ is in all churches, unfortunatelly we are part of these churches and as humans we create division and do messed up stuff that does not come from God.

      One bad priest can taint the work of thousands! The news only report the horrific cases we suffer in church.

      But read more about John Paul II, Saint Francis of Asis, John Bosco, Mother Teresa of Calcuta, father Pio, Saint Paul… They found God and they did a diference in this world. Can you say the same about yourself, or you just limit to critizing your brothers?

      Are you making a difference in your church/community? at least trying to??????

  3. Augie says:

    Yes, yes, yes! . . repent your predatory perversions so you are guaranteed to spend eternity behind those Pearly Gates tormenting your victims!

    What the priest failed to advertise is the fact that in the days of yore confession was created to blackmail the confessor. Ruby rings and Prada silk slippers don’t come for free, doncha’ know!

  4. Tempi Sanchez says:

    Pedophile Priests of the world are protected by judges which the Catholic Church pays off. Notice no jail time. Just a big fat fine which isn’t a problem for the wealth Catholic Church.Notice how a sex crime committed by a church leader gets a slap on the wrist just like white collar crime is? The church has power to pay for expensive advertising to abolish Women’s Rights, and A Woman’s Right to Choose. They are forcing the shutdown of Planned Parenthood. Evil. The Catholic Church is about an evil God. They rewrote the Bible to suit them and give them power. Awful.

  5. Tempi Sanchez says:

    The BBC said that the Christian religion is going to be extinct in ten years. Why wait? Close down now so the world can recover from your crimes, perversions and hypocrisy.

  6. Kaci says:

    So sad, you people are. Thankfully, the faith has withstood all the attacks on it for over 2000 years. Your hatred however, of the Catholis Church, is misplaced. God is not evil, God is love. And He is not owned by the Catholic Church, Baptists, methodists or any other religion. Man is fallible, man sins, man commits evil. Your words alone above show that you do that in your everyday life. Ignorance is free, Faith requires much more. Clearly, there are those who chose the former.

  7. Marsha Kaye says:

    Shame , shame on all you non-believers what will you to say in the face of death when the Same God you denounce today send you to Hell tomorrow , will you call on your professors that told you he was a myth? Huh God have mercy on your lost lost souls .

  8. miamiensis says:

    Sad, sad, sad. God offers Mercy and we continue to reject it. Much easier and far more comfortable to admit the sins of other than to recognize our own. Thank you Archbishop for this initiative.

  9. Rigoberto Vega says:

    I pray that those of you who are angry at the Church or at something else may find peace and forgiveness in your hearts. I also pray that you don’t believe everything you read or hear about Jesus and the Catholic Church from every source. More books have been written about Christianity than any other subject on earth in history so there is no excuse to be so ignorant of an insitution that has had the greatest influence on western civilization. Investigate for yourself if Jesus of Nazareth is a historical figure. Before the Catholic Church founded the great universities of Europe, the first hospitals for the poor, and childhood education, few people had access to basic healthcare, education, and most social protections. We are still doing the same all over the world as the world’s largest provider of healthcare and education. Your hatred is misplaced.

  10. Angelica says:

    The more I learn about the Catholic Church, the more I love it. The closer I come to Jesus in the Eucharist, the more his eternal light shows me how far I am from his perfection and how very close I am to his unfathomable mercy. Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Triune God for loving mankind so much as to make us in your image and likeness. For giving us your Precious Body and Blood, in communion and for staying with us until the end of time. May your Mercy flow over all the world in these sacred days of Holy Week and bring all hearts back to yours through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Amen.

  11. George says:

    where can I go to confession ?? I kive in Brickell area, Please advise