TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – Florida Governor Rick Scott is developing a reputation of turning down money from outside sources. The latest comes after the maker of OxyContin offered up $1 million to help pay for a prescription drug database.

Governor Scott wants to get rid of the database completely and told Purdue Pharma that he wasn’t interested in the money, according to CBSMiami news partner the Miami Herald.

Scott claims the database would intrude too much on a patient’s privacy. Purdue Pharma has lobbied other states for databases, but their million-dollar offer was the first they had made to help get a database going.

Florida has become the largest consumer of pain medication in the United States. However, through doctor shopping and pill mills, the majority of the pain meds bought in Florida end up on the black market in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and other states whose residents love the so-called, “hillbilly heroin.”

Florida is the largest state in the country without a prescription monitoring database. Thirty-nine states have databases, and another nine have approved them.

The database is still on track to begin, but according to the Herald, there’s no word if Scott would allow the Department of Health to go forward with a software contract for the database.

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Comments (10)
  1. Jon says:

    Unbelievable! Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for this MORON! On top of this, The governor wants to slash DCF’s budget by $179 million. The cuts would eliminate 1,849 positions in the child welfare agency AND Scott wants to increase the budget of the Governor’s office by $343 million, an increase of 116 percent, adding 91 positions to his personal staff. Nice job republicans! I knew this guy was BAD NEWS!

  2. Voter says:

    Recall Scott? He appears to unaware of constituent desires and laws already on the books. Perhaps the recalls of Miami leaders should apply to Scott, as well, if he continues to disregard the welfare of the State of Florida and the needs of the greater United States?

  3. Deb says:

    Did someone say recall ??? not such a bad idea, though it’s not likely to happen.
    Some type of petition would be a good way to start

  4. Brett says:

    UNREAL !!! What is wrong with this Governer? He should NOT be in office. I did not vote for this idiot !!
    He has to be out to ruin our state..The offer from this company was a gift to help with getting this database going..Who in there right mind would turn down such a great offer, even the company making these pills wants to save lives, but our Governer can care less…UNREAL…

  5. m fernandez. says:

    you get what you vote for…..

  6. GARY LIV says:

    this comment is directed to cbs.com i received your e mail and thank you for reminding me will do

  7. gary liv says:

    Lets not forget that scott is only looking out for his interest and his close knit circle he does not care about the situations or problems any of us may have remember now that many of you voted for this guy now you regret it he will make a big mess and trouble our economy even more and some say the jobs are coming thanks to scott hahahahahahaha please dont make me laugh sit and wait ok im sure youll grow old by the time he comes around with an affirmative job creation for south florida as a matter of fact he is as we speak slashing jobs and cutting unemployment benefits from 23 weeks to 20 weeks so is that a sign of help? who is it helping ?

  8. gary liv says:

    I had mentioned in previous comments the best thing we as the people of florida and voters and taxpayers should do a recall as the one done to mayor ALVAREZ and comissioner sijas and get him out of office this man has no principles as to conduct his position as governor of the state of florida his main goal now is to cut here cut there and mess alot of things and people up this man doesnt care for florida or its people this man wants to bring florida down more than it is i sometimes wander why is it that all politicians are full of you know what they promise the sky and the moon before election then after all the good citizens confiding in these individuals cast their vote in their favor and then all those promises vanish into thin air but theres a solution to the problem we all can recall him as well as any other city county or state official we the people have the power to do so

  9. Tony Montana says:

    maybe Ricky is scared they’ll find his name coming for an oxycodone fix or one of his buddies runs a clinic

  10. Bob says:

    I bet most of his campaign funds came from these pill mills and medical companies, he is a business man that wanted to run for office. Be is making money off the state he does not want to help the state, he didnt want to fix the buget he wants to make money and he will do that in anyway he can