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MIAMI (CBS4) – MIAMI (CBS4) – Newly released documents detail the tragic life and death of 10-year old Nubia Barahona at the hands of her adoptive parents.

According to the arrest affidavit for Nubia’s adoptive mother, 60-year old Carmen Barahona, Nubia was beaten to death by her adoptive father, Jorge Barahona, on February 10th, the same day a therapist called the Department of Children and Families to report that the girl and her twin brother Victor were routinely tied up and kept locked in a bathroom. The warrant states she was “repeatedly punched and beat about her body while she screamed and cried until she was dead.” The therapist reportedly received the information from a Carmen’s granddaughter who often stayed in the home.

Four days after Nubia was beaten to death, her body was found in the back of Barahona’s pick up truck parked off I-95 in West Palm Beach; her brother was chemically burned, but still alive, in the front seat of the truck.

Carmen and Jorge Barahona now face sixteen charges between them including first degree murder; they are both being held without bond.

During a press conference on Monday Miami-Dade Police Director James Loftus called the Barahonas’ actions “subhuman, depressing and sickening.”

Katherine Fernandez Rundle during an afternoon press conference and expressed a commitment to beef up the police department’s child exploitation unit by increasing the number of sergeants and investigators.

“This is in my experience one of the saddest commentaries on the human condition – it’s depressing and sickening people working in concert to perpetrate [this crime] on their own children, adopted or not,” Loftus said. “Two kids bound, locked in a bathroom with no light. What did they talk about? What hope did they have? What did they converse about?”

According to an arrest warrant, Victor says Nubia was beaten to death in Jorge and Carmen’s bedroom after more than a year during which both kids were “repeatedly beaten, willfully tortured, maliciously punished and unlawfully caged.”

The warrant also states Victor who was treated for a cleft palate when he was born failed to receive the proper care when his scar opened.

“He has not received the necessary medical attention causing further facial injury and disfigurement,” the warrant states.

Fernandez Rundle said her team of attorneys is working closely with Miami-Dade Police to prosecute Carmen and Jorge Barahona for their alleged roles in what she described as “methodical torture imposed on these two beautiful children.”

“She knew what was going on and she permitted it, that’s disgusting,” said Leyda Alonso, one of the Barahonas neighbors.

Sources told CBS4 I-Team investigator Jim DeFede that the autopsy found Nubia died from “blunt force trauma” and that her chest was caved in. “It was as if someone had stomped on her,” according to the source.

Sources familiar with the investigation tell CBS4 News that Carmen Barahona is claiming to be a victim of “battered wife syndrome” and that she is not responsible for what happened in her house because she lived in fear of her husband.

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  1. m says:

    “Carmen Barahona is claiming to be a victim of “battered wife syndrome” and that she is not responsible for what happened in her house because she lived in fear of her husband.” Bull crap…ever heard of the Burning Bed witch!!!

  2. ashley says:

    Snra Barahona… you are NOT responsible for what happened to those children? Are you kidding me? These people are SICK SICK SICK. How horrible it is to hear that monsters like the Barahonas can not only adopt beautiful children, but are able to keep them after numerous reports were made. What is wrong with people today, so many reports of beautiful innocent children being killed, abused, tortured…. these poor twins, the two children found in the canal in suitcases, the Orange County 3yr old beaten to death because he wet his pants…. so sad and scary.

  3. D says:

    “Carmen Barahona is claiming to be a victim of “battered wife syndrome” and that she is not responsible for what happened in her house because she lived in fear of her husband.” Bull…ever heard of the Burning Bed!!!

  4. Marleen Parker says:

    she is full of crap–her, him, her daughter and the social worker for the case should all be jailed and stay jailed !

  5. Roger R says:

    Everybody is complicit in the death and abuse of these innocent children. The foster parents, the daughter of this human scum that looked the other way, the incompetent DCF case worker, the judge that ignored the facts and approved the adoption, and the psychologist that got their degree out of a Cracker Jack box. I believe that the State Attorney should file Criminal negligence charges for all these adults that were supposed to have the best interest of these children in mind but instead chose the path of least resistance. Let’s make an example of these so called “professionals” so that these innocent victims’ voices are heard for years to come. A lesson needs to be learned that it was the underappreciated teacher and a child that were the only ones that had the courage to stand up and be heard in the defense of these twins.

    Katherine Fernandez-Rundle: this is your time to be a leader and this is your opportunity to show that NO ONE is above the law.

  6. Melissa says:

    Carmen Barahona is an adult who had access to resources … her pathetic excuse … battered women syndrome … its not even worth hearing. She watched those children suffer and she was a willing participant. Her and Jorge are disgusting, sub-human, animals … what they did is sickening … may they suffer every single day for the rest of their lives and beyond for what they did to those two beautiful, innocent children.

  7. Estrella says:

    These diabolical creatures do not deserve to be called animals. Not even an animal would do something like this. I hope they would get the death penalty so they can reunite with the devil soon. Burn in hell you both human waste.
    And punishment for all the ones involved in giving the children to those monsters.

  8. Bryan F. Irrera says:

    So, these monsters can adopt children but loving, caring people aren’t allowed to adopt children in Florida simply because they’re gay? Can someone PLEASE explain this to me?

  9. KARINA says:

    This has got to be one of the sickest stories I ever heard.I hope this case is not forgotten and the barahonas get the death penalty. The employees incharged of these poor kids must spend a long time in jail. GOD HOW CAN THERE BE SO MUCH EVIL INSIDE A HUMAN BEING? VERY HARD TO UNDERSTAND….

  10. ang says:

    What gets to me the most is that he jorge and yes, I spelled it with lower j cause an animal is way better than what he is. He doesn’t deserve anything good. He said that he was going to kill himself also bs, he was probablly going to kill the boy now that he had killed his sister and something probably went terribly wrong and he got the chemical on himself and passed out. If he wouldn’t have passed out, he probably would have killed the boy also and buried both children, and DCF would never know what happened. Also, if he was in charge or dominant over his wife carmen then why did he leave her behind and didn’t kill her first?

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