MIAMI (CBS4) – Walking down Lincoln Road on Miami Beach, you’ll see dozens of people surfing the net on smartphones and laptop computers. But, believe it or not, the U.S. isn’t the country that spends the most time on the Internet.

According to a report released by comScore, Canadians spend the most time on the Internet of any country in the world. The report found that our neighbors up north spend, on average, 43.5 hours per month.

That topped the United States, which ranked second with Americans spending approximately 35.3 hours per month online.

The United Kingdom was next on the list at 32.3 hours a month; followed by South Korea at 27.7 hours per month; and France rounded out the top 5 at 26.6 hours a month spent surfing the World Wide Web.

One interesting fact was that of the countries listed in the top 5, only one, South Korea, ranks in the top 10 fastest internet speeds by country. So while Americans are spending 35+ hours online, it probably would be a lot less if we had speeds like South Korea enjoys.