MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami-Dade prosecutors have cleared Miami Beach Police officer Adam Tavss saying he was justified in using deadly force when he shot Husien Shehada in June 2009.

Prosecutors said that Officer Tavss “likely was led to believe that his life or the lives of others was in danger” when he shot Shehada.

According to CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald, prosecutors surmised that Sheada and his brother, Samer, had hidden a beer bottle and a wooden coat hanger under their shirts. This in turn generated 911 calls about armed making their way down Washington Avenue.

Relatives said the shooting was wrong and cited the fact that just four days later, Tavvs was a part of another police-involved shooting. The Shehada’s attorney, John Contini, told the Herald that a civil jury will side with the family.

“This goes to prove how incestuous the relationship is between the State Attorney’s Office and Miami Beach Police,” Contini said. “The prosecutor’s office is part of the problem. It’s like asking Osama bin Laden to investigate al Qaeda.”

Tavss is no longer a police officer after getting arrested for growing marijuana and is serving two years of probation.

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Comments (5)
  1. johnny walker says:

    Just like when I got beat up by a group of miami beach PD in south beach on wash ave ,they all covered for each other hiding the identity of the one that hit me , and these pigs never got punished for what they did . Thats how it works down there ,but I never forget a face so I swear the day I run into the individual that put his hands on me he will eat the sidewalk! I don’t care if its 20 years later.

    1. aboot says:

      its that attitude that got u on trouble;why did they pick u? what were u doing prior to that and what led up to the beating. Not everyone who goes to south beach get beat up.were u arrested on that day?Have y\u ever been arrested or r u just another law abiding citizen who was at the wrong place.I doubt it.

  2. GARY LIV says:

    They let a murderer go free and on top of it all he was a pothead and drug dealer what an example of police officers we have in our communities god protect us because we are surrounded by criminals dressed as policemen

    1. johnny walker says:

      Oh yes! miami beach PD are nothing more than bunch of THUGS!

  3. Bob says:

    Wow can’t believe the guy shot 2 people in 4 days and then gets arrested for growing pot and the judge still said he followed police procedure!

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