FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Broward School Board member Ann Murray has been asked to resign for alleged racial slurs she made back in 2007 and reportedly never apologized for making, until now.

The request came during Monday’s School Board meeting by Freda Stevens, the Vice President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Broward County.

“Ms. Murray you have failed the children of Broward county public schools and you are not fit to serve on the dias one more day. You deserve an f in character!”

The commissioner is accused of using a racial slur 4 years ago. Now, the democratic black caucus of Broward wants her out.

“The school board is no place for a racist, especially an unrepentant one,” said Stevens while addressing the school board on Monday. “Ms. Murray, I call upon you to do the honorable thing for the children of Broward County Public Schools by immediately resigning your position.”

Anne Murray Complaint Forms

“Instead of giving me any reason to believe that she was contrite or learned from the error of her ways, she told me she can’t make up for 400 years of slavery,” recalled Stevens “and that you people don’t know if I have black blood in my family. I’ve never even heard the term ‘black blood.’”

Late this afternoon…Murray e-mailed an apology saying, “In 2007, I used a word I should have never used. Minutes after saying it, I apologized to my co-workers and subordinates. Eventually, I received a very strong reprimand from my supervisor. To this day, I have the deepest regret for the incident and the pain I may have caused others.”

“I ask the African American community and all communities who suffer with the ugliness of bigotry to accept my sincerest apology. I pray for healing and forgiveness from those I have offended as we move toward a new chapter and forever close the old.”

Despite the apology, the Democratic Black Caucus of Broward County will ask the governor to remove Murray from office.

Comments (12)
  1. Everett Hill says:

    Don’t bother to write the article if you’re not going to quote the racial slur.

  2. sniper bob says:

    It’s a lifestyle choice, not a color!

  3. Jane Doe says:

    If they want the word to go away then they themsleves need to stop using it. I work in the community and hear kids and teens call each other that word and even rappers use it and therby promote its use.

    1. the prince says:

      Correct. I am a African American who literally hates the term, no matter who uses it. Maybe we should sweep around our own front door before we go tend to somebody else. And maybe I missed something in the article….but why are we talking about something that happened 4 years ago? According to the article she apoloized immediately and was reprimanded. Somehow we have come to a place in our society that an apology means nothing anymore. When you have done wrong, and the only thing you have to offer is an apology and it is not accepted..the problem then becomes the other person. We have so many ills in our community we need to fix……can’t we take that same energy and focus on our issues? This may not be a popular opinion…but it’s mine and I am entitled to it.

  4. Mike says:

    If she was a black person and made a remake about white people then nothing would have been said.
    The Black people need to clean up there act first.
    They are the ones holding them selves back from a better life.
    Maybe we should start the NNAWP.
    Nation Association for the advancement of White People.
    We should have the United White College Fund
    Then we should start a magizine called Ivory Entertaiment…

  5. Robert says:

    I am afraid that the new Republican group that we NOW have in Florida headed by the new Gov. is going to put the squeeze on all of us but the blacks will feel it the most and they are the ones that will be doing our fighting… won’t be long now!!

  6. taxpayer says:

    …. and she is right about the 400 years of slavery, we can’t make up. They should get a job get a job like all the others human beings.

  7. Jimbo99 says:

    We’ve all endured racial slurs, I can name & show you several blacks where I was employed that called me the “Grand Wizard” regularly. Heck, just the other day I walked in from the parking lot of my apartment complex, a neighbor’s child looked at me and told me he hated me and did it right in front of her mother, who didn’t say a word or reprimand the child for his behavior. As far as I’m concerned regarding not being able to undo 400 years of oppression/slavery. she hit a home run there and called it like it really is. i can only assume that by the child’s behavior and the mother’s failure to correct the hatred, that there is little hope to ever get past what others have done.

  8. Mari says:

    I Second Mike’s comment. We all need to treat each other with as much respect as possible. I treat people as they treat me! I have met with bigotry also, but the only way to change that is to be better than is expected! If you don’t like people using a word to refer to you, then you have to teach your own children not to use it!!!!! The race card is pulled all the time and I am sick of it!! There is good, bad and indifferent in all races, nationalities, and walks of life but to stamp out bigotry we need to begin at home. When children tell you they hate you because you are a “whitey”, who is perpetuating bigotry????? Clean up your own home and brain before pointing a finger at anyone else!!!! It has gotten real OLD!!

    1. Vincent Marinello says:

      I agree with Mari move the hell on and teach your kids not to be as dumb as you and I .. Cause we are sick and tired of the crying!!!!!

  9. Vincent Marinello says:

    When will people stop freekin crying? They call each other the N word and I guess its OK whern they call me a cracker/ I guess its to say we are more intelligent and we don;t let it bother us but it bothers them…boo frekkin hoo I am sick of it. Anyone not happy here in the US get the Hell outcause me and lots of others sre fed up with the crying all the time

  10. from1gorgeousblackwomantoanother says:

    If it was said about your mama how would you feel and as far as the NNAWP fund go ahead you may succeed withit and you may not and as for the remake Vincent Marinello made keep haten our race one day you’ll find exactly what you are looking for then you’ll be the one cry’in all the time and you need to go back to school if you’re not already because your spelling is terrible. I totally agree if she was a black person and made a commit about a white person she would be suing instead of try’in to apologize. We are intelligent beautiful black people if you don’t believe watch the next award show (anyone of them).

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